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Found 21 results

  1. Looking for the following test pressings and offering rewards that lead to a successful purchase of said tests. Deja Entendu first run limited to 8 test Science Fiction test thank you for the help
  2. As I am sure you all know, the recent re-issue of Deja Entendu has made some of us very happy to finally own and completed our Brand New record collections. While the RSD version was cool, it lacked the special packaging that we expected.. We wanted to see a return of the black slipcase, in which the original CD release came in. Why this wasn't done for the standard or RSD version (or even a deluxe version), is beyond me. Even 12 years later, I remember the awesome packaging that this CD had. Over the past month or so, I took matters into my own hands, Not as a cash grab (Trust me, I won't be paying my rent with this lol), but to try something new and give back to the fans and members of this board. After designing, sourcing and sampling, I have come up with a slipcase/sleeve that I am extremely happy with. It slips snug right over the recent re-issue of Deja Entendu, making it look almost exactly like the original CD release. They will be going live at www.dejasleeve.com on Monday at 9AM (PST). This will be a pre-order and these will ship on or before August 10th. They will be $5.99 for one and $9.99 for two (one for you and your lover, best friend, dad, etc.) plus shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I'm super stoked about this, and I hope the people on these forums are too!
  3. pulled from the collection thread. if anyone has the clear MOV and wants to let it go, shoot me a pm.
  4. THE DEVIL AND GOD ARE RAGING INSIDE ME yep.. gonna be that guy looking for BN records. In need of the following Devil/God variants: Academy Fight Song: -200 Solid Black -500 Blue/White Swirl (Interpunk.com Exclusive) Triple Crown: -500 Gold (Band Tour Exclusive) -500 Red -500 Black/White Marble THIS COUCH IS LONG AND FULL OF FRIENDSHIP Shoot me a PM if you've got what a want, please include the price! Looking for a couple of variants of this record. see below and let me know if you would be willing to part with any of them! - Swamp Green - Caramel - Brown - Trans. Yellow (not recent "gold", i have a gold for sale) - Black SOMOS - TEMPLE OF PLENTY - Opaque Teal Thanks To Justin_Cole - Transparent Gold - Opaque Lavender
  5. hey yall, just thinning out my record collection, all have not been played yet. All prices PPD Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me – Red variant ($35) Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me – 180 Black (MOV) variant ($25) Hawkboy – Self titled/King Folly - Clear Gold w/ Black Swirl variant ($20) Doug & The Beets – Songs From Bluffington - Mayonnaise Variant (Yellow Vinyl Polka Dot A side label exclusive to Yellow Variant) ($10) thanks for looking!
  6. So thanks to everyone's support with the Deja Sleeve!! Thanks to you guys I'm now releasing two more! On Friday @ 9am PST, you will be able to Pre-Order the new Daisy Sleeve and the Devil/God Sleeve. They will ship on 9/9/15. www.dejasleeve.com First is the Daisy Sleeve. This is the same sturdy, matte black, card stock that was used for the Deja Sleeve. It has a die-cut shape exposing the fox on the cover. This sleeve works with both, black and green, pressings of this great album. Second is the Devil/God Sleeve. Same black card stock material. But with the girl and demon/skeleton cut out. To answer the 2 questions I expect: The girl's feet are not cut out because it was too close to the fold. And the right demon is not cut out, due to it being to close to the edge. It still looks really great though. I'm very happy the way it turned out. *** This sleeve only fits on the Triple Crown Pressings of this album. While I would have love to make one for the MOV and AFS pressings, it just didn't make sense. The MOV and AFS pressings are slightly different sizes/placement. I'm really sorry if you only have the MOV or AFS pressings. This was a problem I knew was going to happen and chose to do the TC because they are the most recent, pressed the originals, and it seems like they will be repressing this soon also. I will be doing hand numbered on both of these for the first 100 sold. If you purchase both sleeves in one order, I will try my best to match the numbers! More Deja Sleeve's will be available too! But they wont ship until the 9/9 ship date. Get all 3 in one order and use the code :GUYFIERI to get $4 off. (if code is used on any order without all 3 sleeves, it will be canceled) Vinyl Collective code still is active also Feel free to ask any questions on here and I will answer them. I will have more product shots up in the next week or so. Thanks everyone
  7. Looking to do about $60 ppd for this. I'd also be willing to talk through a trade + cash for either copy that I currently own: AFS Black/Blue /500 TCR Seafoam /500 Hit me! Found a copy on red /666 and sold my other variants.
