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  1. Hi all, new to the forum. To much of your potential dismay, I went with an AT LP-60 for my first player. It's what I could afford at the time, given my impatience. It's been running fine for years, but I'd like to invest in some higher quality equipment. My main concern is that upgrading the turntable might not actually be the lowest hanging fruit on my tree, relative to the whole setup. First, some quick questions that have materialized since I bought that first table: 1. How much does the audio cable quality/length/type affect the sound, if at all? 2. How necessary is continuous tempo control vs discrete 33 1/3 vs 45 vs 78 speeds? (I.E. is ALL vinyl true to the original recording BPM/tempo, or is it necessary to 'undo' slight stretching or condensing of the tempo?) 3. Is there any tonal advantage to having the pre-amplification inside vs outside the turntable unit? Here's my current setup (try not to laugh): -AT LP-60 Table (running it in 'line' output setting to take advantage of the built in preamp) wired to an inline volume knob --> then wired to speakers (all via red/white RCA) -Connected to two JBL LSR305 active studio monitors All in all, I have always thought 'the speakers sound great with anything I put through them' (I have a 4 way analog RCA switch that allows me to run CD/Vinyl/3.5mm AUX through the same speakers). That being said, I have been exposed to higher fidelity systems and certainly appreciate the difference in quality. I'd like to put myself on the trajectory to be able to continuously upgrade my system one piece at a time. My budget for immediate upgrades would be about $750. Thanks to anyone that reads this and helps me learn a thing or two! Cheers, ARI
  2. Hello and welcome to our new support forum. Put simply, this is an area were you can voice any problems you're having with the community. Is a page not working? Let us know. Are you having trouble making a post? Let us know. Do you feel lonely? Well, actually, keep that to yourself. You get the idea. That said, we're also opening up this section to member support. There are times when another user can offer an answer before we can, so why not create a venue for that exchange? Enjoy.
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Hi–Fi Created to hopefully aid anyone venturing into this stressful, beautiful hobby. I will update this with more information whenever I have time to waste. Anyone is welcome to chime in. Basic Hi-Fi Chain: SOURCE -> AMPLIFICATION -> SPEAKERS (click to jump to section) The source component reads the recorded information and translates it into the signal that will be later perceived as sound. Amplification takes that signal and amplifies it (no, really?) in order to make it strong enough to move the drivers of the speaker. A speaker is a collective of drivers that are moved by the signal, producing air pressure in front of them which to us, mortal beings, means hearing sound. When putting together a hi-fi setup, always keep in mind: The end result will only be as good as the weakest link. Buying an expensive turntable and a good phono preamp is useless if you're using cheap computer speakers. By no means should you decide to just get a shitty turntable then. Instead, think carefully how to ration your budget across all important components. Jump to setting up & use: SOURCE, AMPLIFICATION, SPEAKERS LIST OF RECCOMENDED EQUIPMENT FOR DIFFERENT BUDGETS
  4. Submitting an album because the version I have for sale is not listed on Discogs yet. How do I file the submission under a 'master album'? When I submitted, it created its own master album but I think it should go under the master album along with the other versions.
  5. https://ibb.co/pR5twmJ https://ibb.co/sV4r6Jx (links are for pics) Hi, I recently bought The Beatles 'Hey Jude' single, which I was very pleased about. It looked great. But when I played it, there was this terrible muffled noise through the track at a certain point. Examining the single further, there seemed to be a light, almost clouded, ring on the track. Is there any way of fixing this?? I'm kinda disappointed! Thanks
  6. Heeeya folks, TLDR: I have a constant low hum coming through my speakers 24/7 when the turntable is on. Regardless of weather or not anything is spinning. Yes I know its is electrical interference, as turning on my ceiling fan makes it notably worse. I am here to ask for advice on improving the situation. Details Time! Turntable: Modular Component Systems 6202 (Semi-Auto / Belt Drive... Macy's re-brand with Technics guts) Tonearm: Stock arm, reads MCS branding to match. Cartridge: Audiotechnica... of some variety Output from Table: Red/White composite audio cables (these have a small ground cable paired with them, see below) Pre-Amp: PYLE Pro - Model# PP444 (It has "12v Ground" screw to which I have attached and tightened the ground cable from the turntable) Output from Pre-Amp: Red/White Composite with a "composite to 3.5mm aux" cable. This then runs into the soundcard on my PC (bear with me here) So as crazy as that probably all sounds, my tiny apartment layout and speaker setup and outlet locations pretty much mandate my turntable stays on my desk near the pc. The speakers, are then hooked to the PC via a very long aux cable, as the speakers sit underneath the tv across the room. So..... Feel free to tell me I am being an idiot here, but be specific at least. Id like a solution to reduce/limit noise without completely re-arranging my entire apartment. Is there a specific piece in this puzzle that is most likely to be the problem? It is hard to troubleshoot as all the elements are somewhat integral to getting noise out. Thanks!!!!!
