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  1. Midtown - Save the World, Lose the Girl 2xLP on clear vinyl w/ blue and yellow splatter Midtown - Living Well is the Best Revenge 2xLP on translucent red w/ black swirl Both limited to 1500 copies and will retail for $21.99 They should be available in November, I dont have an exact date yet.
  2. I feel like I've been working on this one forever now, its almost here. Hot Topic will have this exclusively as a 2xLP with the original CD artwork, gatefold jacket. The vinyl will be opaque and I asked them to try and match the greenish-gray color of the sky thats right above the building on the cover so we'll see how that turns out. As of right now this is looking to be out around 8/28 and it will be limited to 1500 copies I just approved the test and it sounds pretty awesome. It will be $19.99. Oh and it will have the bonus track "Ný batterí" which is a Sigur Rós cover. I believe that track was on the Japanese version of the WAtT CD.
  3. All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right LP Limited to 1000 copies on clear orange splatter vinyl $20.50 and should be available around 7/8 in select stores and online
  4. Exclusive to Hot Topic Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree 2xLP maroon/gold swirl vinyl Same track listing as the other HT exclusive presses with the bonus tracks. These should be available next week online at www.hottopic.com These came out looking absolutely amazing, the picture doesn't do it justice at all. I'll try to take a better picture of vinyl when I'm back in the office next week. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IOH info starts on page 9 Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High 2xLP Clear vinyl w/ blue and white splatter repress (just like the last pressing) Same track listing as the last Hot Topic exclusive press with the bonus tracks. These should be available online at www.hottopic.com very soon, possibly even tomorrow.
  5. All Time Low - Nothing Personal LP white vinyl w/ gold and pink splatter $20.50 Should be online and in select Hot Topic stores around September
  6. Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave LP This is being pressed on 2 colors, coke bottle clear and "random mixed" vinyl. Each limited to 750 copies. I suggested coke bottle clear and the band wanted the "random mixed" vinyl so they decided to do both. I have no idea what colors will come out of the mixed random and if they will be opaque or translucent. This will be $19.99 and up for preorder tomorrow, not sure exactly what time they will go up but Id assume sometime tomorrow morning. You will be able to order the "mixed random" vinyl and coke bottle clear separately. There will also be copies in select stores late November/early December.
  7. Hot Topic has a ton of upcoming releases & exclusive colors and I'm starting to lose track. I thought it'd be helpful to create a topic just for the upcoming releases. I'll just keep the op updated as needed. Help me out if I miss any. Release History (since this topic started) July Knuckle Puck - Copacetic | Color Unkown | /Unknown | Thread August Defeater - Abandoned My Chemical Romance - Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys | Blue/Pink Swirl | /???? | Thread My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You | 2xLP Clear w/ White Swirl | /???? | Thread The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About | Purple/Pink Swirl | /Unknown | Thread September All Time Low - Nothing Personal | White w/ Gold & Pink Splatter | /Unknown | Thread Knuckle Puck - Copacetic | White w/ Double Mint Haze | 500 The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven | Burgundy/Teal/Light Yellow Tri-color | /Unknown | Thread The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Harmlessness | Yellow | Thread
  8. Hot Topic will be carrying Disney Soundtracks on limited edition vinyl picture discs. These are exclusive to Hot Topic and these are the only versions being made for these soundtracks. 2014 The Little Mermaid - 4/29/14 The Lion King - 4/29/14 Beauty and the Beast LP - 8/26/14 Aladdin LP - 8/26/14 Frozen LP - 9/30/14 Nightmare Before Christmas 2xLP - 10/7/14 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 Cinderella - 4/7/15 Sleeping Beauty - 6/30/15 Tangled - 7/31/15 Toy Story - 8/28/15 A Goofy Movie - 10/23/15 Bambi - 11/20/15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Out now: Peter Pan - 1/8/16 Coming soon: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 2/26/16
  9. So I finally got the rest of these cleared so I figured I'd put this all in one thread. I'm pretty excited about all of these, they should be pretty cool. These will all be available in select Hot Topic stores and on www.hottopic.com. These street dates are all tenative. I'll update this thread as we get closer to each release and let you know if anything has changed. Don't ask about Dogs Eating Dogs, I have no idea if or when that will ever get pressed. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket LP - Not too long ago Hot Topic had an exclusive pressing of TOYPAJ LP on clear vinyl with red, green and yellow splatter limited to 2000 copies. This sold out quite a while ago online but there's still some copies floating around Hot Topic stores. Self-Titled 2xLP - (there's already a thread for this one on here) clear vinyl with pink and green splatter with the smiley face logo etched on the D-side limited to 2000 copies. This one has been bumped back a couple weeks and should now be available around early December.Right now it's looking like a 12/24 street date. These are updated as of 5/14/14 with new TENTATIVE release dates so these might change again. If anything else gets bumped I'll update the thread The Mark, Tom and Travis How 2xLP - clear vinyl with pink, green and blue splatter limited to 2700 copies available 3/11/14 Buddha LP - clear vinyl w/ baby blue and green splatter limited to 2000 available 5/27/14 Enema of the State LP - clear vinyl with red and blue splatter limited to 2700 copies available 5/13/14 Buddha LP - clear vinyl w/ baby blue and green splatter limited to 2000 available 5/27/14 Dude Ranch LP - clear vinyl with orange and brown splatter limited to 2700 copies available 6/3/14 Greatest Hits 2xLP - clear vinyl with black and silver splatter limited to 3000 copies available 6/10/14 (available online the following week) Cheshire Cat LP - clear vinyl with blue and yellow splatter limited to 2700 copies available 7/1/14 (will likely get bumped back a bit) Neighborhoods 2xLP - clear vinyl with black and white splatter limited to 2700 copies available October/November We are doing the double gatefold that the original release had so this one will be $29.50 Represses Working on a S/T 2xLP splatter repress that is tentatively scheduled to be available around 7/8 Working on a TOYPAJ LP splatter repress, I'll post more info on that as I get it.
