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Found 16 results

  1. Hey VC, This site has done a lot for me. Given me info on pre-orders, given me info on artists to check out, given me friends for my Simpsons Tapped Out game....heh. I wanted to give back, and what better way than holding a Super Bowl Squares giveaway. If you aren't familiar with Squares, you get a square. There are 100 slots available and if you are interested in participating, then respond below. You will be given 2 Random Squares. So that means we need 50 people to enter. After everyone has entered, then numbers are drawn and then placed in the grey slots below. So for instance, if you have the Broncos 1 and Seahawks 0, then you would "win" if the score were Denver 21, Seattle 10. Prizes will be from my personal collection and awarded in the following manner: SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 1st quarter SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score at Halftime SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 3rd quarter SEALED LP for the person who has the correct Final Score BONUS: If someone is lucky enough to win multiple quarters, then they will get bonus items. (A list will be provided after the Super Bowl to the winners, to choose from) So just respond below and you'll be given a square. We need 50 people for this to work, I am sure we can do this!! Note: I'll be at a Super Bowl party on Sunday, so I won't be able to update this real-time until later that night. But I will have an updated bracket that you can print out and take with you to see how you do! Good luck! ENTRIES (Bracket 1--CLOSED): 1. Knifeparty 2. Skadaddy 3. Wasteland76 4. BossDJ26 5. Dapeebs 6. Youinreverse 7. Shenanigans 8. marc32137 9. Steviex2Shoes 10. Victimofadriveby 11. Crashfistfight 12. Trevorxramage 13. bgdesign 14. CVHX 15. Converge88 16. Yocaseycasey 17. Gutzonboglum 18. Ratbrain 19. Wildflange 20 ScottHeisel 21. Justin_Cole 22. Amnorth 23. NJpunkmusic 24. onlettingjoe 25. TheWindBlower 26. Burntwolf 27. Human Ton and Handy 28. Route36west1 29. Rynflnnry 30. Kess 31. Tvham 32. KSUWdboots 33. SSPECK 34. Whoshotthefrog 35. Oasisish 36. Nardes 37. King of the Gutters 38. Zuck 39. Dorfpimp 40. Bigseth 41. Ptothedo 42. RhoBearToe 43. Lovelesswrists 44. Lexicondevil 45. Aflycon 46. Crabwalker 47. ReffersonPowell 48. TheJesseB 49. Ian Rees 50. MaloneKW Link to spreadsheet with the numbers is here: http://www.filedropper.com/vcfbsquares Entries (Bracket 2--OPEN): 1. The Saint 2. Kramer73 3. LBCPunk 4. TheDannyChang 5. EyeWin8 6. Sapst16 7. Jetsfan4ever80 8. Brock309 9. JDTG 10. ChardeeMacDennis 11. SergeantScruffy 12. King Timberdodge 13. Chobble 14. Daftyler 15. Kidamnesiac 16. Montauk_123 17. hezagenius 18. Stxreeleyes 19. JerseyDave77 20. Lightningspike 21. Zacooper 22. Duff 23. Dutchflowers 24. Chasingbreakers 25. Regularstormy 26. ChriswithanF 27. Mostradamus 28. Dreamover 29. RyBread 30. Elnombre91 31. Carrowsmith89 32. TheFavoritePlay 33. Kylet 34. Seangj 35. Skidroje 36. AndrewB 37. castaway 38. tokimedo 39. Fredrico0012 40. Satansaurus 41. dandw12786 42. jos464 43. jimthehuman 44. VeronicaMars 45. Eskimonow27 46. AndyLikesCats 47. TellAllYourFriends 48. CoffeeXZombie 49. AbovetheEarth 50. Skinnywolf We had 60 people want in for bracket 2, so the following people had to be cut: Pastnpending--1 post Elvismcvegas--1 post HangtheDJ--1 post RockNSteady--1 post Patrick Barcuto--7 posts Saltedpork87--7 posts mushmouthbooze--12 posts Littlefusdawg--15 posts IRodeTenSpeed--20 posts Oldheadpunk--28 posts In the event that someone had fewer posts (e.g. Eskimonow27), then feedback rating was used as a tiebreaker. This may not be the most ideal situation, but this way, people who are actively involved in VC can have a chance to win. Here is the 2nd bracket (it is also on page 8):
