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Found 7 results

  1. Been searching forever for copy of this White Denim record, only the Black/Blue split: https://www.discogs.com/White-Denim-Live-At-Third-Man/release/4105408 I just missed out on a $200 listing on Discogs If anyone has a lead on the WD record and someone who is looking for Blonde, please let me know! and if anyone with the record isn’t particularly a Frank Ocean fan, here’s my collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/ckchew23/collection
  2. Hey VC. My transmission gave out me and it was my only means of transportation. So I need help getting that funded so I'm thinning out the heard. I listed everything on Discogs with make offers so dont get offended by prices. Most if not all are like new and never been played and all are stored in Diskeeper Ultimate Audiophile Inner Record Sleeves and Ultimate Outer 5.0 Record Sleeves FLASH SALE! EVERYTHING IS NOW 5PPD THROUGH VC DEALS OR 6PPD THROUGH DISCOGS! DM ME! https://www.discogs.com/seller/deararambel/profile "I just wanted to personally thank everybody thus far who has purchased a record from me in helping me through this. I really appreciate all of yours and VC help" -joshua
  3. Searching hard for a copy of White Denim's 2008 American debut LP, Exposion. This record was later released as a bonus disc to the Fits LP, but there was apparently an original, Exposion only pressing that the band released through their website. If anyone is willing to sell or trade for one, please, please, let me know! http://www.discogs.com/White-Denim-Explosion/release/1893067 http://blogs.courant.com/eric_danton_sound_check/2008/10/new-music-white-denim-releases.html
  4. Full Time Hobby are a UK label and are reissuing the following (all limited to 500; two with multiple variants): Timbre Timbre - Hot Dreams (300 on white; 200 on pink (Rough Trade exclusive)): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/timber-timbre-hot-dreams-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/87369 Timbre Timbre - Timbre Timbre (Grass Green): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/timber-timbre-timber-timbre-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Timbre Timbre - Creep On, Creepin' On (Stone) http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/timber-timbre-creep-on-creepin-on-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Tuung - Comments on the Inner Chorus (Gold): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/tunng-comments-of-the-inner-chorus-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Tunng - Good Arrows (Vanilla): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/tunng-good-arrows-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Micah P. Hinson - And The Pioneer Sabpteurs (White): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/micah-p-hinson-and-the-pioneer-saboteurs-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Micah P. Hinson - And The Red Empire Orchestra (Poppy Red): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/micah-p-hinson-and-the-red-empire-orchestra-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html School Of Seven Bells - Alpinisms (White): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/school-of-seven-bells-alpinisms-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html The Leisure Society - The Sleeper (Pacific Blue): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/the-leisure-society-the-sleeper-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html White Denim - Workout Holiday (300 on Atlantic Blue; 200 on Gold/Yellow/Pineapple (depends on which description you read (Rough Trade exclusive))): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/white-denim-workout-holiday-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/87368 White Denim - Fits (Lobster Red): http://fulltimehobby.sandbaghq.com/fth10/white-denim-fits-colour-re-press-vinyl-pre-order.html Some UK online stores have some of them. Norman does best with 9 of 11 and I've asked about the other two.
  5. This is up for preorder - http://whitedenimmusic.com Kind of pricey, and it doesn't say just how limited, but I love this band and Jeff Tweedy produced a couple tracks. I'm excited.
  6. http://www.discogs.com/White-Denim-Workout-Holiday/release/1448076 I have been fervently searching for this release at a somewhat more reasonable price than I can find on discogs. I am willing to make money/trade offers for this 12" UK release!!!
  7. Hi All, I am looking to get two copies of this poster, ANYONE going to the show that can help me out? One is for the wall in my record room and the other is for my buddies living room. Will gladly reimburse the cost of posters + shipping + shipping tube + some extra Poster looks like this! http://hostmypicture.com/images/photoefe.jpg

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