  10. Got a couple of exclusive represses of Pierce the Veil coming very soon. I'm working on an exclusive repress of Collide With the Sky as well, more info on that later. A Flair For the Dramatic - translucent red vinyl limited to 2000 copies Should start hitting stores now through next week and be up for sale online next week http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Music/Vinyl/Pierce+The+Veil+-+A+Flair+For+The+Dramatic+Vinyl+LP+Hot+Topic+Exclusive-10208245.jsp Selfish Machines - green (I assume translucent) vinyl limited to 2000 copies Should start hitting stores end of next week through the following week and be up for sale online around 5/27 $22.50 each
  11. Bring Me the Horizon - Sempiternal LP on translucent brown vinyl limited to 1000 copies. It should be available 11/19 in select Hot Topic stores and www.hottopic.com The first exclusive pressing that HT had of this on gold vinyl sold out pretty quick. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New repress on clear vinyl w/ black haze. This is on it's way to select stores now and should be up online next week.
  12. alright kids lets do this, open to negotiations. throw in some bucks for shipping like $3 +$1 per each additional record here are the big ones... Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree - Marble Maroon 2013 first hot topic repress $150 Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High - Clear w/ Blue and White splatter (seriously gorgeous) 1st pressing $40 Fall Out Boy - PAX AM Days - Record Store Day exclusive $35 My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - clear w/ red splatter - $40 My Chemical Romance - Black Parade - Black/Bone swirl $50 Senses Fail - Still Searching - 1st press Red w/ Black swirl $80 1994! - fckyrhed (black) $8 All Get Out - The Season (1st Repress coffee and cream /350) $20 Balance and Composure/Tigers Jaw - split (clear green) $15 Balance And Composure - Seperation (Tri-Color black/white/orange) $18 Captain, We’re Sinking - The Future Is Cancelled (1st press blue /300) $18 Childish Gambino - Camp (1st pressing black [tiny tear on cover]) $15 Coldplay - Parachutes (black) $12 Dad Punchers (now Warm Thoughts) - S/t (1st pressing Purple /500) $12 Death Cab For Cutie - Plans (2xlp black) $18 Future Islands - Singles (black) $12 Iron Chic - Not Like This (black) $12 Jordaan Mason - The Decline of Stupid Fucking Western Civilization - (2xlp black GoFundMe press /300) - $30 Tawny Peaks - In Silver River (1st press Oxblood /250) - $12 Tawny Peaks - Tawny Peaks (2nd press Coke Bottle w/ Green Splatter /100) - $12 Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds (1st press light blue) $15 Tigers Jaw - S/t (2012 press orange/red starburst) $25 Touche Amore - Parting The Sea (black) $12 Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy (3rd Press Orange) $30 Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon (2xlp Blue) $20 Senses Fail - Still Searching (1st Press red/black swirl /250) $50 Sundials - When I Couldn’t Breath (1st press grey marble) $12 Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary (Remaster 2xlp black) $22 Swearin’ - Swearin’ (black) $12 The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation (1st press clear orange) $12 Yellow Ostrich - Strange Land (black) $12
  13. Here is the list of releases and dates on the HT exclusive colors Out Now Rancid - Lets Go 2x10" red /700 Bad Religion - No Control LP blue /700 NOFX - Ribbed LP clear /800 Pennywise - Pennywise LP blue /700 NOFX - So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes LP brown /800 NOFX - Punk In Drublic LP pink /800 Rancid - Life Won'T Wait LP blue /800 Rancid - Rancid 2000 LP white /800 Pennywise - Unknown Road LP orange /650 The Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic LP orange /700 NOFX - White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean LP yellow /750 NOFX - Heavy Petting Zoo/Eating Lamb LP red /800 Rancid - ...And Out Come the Wolves LP red /800 The Bouncing Souls - How I Spent My Summer Vacation LP blue /700 Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers LP brown /700 Millencolin - For Monkeys LP green /500 Descendents - Everything Sucks LP purple /750 Pennywise - About Time LP yellow /700 Millencolin - Life On A Plate LP blue /700 Bad Religion - Generator LP gray /700 Bad Religion - Against the Grain LP purple /700 The Bouncing Souls - The Bouncing Souls LP red /750 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New stuff for 2015 Out Now Rancid - Indestructible LP red w/ black swirl Dropkick Murphys - Live 2xLP green Dropkick Murphys - Sing Loud, Sing Proud LP blue Bad Relgion - The Empire Strikes First LP clear w/ red swirl All - Mass Nerder LP orange Motion City Soundtrack - I Am the Movie LP orange Dropkick Murphys - The Singles Collection 2xLP orange Propagandhi - Supporting Caste LP green (should be online next week) Descendents - Everything Sucks LP purple Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes LP brown Bad Religoin - Recipe For Hate LP brown Motion City Soundtrack/Matchbook Romance Split 12" red The Offspring - Smash LP orange Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come LP purple Bad Religion - Suffer green Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory LP smoke Tiger Army - Tiger Army LP green Coming soon Dropkick Murphys - Blackout LP blue Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell LP smoke Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond LP red The Bouncing Souls - Anchors Aweigh LP green Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse LP gray Propagandhi - Failed States LP orange Operation Ivy - Energy LP smoke
  14. Brand New - Daisy LP green vinyl gatefold jacket $22.50 Should be hitting stores later this week through next week It will be online soon as well. First time this album has been on colored vinyl and green is the color the band wanted to go with for this one.