  2. EDIT: 6/25/16 - CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED/ENDED/NO MORE! THANKS TO THOSE WHO ENTERED, BEST OF LUCK, WILL ANNOUNCE WINNER SOON! EDIT: 6/26/16 - AND THE WINNER IS... @tellallyourfriends!!! Check your messages in a bit. Again, thanks everyone for entering this time around. Have been trying to get rid of this for awhile... figure it's time for another giveaway! To those who are "new", I gave away a The Devil Wears Prada "8:18" boxset last year. It's been awhile, and I've kinda wanted to do another one. Guess now's a best time as any! PRIZE: One (1) *SIGNED* copy of Before Their Eyes - "Midwest Modesty". YouTube album stream here (Unfamiliar, want to check it out?) Last.fm Similar Artists List (Like someone listed here? You might like this band/album.) ENTRY: Just comment saying something about you wanting the record/entering the contest. Cat gifs, pics of pizza, and/or SpongeBob memes are welcome IN ADDITION to previous required comment. I will not give bonus entries for pictures. You can comment multiple times but ONLY the first (and if you do comment "interested/etc.") will be counted. ENTRY PERIOD: How about two (2) weeks-ish from today? So 6/25/16 will be the cut-off. With a pick/announcement on 6/26/16? Works for everyone here? No? Too bad. ELIGIBILITY: You must be a "regular" here on VC. Or at least contribute worthwhile(?) content in some form or another. How about a 100 post minimum? Learning from my last one... I just can't make it easy for some n00b who wants a free record. SHIPPING: Live in the continental U.S. (lower 48 states?) I'll ship to you FREE of charge! Citizens of the rest of the world... I really don't like international shipping BUT, I'm cool with international people entering, as long as YOU pay for the shipping/customs fees if you win. Hawaii/Alaska, I've never shipped to either, but I would like to think it costs a bit more too? Sorry. CHOOSING A WINNER: I'm old-school, wrote (user)names on paper, and drew them out of a hat last time. Will do again. WINNER: (Optional) Eat chicken dinner. After contacting you, I'll give you five (5) days to respond back with an address and other stuff I may need. If not, your win will be forfeit and another name will be drawn. Other people are interested! Again, learning from the last one. ADDITIONAL INFO: Acquired said giveaway item from backing a crowdfund (which then was released in a larger quantity and made cheaper ) It's an alright album (to me). Not quite my cup of tea though... maybe someone else will enjoy it more? It's unplayed. On black vinyl, limited to #500 copies. Signed (only) by Nick Moore. Pictures are available in my collection (link in signature). TL;DR: Enter ASAP, comment, be recognizable, US = FREE/Everyone Else = $$$, pay attention, chicken dinner. Best of luck. Thanks!
  3. *UPDATE 4/2/2016* Doing a 3rd giveway, i've set 15 aside, see below for details! DETAILS: I put out the vinyl version of my buddy's record in 2014. There were 500 copies pressed and I am down to the last 120. Periodically I do some giveaways as he doesn't play live and we don't really do any promotion except having it sitting up there on Bandcamp/Soundcloud. Wholewheat - Songs From My Parents Basement is a super lo-fi singer-songwriter type thing, if you like Daniel Johnston, early Beck, lofi 4-tracker type stuff... you might dig it. Here's the Bandcamp page for the record: https://wholewheat.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-my-parents-basement I'm giving them away totally free (within the continental 48 only, sorry). Anyone in AK/HI/Overseas, contact me and i'm willing to work out a more than fair deal. The only thing I ask is PLEASE, i'd really appreciate only taking a copy if you really like it. It's definitely not for everyone, so I just ask that you have some sort of real interest in it. Please don't just grab it to sell it! If you'd like a copy, please just e-mail me through the Bandcamp page. Thanks!
