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Found 23 results

  1. Sophmore LP "I, No Longer" will be released on Friday 10/23 via Bad Timing Records. New song and pre-orders on this Wednesday 9/2 @ 2PM EST 200 - White / Black A-side / B-side 300 - Blue in Clear Color-In-Color 500 - Pink w/ Black Splatter http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/558430-pentimento-i-no-longer
  2. EDIT: It's for sale now http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/522637 Hi all, Happy to announce that Bad Timing Records is releasing Valencia's We All Need A Reason To Believe on vinyl for the first time. Like our first release (Acceptance's Phantoms), we are licensing this through Sony / Columbia. It'll go on sale tomorrow at 1pm EST right here: bit.ly/wanartb 300 Half Light Brown / Half Red 700 Mint Green Marble They will cost $16, with $5 flat-rate shipping across the U.S. We'll have some two-pack bundles for $30. We might do a bundle that includes a copy of the second pressing of Phantoms as well. The entire shipment arrives today and tomorrow, but we're holding off shipping them until the weekend of Jan. 3, mainly to dodge the USPS' busiest shipping season. We were really happy to work with the band to create some special alternate artwork for this vinyl release as well. Check it out below and there are more details on the product page. If you guys have any questions, feel free to just ask 'em in this thread, I'll be around most of the day. bit.ly/wanartb bit.ly/wanartb bit.ly/wanartb
  3. https://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/660418-kenny-obrien-the-odouls-12-ep The 12" vinyl includes a white screen-printed B-side. This is a pre-order and the 12" vinyl will ship around end of February / early March, with a street date of February 28. All orders will include a digital download of the four-song track listing, which will be sent out on Feb. 28. More info is below. Tracklisting: 1. Pat McLaughlin’s Work Song 2. The Whole Of The Moon 3. Margaret Reed O’Shaughnessy 4. The Body of An American 300 - Green 12" Vinyl with Screen-printed B-side 50 of these will be available at each of the three above-mentioned shows that Kevin is playing this year; the rest in our webstore. Kevin Devine, who is an artist we work with often here at Bad Timing Enterprises, has a new 12" EP in our webstore under the moniker Kenny O'Brien & The O'Douls. This is an alter-ego for Kevin and friends to goofily but enthusiastically play music for you on St. Patrick's Day, while wearing the best Irish accoutrements that New York's $.99 stores can supply. The vinyl sold out in our webstore quickly, but we want to tell you two things. First, that Kenny O'B and the O'D's are playing three shows in the northeast for St. Patrick's 2020 -- and you can buy tickets to those here. Second, that they will have this 12" EP with them at those shows, and any leftovers will be put up back in our webstore so you can sign up to be notified of the release of the extra EPs here.
  4. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/575818-all-get-out-nobody-likes-a-quitter Variants are up: Pressing Information 200 - Light Green Inside White 300 - Light Green 500 - Deep Blue with White Splatter 1000 - Deep Blue
  5. Looks like this was never posted but Bad Timing Record's is putting out Homesafe's newest album Evermore out on vinyl. Personally I enjoy this band a lot more than Knuckle Puck but I may be in the minority. Hopefully if this sells well we will get some of their older stuff on vinyl as well. Here is the info listed from the site: Originally released in November 2016, Evermore is an eight-song release from Chicago's Homesafe. The band features Knuckle Puck bassist Ryan Rumchaks on lead vocals and guitar, alongside Tyler Albertson (vocals / bass), Emanuel Duran (drums) and Joe Colesby (guitar). Stream and download the release on Homesafe's Bandcamp. This release finds a home for Evermore on 12" vinyl, limited to 500 copies in this first run on two colored variants. Find pressing info below. These records are in hand and will ship immediately. Pressing Information 200 - Cream with Blue Splatter 300 - Half Cream / Half Blue http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/593554-homesafe-evermore Brian
  6. Update 11/23: Second pressing of this bad boy goes up for sale Wednesday, 11/25, at 2pm EST along with our 20% off store-wide holiday sale. This and a second pressing of New Best Friends will be available in bundles. Here's one link that'll get you to everywhere you need! http://badtimi.ng/MansionsBTR -- Our first release of 2015, BTR-017, is the first-ever pressing of Mansions' Dig Up The Dead (Acoustic). We had this remastered and it sounds beautiful. It'll go on sale tomorrow, January 7, at 2pm EST. The records are in stock and will begin shipping immediately. Here's the link: http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/538901-mansions-dig-up-the-dead-acoustic You can listen to the remastered version of the album at that link as well. We're really honored to do this pressing, I like this version as much as, if not more than, this LP's original incarnation. 150 - Cotton Candy Splatter (Half Baby Blue / Half Pink with White Splatter) 350 - Cotton Candy Tri-Color (Baby Blue, Pink, White Tri-Color Wheel)