  8. DJZaruba


    All of the records are sold. I may be posting some more for sale later this week. Thank you to everyone that purchased the records. Blink 182 - S/T (HT Splatter) $40 Blink 182 - Dude Ranch (HT Splatter) $20 Blink 182 - The Tom, Mark, and Travis Show (HT Splatter) $35 Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Pink) $40 Sun Kil Moon - Benji (Trans Yellow) $40 Brand New - The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (Seafoam Green) $50 Pictures of Benji and TDAGARIM are below. PM me with any questions/other offers if prices are too high https://instagram.com/djzaruba
  9. Hey I don't really post much in here but I unfortunately need to sell this record. I got in a car accident and I owe my insurance company a ton of money and anything will help. I don't really listen to it as much as I should and it's probably my only decently valuable record. It's the Interpunk.com exclusive variant out of 500 and was pressed on Academy Fight Song. It's in nearly mint condition however there are some small seam splits that were already there when I bought it from the previous owner. That's pretty much it. I can upload pictures if needed. Just PM me an offer if you're interested!!
  10. Angels and Airwaves- Being as an Ocean- Dear G-D (blue or white) Paramore-Riot (white or blue) Tides of Man- Young and Courageous Yellowcard- Box Set or individual variants of each album as I have none. These are the major wants right now, Its hard to look through everyones FS/T list so if you have these and are willing to sell them PM me, ill keep looking as well, thanks!
  11. Hey guys, Looking to pick up a copy of the recent Brand New - TDAGARIM pressing. Would prefer a copy of the limited red variant, but would also listen to offers for the black edition. I would prefer to buy it, but also have some RSD releases I could trade such as Fun. - "Point and Light" and the DCFC Magik*Magik live album. Please PM me any offers. Thanks!
  12. Small set sale for anyone interested. Prices are PPD. US Only. PM me if interested. Anything is up for further negotiating if you don't agree with a price. Always down to trade for A Loss For Words vinyl as well so if you've got something that I don't have, hit me up. 7" Man Overboard/Transit - Split | Second Press, Teal | 300 Copies - $11 Misser - Problems. Problems. Problems. | White w/ Blood Red Haze (Unplayed) | 200 Copies - $9 The Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns - Split | Oxblood w/ Screen-Printed Cover (Unplayed) | 60/300 - $10 Touché Amoré - 2012/2013 7" Box Set | Clear | 167/200 - $55 V/A - Run For Cover Records : Mixed Signals Vol. 1 | Black | 492/1000 - $11 12" Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon | First Press, Black | 1000 Copies - $90 A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart | Second Press, Baby Blue | 796 Copies - $18 Man Overboard - Before We Met | Transparent Coke Bottle w/ Milky Haze | 300 Copies - $22 Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence | Hot Pink | 300 Copies - $16 Such Gold - Misadventures | First Press, Orange | 250 Copies - $14 Sleeping With Sirens - Let's Cheers To This | Cream | 1000 Copies - $16 The Story So Far - What You Don't See | Clear w/ Ox Blood Splatter ("Suppy Nation Tour" Cover) | 600 Copies - $28 Touché Amoré - Is Survived By | Transparent Light Blue | 698 Copies - $16 Transit - Stay Home | Deep Purple, Kelly Green, Oxblood Tri-Color (Hot Topic Exclusive) | 500 Copies - $12 Transit - Young New England | Gold/Green/Red Starburst w/ Hand-Screened Cover (Unplayed) | 313/350 - $18 The Wonder Years - The Upsides | Black | 450 Copies - $40 The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation | Red w/ NY Record Release Show Cover (Unopened) | 50 Copies - $50 The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation | Red (Signed by band) | 3000 Copies - $16 Check out my tradelist too. I might be up for selling anything that isn't here for the right price. http://deadformat.net/tradelist/rsaint
  13. I am selling my copy of: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2xLP.....WHITE VARIANT EXCELLENT CONDITION, AND NEVER BEEN PLAYED....ONLY OPENED SO COLOR COULD BE CONFIRMED!!!! THIS IS THE TRIPLE CROWN VERSION OF THE ALBUM, w/the LYRIC SHEET included!!! A MUST HAVE for Brand New Collectors!!!! Accepting offers now. FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS.....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE BUT MUST BE DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME WILL ACCEPT OFFERS FOR 24 HRS, UNLESS AN OFFER TOO GOOD TO PASS UP HAS BEEN PRESENTED, LOL Need to move this ASAP. Let me know if interested!!! you can email [email protected] or just respond to the post!