  4. All aboard. ///// WHAT IT IS People like free records. People like to feel good about themselves. And people like to free up shelf space. Why not take the opportunity to enjoy all three of these luxuries in one single thread? +Karma Train is an ongoing giveaway of good feels and free records. The rules are simple: one item is offered up at a time, and will be raffled off through various means. Enter if the record appeals to you, but note that if you win, it is your turn to clear some shelf space and give away a prize of your own choosing. ///// HOW IT WORKS There aren't too many rules at all. The winner of each giveaway becomes the raffler for the next, and it will be up to them to set any specifications, which should be made clear well before it is time to determine a winner. Some things you may want to consider, if it is your turn to give away an album: Are you limiting your giveaway to members in your country? Are you willing to ship outside of your country, if the winner covers the costs? Should the winner be required to have a certain amount of posts? How many entrants will you allow? 10? 20? Everyone? At what point will you cut off entrants? Using a # cap? ("First 20") Or by time? ("One week from this post.") Do you have a mailer and shipping supplies on hand? Are you willing to cover the cost of shipping, or will you be asking for ~$4 to cover Media Mail? How will you draw names?* From a hat? Using a random generator? Name tags fastened to a slip mat? Most of these things should be established in either a post or a PM to yours truly. I will update the first post of this thread to ensure that we're all on the same page at all times. *If you do not have a method of drawing names, I will create a looped GIF to randomly generate names for you. You may draw or you may have me draw in your place. Whichever you prefer. ///// THE GREEN LIGHT • NEW! Effective May 19, 2014, there will be a new rule implemented to this thread. This is the green light rule, and ensures that no one is taken advantage of. The rule is simple: if you win a raffle, you will not receive your prize until you've submitted an entry of your own. This means that you must verify what you'll be giving away, when you'll be declaring a winner, and also confirming that you have both funds and materials to physically ship the prize out. If you do not have the means of shipping a prize, you will not receive your record. (And you probably shouldn't be entering in the giveaways to begin with.) Members who fail to abide by this rules of this thread will be added to a black list, where they will be denied entry to all future giveaways. All it takes is one member being shitty to derail this whole thread... so let's all be on-the-ball, and see how far we can take this thing. R26 ///// NEWEST CONDUCTOR Rezqua (ft. abovetheearth) C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s ! ///// NEWEST PRIZES CIRCA SURVIVE B-SIDES 7" / WHITE-GREEN SWIRL MARRIAGES SALOME 12" /CLEAR ///// SPECIFICATIONS CUTOFF // THURSDAY — 12 / 17 / 15 LOCATION // USA SHIPPING // $3.22 U.S. SHIPPING, REQUIREMENTS // U.S. RESIDENT, 500+ POSTS ///// 0 CURRENT ENTRANTS TBA
  5. Hey there, guys and gals of Vinyl Collective! As I've been here a year now, I felt it was time to do a giveaway. I was lucky enough to be chosen winner of Modern Vinyl's Awe Howler contest. The winner received a standard orange copy of Awe Howler's awesome album, Living With Spiders, along with the cassette, and since I already have the deluxe vinyl....I wanted to share the love! This giveaway is simple: Post in this thread saying you want in, and i'll keep a running tally of all entrants. You have until Sunday night at 8:00pm EST to enter. All I ask is for you to cover shipping (est $4ish), which is exclusive to USA only (sorry international peeps). I will pick a random winner using an online generator, and will post in this thread as well as message the winner. And be sure to grab a copy from Butterfly Puke Records. Totally worth it. ENTRANTS: aarondltd Harry Potter EyeWin8 davin0 myfriendpeter Rezqua Super Kami Guru less than drake Dave Grohl For British Eyes Only insectpins KeepDoubting Channing Taint-Yum donnelltech Will From West Philly The Ghost of Randy Savage hxcoliver Cheeseballz Deep steeltoeagogo thefavoriteplay tetsuodaironman andy Using a random number generator, the winning number is 6. REZQUA. Congrats, and thanks to all for entering.
