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Found 5 results

  1. My favorite band hasn't started recording their latest album, but that hasn't stopped the label from putting up pre-orders. Since I have to keep my collection complete I went ahead and ordered the mega bundle with the tour meet and greet so I can also get them signed. Even though the realease date is a little over a year from now I am sure the record will have delays and won't be available for months after the street date. The record will be warped (actually my record player is garbage so the slightest defect will greatly affect sound quality) so I will need to send it back at least three times costing the label postage each time. I will also complain that the color isn't identical to the mockup. When I finally get a playable copy I will get a parking ticket and need to sell the record. But im a huge fan of the band and label and will support them no matter what.
  2. I'm going to Warped 7/10 (MA date) and wanted to know what bands have tour presses for sale. I know TDWP has 8:18 on a pink tour press but that's all I know so far. If anyone knows any bands that have tour presses being sold on warped and maybe how much they're going for lmk.
  3. I have four tickets for Warped Tour on 7/17 for Cuyahoga Falls that I am selling. I'm only selling them because I am going to the Cincinnati date. We were going to go both days, but decided to only go one date and could use the extra cash. The price is $40 each and they are actual tickets (not printed off tickets). I'll cut an even better deal if you buy them all. I can ship them if you want (you pay shipping) or you can meet me in Cincinnati on the 16th. PM me if interested. Thanks

    Warped Record Repair

    I apologize because i guarantee that there is already a thread about this. I couldn't find it on a search. Someone link me and i'll delete this. Anyway, in my early days of collecting, I blindly bought a used copy of Dead Kennedys "Give me convenience..." and it has an obvious, significant warp in one spot. I want to fix it. There are so many different opinions on how to do this, and each one always warns the possibility of ruining the record. Thoughts? Thanks, Jon
  5. pasalacquabound

    HELP! - Warped Vinyl

    I recently purchased a sealed copy of the Glamour Kills Tour Compilation LP off of eBay, but when it arrived I opened the shrink wrap to find that the record had warped while sealed in its packaging. It's not a terrible warp, but it is enough that the disc is unplayable. Any suggestions for how I should go about fixing this? I don't have any experience with warped vinyl.