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Found 10 results

  1. The Space Quest V soundtrack is being pressed on splatter vinyl as a 2 LP set through the crowdfunding site QRates. 200 people have to pre-order or the project will not move forward. Space Quest III and IV were successfully funded in the past. Pre-order Space Quest V vinyl here! We've done Space Quest III, we've done Space Quest IV ... now comes the real test. Can we do Space Quest V on a deluxe, double, heavy-weight, splat-colored vinyl with gorgeous upscaled artwork from the original game? I sure hope so, otherwise I'm going to look real silly over here. Space Quest V was released in 1993 and featured a rousing orchestral soundtrack by Dynamix composers Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke. I took the original MIDI files from the game (ripped by Mark Van Tinteren) and reorchestrated them using modern orchestral patches. Nothing has been re-recorded. But that's not all. Inside the resource files of SQ5 were also a small handful of unused pieces of music that were not triggered in the game. These have also been reorchestrated and put on Side D as "outtakes." Why a double vinyl? Well, because Space Quest V is a long ass game! And the soundtrack is quite long as well. I tried fitting it on a single vinyl but it just couldn't be done. The artwork is original art from the game put through an AI upscaler by Brandon Blume, who also did the same for the SQ4 vinyl. The audio on the vinyl itself has been lovingly mastered especially for vinyl. The examples below are CD/digital masters. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT FAN PROJECT. The cost of the vinyl is set as low as it can go without going into negative profits. If there are any residual profits from the project, they will once again be donated to the American Cancer Society because f*** cancer. https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate.html
  2. Pre-Order Link: http://iamshark.limitedrun.com/products/607801-attack-the-block-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-glow-in-the-dark-2xlp The premiere vinyl release of Attack The Block original motion picture score and soundtrack from Steven Price, Felix Buxton, and Simon Ratcliffe (and a Basement Jaxx track!). This 2011 Sci-Fi film was the breakout performance for actor John Boyega (Star Wars, Detroit, Pacific Rim 2), Jodie Whittaker (Dr. Who), as well as Academy Award winning composer Steven Price (Gravity, Suicide Squad, Fury). The story follows a teenage street gang who have to defend themselves from predatory alien invaders. Pressed on Glow In The Dark vinyl 2xLP and Glow labels to bring the monsters back onto your very own turntable. Bundles available with Attack The Block steel pint glass/tumbler and enamel pins:) THIS RELEASE IS UP FOR PRE-ORDER AND WILL SHIP JANUARY 30th, 2018
  3. I'm selling the following from Mondo if anyone is interested: The Iron Giant (Grey Variant) Shaun of the Dead (Black) Maniac Cop 2 (Black) Raid: Redemption (Black) Time Crimes (Yellow) PYE Corner Audio 10" (Neon Green) Black Sunday (One Disc Red/Blue, One Disc Silver/Green) Also have an Old Boy poster for sale. Send me an offer on what you're looking for and i'm sure we'll work something out. Thanks!
  4. With the recent glut of labels (Death Waltz, Mondo, Waxwork, One Way Static, AMS, etc...) repressing & releasing film soundtracks I felt it necessary to make a list of ones I hope will some day see the light of day: ~Requiem For A Dream Score (Kronos Quartet's unrivaled masterpiece) ~The Terminator & T2: Judgment Day Score ~Magnolia Score & Soundtrack ~Last House On The Left '09 Score (w/ Death In Vegas's end credits song) ~Sinister Score (Maybe the most effective modern horror score.... just damn creepy) ~Spawn Soundtrack ~Mulholland Drive Score ~Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74 Score & last but certainly not least, my so-called "Holy trinity" of 90's soundtracks: ~Natural Born Killers ~The Crow ~Lost Highway I know theres more I can't think of right now, but these are off the top of my head. Please add any thoughts, wants & needs and who knows? Maybe some label big-wig will see your interests and think about pressing it. We can only hope.... .