  6. Hey all, I just put out my first vinyl release as a label, and vinylcollective has been a big part in helping me keep up with THE HOBBY so I thought I'd do a giveaway for a great bedroom pop/lofi record: Pill Friends - Blessed Suffering (FFO: Teen Suicide/Alex G/Elvis Depressedly) There are 2 chances to win for vinylcollective users: . Share and like this Facebook post from my Record Label page: https://www.facebook.com/KornIsTheBestBandEver/photos/a.280974055436120.1073741830.237539453112914/367166790150179/?type=1 And/or write your favorite lyrics in a post in this thread. Winners will receive a free copy of the black/coke bottle clear starburst /350 If you have purchased a copy, and you win, you'll receive a test pressing (!oooh!) /20 Purchase here: outofbreathrecords.storenvy.com Listen here: outofbreathrecords.bandcamp.com 1 winner will be chosen from VC and 2 from Facebook Good luck! Feel free to just buy a copy if you want it! Support your DIY/small labels!
  7. I'm giving away another free record on my Youtube, the new LP from Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell on black vinyl. To enter just watch my video, subscribe and comment with your favorite Sufjan song. Thanks!
  8. Good Afternoon Everyone! I've been in retail a long time and I've accumulated a lot of clothes that I don't wear anymore. I just want to give them a good home and I figured I'd give my VC family first crack. So if anyone is interested, leave a comment with what you want or shoot me a PM. All clothes have been washed and come from a smoke free, pet free home. Jeans ( L to R) Levi's 501 (32x34) Levi's 501 (31x34) Levi's 501 (31x34) Lucky Brand Super Slim 101 (30X34) Lucky Brand Super Slim 101 (31x32) Lucky Brand Slim Bootcut (30x34) Lucky Brand 361 Vintage Straight (30x32) Lucky Brand Vintage Straight Grey Distressed (30x32) Sweaters Gold Marc Anthony V Neck (Medium) [\s] Purple Banana Republic V Neck (Medium) [\s] Cream Aeropostale Crew Neck (Medium) Hoodies Counterparts Pull Over (Medium) August Burns Red Zip Up (Medium but fits like a small) Shoes Marc Anthony Esteban Grey Boot (Size 10) worn only 3-4 times [\s] Shirts (L to R) (All Medium) Lucky Brand Snap Button Short Sleeved Shirt (Green)[\s] Lucky Brand Snap Button Short Sleeved Shirt (Brown) [\s] Lucky Brand Snap Button Short Sleeved Shirt (Orange) [\s] Levi's Long Sleeved Button Down Shirt (Baby Blue and white with light sliver accents)[\s] Banana Republic Polo (Purple, Black, Grey, White Stripe) Lucky Brand Button Down Shirt (Yellow/Baby Blue Checkered) [\s] The rest: Lucky Brand Button Down Short Sleeved Shirt (Medium) [\s] Levi's Baby Blue V Neck Tee (Medium) Lucky Brand "The Who Maximum R&B" Short Sleeved Tee (X-Small) American Classics Khaki Shorts (32) This is all first come, first serve. I just ask that you cover shipping. ($5 minimum but of course depends on how much you get). Thanks for looking. I'm still digging through my closet so I might find some more stuff to throw up here. Have a great day VC!
