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Found 16 results

  1. Looking to sell my copy of Jurassic Park DNA splatter 80 PPD
  2. Most of the prices are pretty much set but if you buy multiples I'll see what I can do. Thrice - Vheissu (Tan HT Press) $45 Thrice - Vheissu (Clear) $35 Thrice - Vheissu (White) $35 Thrice - Artist in The Ambulance (Red HT Press) $55 Thrice - Artist in The Ambulance (Blue) $35 Thrice - Major Minor (Yellow) $35 Thrice - Beggars (Clear w/ Blue Splatter) $75 Thrice - Beggars (Clear w/ Red Splatter) $75 Thrice - Identity Crisis (Blue w/ Black Smoke) $25 Thrice - Identity Crisis (Clear w/ Black Smoke) $20 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (Red w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (White w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (Yellow w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Image of The Invisible (7" White) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Clear Brown) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Tan/White Swirl) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Opaque Brown) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Carry The Fire (Red) $20 Brand New - The Devil and God (Black w/ Ugly Sticker on Cover) $15 Circa Survive - Juturna (Red) $75 Circa Survive - Inuit Sessions (Green/White) $35 Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Blue) $80 Circa Survive - Descensus (Yellow) $20 Circa Survive - Descensus (Blue) $20 Circa Survive - Descensus (Clear w/ Blue Splatter) $20 Circa Survive - B Sides (Green/White) $35 Circa Survive/Sunny Day Real Estate -Split 7" (Maroon) $30 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension (Black & Signed) $35 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Descension (Teal) $20 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension Big Beige Demos (Clear) $15 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Descension Big Beige Demos (Coke Bottle) $15 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension (Picture Disc) $15 The Prizefighter Inferno - Half Measures (Clear w/ Pink, Black, and White Splatter) $35 Silversun Pickups - Carnavas (Black) $10 Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream (Clear) $20 Cinematic Sunrise - A Coloring Storybook (Picture Disc) $5 The Dear Hunter - Act 3 (Black 2nd Press w/ a little glue on the first track) $10 Sons of Anarchy - Songs of Anarchy Vol. 2 & 3 (Clear) $25 The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, The Lord Has Left Us (Test Pressing side C&D only) $30 The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, The Lord Has Left Us (Custom Made Jacket) Last One!! $20 Deftones - Deftones (Black Smoke) $50 Deftones - Koi No Yokan (Clear) $35 Bjork - Post (Pink) $25 Palms - Palms (Black) $20 Palms - Palms (Clear) $30 Palms - Palms (White) $30 Crosses - Crosses (White) $20 Nosferatu The Vampyre OST (Gold/Midnight Blue) $40 Here Comes The Devil OST (Black) $20 Here Comes The Devil OST (Red w/ Black Spot) $45 Hannibal OST (Steak Tartare) $60 Mad Max Fury Road OST (Aqua Cola) $70 Paranorman OST (Black) $20 The Omen OST (Black) $20 Coraline OST (Black) $45 Coraline OST (Test Pressing) $135 Jurassic Park OST (Dino DNA) $60 Jurassic Park OST (Black) $45 Shaun of The Dead OST (Strawberry Swirl) $55 Jurassic World OST (Green w/ Blue Stripe) $20 Aliens OST (Clear) $40 Aliens OST (Queen Vs. Power Loader) $40 Grand Piano - La Cinquette (7") $20 Batman: TAS (Harley Quinn 7" Purple) $70 The Walking Dead OST Vol. 2 (Picture Disc) $15 Better Call Saul Theme Song (7" Black) $25 I got this thing hella signed! I'm keeping it. Haha. Yeah, I said hella.
  3. Selling a few vinyl, all in excellent condition, usually only played once or twice. Don't want to over price, so I'll be taking offers. PayPal only. Mondo: Jurassic Park, amber variant Guardians of the Galaxy, purple, no handbill Black Swan, white and blue Mad Max, aqua cola variant Radical Face: The Roots and The Branches, both signed vinyl by Ben Cooper https://imgur.com/a/A3u2u
  4. Please PM me with offers. Paypal only. Thanks! JURASSIC PARK - DINO DNA VARIANT (Still Sealed) More info: http://mondotees.com/products/jurassic-park-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-version-a?variant=2497178179 GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY LP (Mint Condition, Only played twice) More info: http://mondotees.com/collections/archive/products/guardians-of-the-galaxy-pre-order
  5. Royce