  7. So I'm upgrading my atlp60, right now I was thinking about a uturn custom with a basic platter, a grado black, the tonearm cue lever and the built in preamp for 350$. I saw that the onkyo a9010 was a good amplifier for the price so I figured I might just get that if you guys approved. The speakers were all kinda weird cause most of the good ones are only sold in the UK is what it seems, I was interested in the q acoustics 3020 which some people love and some people say the bass isn't good enough. I love the aesthetic of the orbit but if there's a better table I should get please let me know, I like the atlp120 but I hate the design, especially silver design, I know it's petty. I'm pretty ignorant though so please help me. Is there anything I should change or need in addition to this?
  8. Okay, i am having a problem. I have both the flesh tone pressing from Last Gang Records (Canada) and the, or what I thought was, the teal pressing from 4AD (US). When i first pulled it out of the jacket i noticed it was a baby blue, not exactly teal. But i didn't think anything of it. Keep in mind, I also bought this from a local record store where the owner only buys from US distributors. Anyways, come to find out, there are almost two variations of the teal color. From discogs, it mentions both the US pressing and the UK&EU pressing with the CD as teal and in the pictures they look baby blue, but when i search Purity Ring Shrines colored vinyl on google, it shows both baby blue and a dark teal/blue-green. This is really confusing me. Please help me! i'm trying to get each variation of color of this record as it is my favorite album. Thanks!
  9. Something is not working properly? Let me know. I'm currently looking into the double posting bug. I have a theory on why the double posting bug happens but I need your help, just post here at exactly what time it happens to you.
  10. I am having a pretty serious problem with my debut carbon, and cannot seem to find any Help or information from others with this issue. My table will not play records at normal speed when the platter is in place. I have tested the table with the platter off to make sure the issue is not with the belt or motor, and it is only when the platter is in place that the table has trouble getting to speed. It moves as if it cannot carry the weight of the platter, sluggish and slow or not at all. The pitch is either low or severely inconsistent. I have tried cleaning the table thoroughly numerous times, replacing the belt, and even got an acrylic platter. None of these have fixed the problem. Someone please Help me figure this out!
  11. I recently purchased a rotel rp-2300 and my current AV receiver Yamaha htr-6230 did not come with a phono input so I purchased a fjb-200x phono pre-amp to get the table up to line. The only issue I am having is that when I plug the red and white RCA into my AV receiver I only get sound sound from both speakers when I only have the white cable plugged in. It works but I'm sure I'm getting only the left side in both speakers. As soon as I plug the red cable in the sound goes to one side. I tried multiple ports and still the same issue. I purchased a new RCA cable and nothing changed. It couldn't be my AV receiver because I tested the RCA ports with another device. Also I don't think it's the turntable because when I plug into the RCA ports with no preamp it goes to both speakers it's just very low volume. I'm just confused as to why it goes to both speakers when only the left is plugged in? Before I purchase another pre amp I was wondering if anyone had this issue before and if there is an easy fix?
  12. Hi, I'm new to the vinyl world (I've only been spinning for a few years). I just got a Sansui SR-525, and after setting it up, adjusting the counterweight, anti-skate...etc. I put on Sgt. Pepper's, and for some reason, on the first few songs, and them only, every time an "s" sound comes up, crackling and static follow it. At first I thought it was a dust problem, but after staring at the stylus for some time, that doesn't seem to be the case. I've also played around with the counterweight and anti-skate, but it all seems to be set up correctly. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.
  13. So I recently bought two new records from the Basick supplies website and both came with tears on the top of the sleeve. I contacted their customer support to try and get an exchange about a week ago and haven't gotten any response since. I tried emailing them again a couple days ago, still no response. Anybody else had/having any issues like this with Basick Records? It's very irritating, and the records weren't cheep so it's pretty disappointing too.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a sleeve for my Witchfinder General Death Penalty LP on translucent red vinyl, from the first pressing in 1982. I know it's probably a longshot but if anyone can guide me towards where to find one or by chance has a sleeve, feel free to replay. Thanks!
