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Found 3 results

  1. Another fantastic band from the north found its way to Maniyax Records and we are proud to be a part in releasing KOLLAPSE debut LP 'ANGST', together with a bunch of other great labels from all over the world. Like other bands from Denmark as HEXIS, WHORLS or REDWOOD HILL, KOLLAPSE finds its unique approach to darkened hardcore with a blackmetalish thriving and doomy sound that puts out desperate music for these desperate times. 'Angst' was recorded with producer Jacob Bredahl and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Magrudergrind, MLIW etc.) See: [video=youtube;HvKhULtN-LY]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvKhULtN-LY[/video] Listen: https://kollapse.bandcamp.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kollapseband Buy in blue or black vinyl: Maniyax Shop Thanks
  2. Does this happen to or annoy one else? On Deadformat, people message me questions about my records being available or to make an offer, and then never respond to any of my follow up messages. Srsly, wtf? It also started happening on here, which is arguably worse because I can see when the other person reads the message, opposed to DF where you can only see when someone has been online. I typically send a follow up message after a couple days, and then another in a week or so. It's especially bad since I can see when the person has also read those messages! You took the time to read the message, but can't respond? Man. Then on Discogs, a buyer isn't sending his/her payment. That happens to me on eBay quite often and it's especially annoying on there since I have to wait for the unpaid item case assistant to open, and then close a few days later, and relist the item. The situation seems easy to take care of on Discogs, but still. Rather obnoxious. Like c'mon, how hard is it to send a message saying you are no longer interested or can't buy it anymore?! Commence venting, but exclude names.
  3. I was poking through some old files on my computer and found some stuff I've written about in the lows of my life // for school, and thought to share. share stuff you've written! anyways here is something i wrote on a 4/20 like 2 years ago. I haven't written in months. Is it an absence of words? Maybe just the lack of anything remotely substantial happening in my life. Or maybe I've been content. We write when we're lost, alone, sad, angry, confused; but happy? How many 'artists' have provided quality work at times of happiness? I wanted to write a song but I'm just writing what comes to my mind. Someone right now, is having a horrible evening. It's 4/20 and he just got busted. He's a big time dealer. Now what? He might get kicked out of school for selling pot. I'm sure the cops have smoked before. So I'm sitting here all smug and content and extremely fucking lonely, but whatever. Life moves on. Or does it? I've been here before, pen in hand, just writing. I've been alone and afraid. My hand hurts, but I've barely written a page. It's kind of pathetic. I'm no writer though, just a lost soul. How cliche. What about the kid whose life is temporarily fucked up? Should we pray for him? He knew what he was getting into. I wish I did, but I submitted myself to this.

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