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Found 15 results

  1. The new Brendan Rivera LP "No Ocean in Ireland" is now available for sale on "Beer" colored vinyl and classic black. Stream and purchase the LP here: http://brendanrivera.bandcamp.com/album/no-ocean-in-ireland'>http://brendanrivera...cean-in-ireland and on Absolutepunk.net here: http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2779752'>http://www.absolutep...d.php?t=2779752 Here's some more info about Brendan Rivera: On June 12 New York native and singer-songwriter BRENDAN RIVERA will release his latest LP No Ocean In Ireland via CT-based Veggie Co. Records. The Brooklyn-based Rivera penned and recorded his first full album, The Musician with his longtime friend turned producer Mike Kalajianin 2008. The collective, Looking Glass Warswas formed, and they began playing The Musician at clubs throughout NYC. Looking Glass Wars would go on to play east coast shows and tours with the likes of Anthony Green, Silverstein, The Starting Lineand more. The band collectively wrote and released an EP titled a Place in a Parlor before disbanding shortly after. Not being able, or willing to slow his creative process, Rivera immediately continued writing songs for what would become his Veggie Co. Records debut, Body of Land. The album resonated with friend and vocalist Shane Told of Silverstein, and was released in Canada on Shane’s personal label, Verona Records. BRENDAN RIVERA armed with only his acoustic guitar embarked on a 2009 Fall Tour with Silverstein and A Day to Remember headlining the shows. Rivera was honored in 2008 with Looking Glass Wars and again in 2009 forBody of Land, as one of the artists featured on Absolutepunk.net’s “Absolute 100” list of up and coming artists. In late 2010, BRENDAN RIVERA entered the studio yet again with producers Mike Kalajian and Gregory Dunn of Moving Mountains to record No Ocean in Ireland. The album features 11 songs that Rivera describes as “Irish-Americana Indie Rock.” The album showcases Rivera’s ability to pull from all of his varied influences and still create a cohesive album that is steeped in originality.
  2. Psychostick is putting their first album out on vinyl as a 2xLP. It's the one that has the "BEER!!!" song on it, such a classic! I think they said if this does well they will eventually put ALL their albums out on vinyl....schwing! https://qrates.com/projects/16139
  3. Hey cuties! I'm heading out to Denver next week and will also be traveling through to Boulder and Estes Park, and was hoping y'all could shoot me some suggestions of your favorite things to check out in any of those areas? From what I've gathered, Wax Trax and Twist and Shout will probably be on the agenda, but if there's anything fun/kooky/interesting to see, I'd love to hear about it! Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Some notes: Vegetarian suggestions would be cool, but any restaurant is fine, too Not intending to smoke, and what drinking we do is pretty limited, but again, suggestions welcome! Dark beers + whiskey are favorites Won't have too much time for snowboarding, but 3-4 hour hikes/excursions are doable!
  4. We're happy to announce a new album by NYC power trio PIGS (featuring UNSANE members) on October 2nd. Wronger to be released through Solar Flare Records : ORDER SLF020 :: PIGS - Wronger LP, CD & Digital LISTEN TO "THE LIFE IN PINK" AT NOISEY COMMANDER ICI Brooklyn-based power-trio, PIGS -- founded by members of Unsane, Paradise Club and much more -- will release their second LP, Wronger, through the outfit's trusted source at France's Solar Flare Records in early October, and the maiden single from the slab has been unleashed early via Noisey. TRACKLIST : 01. A Great Blight 02. The Life In Pink 03. Bet It All On Black 04. Amateur Hour In Dick City 05. Mope 06. Wrap It Up 07. Mouth Dump 08. Make Sure To Forget 09. Bug Boy* 10. Wronger 11. Donnybrook *vocals by Julie Christmas Following PIGS criminally slept on You Ruin Everything debut LP in 2012, and subsequent Gaffe EP in 2013, the band's sophomore album Wronger was written and recorded sporadically over the last year or so, when each member wasn't focused on feeding their families, detailing race cars or doing sound for like-minded ogres Melvins, Big Business, and Murder City Devils. Vinyl infos : :: 300 black LPs :: 400 coloured LPs (Orange / Black Marble) :: Mate laminated jacket :: Insert :: Download code :: Price : 14.90€ + shipping CD version and digital available SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram
