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Found 18 results

  1. Feels silly to make a whole thread for this, but a search on my phone didn’t immediately pop up with a decent thread to borrow. /1000: black and red https://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/576262-alkaline-trio-goddamnit-redux
  2. Hey there folks, I’ve been a pretty massive AJJ (aka, Andrew Jackson Jihad) collector for over a decade or so, and I’m trying to fill some final holes in my collection, so I’m wondering if anyone here might be able to help me finish things off? A couple of these are a tad confusing (such as the black vinyl edition of ‘Can’t Maintain’), so if you specifically know the version you’ve potentially got is from that batch, that would be amazing! I’m also looking for shipping to Australia, but should things get a little too expensive, I’ve got family over in the US I can ship to in the meantime! 12 inches: (2007) Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice Split: 2nd press - Gold 2nd press - Blue/Purple 2nd press - Translucent Green/Brown 2nd press - Magenta 2nd press - Opaque Purple (2007) People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World: 1st press - Black (in brown jacket) 4th press - White (in blue jacket) 7th press - Black (in blue jacket) 9th press - Clear Green w/ Black Swirl (in blue jacket) (2009) Can’t Maintain: 1st press - Black 3rd press - Clear Blue 4th press - Opaque White 7th press - Random Coloured 10th press - Black Picture disc test press - White vinyl (2011) Knife Man: 2nd press - Multi-Colour 7th press - Blue w/ Black Swirl (2016) The Bible 2: Test press (2017) Little Elephant Sessions EP: 1st press - White (in Fest sleeve) 1st press - Clear (in Fest sleeve) 3rd press - Black (in picture sleeve) (2017) Little Elephant Sessions 2 EP: 1st press - Clear (in brown sleeve) 3rd press - Black (in picture sleeve) (2017) Decade Of Regression: Live At SideOneDummy: Test press (2019) Live At Third Man Records: 1st press - Blue/Black (Attendee copy) 10 inches: (2008) Only God Can Judge Me EP: 2nd press - Black 5th press - Random Coloured 8 inches: (2007) Mischief Brew/Andrew Jackson Jihad Split: 1st press (Clear Blue With Polka Dots) 7 inches: Any test pressings of any variety I’m also looking for a handful of CDs and promo releases, so if you have any leads on these as well, please let me know! (2004) Demo 1 (CD) (2004) Demo 2 (CD) (2006) Live At Trunk Space (CD) (Yellow cover) (2007) Audioconfusion Sampler #1 (CD) (2007) Phoenix Does Phoenix (CD) (2009) Audioconfusion Sampler #2 (CD) (2010) I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other (LP) (Black vinyl, white label, in regular sleeve) (2013) Asian Man Music For Asian Man People! (LP) (Test press) (2014) - Do, Re And Me (CD) (Radio Promo) (2016) - Goodbye, Oh Goodbye (CD) (Radio Promo)
  3. Hey friends, We don’t have any shows booked and I figured it would be a good time to mark down our merch. T-shirts are $5 LP’s are $10 Seven-inches are $3 CD’s are $5 We also have a brand new long sleeve shirt and crew neck sweater available. All orders will include a free poster. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  4. One of the dudes from touch amores other band http://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/617799-warm-thoughts-i-went-swimming-alone-pre-order
  5. You can get all three Aspiga Lp's for $20 + shipping from our Bandcamp page. We also have a seven-inch deal where you can get three seven-inch releases + 2 CD's for $20 + shipping. We have a new release coming out later this year and hope to be booking a bunch of shows in support of that. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  6. Previews of the bundles and variants are up...pre-order should go up any day http://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/search?q=Hard+girls black/500 white/500
  7. We have a bunch of t-shirt designs marked down. Very limited sizes available. Sending out a few orders later this week. Grab a shirt for $6 + shipping. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  8. We made some "jawbreaker" rip off tee's. You can get a t-shirt and your choice of an LP, 2 CD's, or 2 seven-inches for $12. Link below. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch/t-shirt-lp-or-2-cds-or-2-7s
  9. http://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/587302-dan-andriano-matt-pryor-split-7 This is a one time pressing. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. 500 on black vinyl/500 on opaque white vinyl. Comes with a digital download code. This a collaboration between Matt and Dan. Both artists sing and perform on these two tracks. Side A - Gail Side B - Cecilia Expected to ship beginning of March