  15. All of these are still sealed and have never been played. PM me if you're interested in anything. TWO SINGLE LPS FOR $20 ONE SINGLE LP + ONE DOUBLE LP FOR $25 TWO DOUBLE LPS FOR $30 THREE DOUBLE LPS FOR $40 BUY EVERYTHING FOR $70 SINGLE LPS The Darjeeling Limited LP (black vinyl I think?) Orange Is The New Black Seasons 2 & 3 LP (clear vinyl) DOUBLE LPS Batman Begins 2xLP (orange and black swirl vinyl) The Dark Knight Rises 2xLP (blue and white swirl vinyl) Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2xLP (picture disc) The Wolverine 2xLP (picture disc)
  16. I have this variant but not with the signed lithograph. Sell me the lithograph itself or the whole record. Willing to buy or trade. Thanks!
  17. If anyone wants to sell or trade: Deftones - Around the Fur (hot topic orange variant) Hot Hot Heat - Elevator Message me and let's make a deal.
  18. CURRENT INVENTORY: LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO ORDER: - blink-182 Greatest Hits - Dillinger Escape Plan Irony is a Dead Scene A little while ago, I started buying stuff from Hot Topic and sending it to international users, saving them money on shipping. That eventually expanded into buying stuff that sells out quickly so that those who missed out on it can get their hands on one. Even though it's something extra to keep track of, I love doing it. I have my system worked out, so no major issues (anymore...) and it's completely manageable. There are a few reasons I started this thread. First of all, I don't think it's nearly as convenient for me to just pop up in threads and ask if people want stuff. This works in conjunction with my second reason, I do not follow every single thread on the board. If there's a release I don't know about, I can't be there to buy any when they go online (trust me, I get a lot of PMs asking about stuff that I didn't even know existed). The third reason I thought it would make more sense on the S/T/W board. More people come over here rather than go on the main board's thread looking for extra copies of sold-out releases. Visibility and convenience, y'know? The fourth and final reason is, I can use this as an easier way of saying "I have an extra copy of XYZ record" instead of making a new topic here or simply posting in that release's thread (I'll still do that, though). I'll update the title to reflect my current "inventory", if you will. All I ask of you guys is a little help. Pop into the thread and let me know if anything big is coming (whether it be at Hot Topic, the primary contender, or somewhere else) and I'll go out of my way to grab a few for those who may not be at their computer when it goes up. Or, alternatively, if something is online but the international shipping charge is OUTRAGEOUS, let me know, and I'll get it to you for cheaper. As always, PM me! I won't bite! I hope to satisfy many happy 'customers' in the future
  19. Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance 2xLP transparent green vinyl w/ white splatter This repress will be online once vinyl is added back to the Hot Topic site. $26.50
  20. Mark Tom and Travis Show 2x LP Clear Splatter - Hot Topic Exclusive $40 Shipped PPD
  21. Panic at the Disco - Vices & Virtues LP on opaque maroon vinyl limited to 1500 copies It will be available in select Hot Topic stores and on www.hottopic.com on 11/25/13. The release date could change, if it does I'll post any updates in this thread. $21.99
  22. Saosin S/T cassette tape - $30 Saosin S/T Clear with Black Smoke vinyl - $20 Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech Yellow vinyl - $15 Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification Oxblood vinyl $15 all free shipping
  23. I know the recent repress is readily available, but this record means a lot to me and I'd love a first pressing. Looking to pay about $50!
  24. Hey guys, currently looking to buy a used or sealed copy of "Decadence" by Head Automatica on the Hot Topic variant (Half Blue/Half Green) for the wife, thanks!

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