  14. I know this is a stretch from the start, but it's been a dream of mine to own a vinyl copy of Circa Survive's Juturna for years and I'm proposing a trade for my copy of Brand New's The Devil and God. It's a Triple Crown version, black & white marble /500. I'm only looking for a copy of Juturna, most likely the green & white swirl but I'd clearly love a picture disc too. An even trade is preferable, but if anyone's interested, let me know and we may be able to work something out. Thanks.
  15. Ok here's the deal, My wife and I are going on vacation here in two weeks and I'd like to get some extra spending cash for when we go. I'm going to put up some records on here and see what I can sell. After a few days, I'll probably throw a few up on eBay. I'm not desperate for money, Just want some extra cash. I'm a reasonable dude but please don't lowball me. PM WITH OFFERS. ANY PM'S ASKING ME HOW MUCH I WANT FOR SOMETHING WILL BE IGNORED. ok kiddos, have at it. TEST PRESSES Fireworks | All I Have To Offer is My Own Confusion | Test Press /20 Forever Came Calling | Contender | Test Press #8/15 I Am The Avalanche | I Am The Avalanche | Test Press #14/24 Man Overboard | Real Talk | Test Press /20 Mixtapes | Even On The Worst Nights | Test Press #10/20 12' A Day To Remember | For Those Who Have Heart | Dark Blue /650 A Loss For Words | The Kids Can't Lose | Black /90 Anberlin | Never Take Friendship Personal | Black /1000 (SEALED) Brand New | TDAGARIM | Red /500 Brand New | Your Favorite Weapon | White /1000 (10 Year Anniversary Press) Captain, We're Sinking | The Future is Cancelled | Grey /200 Cinematic Sunrise | A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record | Picture Disc /1000 Daylight | Jar | Orange/Olive With Gold/Purple/Grey Splatter /700 Fall Out Boy | From Under The Cork Tree | 2xLP Maroon /1500 (SEALED) Fall Out Boy | Infinity On High | Picture Disc (Plastic sleeve has seam split, record is mint) Fall Out Boy | Save Rock and Roll | 2x10" Red Fall Out Boy | Take This To Your Grave | Coke Bottle Clear /750 (SEALED) Finch | What It Is To Burn | Opaque Turquoise /1500 (with special screenprint jacket that Patrick made) Fireworks | All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion | Black /50 (Tour Press w/ White Stamp Label Fireworks | Gospel | Half Gray/Half Clear /300 (Banquet Records Exclusive) Green Day | Tre | Yellow /1000 H20 | Nothing To Prove | Green /500 Hostage Calm | Please Remain Calm | 180g Black /500 Hostage Calm | Self Titled | Yellowish /??? Hrvrd | The Inevitable and I | 2xLP Clear Blue /200 I Am The Avalanche | Self Titled | Black /200 Make Do and Mend | End Measured Mile | Clear Orange w/ Pink Spiderweb Haze /19 Say Anything | In Defense of The Genre | 2xLP Purple /1500 (SEALED) Senses Fail | Still Searching | Coke Bottle Clear /800 Set Your Goals | Burning at Both Ends | Red /500 Set Your Goals | Mutiny | Brown /1100 Set Your Goals | This Will Be The Death of Us | White /800 Something Corporate | Leaving Through The Window | 2xLP Blue /500 Something Corporate | Leaving Through The Window | 2xLP Black /500 Straylight Run | Prepare To Be Wrong | Red/900 (SEALED) Sum 41 | Does This Look Infected? | 180g White /500 Taking Back Sunday | Tell All Your Friends | Black /1198 Taking Back Sunday | Where You Want To Be | Tan /213 The American Scene | Safe For Now | Clear W/Sea Blue Splatter /200 (Tour Cover) The Dangerous Summer | Reach For The Sun | White /500 The Devil Wears Prada | Dead Throne | Green w/Black and White Splatter /500 The Story So Far | Under Soil & Dirt | Clear w/ Green Splatter /500 The Story So Far | Under Soil & Dirt | Magenta/White /1000 The Story So Far | What You Don't See | 180g Black /500 The Story So Far | What You Don't See | Watermelon /500 The Story So Far | What You Don't See | White /2000 (TOUR COVER) The Story So Far | While You We're Sleeping | Purple /200 The Wonder Years | The Greatest Generation | Grey /600 (SEALED) The Wonder Years | The Greatest Generation | Blue /600 The Wonder Years | The Upsides | Orange /300 (first press w/ original artwork) Their/They're/There | Self Titled | Clear Seafoam /1000 (RSD 2013 Exclusive) Thieves and Villains | South America | White /400 Underoath | The Changing of Times | 180g Clear /2000 With The Punches | Keep It Going | White /365 With The Punches | It's Not The End of The World | Red /365 You, Me, And Everyone We Know | Some Things Don't Wash Out | Blood Red/Orange Split with Baby Blue Splatter /100 7" Splits Hostage Calm/Anti-Flag Split | White /??? (Hostage Calm band only Tour Exclusive) Handguns/Forever Came Calling | Split | White w/Purple Haze /200 The Story So Far/Morgan Foster | Yellow /200 7" A Day To Remember | Attack of The Killer B Sides | Clear W/ Black Smoke | /220 AFI | Girls Not Grey | Grey Marble Fireworks | Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery | Black /500 Fireworks | Bonfires | Red /220 International Superheroes of Hardcore | HPxHC | Black White Split (Friends Press /100) Man Overboard | The Absolute Worst | White | /200 Mixtapes | Somewhere In Trinsic | White | /200 (No Sleep Subscription) Polar Bear Club | The Summer of George | Green | /800 Stay Ahead of The Weather | We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna | Clear | /200 Such Gold | Storyteller | Yellow Marble | /250 The Wonder Years | Won't Be Pathetic Forever | Pink | /500 The Wonder Years | Won't Be Pathetic Forever | Black | /1000 (2nd Press) You Me and Everyone We Know | Things Are Really Weird Right Now | Clear | /250
  16. I have a extra sealed copy of Brand New's The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me on white, from the Triple Crown Records run that I am looking to trade for any of the following colors, I only need more and I have all of the Triple Crown colors, but what I need/want are: Black/White Marble Black/Blue Swirl Orange/Black Swirl Solid White Blue/White Swirl Orange/White Swirl So, if anyone is willing to trade with me I will pay your shipping and look out for you whenever I go (tour exclusives, Hot Topic presses, RSD, etc etc). Hit me up! UPDATED A shit brain friend of mine who I picked up for and payed for because he wouldn't have the money until Friday is now dodging me so I can either trade both, each for a different color (wishful thinking) or I will sell one. I am trying to do the whole variant collection for Brand New's "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me", I had a few friends who have bugged me to sell them one of my personal copies and wouldn't let up, I was able to help out four of them: one being my best friend who is deployed in the Air Force, the other being a fellow bordie who I've known for a few years, one being a kid who I use to work with and just another person I know randomly but when I was helping them I came across another Triple Crown White for myself. Now, I know "the music sounds the same on all colors!" "Records are meant to be played!" Yadda, yadda and I agree and they are and I have played my original white copy that I pre-order the day it went up many of times but I, like so many other are obsessed with Brand New, they are my favorite band, this is my favorite album and it's what really got me into them. "It changed my life"
  17. I'm looking to sell these. Preferably as a bundle, but I realize that may be unrealistic. Make an offer and we can go from there... Brand New - Daisy - Black vinyl Brand New - Deja Entendu - Black vinyl Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me - 3000 copies - White vinyl Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - 100 copies - White vinyl
  18. I'm tired of waiting around for a cheap copy to turn up, I'm just ready to pull the trigger on any buy it now listing and blow my wad all over this record. So. There are essentially two pressings, put out by two labels. Triple Crown, and Academy Fight Song. The AFS issue obviously wasn't a straight up repress of the TC pressing, as the label art is different for each. They weren't supplied the same artwork, and this leads me to believe that weren't supplied anything... Art files, masters, stampers/mothers, etc. We have two products which at first glance seem identical, (although I have never seen either in person), I believe they can vary greatly in more ways than have been documented thus far. So, since I'm sure we have at least a few collectors here who have both variants, perhaps you could help out and document these things. Are there any differences that you have noticed between the pressings? How is the quality of the artwork and printing? Is one sharper or have better colors than the other? How does the sound compare? Most importantly (for me at least), what are the etchings in the deadwax for each pressing? Thanks in advance guys, this will really help me decide which one I want. Currently I'm leaning towards the Triple Crown pressing, but my choice could change. It could also turn out that they're identical sonically, and then I personally really wouldn't give a shit which one I got. Also, Jesse meme thread.
