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Found 1 result

  1. bought a fucking PUNK collection the other day, here's the stuff I didn't keep (but probably should have) e-mail: [email protected] or PM, payment made as a gift ONLY, international welcome, you pay all shipping charges (these prices aren't PPD you cheapskate) 7"s Aus-Rotten-Fuck Nazi Sympathy-This record = WAHHHHHH VG+/VG+ $3 The Burnt Ones-Meet The Golden One-Gold vinyl, more Burger garbage, I am going to light this on fire if no one buys it NM/NM $3 Buzzcocks-Jerk-Comeback single from like 10 years ago, great single. I saw them on this tour! VG+/VG+ $3 The Casualties-Who\'s In Control-Punkest band ever, seriously. Little cover wear. VG+/VG+ $3 The Dils-198 Seconds of the Dils-Repress on red vinyl, with insert. So good. VG+/VG+ $4 The Exploited-Army Life-Punk started with this record. Original first pressing, LOTS of wear but that\'s how it should be. PUNK CONDITION. VG/VG $3 Germs-Forming (Version 2)-Alive records, looks unplayed NM/NM $5 Germs-Forming-Repress of the punkest record ever, red vinyl, with sticker VG+/VG+ $5 Germs-What God Means To Me...-Bootreg, looks new NM/NM $4 GG Allin/Duane Peters Gunfight-Split, UK press, why does this exist VG+/VG+ $3 Jay Reatard-Trapped Here-Blue vinyl, bald dude on cover, not the dead guy NM/NM $35 Jerks-Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me-Fanclub issue, vinyl looks unplayed VG+/VG+ $7 Le Face-S/T-There first 7\", I released this record, how fucking cool is that? VG+/VG+ $5 Masskontroll-Blue vinyl, Havoc records VG+/VG+ $2 MDC-Featuring Pig Champion-Cover has wear, vinyl is nice VG/VG+ $5 The Murderers-S/T red vinyl Havoc records VG+/VG+ $2 Richard Hell-3 New Songs-1991 comeback, pretty tasty VG+/VG+ $3 Sick Kicks for Shock Rockers-comp with Clit 45 and some other shitty bands VG+/VG+ $2 The Stitches-You Tear Me Out-First pressing, yellow cover, with insert. On the worst label fucking ever, Deadbeat-VG+/VG+ $5 The Stitches-Automatic-First press on TKO, black vinyl VG+/VG+ $5 Street Trash-S/T-US pressing on PTBI records, grey vinyl. Probably the best so cal Hardcore record of the past 15 years, essential fucking music. NM/NM $7 12"s Agent Orange-Living in Darkness-Original 2nd pressing with silver labels, no insert. Cover and vinyl have wear, CHEAP VG/VG $5 Agression-Don\'t Be Mistaken-2000\'s repress, one of my favorite so cal HC LPs. VG+/VG+ $5 Anti-Nowhere League "We Are...The League", punkest record ever, US pressing VG+/VG+ $10 Anti-Product-The Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears-Tribal War press, green vinyl NM/NM $8 Aus-Rotten-The Rotten Agenda-USA pressing VG+/VG+ $8 The Avengers-S/T-Known as the \"pink\" album, this is a fanclub version from the 2000\'s. Best female fronted punk band ever. VG+/VG+ $8 Blade Runner soundtrack, promo copy $20 VG+/VG+ Blatz/Filth-Shit Split-Life is Abuse pressing, with booklet VG+/VG+ $7 The Bronx-S/T, grey/purple vinyl-Original pressing, with insert NM/NM $150 Chaos UK-Total Chaos, the singles-Singles collection of the punkest band ever, Get Back records VG+/VG+ $8 Choir Invisible-New wave on Frontier records $3 VG+/VG+ The Clash-Black Market Clash, later US press $7 VG+/VG+ The Clash-Combat Rock-US press, with inner, pretty beat copy VG/VG $3 Confederate-Surrender or Just Fight-Cover still has shrink on it, but upper right hand corner is splitting. Other than that it is super clean. Vinyl is really clean! VG/VG+ $20 D.R.I.