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Found 12 results

  1. The first QUICKSAND release on cassette. 4 song EP, program repeats on both sides. Released on Revelation. Where it all started. In excellent condition. $15 and throw in a couple bucks for shipping.
  2. Revelation repressed Beyond's classic NYHC LP, No Longer at Ease, which was originally released on Combined Effort. This criminally underrated record rules and features an impressive line up: Alan Cage (Burn, Quicksand), Tom Capone (BOLD, Quicksand), Vic Dicara (Inside Out) and Kevin Egan (1.6 Band). 330 red marble 769 gray marble. plus t-shirt combos http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Spec=20
  3. Out of print for over 25 years, the debut LP from the legendary WARZONE is finally available again. WARZONE were a cornerstone of the NYHC scene, sharing the stage with AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, MURPHY'S LAW, YOUTH OF TODAY and many more. Led by the influential and charismatic Ray "Raybeez" Barbieri, WARZONE entered the studio in 1987 and produced Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets which many consider their greatest release. Often imitated but never duplicated, WARZONE had a sound unique to the NYHC scene. Coupled with vocalist Raybeez' uplifting and incisive lyrics, WARZONE's sound influenced generations of bands and kids across the world. Revelation is incredibly proud to present this newly remastered and repackaged version of this important hardcore record, including liner notes by "Lukie" Luke Abbey, new artwork by John "Omen" and many never-before-seen photos. Vinyl version includes digital download. http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=REV163A This is the blue vinyl version, limited to 1,086 copies http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=REV163 This is the red vinyl version, limited to 2,108 copies. http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&BandId=3684 Bundles with shirts, poster, sticker, etc...
  4. I'm starting to downsize the hardcore collection, records as well as shirts. Get in touch if anything catches your interest. Some of the stuff is rare, some not so much, but almost everything is out of print. As for references, I've been collecting, buying/selling over messageboards for over ten years now and I only ship my stuff with registered shipping. I also know how to pack records. 7"s Bad Brains - Pay To Cum - Bad Brains - Record Store Day 2011, gold /500 Beware - Won't Get The Best Of Me - Back 2 Back - seafoam green /100 Blood For Blood - Enemy - Victory - RSD2012 grey Burn - s/t - Revelation - RSD2011 press, light yellow Chamberlain - Raise It High EP - Arctic Rodeo - gold/white /100 Ensign - s/t - Indecision - gray /330 Ensign - s/t - Indecision - blue /449 Ensign - Fall From Grace - Indecision - orange /106 Ensign - Fall From Grace - Indecision - white /225 Ensign - Fall From Grace - Indecision - green /600 Integrity - In Contrast Of Sin - Organized Crime - blue Integrity - In Contrast Of Sin - Organized Crime - baby blue /116 No Warning - Resurrection Of The Wolf - Bad Actors - /500 Quicksand - s/t - Revelation - RSD2011, blue Strife - Demo Days - Indecision - gold Youth Of Today - Disengage - Revelation - RSD2011, red 12"s Bold - The Search: 1985-1989 - Revelation - 2x 12", maroon/blue /541 Boston Strangler - Fire - Self-released Circle - Manner - Hydrahead - eyeball colored Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind - Deathwish - 2x12" green Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind - Deathwish - 2x12" 180g Defeater - Travels - B9 - Test press #9/15 Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights - B9 - 2x12", 140 gram, dark solid red - SOLD Elliott - US Songs - Revelation - Record Store Day 2011, grey /521 Endpoint - In A Time Of Hate - Conversion - red cover, blue marble Endpoint - Aftertaste - Doghouse - red, gatefold cover Ensign - Direction Of Things To Come - Indecision - gray /515 Farside - Rigged - Revelation - RSD2012 clear brown /510 Frontier(s) - There Will Be No Miracles Here - Arctic Rodeo - orange /300 Give Up The Ghost - Background Music - Deathwish/EVR - clear yellow Ignite - Call On My Brothers - Revelation - RSD2012 purple /538 In My Eyes - The Difference Between - Revelation - purple In My Eyes - Nothing To Hide - Revelation - European tour press, blue /330 Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow - Organized Crime - tan /400 Mother Of Mercy - III - SFU - Test pressing #5/18 Quicksand - Slip - Dine Alone - black /500 Quicksand - Slip - SRC - green/yellow /500 Quicksand - Slip - SRC - Black/red /500 Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design - Victory - RSD2012 /400 Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Vengeance - Victory - RSD2012 white Rival Mob, The – Hardcore For Hardcore – Quality Control HQ – purple, Record release version /100 Sense Field - Killed For Less - Revelation - RSD2012 yellow/orange opaque /556 Side By Side - You're Only Young Once - Revelation - red /550 Strife - One Truth - Victory - blue /300 + huge promo poster Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? - Revelation - dblLP orange /540 Touche Amore - Parting The Sea Between Brightness and Me - Deathwish - green /300 Unbroken - Re-issue Re-package Re-evaluate The Songs - Indecision - 3x12", clear Uniform Choice - Screaming For Change - Wishingwell - white Up Front - Spirit - Smorgasbord - red v.a. - Revelation 150 Past Present - Breaking Out The Classics - Revelation - yellow /335 Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls - Revelation - transluscent red /760 Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls - Revelation - transluscent blue /788 Youth Of Today - We're Not In This Alone - Revelation - white /770 Youth Of Today - We're Not In This Alone - Revelation - transluscent red /790
  5. Hi all, I am looking to buy the following: - V/A - "Rev 25 NYC" (25th Anniversary shows, NYC version) on GREEN vinyl 12" Also, if anyone is looking to sell these for a sensible price, then i'm also interested in: - V/A - "Rev 25 Chicago" 4 x 7" set - Texas Is The Reason - "Do You Know...(The Complete Collection)" 2 x LP on BLOOD ORANGE (first press) Thanks
  6. Hi all, I am looking to buy the following: V/A - "Rev 25 NYC" (25th Anniversary shows, NYC version) on GREEN vinyl 12" V/A - "Rev 25 NYC" (25th Anniversary shows, NYC version) on CLEAR vinyl 12" Would MUCH prefer to buy both together (to save on shipping) but would also look at buying seperately. Also, if anyone is looking to sell these for a sensible price, then i'm also interested in: V/A - "Rev 25 Chicago" 4 x 7" set Texas Is The Reason - "Do You Know...(The Complete Collection)" 2 x LP on BLOOD ORANGE (first press) Thanks
  7. Holdfast Records in Asbury Park, NJ announced that they will be the only store in the country carrying a very limited UNDERDOG "Sandy Survivor" set of only 35. Includes their Bridge 9- 2xLp, and 7 inch with "Sandy Survivor" cover and the new HUGE 7 inch is included in the set. These record were salvaged by Russ after the storm. Opens at 10AM. Support a great shop and pick up some awesome records. They always put their own spin on RSD and never disappoint. Since I will be trapped in Philly this year anyone in the area want to help me out and pick me up a set?
  8. anyone willing to sell an first pressing copy for around sticker price? for some reason i always go to shows and fabricate a bullshit excuse as for why i don't need the record, only to make a thread on here a week later.
  9. Looking for a couple 7"s from the 90s... Farside - Keep My Soul Awake - Crisis Records - GREEN Vinyl Quicksand - S/T - Revelation Records - Black Vinyl - GREEN Insert I know they're kind of obscure... but get in touch if you can help me out. Thanks.
  10. Buy this record and get a chance to win a test pressing! Every purchase of PM today's In Medias Res LP made through RevHQ.com will automatically be entered for a chance to win a test pressing of the album. This is the only way to obtain one of these rare versions of the record (only 5 copies exist). Purchase must be completed by October 8th, 2012 to be eligible for the contest. BUY: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=IAS002 "In Medias Res," the debut album from Arkansas' pride and glory, is a record that tells the story of its protagonist in the form of a set of flashbacks as he reflects on the important events of his own life. PM Today has truly enabled listeners to gain a perspective into their narrative that is uncommonly achieved by most bands this day an age. For fans of Brand New, Radiohead and Circa Survive. Now available on vinyl. TRACK LISTING: 1. Thoughts In Transit 2. People Are Machines 3. Goodbye, Blue Monday 4. Progress Is A Lemon 5. Dont Exist 6. I Am Wrong 7. Sad World 8. Soma Holiday 9. Composing A Commercial Product 10. A Convenient Literary Device For Ending Short Stories And Books
  11. we have a few copies of the limited, one-sided and handscreened your favorite trainwreck "the brilliance" 10inch left. http://www.coffeebreathandheartache.com/shop/ their full length debut on revelation will be out this week, so get this 10" while you can! pressing info: one-sided, handscreened 10" vinyl includes mp3 downloadcode limited to 300 copies on black wax red screenprint, red cover, 125 made blue screenprint, blue cover, 125 made silver screenprint, 50 made, 25x blue cover, 25x red cover watch the "the brilliance" video: http://youtu.be/LoYvLPIU9Ug