  9. The last post I made was an attempt to seek offers for an extra copy of Circa Survive's "Descensus" pre-order (Yellow/Black splatter) that I did not physically have in my posession at the time. I was naive (showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment) in how record flipping actually hurts the vinyl collecting community. The downvotes I got proves that, lol. I'd like to see vinyl collections continue at fair prices in the years to come. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/107232-wts-circa-survive-decensus-preorder/ To make up for this mistake, spread holiday spirit, and spread awareness to other new and old record collectors about record flipping, I'd like to give away a couple records as well as purchasing two records anywhere online of your choice ($30 USD limit before shipping). The extra Circa Survive order was cancelled, or else I would love to give it away. I expect nothing in return other than I am hopeful for future record flipping attempts in this community can be handled in a more friendlier manner. Be tactical in how you correct someone's ignorance. Record 1: Hotel Books - I'm Almost Happy Here, But I Never Feel At Home (InVogue Records 1st Press - Sea Blue /300) 2014, SEALED, Unplayed Record 2: Being As An Ocean - Death's Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air / L'exquisite Douleur (1st Press - Clear /1000) 2014, FLEXI-DISC, Unplayed Record 3: Your online choice ($30 USD limit before shipping.) Record 4: Your online choice ($30 USD limit before shipping.) Also, I would like to bring up Suicide Awareness. I lost a friend (Michael William Isaacs, 17) this past 21 November, 2014 from suicide. He always had a loving personality and he loved music more than anyone I have ever met, and for that, I want to pay back in a small way for his random acts of kindness through music, specificially through Vinyl Collective. The last thing we talked about were vinyl records. If you are feeling depressed, seek help, it is not an act of weakness. Ask and make sure your friends and family are truly OKAY this holiday season. We are all in this fishbowl together! Obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/timesunion/obituary.aspx?pid=173314078 Instagram: http://instagram.com/jcm.800 I will be selecting four random individual winners this TUESDAY, 09 DECEMBER at 10PM Central Time. For entry, please reply with "Suicide is not the answer." as well as which record option you prefer as listed above. For options 3 & 4 and you live outside of the US, please make sure the online retailer has available shipping options to your country! edit 1: originally wrote 02 December on accident instead of 09 December. edit 2: removed international restrictions.
  10. ***ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED. OUR WINNER IS DANIONLY! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED, WE SHOULD FIND OUT LATER TODAY IF WE MADE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND.*** Hey guys, So my band is currently in a contest to get a chance to play at Earthfest in Boston in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people. In order to advance to the next round we need people to vote for us over at the below link: http://www.myradio929.com/local929/ You need to make an account (sorry) and then vote for my band, Big Bad Bobby and the Shoe Horns. As a show of my eternal gratitude just post here saying you voted (hooray for the honor system) and a link to any record you would like as long as it's value is under $25 USD. Non-US people are more than eligible to play, but please link me to something that ships from within your home country. I will pick one winner from those who voted and I will make the drawing tomorrow morning (4/29) around 9 am EST. I kind of slept on this and the deadline is tonight at midnight, so VOTE and who knows, you could win the free record of your choice. We can both help each other out. Lastly, here's a link to what we sound like if that sways you at all.
  11. So here's the deal: I've recently released my first cassette on my new label and I'm trying to create some buzz. So I'm giving away a free copy of the cassette! Amends is a post-hardcore band from Rochester, who IMO have incredible talent. You can stream and download their EP here: http://amends-band.bandcamp.com . The tape I'm giving away is for sale here: http://fearnotrecords.storenvy.com/products/5035951-amends-here-there-and-nowhere-else-cassette and is limited to only 55 copies. If you like what you hear, please pick one up! For whoever wins, I'll also throw in a few surprise 7 inches too. All you have to do is post in here! I'll randomly pick a winner by 2/14! Thanks!
  12. I have one more column of shirts that are in rotation, and for this one I re-did the pick so they would be a tad more possible than the first go around. PM or post here, depending upon your strategy Whoever gets the most correct items: 1. Name of Band or Label if not a Band Shirt (well, there's a clue for at least one!) and 2. Album/Tour/Name of Design/Year whatever you want to call it, gets their choice of LPs:
  13. So, I took some pictures of my shirts in the chest of drawers when my wife told the trick to fit more in there and you can grab the one you want. I think there are 41, and 2 or 3 doubles (like one Med, one Large). Contest will go until Sunday 12:00 Midnight PST, and I will post the answers (as best I can describe a couple of them) - Winner announced early next week. Maybe some strategy involved here, as well as skill Whoever gets the most correct items: 1. Name of Band and 2. Album/Tour/Name of Design/Year, etc. gets their choice of LPs: Hope this is fun for ye! PS yes, I know some are impossible like the ones I left in the plastic until summer!