  5. We're really happy to welcome BIG BUSINESS (rhythm section of THE MELVINS) at Solar Flare Records, for their latest album Battlefields Forever reissue : ORDER GM003 :: BIG BUSINES - Battlefields Forever LP, CD Digipack reissue LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM ON THE PRP ORDER HERE Big Business started as a two piece band composed of Jared Warren of Karp and The Tight Bros From Way Back When, and Coady Willis of Murder City Devils. Their sound has been characterized as a bombastic and frantic low end attack, marked by Warren’s signature vocal delivery. The band released its first album, “Head for the Shallow”, on January 25, 2005. In late 2006, after relocating to Los Angeles, Jared and Coady both became members of The Melvins, first appearing on “(A) Senile Animal”. The tour, titled “the Double-Drumming Rock for Peace tour”, featured Warren and Willis playing a set as Big Business before being joined by Crover and Osborne for a set as The Melvins. Two guys grinding out beefy hardcore as loud and heavy as humanly possible. Big Guy Jared Warren wrestles bass and vocals, Little Guy Coady Willis mans the drums and scant backing vocals. And how they do beat the crap out of their instruments! TRACKLIST : 1. Chump Chance 2. No Vowels 3. Battlefields 4. Trees 5. Aurum 6. Doomsday Today! 7. Heavy Shoes 8. Our Mutant 9. Lonely Lyle Big Business are Jared Warren (KARP, Tight Bros From Way Back When, The Whip) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide). They play the kind of music that sounds like steamroller bass rumble dump truck crashing into Slayer having sex with CCR…on acid. Vinyl infos : :: 350 transparent LPs : :: Insert :: Download code :: Price : 17.90€ + shipping CD Digipack version available SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram
  6. Another release for Solar Flare Records! We'll be releasing Chicago's combo AMERICAN HERITAGE new album entitled Prolapse : PREORDER SLF016 :: AMERICAN HERITAGE - Prolapse LP & CD out November 24th 2014 LISTEN TO « ANXIOUS BEDWETTER » PREMIERED AT REVOLVER MAGAZINE ORDER HERE Prolapse leads with six cranked-up AMERICAN HERITAGE originals followed by three covers, the album energizing the listener from the lead riff of opening track, “Eastward Cast The Entrails.” Yet it’s the second track, “Anxious Bedwetter,” which takes the whiplash level up a notch, with jacked-up rhythms and layered leads thundering in and out in a mesmerizing, epic attack. A highlight of the album, this one will not just reel in the diehards who have followed the progression of AMERICAN HERITAGE since their 1996 foundation, but pretty much anybody into forward-thinking, sludge-touched riffery of Mastodon, Keelhaul, Tombs and Hull should not walk away disappointed. TRACKLIST : 1. Eastward Cast the Entrails 2. Anxious Bedwetter 3. Obliviocrity 4. Constant and Consuming Fear of Death and Dying 5. Mask Of Lies 6. Blackbird 7. Hürtin’ Crüe [Descendents Cover] 8. Thirsty and Miserable [black Flag Cover] 9. Bulletproof Cupid [Girls Against Boys Cover] Prolapse was produced by Sanford Parker at SOMA Studios with additional recording by Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Football) and Che Arthur (Pink Avalanche), with additional vocals and guitars from Lust, and Parker supplying keyboards and handling mixing duties, and Jeffrey Lohrber (Enabler, Today is the Day) contributing vocals to a track. Vinyl infos : :: 500 LPs on two different colours : - 200 A Side / B Side (Grey and Baby Pink) - 300 Black :: Mate laminated jacket :: Download code :: Price : 11.90€ + shipping CD version and digital available SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram AMERICAN HERITAGE : Twitter | Facebook
  7. Good news ! Dazzling Killmen, Craw and Keelhaul fans we'll be releasing french Noise Rock power trio's next album PORD entitled Wild : PREORDER SLF017 :: PORD - Wild LP & CD out September 8th (10% discount on preorders) LISTEN TO « STARING INTO SPACE » AT AMERICAN AFTERMATH ORDER HERE In March of 2014, PORD raided Rec Studio in Geneva to record their sophomore LP with Serge Morattel (Knut, Tantrum, Ventura, Basement...). Dubbed Wild, the strewn but cohesive nature of the band's output on Wild is as contagious as it is caustic, the album's output showing a renewed musical evolution, with PORD's typical raging sound coupled with a hint of straight rock and roll on a number of songs. With a faster pace and precise execution, their taut and aggressive delivery remains intact throughout