  5. Looper Composed and Produced by Nathan Johnson Standard Release: MOND-006 Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl 45RPM Locked groove loop Housed in a hand-embellished Canvas bag Featuring Liner Notes by Nathan Johnson Released September 20th, 2014 at MondoCon Released September 23rd, 2014 online (http://www.mondotees.com/Looper-2XLP_p_1626.html) $60 ($65 at MondoCon) Limited to: Unknown Standard Release with 7": MOND-006.5 Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl 45RPM Locked groove loop Housed in a hand-embellished Canvas bag Featuring Liner Notes by Nathan Johnson Accompanied by 7" with unreleased Kid Koala song 'Slinky Dance’ from the movie, and a b-side piano version of the ‘Theme From Looper’ performed by Ryan Lott, and composed by Nathan Johnson. Released September 20th, 2014 at MondoCon Released September 23rd, 2014 online (http://www.mondotees.com/Looper-2XLP-w-Bonus-7-inch_p_1625.html) OUT OF STOCK $70 ($75 at MondoCon) Limited to: 1,000 Link to the Mondo announcement: http://blog.mondotees.com/2014/09/23/looper-2xlp-ost/ It can be assumed that an unknown number of test pressings (MOND-000) was released to the public via MondoCon. It is unclear whether any included the 7". http://blog.mondotees.com/2014/09/18/mondo-test-pressings/ 2xLP Tracklist A1 A Body That Technically Does Not Exist 1:21 A2 A Day In The Life 1:10 A3 Closing Your Loop 2:56 A4 Seth's Tale 2:54 A5 Run 2:49 B1 A Life In A Day 2:22 B2 Time Machine 2:40 B3 Hunting The Past 2:55 B4 Following The Loop 1:42 B5 Mining For Memories 1:54 C1 A New Scar 2:34 C2 Her Face 2:37 C3 Revelations 5:12 C4 The Rainmaker 4:26 D1 City Sweep 0:46 D2 La Belle Aurore 1:01 D3 Showdown 1:36 D4 The Path Was A Circle 4:51 D5 Everything Comes Around 2:39 7" Tracklist E1 – Nathan Johnson Theme From Looper (Solo Piano Version) F1 – Kid Koala Slinky Dance EDIT: This topic was created for the purpose of sharing information regarding this release. As more information becomes available I will update the original post. (So, if any additional information comes to light regarding pressing numbers, etc). Please feel free to post third party retailers carrying this release, I will periodically update the original post with links and prices. For more general discussion regarding this release (or anything else Mondo) please go to the general Mondo discussion thread: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/83343-mondo-thread-iron-giant-looper-shaun-of-the-dead-2001-page-one-has-sale-info/ Note that there is more music associated with this movie that is not present in this release, more information here: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/106241-mondo-looper-score-nathan-johnson-po-release-info-mond-006/?p=2050474
  6. Shaun of the Dead ($25) Released: Oct. 7 The premiere release of the Original Score to Shaun Of The Dead – the first release of Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead’s complete score in ANY format. The artwork on this LP is by Jock. You might recognize the cover image from his screen-printed poster, but he went back and created some more brand new art for the interior gatefold and it’s amazing. We can’t wait for you to see it. Regular Version Original Score Composed by Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead Artwork by Jock. Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl, and randomly inserted Winchester Ale Colored Vinyl. Featuring liner notes by director Edgar Wright, and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead. “Do You Want Anything From The Shop…?” Version Original Score Composed by Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead Artwork by Jock. Pressed on 180 Gram Strawberry Swirl Vinyl. Featuring liner notes by director Edgar Wright, and composers Daniel Mudford & Pete Woodhead. Limited to 1,000 Copies. www.mondotees.com
  7. So as the title says I'm looking for a copy of the Gravity soundtrack, seems as though it didn't sell out forever and as soon as it did everyone wants to sell it for $80+ just for the black variant :/ slept too long on the release and now I gotta hunt for it! kinda off topic but I'm also looking for these releases while I'm at it, Panic! at the Disco - A fever you cant sweat out Jurassic Park - Official Soundtrack Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys! New here, so forgive me if this is a repost or the wrong section! But just started (3 years ago) to collect Soundtracks / Scores on vinyl and really want to expand it.. like.. BIG-time. So, here's the wanted-list: - All Mondo, DeathWaltz and Waxwork Records vinyl. - The Thing ost - Aliens ost - Most of the Hans Zimmer vinyl - And, don't laugh at me I know the asking price, Inception and Dark Knight ost's That being said, I also like any other random Movie Soundtrack or Score, anything you're trying to sell.. let me know! Bring the feedback and reactions!
  9. Up for sale on "heavy blue vinyl" here: http://www.thegenepool.co.uk/items/1210.htm I've never heard of this label before and there's no word on pressing numbers yet, but Mansell! Cheers!
  10. PO is up for the soundtrack to the movie Stuck in Love (dir: Josh Boone) by Mike Mogis and Nathaniel Walcott of Bright Eyes. Also includes tracks by Conor Oberst, Big Harp and Elliott Smith Release date is set for June 11 and you can preorder here - http://www.amazon.com/Stuck-In-Love-Mike-Mogis/dp/B00CAZOIA6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368258417&sr=8-1&keywords=stuck+in+love+soundtrack Track List: 1. Nosebleed (Score) (1:25) 2. At Your Door • Nathaniel Walcott and Mike Mogis featuring Big Harp (2:55) Stefanie Drootin-Senseney, vocals • Chris Senseney, vocals Mike Mogis, guitars, bass, drum machine programming, toy piano Nathaniel Walcott, piano, organ, electric piano • Clark Baechle, drums, Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Mike Mogis at ARC, Omaha, Nebraska, spring, 2012 3. Peeping Tom (Score) (1:48) 4. You Are Your Mother’s Child • Conor Oberst (3:56) A 2013 Recording *5. American Man • Rio Bravo (4:00) 6. Polkadot • Like Pioneers (3:01) A 2012 Recording 7. Rusty Tucks Kate In (Score) (1:25) 8. Will You Be By Me • Wallpaper Airplanes (5:45) A 2009 Recording 9. Goodbye (Score) (2:05) *10. I Won't Love You Any Less • Nat & Alex Wolff (3:10) A 2011 Recording 11. Between the Bars • Elliott Smith (2:21) A 1997 Recording 12. Bill Gets Dressed (Score) (1:26) 13. The Calendar Hung Itself... • Bright Eyes (3:56) A 2000 Recording 14. Bill Tells Sam the Truth (Score) (1:38) 15. A Mountain, A Peak • Bill Ricchini (4:12) A 2002 Recording 16 Erica At The Door (Score) (1:08) 17. Somersaults In Spring • Friends of Gemini (4:47) Friends of Gemini are Corina Figueroa Escamilla, lead vocals • Nik Freitas, vocals Mike Mogis, guitars, bass • Nathaniel Walcott, keyboards • Clark Baechle, drums • Engineered and Mixed by Mike Mogis at ARC, Omaha, Nebraska, Spring, 2012 This is on Varese Serabande label. Woo hoo!

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