  7. A lot of people have asked for this one. We've been working on it for almost a year. Here it is! Kevin Devine - Matter of Time http://badtimi.ng/KDMoT http://badtimi.ng/KDMoT It's a live album recorded originally in 2012. We remastered it for vinyl and digital; this is a 2xLP in a gatefold jacket. The variants are below. 200 - Silver / Orange / Black Swirl (A/B) & Blue w/ White Splatter (C/D) 300 - Half Black / Half Silver w/ Black & Silver Splatter (A/B) and Blue w/ White Splatter (C/D) 500 - Orange w/ Black and Silver Splatter (A/B) & Blue w/ White Splatter (C/D) You can stream the remastered version of the album right now: It's also available on Bandcamp if you're a digital person for some reason https://badtimingrecords.bandcamp.com/album/matter-of-time We also announced a second press of Brother's Blood: http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/539021-kevin-devine-brothers-blood And we'll have bundles available of both releases together: http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/559560-kevin-devine-brothers-blood-matter-of-time-bundles $24 for each 2xLP. Bundle two-pack is $42.
  8. Update: The first press of this sold out very fast and a second pressing is available now -- but it's gonna ship after the release date. All pertinent info is here: http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/546254-all-get-out-movement Movement is a brand-new, five-song EP from South Carolina's All Get Out. It'll be released on April 14 via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings and Bad Timing Records. One-sided 12" EP...silk-screened B-side. There's a T-shirt that'll be up as well. New song called "Balance" and pre-orders will be live tomorrow here. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/546254-all-get-out-movement We've got a second press of The Season, details are on that page as well. Movement 12"s will be in early and ship early, but the release date for The Season is at the end of May. Clip of the title track if you click play here: http://www.badtimingrecords.com/movement Movement First Press: 200 - Blue 300 - Half Blue / Half Brown with Orange Splatter Movement Second Press: 150 - Solid Purple 350 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ White and Purple Splatter 500 - Coke Bottle Clear
  9. We signed our first band! Like, real official stuff. They are called Future Crooks and they're from San Diego. Weatherbox frontman Brian Warren plays guitar in this band. Below is all the info we released yesterday including a link to check out a teaser video that includes a clip of a song. We are gonna release the first full single and preorders on Tuesday (Sept. 9). Debut LP Future Crooks In Paradise will be out on October 7, 2014 UPDATE: First new song stream here on Brooklyn Vegan: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2014/09/future_crooks_f.html ANOTHER UPDATE: A second song is streaming here: http://apdot.net/1s6RuA2 Preorder is up now too!! http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/533176-future-crooks-future-crooks-in-paradise Teaser video here: http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/533176-future-crooks-future-crooks-in-paradise RIYL: Say Anything, Weatherbox, generally snarky indie-rocky-pop-punk Track Listing: 1. Humbug 2. The Blues 3. Briton 4. Bright Red Hair 5. Digi Bird 6. The Deep End 7. Harry Takayama 8. Who Me? 9. Leave Me Alone 10. Captain Bones 11. Armadas Of Icebergs 12. Tremble Tremble Vinyl Pressing: 300 Black with Fire Splatter 200 Coke Bottle Clear
  10. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/544121 Pressing Information: 200 - Purple / Pink / Yellow Tri-Color Starburst 300 - Teal Blue w/ Red Splatter Pre-orders and new song up at 2PM EST tomorrow.
  11. Up next: BTR-016, a first-ever pressing of Knuckle Puck's Don't Come Home as a gatefold 7" with a previously unreleased song called "Townsend." It'll go on sale tomorrow, January 21, at 2pm EST. The records will be in stock within the next week and will be shipping out immediately after. You can pre-order here. The unreleased song will be available on the P/O page tomorrow as well. 250 - Yellow with Red, White and Black Splatter 500 - Yellow with Black Splatter (also available from KP on tour and internationally via Banquet!) 750 - Solid Yellow Who's in?