-1983-1985-Bootleg that compiles the DRI 22 song EP, Violent Pacification, and Dealing With it. Essential listening. VG+/VG+ $9 The Dark-Chemical Warfare, original UK press $18 VG+/VG+ Darker Scratcher-Comp w/ NON (Boyd Rice), 45 Grave, Human Hands B People, Monitor, etc. $25 VG+/VG+ Dead Boys-Younger, Louder, Snottier-Rough mixes of the punkest record ever, making this SUPER punk VG+/VG+ $8 Detox-2nd record $4 VG+/VG+ Divisia-Wifebeater VG+/VG+ $3 Eater-The Album-Picture disc on Get Back, fucking amazing record VG+/VG+ $5 The Enemies-Seize the Day-Lookout! Records, brand new and unplayed M/M $3 F-Word!-Like It or Not Live-Get back Reissue, still in shrink NM/VG+ $8 Feeding People-S/T-Yellow vinyl, on Burger Records so it belongs in a fucking landfill. Fuck this shit. NM/NM $5 Gravy Train!!!!-Hello Doctor, vinyl clean cover has wear, that pussy Hunk is in this band. What fucking garbage. VG+/VG+ $5 Icons of Filth-Onward Christian Soldiers-Reissue on Get Back, sleeve has a little wear, vinyl is clean VG+/VG+ $8 Iggy Pop-TV Eye 1977 Live-RCA Victor press, with inner sleeve VG+/VG+ $8 Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. punkest record ever, sleeve is worn $15 VG/VG+ Johnny Thunders-Chinese Rocks (The Live collection)-Get back reissue, so fucking good VG+/VG+ $8 Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers-Live at the Lyceum Ballroom, London 1984-Reissue on Get Back, some small scratches cuz GZ vinyl is made of SHIT VG+/VG+ $5 Killing Joke-Requiem/Change 12" single, og UK press $10 VG+/VG+ Kraftwerk-Autobahn, us press on Vertigo, spaceship labels $8 VG+/VG+ Lou Reed-Rock n Roll Animal, not the punkest record ever $3 VG/VG Magazine-Back To Nature, weird live bootleg, rare! $40 VG+/VG+ MC5-Back in the USA-Sundazed reissue, still in shrink NM/VG+ $10 Naked Aggression-March March Along-Broken Rekids press, this band still plays, WHAT THE FUCK $4 VG+/VG+ NON-Pagan Muzak, first press w/single sided 7". Sleeve has wear but 7" plays great $70 VG/VG+ Phobia/Resist and Exist-Split-Grind meets pussy peace punk NM/NM $5 Ramones-S/T, punkest record ever, 2nd press on Sire (not distributed by ABC) super clean $17 VG+/VG+ Reagan Youth-Volume 1-Red vinyl, some of the best music EVER VG+/VG+ $8 Reagan Youth-Volume 2-Blue vinyl, fucking amazing record. VG+/VG+ $8 Richard Hell and the Voidoids-Blank Generation-Reissue on Sire/Rhino, still in shrink. ESSENTIAL. VG+/VG+ $8 The Runaways-Best of the Runaways-Lesbians! VG/VG+ $3 Sex Pistols-Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols-Picture disc! Super rare picture disc, vinyl and sleeve are ROUGH but it's the greatest record ever made. VG/VG $7 Siouxsie and the Banshees "Fireworks" 12" cool 12" single! $5 VG+/VG+ The Sonics-Boom-Mono press on Norton, reissue. VG+/VG+ $8 Subhumans-EP/LP-2nd pressing, with insert. VG+/VG+ $8 U.K.-S/T $3 VG+/VG+ Ultravox-Vienna, Japanese pressing no obi $3 VG+/VG+ The Vibrators-Batteries Included, this record has all the hits $8 VG/VG+ The Vibrators-Pure Mania-USA press, top 15 UK punk LP\'s for sure, every song is a fucking HIT VG+/VG+ $8 Vice Squad-The BBC Sessions-Get back reissue, VG+/VG+ $6 The Warriors soundtrack, with insert!!! $17 VG+/VG+ Weirdos-Who What When Where Why, sleeve has wear, with inner sleeve! $6 VG/VG+ Wire-Pink Flag, us press sleeve and inner sleeve has lots of wear, vinyl is kinda scratchy. CHEAP. $5 VG/VG Wire-Snakedrill, nice! $6 VG+/VG+ The Zeros-Don\'t Push Me Around-Bomp! Reissue. AMAZING. Still in shrink. VG+/VG+ 6