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Found 2 results

  1. We are an independent record label that strives to release new, fresh and entertaining music. Our goal is to expose talented artists to new fans and help music enthusiasts find something they might not have known about. The name Flippin Records has a few meanings in today's music market... "This side is over, time to flip it!" "I bought this record to flip on ebay!" or "Check out this flippin awesome record!" We just want everyone to have fun with their purchase! Our releases will be limited and never pressed again, so when they are gone, they are gone... unless someone decides to flip a copy later on! We offer audio recording in or around Omaha, NE utilizing a fully portable studio. However, we offer analogue mixing/summing services to anyone that can provide multi tracks. We also offer logo and poster design as well as animation and video editing. Please visit http://flippinrecords.blogspot.com/ for examples and more information. https://www.facebook.com/flippinrecords/timeline
  2. http://flippinrecords.blogspot.ca/ Flippin Records is proud to announce that our first release will be a single for the track Fever Rising by Jonny Halifax and the Howling Truth! Birmingham-born Jonny Halifax (vocals, lap steel, harmonica, rhythm machine) and musical partner Marvin (illustrator and painter Martin Kingdom, who tackles guitar and percussion) conjure an unholy brew of Suicide, Captain Beefheart and sonic drone on "Fever Rising", which is taken from their monolithic 13-track album on Greasy Noise, "The Bestial Floor", and features Mark Lanegan collaborator Duke Garwood on free jazz clarinet. "The Bestial Floor" comes across as akin to prime Black Sabbath re-tooling the Delta blues in a deserted Black Country steelworks, with Hammer horror cinematography. The album was titled after a line from "The Magi" by the poet WB Yeats, a member of Aleister Crowley's Order of the Golden Dawn, and follows on thematically and sonically from Jonny's lauded debut full-length outing, "Invocation of the Demon Other", released under the moniker Honkeyfinger some five years back, and last year's cassette-only, litho-clad "Beasts" EP… So what has TAFKAH (The Artist Formerly Known As Honkeyfinger) been doing, apart from working as a film editor with the likes of Julien Temple and hunkering down alongside Marvin in The Howling Truth's sonic bunker, which is chockfull of vintage synths, fuzz machines, valve amps and more aural weapons of choice? Well, the stylishly disheveled duo have hit the road across the UK and Europe, melting minds and faces while touring with the likes of The Jim Jones Revue and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, and also stormed such festivals as Trip Out (Bedfordshire) and Simon Says (Leicester). Along the way, they've recruited such stellar fans as Tom 'Son of John Peel' Ravenscroft (BBC Radio 6), former Ride linchpin Mark Gardener (who mixed "The Bestial Floor") and the aforementioned Lord Yatesbury. Jonny also found time to contribute to albums by Orange Goblin and Andrew Weatherall's Two Lone Swordsmen, and he's also about to play on a set by Baby Godzilla. Vive le Rock magazine described "The Bestial Floor" as "an unholy amalgam of minimalistic industrial noise crossed with acid blues and psychedelic punk", stating "it's patently obvious that this is a debut of colossal proportions" and mentioning Al Jourgensen, Jon Spencer and Nine Inch Nails fer good measure. That's a pretty good encapsulation of the primal appeal of "Fever Rising" and its parent album, but for the full effect, just press play or drop the needle to conjure the best nightmares you've never had... www.thehowlingtruth.com/ FLIP001 includes the previously released track Fever Rising and an unreleased instrumental track The Sloth. This release has it all: variant vinyl, hand printed variant covers that are meant to be unfolded and framed, slipmats, buttons and a completest box set! Here is a more detailed list. The variant edition will be on bong colored vinyl! (US limited to 40, UK Limited to 35) The standard edition will be on random colored vinyl! (US limited to 140, UK limited to 60) Jonny hand printed a special edition cover that was meant to be unfolded and framed as a piece of art! There is an edition of 10 flat stock covers that will ship rolled (without vinyl, all other covers will be folded.) A signed edition of 14 (4 of which will ship randomly in mail orders!) An edition of 15 variant covers that will be randomly included with variant vinyl orders! An edition of 20 variant covers that will randomly ship with standard vinyl orders! A limited edition of 50 full color metallic backed 2.25 inch buttons! A limited edition of 50 full color 7” slipmats! Last but not least is a limited edition of 10 ”Completest” box sets! These will include 1 hand printed/signed cover, 1 US & UK variant vinyl, 1 US & UK standard vinyl, 1 Test Pressing, 1 Promo vinyl, 1 slipmat, 1 button, 1 sticker, 1 Flippin records sticker and 2 Flippin guitar picks (one of each design released so far). These box sets will be numbered 1-10 and include the coinciding numbered vinyl. Due to the random nature of both color variants, these box sets will include the handpicked top 10 coolest copies of all records! http://flippinrecords.blogspot.ca/