  15. So my old hp laptop finally bit the dust on me and it's 2014 I can't go without a computer and my phone doesn't cut it for me anymore. Unfortunately that's forcing me to let go of some stuff, I'm not looking for trades just sell. Thank you. A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy /2000 Pressed Red/Black Swirl (Hot Topic Exclusive) $23 Alcoa - Bone and Marrow /1000 Pressed Translucent Gold W/ Black Smoke $14 Chiodos - Bone Palace Ballet: Grand Coda /1000 Pressed White $23 Chiodos - R2ME2 and Let Me Get You A Towel 7" /1400 Pressed Translucent Green (Record Store Day 2014 Exclusive Release) $12 Father John Misty -Fear Fun /????? Still sealed and I got it for a friend and she ended up buying it before I gave it to her hahaha $15 Pentimento - Self Titled - 300 Pressed Clear Blue W/ White (the Ocean) $22 Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus - /1000 Pressed Light Blue $16 Real friends - Maybe This Place Is the Same And We're Just Changing - Bootleg - Hand numbered and Signed /500 $40 Saosin - Self Titled - 1500 Pressed Clear W/ Black Smoke (Hot Topic Exclusive) $14 Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us /1200 Pressed Black $16 Set Your Goals - Burning At Both Ends (sealed) /????? $16 The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead (180 gram still sealed) /????? Black $25 The Story So Far / Stick To Your Guns Split - 7" 500 Pressed Half Clear/Half Beer With Black Splatter $25 Sum 41 - Chuck - 500 Pressed 180 Gram Army Green (ShopRadioCast Exclusive) $18 All Prices are included with shipping. Will ship as soon as I get payment.
  16. I am in need of a survey answered on how the majority of the vinyl community would appreciate a new Vinyl Organizer that's portable, built for protection, small and out of the way, prevents damage to the art sleeves and can be organized by protective dividers. The link for the 10 question survey is located right here and would me much help in furthering my teams development into this project https://kttrecords.wufoo.com/forms/z1ijqsv313mvran/ Thank you for your time PS: this is not a scam, this is not a bot, this is nothing more than an engineering project in a high school that needs further evidence of need before the actual engineering process takes effect.
  17. Does anyone have Lucky Street on vinyl that they're willing to sell/trade?? I've been wanting this album for so long but my budget is sort of limited.
  18. I just got June's LEGO catalog and they're releasing the Bat-Pod from 'The Dark Knight' as a damn GIVEAWAY for VIP members. Only 750 available... And a random drawing... I really want this and will be entering to win every day. But I doubt I have much of a chance of getting one of these at all. SO I was hoping that some of you fine folks could help me out by signing up for an entry each day. You have to be a LEGO VIP member to enter. Email [email protected] (subject: 'Bat-Pod') with your full name, email address, date of birth, and VIP account number. 1 entry per day until the end of June. full rules here: http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Bat-Pod Appreciate any and all help!! Was really excited to see this in the catalog and then really bummed to see that it was going to be so limited and random... I'll buy you some records if you win me one of these.
  19. Hey guys. A couple years ago, I bought an Everclear promo single on yellow vinyl. I played it the other day and it started skipping! I paid way too much for this to have it skip, so can anyone recommend a way to fix it? I've already tried a basic cleaning, but that hasn't done anything.
  20. It looks like they share the same manual and im being offered one for cheap. Just want to make sure i can use the needle from the KD-291R since i cant find one for the RC. Whats the difference anyways? And does it have a preamp built in?
  21. Im wanting to get into vinyl collecting, but like a normal 16 year old i dont got tons of cash. I know the best way to listen to vinyl is with a multi thousand dollar set up. but im wondering if i bought a older turntable can i use a adapter to convert it to 3.5mm and then use a headphone amp to convert it to line level so i can use it with my headphones? I might be able to get my hands on something like a kenwood kd-291rc for about $25 is that fair?
  22. Hi, ive been wanting to buy a vinyl player and someone is offering me a technics quartz sl-qd33 along with a Panasonic sa-ht390 reciever for $50. Would i need a preamp? or can i just hook up the record player and the reciever together and start listening with some headphones?
  23. Newbie who has no idea what they're doing. I have a U-Turn Audio Orbit w/ a Grado Black1 cartridge, my receiver is a Sony TA-AX520, equalizer is a Sony SEQ-120, and my speakers are a pair of slightly worn out DBX Soundfield left and right speakers I got for free from a friend. I'm gonna buy new speakers soon as the left one is a worn out and sounds like an old radio, but I wasn't sure if I should try finding the same speakers as opposed to some of the ones recommended on the beginner's thread. I was thinking about the Dayton Audio B652 because I'm cheap (for now), but I'm not really sure how to tell if a speaker is good or not, or how to really compare them with just specifications, or how to tell if a receiver is even good, or if anything is good, and information about these DBX speakers are kinda scarce it seems. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. I have a Technics SL-3300 that has a direct drive automatic arm. So you hit the start knob to the right, and it does it's thing - automatically moves the arm, and lowers it onto the record. Here's where the problem comes in. When the needle hits the record, it maybe stays there for a second or two before lifting back up and going back. Is there any way to either fix this or disable it and using it as a manual arm? I would love to be able to do this myself rather than have to take it to a shop and do parts and labor on it. I can provide a video if needed. Thanks for any help.
  25. HELLO! I am in denver for two weeks and im looking for records stores, stuff to do,shows to go to ect. any suggestions would be appreciated ! thanks!

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