  14. Here is how this will work. I'm took some random pictures of things I found around me. I’m going to post a zoomed in portion of each picture, please keep in mind, the pictures have not been altered in any way – just zoomed in REALLY close. As the day(s) go on, I’ll post more and more pieces of each picture until someone gets it correct. All winners will receive their record(s) via mediamail with a tracking number. The only thing I ask, is for you to pay for the shipping: $4 to the US, outside of the US will depend on your country. I hate to do this to the new people, but this contest will only be open to members who have had a profile for at least 4 months. If you your profile is less than 4 months old, you can still enter if you have at least 3 positive feedback and no negative feedback – prior to this contest post. Last thing, once you win a prize you will not be eligible for the other prizes. If there’s enough interest, I’ll post the pictures in a bit! Post some comments and let me know if this sounds like a good idea. EDIT 1pm CST: Looks like we definitely have enough interest. I'll set up an email at [email protected]. Shoot me your answers there. In the subject line please include your Username, which 'level' you are guessing for and your actual guess(es). If you are incorrect, i'll just respond back with a simple 'sorry, try again.' You can have as many guess as you want. I'll post pictures within the hour. Once a particular 'level' has a winner, that level will be closed. I'll post links to each picture in the main comment as well as a new comment. EDIT 1:45 CST: Gonna make this as difficult as i can without being a dick.The future hints will start making more sense/making it easier. EDIT 245pm CST: Alright, LOTS of good guesses, but no correct answers yet. New set of clues. Edit 4:35 CST: New Hints are up! Edit 3.19.2013 10:15am CST: ANNNNDDDD we have our first winner! Congrats to TheMoosen, he has correctly guessed the level 1 challenge. The correct answer is..... A Whiteout Dispenser! See original picture here - http://i.imgur.com/Agw7EBU.jpg We had a TON of guesses for 'rollerblade wheel', 'razor scooter wheel' and 'skateboard wheel'. Great Job, TheMoosen! Edit 3.19.2013 11:40am CST: New clues for levels 2 and 3. Keep your guesses coming, i'm assuming we should have a winner this afternoon sometime... All clues have been consolidated under this edit. Edit 3.19.2013 1:10pm CST: ANDDDD..... We have a winner for Level 3! Congrats to GKersey!! He was able to correctly name all four items! 1 - Combination lock - http://i.imgur.com/rWrhYcn.jpg 2 - Mesh bag with ear buds - http://i.imgur.com/hjoPqR5.jpg 3 - Sprinkler Head - http://i.imgur.com/MP468V2.jpg 4 - French Press plunger - http://i.imgur.com/r3FIOy6.jpg We still need a winner for Level 2! Most people guessing have at least one of the options correct. Edit 3.19.2013 2:40pm CST: New Clues added! Edit 3.19.2013 3:10pm CST: AND.... We have our last winner! Congrats to manueledge! He has correctly guessed both items for level 2. Actual items in the picture??? A Harmonica http://i.imgur.com/pK7CfRf.jpg and A box of staples http://i.imgur.com/6N2AC8v.jpg Thanks to everyone for playing! This was really fun, i'm glad to give back to an awesome community. Maybe in the future we could start doing more of these types of things? You guys are great, thanks again! Level 1 First Item http://i.imgur.com/j4xcmX8.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/nVp4s8k.png SOLVED First image http://i.imgur.com/QSTp4zj.png SOLVED Level 2 First Item http://i.imgur.com/fkjyraD.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/0ldkrvu.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/5UNmP0s.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/cn8UCGL.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/F7YDwVD.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/tbZRQO2.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/8s1pMPJ.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/GDDXa2b.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/mxCtV4m.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/Dcw5Zff.png SOLVED Level 3 First Item http://i.imgur.com/XxVGkSM.