  10. Put together a deal where you can get one of our LP's (you pick the LP) and a t-shirt (we pick) for $12 + shipping. If you're interested check out the link below. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch
  11. From Asian Man Records: SKA SKA SKAIn 1987, I went to San Francisco to see the Toasters from NYC play at a newly opened club called SLIM'S. They were great, but the band who really blew me away were the openers called Let's Go Bowling from Fresno, Ca.. They were just teenagers at the time, but they were unbelievable. A mix between the Specials, the Skatalites, and all the good 2 tone bands of the 80's.It was incredible to fathom that this band from Fresno of all places could produce a band like this. They had everything, the style, the stage presence, the songs and they had a huge following of mods, skinheads, a rude boys and rude girls. I am so very excited to announce that AMR will be releasing for the first time ever the vinyl version of the bands first 2 full length albums "Music to Bowl By" and "Mr. Twist". Please share and order here: http://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/ Music To Bowl By 1st pressing: 550 on random color vinyl Mr. Twist 1st press: 550 on random colored vinyl
  12. Hey, We have all of our vinyl & cd releases marked down until the end of the year. We have plans of writing and recording a new album in 2017 so any extra money would help right now. Check out everything on our Bandcamp page. https://aspiga.bandcamp.com/merch LP's for $5 CD's for $5 Seven-Inches for $3
  13. Per the Asian Man FB page: Mixtapes / Jabber split 7" is finally here. ONE time pressing of 600 on clear green. Ordered on June 3rd 2014. 7 MONTHS AGO!! How did it take so long? Anyways, glad it's finally here. Sad that during this time Mixtapes broke up, but proud to be able to put out their final release. Order here and smile big. Peace, MIKE PARK Two good bands, one good 7", do it: http://asianmanrecords.storenvy.com/collections/234988-new-releases/products/1642016-mixtapes-jabber-split-7
  14. Good Band if you like TLA, Leatherface, Crimpshire, & even Elway. http://asianmanrecords.storenvy.com/products/2307483-powernap-oreosmith-12-ep *** Pre-orders will ship December 2014 *** Saturnine, melodic punk in the vein of The Lawrence Arms and Crimpshrine. You might recognize some of these guys from killer Quebecois bands like the Sainte Catherines and Miracles. SIDE A 1. Beautiful Day 2. Working for the Weekend 3. Live Slow, Die Whenever SIDE B 1. Girls From Bars 2. Jewelry 3. I'll Resist 1st press: 500 black vinyl
  15. Ok Kids. The next Asian Man Queers reissue with silkscreened covers by Robin Banks is up. x/300 http://thequeers.storenvy.com/collections/268201-all-products/products/5338876-grow-up-limited-lp
  16. Hey friends, Long time lurker but just decided to join up for a question I can't quite answer. Back in the early 2000's, Asian Man Records decided to clear out their inventories and sell a huge box of records for about $30. I ended up with something like 20-25 1st pressings of a lot of the origonal Asian Man collection along with a bunch of newer CD comps, stickers, etc. I was just going through my collection the other day when I cam across a copy of Slapstick- S/T album, but in single LP form. Everything I have searched for leads me to a repressing of it in clear 2xLP format, not sinle LP black wax. Anyone out there have this record that could tell me a little bit more about this? I was looking at selling it since I havent listened to it in at least 10 years and I wasn't sure if I had a gem on my hands. Below is a link to some photos... https://plus.google....=CLLP9Je354v4Tg Thanks! -Nate
  17. The Wild are doing a small tour of the east coast this week and are going to have hand-printed linocut covers for their Set Ourselves Free LP. Can anyone that's going to one of these shows grab me one?
  18. Wild Moth is a San Francisco based post-punk band in the vain of Mission of Burma, Sonic Youth, and Drive Like Jehu. The band has a a 7" out now on Asian Man Records. The 7" includes two tracks (one per side) and two additional bonus tracks via download code included in your purchase. listen here: http://www.wildmoth.bandcamp.com purchase here: http://www.asianmanrecords.com/basket/7vinyl.html

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