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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I just upgraded my turntable to an Audio Technica LP-120 and bought Klipsch R-14M Speakers. My turntable has a built in pre amp but I soon learned that my Klipsch speakers are passive speakers and have no amplifier. I don't have much experience with turntable amplifiers. Do you guys know of any high quality yet small amplifiers I could buy? Thanks
  2. Hello, I just received an AT-LP120 turntable today in the mail opened it and much to my displeasure it doesn't fit well in my room so it needs to find a new home. Also, the tiny plastic "lock" for the tone arm snapped off at some point, the piece is included and easily attached back with any sort of adhesive (super glue, etc.). I have no clue what my options are at the moment, and if you are not interested but could give some feedback on how to resolve my predicament that would be greatly appreciated. I am considering contacting Audio Technica since it is brand new but I am not sure how they could help me. After having a solid 24 hours to work it out, I have decided I am going to keep it and work with it, I already contacted AT about a replacement piece and once I get that settled I should be all good. Thank you everyone for the interest, it was overwhelming last night though, glad I had a day to think everything over.
  3. I've been collecting for a couple years now and made the (what most people would consider) unfortunate mistake of picking up a Crosley as my first record player. I was unemployed at the time and while I recognized the fact that it wasn't perfect, I pulled the trigger because it would get me started. And it did for a while, but now I've found work and can actually afford to take my addiction more seriously. Sure I've been buying plenty of new records, but obviously at this point the best investment I can make isn't more albums but a PROPER turntable and audio set-up. Enter the turntable I've been most interested in here of lately, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 (in black obviously, because black is better). I've heard nothing but good things about this turntable and for the price (roughly $250) it seems like a great investment. I wanted to make a post here first though and get some more in depth opinions any of you may have to offer me, positive or negative. Does anybody reading this have any personal experience with this turntable? Can you suggest a better alternative within a similar price range? Or maybe you can suggest a good speaker/amp set up that would be compatible with the AT-LP120 (or another turntable of your suggestion)? Lets talk!
  4. Hi, so I currently have a Audio Technica LP120 (I know it's not the best thing in the world) and I'm planning on upgrading the cartridge to the Ortofon 2M Red. The thing is I run some powered speakers through the pre-amp in the TT and I'm wondering if it would be smarter to get myself a nice receiver/pre-amp to improve sound quality over getting a new cartridge. I also plan on getting a nicer pair of speakers, but I figure those can wait. Thank you for any advice you can give me!
  5. Hey guys, so I've had an Audio Technica LP-60 turntable for several years now and I've never really had any issues, but the past couple month's it's been giving me trouble. It still operates perfectly fine with manual operation, but when using the automation there is an issue. So i'll press start, and the platter starts spinning, and tone arm will lift up and move over the record, but when it sets it down, it always does so about 1-2cm short of the records edge. Anyone have any ideas or experience with fixing this? Or do I just need to deal with it, or get a new player? Thanks.