    Looking to get funds for Batman tomorrow. Prices are really not negotiable (I really don't want to part with these but want batman) so if you want a super deal (i mean a super deal) buy two or all three. US ONLY SOLD THE RECORDS I also have a Stan and Vince Jurassic Park i might part with if you're interested. thanks!
  6. I have: Jurassic Park (Dino DNA) - $65 Mad Max (Silver/White) - $70? Phantasm (Mausoleum Grey) - $50 Scanners/The Brood (Split Color) - $40 Frank OST (Green) - $60 Sons of Anarchy - Songs of Anarchy Vol. 2 (Clear) - $25 Bjork - Post (Pink)(Sealed) - $30 Deftones - S/T (Black Marble) - $45 Deftones - Koi No Yokan (Clear) (I may have already sold this, I'll check when I get home) - $30 The Walking Dead - Vol. 2 (Picture Disc) - $15 Prices may be negotiable. I want: Drive (Mondo Pink) Studio Ghibli (Any) Portugal The Man: Waiter (Red) Censored Colors (Gold Single LP) Censored Colors (Lime Green/Yellow) Satanic Satanist (180 Gram Green) Satanic Satanist (180 Gram Black) Satanic Satanist (Blue/White) Satanic Satanist (Pink) Circa Survive - Descensus (Test Pressing) Circa Survive - On Letting Go (First Press or Picture Disc) Circa Survive - Juturna (Green or Picture Disc) Creepshow OST (Cake w/ Blood Splatter)
  7. I've got two copies of the new Mondo Dino DNA variant of the Jurassic Park OST for trade. I'm looking for the Amber variant and the Dilophosaurus variant. PM me! Thanks!
  8. Every time I see it I get depressed that I never landed this one and realized that since I have the amber and standard black that I'd like to secure it as well. I don't expect this to be easy and I'm not even sure how much I'm willing to give up to get it but it can't hurt to send out some feelers, so let me know if you'd be willing to trade or sell at a somewhat reasonable price. Thanks.
  9. Hey there! Brand new to this website, but been collecting awhile. Have been a mega fan of Jurasic Park (and all things Spielberg) for ever and would love to add a copy of the JP Amber or dilophasaurus vinyl to my collection! (Hopefully without paying a 1000% markup) Thanks for the help!
  10. Yo! Desperately trying to get my hands on the Jurassic Park (Dilophosaurus) variant. Please, let me know if you're willing to part with it.
  11. Just a HEADS UP, I'm not in any rush to sell anything, so if you want to offer me something drastically less, I'll probably just ignore you, but i am "open" to offers Everything is in near mint condition unless otherwise listed. Panic - Pretty Odd box, sealed puzzle -> $100 shipped Brand New - TDAGRIM Seafoam Green -> 75$ shipped jurassic park soundtrack black -> $60 shipped god is an astronaut -> all is violent, all is bright -> 90$ shipped fob - cork tree, keyhole -> 90$ shipped
  12. So as the title says I'm looking for a copy of the Gravity soundtrack, seems as though it didn't sell out forever and as soon as it did everyone wants to sell it for $80+ just for the black variant :/ slept too long on the release and now I gotta hunt for it! kinda off topic but I'm also looking for these releases while I'm at it, Panic! at the Disco - A fever you cant sweat out Jurassic Park - Official Soundtrack Thanks!
  13. Like the title says, I want to trade my Ver. B Amber for the Ver. A Dilophosaurus variant. Wanted both, but no luck. I'd much rather have the Dilophosaurus variant. Also, I have an open copy of Ver. A (Black) for sale. SOLD If you're interested, please let me know!
  14. Going out on a limb here, if any kind soul would be willing to trade me their copy of the Dilophosaurus Variant for my Black Variant I would be pretty extatic. I'd even be willing to throw in a little bit extra cash for your kindness. Thanks in advance!
  15. Mondo release news from April 29... "…we are pleased to officially announce that we will be releasing the beloved soundtrack to JURASSIC PARK by John Williams on 2XLP Vinyl on June 11th, 2014, the 21st anniversary of the films theatrical release. There are two different versions: JURASSIC PARK – Version A Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music by John Williams Artwork by JC Richard 2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Dilophosaurus Vinyl $35 JURASSIC PARK – Version B Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music by John Williams Artwork by Dan McCarthy 2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Amber $35 ************************************************************** Jurassic Park is the twelfth project on which renowned composer John Williams worked with Steven Spielberg. He composed, conducted and produced the score for the film. Most of the cues were orchestrated by John Neufeld, with two of those being partially orchestrated by Conrad Pope and with three others entirely orchestrated by Alexander Courage. MCA Records released a soundtrack album for the film on May 20, 1993. Also produced by Williams, this album includes most of the film's major cues, sometimes edited together into longer tracks and often containing material that was not used in the film. Several passages are also repeated in different tracks. Mondo will be releasing their own pressing of this album June 11th, 2014. More info at: www.mondotees.com blog.mondotees.com
  16. Thought everyone would get a nice laugh out of this one. Someone took Jeff Goldblum's laugh in the first Jurassic Park and did a remix song/video. It really is great and 1:19-1:22 just kills me. If anyone can tell me how to get this to show in the thread without a link I'd really appreciate it!

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