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Found 3 results

  1. https://joyvoid.limitedrun.com/products/646742
  2. We're now taking preorders for the amazing new Infinity Crush record 'Warmth Equation.' The record comes out on LP/CD/CS September 30th. in addition to the LP, we're also doing an extremely limited lathe cut 7" of the unreleased b-side 'feel my body move.' We'll only be making however many are ordered before the LP comes out. LP/CD/CS & bundles here: http://joyvoid.limitedrun.com/products/575209-joy-void-009-infinity-crush-warmth-equation
  3. Didn't see anybody else post about it so I will: Julia Brown's first 7" went live at 1 today. Won't ship for a few weeks, but yeah. 100 Gold 400 Baby Pink Buy it here Listen to it here //INB4 price complaints: From Birdtapes tumblr: Question : Price for the Julia Brown 7"? ((This was asked before it was posted)) Answer: "This hasn’t been announced yet because we were debating it for a while. It was going to be $10, and I know that probably sounds expensive for a 7”, we even got backlash for charging $8.50 for holo pleasures. We spent money to record this 7” in a studio, and while most labels make that money back through digital sales (at no cost) we don’t. Really we need to be incorporating studio costs and other expenses into our vinyl sales because that’s all we sell. We also put a lot of effort into this release, and the packaging is gorgeous (and costly) so I hope people appreciate it. All that said, we’re going to stick with the $8.50 for now because I think it’s definitely a fair price but we’re not making any profit. I’m excited for everyone to get this record, and I’m grateful for everyone who has supported us up to this point and made it possible - thank you <3"