  12. We're going to be working with Kevin Devine a LOT this year – you can expect a big announcement on that front around the end of January – but it all starts with this double-LP reissue of the long out-of-print Brother's Blood, in conjunction with Devinyl Records and Favorite Gentlemen Recordings. 2xLP release, housed in die-cut gatefold packaging. The record fits on three vinyl sides, so we pressed three songs from the I Could Be With Anyone EP, songs that have never been pressed on vinyl before, on the D-side. This'll go up for sale tomorrow at 2pm EST. http://bit.ly/KD_BB Notes: - $24 plus shipping - This is a short pre-order. Records will begin shipping on or before January 26. - If you see this in third-party retailer sites...just a head's up that we switched this release to be our webstore only. If it's in Amazon or SRC or another place like that, it will wind up coming down soon. Pressing Info: 200 - Half Purple / Half Pink with Purple Splatter on the Pink Side and Pink Splatter on the Purple Side 400 - Clear w/ Blood Red and Black Splatter 400 - 180-Gram Black (also available internationally from Big Scary Monsters)
  13. Update 10/6 3:55pm ET: Fourth press of this bad boy will go on sale Wednesday at 2pm ET – along with pre-orders for Knuckle Puck's new EP, While I Stay Secluded. Check out variant counts and photos below! This is already in stock and will ship immediately unless you order it with a pre-order of the new EP. 300 - Orange with Teal Splatter 700 - Orange / Teal A-side / B-side A-side / B-side Andddd splatter: Update 6/11 6:45pm ET: Third press on sale tomorrow at 2pm EST – all pressing info is below! Only the two pink variants will be available in the BTR webstore. 200 - Pink w/Purple & Black Splatter [bTR webstore exclusive] 500 - Pink [bTR webstore / band on tour] 200 - Blue [banquet Records] 600 - Blue w/White & Black Splatter [Hot Topic exclusive] Update 4/23 2:20pm ET: The first press sold out in 15 minutes. The second press is now available. Please read: http://bit.ly/kpweight We are putting up a second press shortly. It's already in stock – we just didn't think we were going to have to use it for like...a month, at least? Oh well. IF YOU BOUGHT A FIRST PRESS, AND YOU STILL WANT A SECOND PRESS, JUST BUY IT AND EMAIL US. WE WILL BE COMBINING ORDERS AND REFUNDING $5 FOR SHIPPING. STILL WILL SHIP IMMEDIATELY. Counts: 250 - Slate/Green/Yellow Tri-Color One-Sided 12" with Screen-Printed B-Side 250 - Slate with Green Splatter One-Sided 12" with Screen-Printed B-Side Update 4/23 2pm ET: This is available now! http://bit.ly/kpweight More info and photos at that link. Ships immediately. BTR-008 is Knuckle Puck's The Weight That You Buried on vinyl for the first time. We pressed the extended version of the EP – the four original songs plus two bonus acoustic versions – on 500 one-sided 12"s. The B-side of the release boasts a screen print of the band's "Brave" logo; you can check out the pressing info below. Comes with digital download. 100 - Ultra Clear 400 - Clear with Pink Splatter
  14. Bad Timing Records is honored and ecstatic to kick off a new partnership with Kevin Devine and Favorite Gentlemen Recordings today by announcing the release of the She Can See Me 7" single on November 4. It's available now for preorder and will ship right around, probably a bit before, the release date. The song "She Can See Me" is the only track that Kevin recorded twice, one version for Bulldozer and one for Bubblegum. Kevin will also be playing an intimate NYC show on November 3 at The Hi-Fi to celebrate the release. Tickets are $20 and they come with a copy of the 7" that I'll be handing out at the door myself! Pre-order the 7": http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/535021 Pre-order 7" + show ticket: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/704697 The 7" is housed in what we're calling a double-A-side jacket. Basically the art on the B-side is flipped upside down, so no matter what side of the jacket you're looking at, as long as you're holding the art right-side-up, you'll have the 7" popping out of the right. Like two front covers! I think it's cool. Both covers and the show admat below!