  19. Okay people, as the topic indicated, I have enough money to buy my new tv. I still have one copy of TDAGARIM that I am going to part with. It is the triple crown white version. Lets go 26ppd. Can you hang? There are a few kickers though. I'm taking the first 20 entries from the last raffle, and those entries are in, just like that. I will only be taking 20 more entries. Period. POST COUNT 200. If you can't read, it's not my problem! Post here and I will get someone from the forums who is not involved to pick a number either tonight or tomorrow morning, whichever is convenient for them. Ry Bread, I'm looking at you. (Not ppd if shipping international-will be actual shipping minus $5) List of peeps who are already in: 1-Sowingseason92 2-Kevin ! 3-eric503 4-szimm98 5-TheCosmonaut 6-tokimedo 7-ronniegwilliams 8-EyeWin8 9-Blanchard Oswald 10-Sasan 11-onlettingjoe 12-thedannychang 13-Capnzissou 14-tlr 15-ozfactor 16-sukonojadul 17-BillyA 18-yocaseycasey 19-Beta114 20-avengedcorpse 21-Isavedlatin54 22-sjb2k1 23-abovetheearth 24-derrickcook19941 25-turnstiles 26-alertthemute 27-jerseydave77 28-gkersey 29-thedillon 30-jasonskater 31-thefavoriteplay 32-brewsomething 33-marc32137 34-jeremybentham 35-Beardacus 36-Montauk123 37-searos 38-Jimmy 39-sinisterkidd 40-malonekw 41-kjkenney
  20. Okay, so here's the deal. I have come to a point in my Brand New collection where I've realized that I'm NEVER going to complete it. After the first of the year I am going to be putting up about 5 colors of TDAG on the bay. Before that happens I would like to offer a special deal to the VC community. Post here in the next 3 days that you are interested and at the end of the 3 days I will have my daughter pick a name randomly. That person will get to pick a color of their choosing from the colors listed below and I will sell it to them for 40 bucks PPD. United States shipping only. You may enter if you are an international peep, but it won't be PPD. I know this is nothing fancy, but I would at least like to help one of you acquire this for on the cheap. Only rule is that you must have atleast 75 posts. The winner will be chosen around noon on Friday the 28th. If I have at least 40 entries by 9 am pacific time on Friday morning I'll pick 2 to sell. Here is a link to my ebay seller feedback if there are any concerns http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=savemichelle&ftab=FeedbackAsSeller Edit: No more entries will be accepted. I will do the drawing for 2 colors tomorrow night between 8 and 9:30 pacific time. First number picked gets first color choice. Colors to choose from: Red Blue/Black Marble Orange/Black Marble White/Gray Marble Purple Blue/White Marble In so far: 1-Sowingseason92 2-Kevin ! 3-eric503 4-szimm98 5-TheCosmonaut 6-tokimedo 7-ronniegwilliams 8-EyeWin8 9-Blanchard Oswald 10-Sasan 11-onlettingjoe 12-thedannychang 13-Capnzissou 14-tlr 15-ozfactor 16-sukonojadul 17-BillyA 18-yocaseycasey 19-Beta114 20-avengedcorpse 21-gutzonborglum 22-maxnadz 23-littlebistro 24-bigbruise 25-Derek 26-marc32137 27-slinch 28-isavedlatin54 29-dorfpimp 30-gkersey 31-adam19 32-donttchange 33-brock309 34-turnstiles 35-Ry Bread dez 36-derrickcook19941 37-thedillon 38-montauk123 39-jasonsheperdbfl 40-hudsoncomplex 41-jameswiersema 42-fuckoffleatherjacket 43-jerseydave77 44-ThisScreamsNicky 45-ilikeguitars 46-jamie woolsey 47-dedlee 48-masonxstorm91 49-jonnystorm777 50-Bob Loblaw 51-skippy 52-TylerDTA 53-wheresoulmeetsbody 54-jeremybentham 55-jaustintucker 56-sinisterkidd 57-tittus 58-tsostarich 59-6heat6breaker6 60-sjb2k1
  21. I have an extra copy of the first pressing of Brand New's "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" on White, it comes with all of the original inserts and in NM condition. I am looking to trade for another color (I already have gold, black, purple) or possibly sell it. I also have a sealed copy of Tour re-press of "Your Favorite Weapon", I would do a two for one if possibly - I didn't buy this to flip it, I bought it for a friend and he's no longer wants it. Also looking for a first press of Your Favorite Weapon or Deja Entendu.

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