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/BV1kq6n.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/RmQyGYq.png SOLVED First Item http://i.imgur.com/scOfbD4.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/gmXLJ8k.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/gS7yWVh.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/hFrajiL.png SOLVED Second Item http://i.imgur.com/AfhJRuN.png SOLVED Third Item http://i.imgur.com/Rm6tTjK.png SOLVED Third Item http://i.imgur.com/WUKceNw.png SOLVED Third Item http://i.imgur.com/iB3zhCr.png SOLVED Third Item http://i.imgur.com/AMF6z9U.png SOLVED Fourth Item http://i.imgur.com/hmWbDLE.png SOLVED Fourth Item http://i.imgur.com/dyOux2q.png SOLVED Fourth Item http://i.imgur.com/ORESLYT.png SOLVED Fourth Item http://i.imgur.com/vJHsON4.png SOLVED ____________________________________ First Person to correctly guess the 'level 1' image will have the option of choosing one 10" record and two 7" records listed below. Solved 10" Gorillaz - The Fall (Limited/Sealed) Kings Of Leon - Holly Roller Novocaine(Sealed,Red, Limited) Mumford and Sons - Dharohar Project (Sealed, Limited) 7" Ryan Adams - Do I Wait (Limited, Sealed) Thrice - At: Guitar Center (Limited, Sealed) Boysetsfire "Suckerpunch Training" | Deathwish Inc. Dead Weather, The "Hang You From The Heavens" | Third Man Records Further Seems Forever / Twothirtyeight "Pride War / Modern Day Prayer" | Tooth & Nail Records Get Up Kids, The / Coalesce "The Get Up Kids and Coalesce" | Second Nature Recordings (/668) Greenhornes, The "Saying Goodbye" | Third Man Records Operation Ivy "Hectic E.P." | Lookout! Records Thrice / Thursday "Under A Killing Moon / For The Workforce" | Drowning Island Records First Person to correctly guess BOTH of the 'level 2' images will have the option of choosing one record below. 12" +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating (Limited, Blue/White, Dented Cover, vinyl top condition) 12" New Found Glory - Sticks and Stones (White, Limited, First Press) 12" Dropkick Murphys - Blackout (Black, Signed by Band) 12" Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Black) And FINALLY, the grand prize of this post... Drum Roll Please! The first person to guess ALL four 'level 4' images will win one of the following records of your choosing. 7" Brand New - The Quiet Things (Limited, Green) 12" Manchester Orchestra/Thrice Split (limited, clear)
  15. https://www.facebook.com/events/459363540779876/ so i have set up this contest over at my facebook page where the winner(s), chosen at random, have the opportunity to choose any one item from certain stores. since it started as blink-182 related contest, i offered stores such as bompa.com, loserkids.com, hot topic. but, i need more "likes" therefore i am willing to branch out. adding vinyl as giveaways. hot topic already offers ton of vinyl so its perfect. also including shopradiocast.com all info on the contest and what to do (specific rules): https://www.facebook.com/events/459363540779876/
  16. Buy this record and get a chance to win a test pressing! Every purchase of PM today's In Medias Res LP made through RevHQ.com will automatically be entered for a chance to win a test pressing of the album. This is the only way to obtain one of these rare versions of the record (only 5 copies exist). Purchase must be completed by October 8th, 2012 to be eligible for the contest. BUY: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=IAS002 "In Medias Res," the debut album from Arkansas' pride and glory, is a record that tells the story of its protagonist in the form of a set of flashbacks as he reflects on the important events of his own life. PM Today has truly enabled listeners to gain a perspective into their narrative that is uncommonly achieved by most bands this day an age. For fans of Brand New, Radiohead and Circa Survive. Now available on vinyl. TRACK LISTING: 1. Thoughts In Transit 2. People Are Machines 3. Goodbye, Blue Monday 4. Progress Is A Lemon 5. Dont Exist 6. I Am Wrong 7. Sad World 8. Soma Holiday 9. Composing A Commercial Product 10. A Convenient Literary Device For Ending Short Stories And Books

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