  15. Bad Timing Records will release Real Friends' Three Songs About The Past Year Of My Life for the first time on vinyl on November 6, 2014. It will be for sale at 2pm EST on November 6 (Thursday). http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/535636-real-friends-three-songs-about-the-past-year-of-my-life-7 That's the link where the preorder will be live! You can check out the pressing info etc. over there now. 300 - Brown with Beige A-side / B-side style [bTR webstore] 600 - Cloudy Clear w/ Red Splatter [bTR webstore] 800 - Brown 300 - Cloudy Clear [banquet Records exclusive]
  16. Somos. Sorority Noise. Two brand-new songs each. Pre-order is up here now (it comes out November 4), and a new Somos song will be out next week. A new Sorority Noise song will be out the following week. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/534348-somos-sorority-noise-split 300 - Blue / Trans Blue Color-In-Color w/ Orange 600 - Trans Blue w/ Silver Splatter 600 - Trans Blue w/ Green Splatter Stream Somos' "Letters From An Absent Future" via AbsolutePunk.net: http://apdot.net/1qbE3HL And I LOVE the art that was made for this: Also....these records are already in stock! Here's the green splatter, which is my fave. More photos at the link above.
  17. Bad Timing Records will release Park's first new music in 8 years, the three-song Jacob The Rabbit EP, on 10" vinyl on July 15, 2014. The EP is a prequel to a full-length album that Park is working on now based on a story written by frontman Ladd Mitchell. Preorder IS NOW LIVE via the BTR webstore (digital on Bandcamp via Park) and there is a new song streaming on JacobTheRabbit.com. 100 - Blood Red w/ Black Haze 400 - Red 400 - Clear 100 - Slate [band copies, will not be available for purchase] Photos!
  18. Jesse Cannon and I have a podcast called Off The Record. In a new episode we discussed vinyl reissues at length regarding how the licensing process, band reach out, etc processes go. This was all in-light of the recent Cartel/Enjoy The Ride controversy and spurred on by my experience with Bad Timing Records and our reissuing of Acceptance and Valencia releases. The discussion starts a couple minutes in. We also talked about "marketing excitement" regarding how it took longer than expected for Midtown's recent reissue to sell out. You can listen here.
  19. I own New Best Friends, but missed out on the bundle while I was loading in for a show. (long story) If anyone has one of these they would be willing to sell or trade, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it! Unrelated note, if anyone has any State Lines stuff they'd like to sell on the cheap, let me know about that too! Thanks everyone!
  20. apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum, but my friends from Bad Timing Records are releasing this "The Plural of Vinyl is Vinyl" print and I thought some of you guys who ordered the Acceptance and Valencia records would be interested. There are two prints, both 12x18 and cost $12 each which includes shipping in a poster tube. http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/525732 The design was made by Paper + Plastick Records creative director Matt Delisle (http://www.matthewdelisle.com/) also yeah the Bad Timing guys know that No Sleep Records just released a t-shirt with the same phrase on it, which is why I guess they have the name "bad timing" (nailed it). These prints were meant to release around Christmas time but got delayed, yadda yadda, etc.
  21. This will go on sale Tuesday, March 4, at 1pm EST. Copies of the LP will be $15 while LP + 7" bundles will be $18. The 7" can only be purchased with the LP. There will be only 50 copies of the 7" available for purchase separately, it will be $6 alone. BTR-005 and BTR-006 are two releases from one of our favorite bands, Mansions. The Mike Sapone-produced New Best Friends – which is 5 years old TODAY, March 3, so happy birthday! – is coming back to vinyl with all-new alternative artwork designed by Mansions frontman Chris Browder himself. In addition, we've got a never-before-pressed 7” (The Biggest Lie b/w Tangerine). These two tracks were on a four-song promo EP that originally came out before NBF but was never put to vinyl. Mansions will have this release on their upcoming tour with La Dispute and Pianos Become The Teeth as well. We would like to thank our friends at Doghouse Records, who originally released this awesome album, for partnering with us for this release. Pressing Information New Best Friends LP: 313 – Dirty Snow (White w/ Black Color-in-Color) 208 – Black w/White Haze The Biggest Lie b/w Tangerine 7" 250 – Black http://www.badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com

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