the nearly forty-minute venture. The vocals also evolve toward a more rasping, primitive and offbeat rendering of cruder and increasingly straightforward lyrics. Vinyl Infos : :: 500 LPs, two different colours : - 200 Swamp Green with white splatters - 300 Black :: Thick jacket cover, printed innersleeve :: Download coupon :: Prix : 11.90€ + shipping (10% discount on preorder) CD and Digital available as well[/i] TOUR : 30.08.14 : Gigors (fr) @ Freakshow Festival 12.09.14 : Montpellier (fr) @ Black Sheep 13.09.14 : Onet Le Chateau (fr) @ Le Studio 14.09.14 : Marseille (fr) @ La Machine A Coudre 23.09.14 : Dijon (fr) @ Deep Inside 24.09.14 : Lille (fr) @ La Malterie 25.09.14 : Bruxelles (be) @ London Calling 26.09.14 : Neuchatel (ch) @ La Case A Choc 27.09.14 : Bern (ch) @ La Caffette 28.09.14 : Vesoul (fr) @ Le Cafe Francais 29.09.14 : Paris (fr) @ Point FMR w/ Hammerhead 30.09.14 : Le Havre (fr) @ Mac Daid's w/ Hammerhead 01.10.14 : Nevers (fr) @ Socquette 02.10.14 : Nommay (fr) @ Pinky Bar 04.10.14 : Rennes (fr) @ Le Jardin Moderne 06.10.14 : Orleans (fr) @ Le 108 07.10.14 : Poitiers (fr) @ Le Zinc 08.10.14 : Toulouse (fr) @ Pavillons Sauvage 09.10.14 : Nimes (fr) @ Akoustic Cafe 11.10.14 : Lyon (fr) @ Les Capucins 31.10.14 : Clermont-Fd (fr) @ La Coope w/ Greys SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram PORD : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Instagram
  8. We have newcomers at Solar Flare Records, we're glad to release the upcoming album of THE GREAT SABATINI entitled Dog Years : PREORDER SLF015 :: THE GREAT SABATINI - Dog Years LP out June 2nd (+mp3 coupon) ORDER HERE THE GREAT SABATINI’s third proper full-length, Dog Years was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sean Pearson (Cursed, Shallow North Dakota), and boasts the band’s raw, unpolished approach to capture n act with years of accumulated experience touring, writing and recording together. The aim was to create a hi-fi document with all of their lo-fi sensibilities, grit and live energy intact, and the results are astoundingly destructive. The band tackles an endless array of approaches within the delivery of their well-honed and devastating hooks and vocal styles. Through a spew of independent and unsigned singles, EPs and two previous full-length releases since 2008 amidst bouts of regional touring as well as extensive tours of North America and Europe, the band has gained a loyal fanbase within the noise, metal and sludge circuits, including the heads of Solar Flare Records, who now brings the band into their ever-expanding roster of gnarled audio chaos, for the release of Dog Years. Vinyl Infos : :: 500 12" vinyl on two different colours : - 200 Transparent Red - 300 Black :: Thick jacket cover :: Download coupon :: Price : 11.90€ + shipping (preorderers get a 10% discount) SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud | Instagram THE GREAT SABATINI : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Instagram
  9. And here goes a new Solar Flare Records record, we're happy to release a whole new split between norwegian sludgers HOMBRE MALO and french noisers SOFY MAJOR : ORDER SLF014 :: HOMBRE MALO / SOFY MAJOR - Split 7" STREAM THE RECORD ORDER HERE Winter 2014, French Noise Rock/Power trio SOFY MAJOR and Norwegian noise rockers HOMBRE MALO have just announced a joint tour throughout, France, Spain and Portugal. As a perfect opportunity to celebrate this tour, Solar Flare Records will release a limited 7” split featuring exclusive tracks from both acts. The release will be available in two colours, black (150 units) and Cyan Blue (100) and will feature a new track from SOFY MAJOR entitled “Vulcanodon”, while HOMBRE MALO presents us “Elena”. This is a tour edition, limited to a bunch of copies. Vinyl Infos : :: 250 7" vinyl on two different colours : - 100 Cyan Blue - 150 Black :: Thick jacket :: Price : 5.90€ + shipping SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud
  10. Newcomers at Solar Flare Records, we'll be releasing french Hardcore Noisegrinders STUNTMAN new album Incorporate The Excess : PREORDER SLF013 :: STUNTMAN - Incorporate The Excess 12" LP (out on January 18th, 10% discount on preorders) LISTEN TO « Bag Of Dicks » PREORDER HERE From Sète, situated on the southern shorelines of France, a brutalizing outfit known as STUNTMAN thrives. Having polluted the atmospheres of this lush, beautiful landscape since Autumn 2002, through a plethora of lineup changes over the years, and following a considerable discography thus far including two previous albums, an EP, a split and a dozen compilations appearances, STUNTMAN now prepares to deliver their most energetic hatred yet, with the release of their third album, Incorporate The Excess. Rampant noise-soaked angular hardcore courses through every second of these new tracks STUNTMAN drops on Incorporate The Excess, the album reminiscent of turn-of-the-century pioneers Botch, Keelhaul, Unsane and Knut while brandishing blasting grindcore attitude. Recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at Studio La Senelle and mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonella at New Alliance East, the nearly twenty-seven minute hellride of Incorporate The Excess ensures you’ll incur whiplash, then drags you through a torturous feedback frenzy right to the bitter end. Incorporate The Excess will be released through Solar Flare Records on January 18th, 2014 digitally and as a 12” LP, in both black and clear/splatter color schemes, in addition to a CD release through Head Records and a cassette version through Lost Pilgrim. Vinyl Infos : :: 300 12" vinyl LPs on two different colours : - 150 Clear w/ Rainbow Splatters - 150 Clear :: Inserts :: Download cards :: Price : 10.80€ (pre-orders get 10% discount) + shipping Vinyl version can be ordered through Solar Flare Records HERE CD version can be ordered through Head Records HERE Tape version can be ordered through Lost Pilgrims Records HERE STUNTMAN : Bandcamp | Facebook | Website SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud
  11. Newcomers at Solar Flare Records, we're glad to welcome Lyon Sludge & Noise duet CARNE with their new album Ville Morgue : PRE-ORDER SLF012 :: CARNE - Ville Morgue 12" LP (out on November 15th, 10% discount on preorders) LISTEN TO « We Are The Romanoes » PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM HERE After releasing their debut EP, Metropolis, on Atropine Records (Year of no light, Sofy Major ...) in 2010, Carne comes back this year with a new album, Ville Morgue, their first long play. Since then, the duo from Lyon (France) refined their noisy blend of sludge. Used to hammering mid tempo riffage backed by savagely pounding drums, the duo also at times feeds on roaring and filthy blast-beats.. The guitarist vocals, rugged and pushed to their extremes, rushes on these blackened assaults, taking full magnitude live when fueled by an insane amount of cranked amps. Throughout these ten tracks the duo elaborates a very strong tumor concentrate mixed with large quantities of beer. Born a Taurus, the duo bears the sign of the Great Weirdo and when they finally let go of all that restrained violence in more tormented divagations, it is only to come back with more tension in a relentless load. Vinyl Infos : :: 300 black 12" vinyl LP :: Inserts :: Download cards :: Price : 10.80€ (pre-orders get 10% discount) + shipping CARNE : Bandcamp | Facebook | Website SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud
  12. And here goes another release from Solar Flare Records, we're happy to be part of NYC power trio PIGS new EP : PREORDER SLF011 :: PIGS - Gaffe 10" EP (out on 15th October, 10% discount on all preorders) LISTEN TO « If I'm In Luck » PREORDER THE EP HERE PIGS, the New York City group that includes Dave Curran from Unsane, Jim Paradise from Player’s Club, Freshkills and Hellno and renowned producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) will release their new EP Gaffe on October 15th via Solar Flare Records. Gaffe serves as a stop-gap release between the band’s acclaimed debut album You Ruin Everything and their forthcoming sophomore effort, still in the works, and also serves to celebrate their imminent European tour along with label mates Sofy Major. Featuring three new tracks, Gaffe, is simple and pure, showcasing a more relaxed approach than You Ruin Everything, but still retaining the dirtiness of noise rock and the sludge heaviness masterfully explored on their debut album. Essentially, Gaffe is another positive step forward in evolution of the already respected collective known as Pigs. Vinyl Infos : :: 500 10" vinyl EPs in two different colors : - 250 Solid Red - 250 Black vinyl :: Fine screenprinted jackets :: Price : 9.90€ (pre-orders get 10% discount) + shipping Only 100 units available for preorder. PIGS : Bandcamp | Facebook | Website | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud
  13. prtyngg! & Oedipus Records present... MERRY CHRISTMAS - Her Exceptional Kindness 12" 9 tracks clocking in at 26:25 500 pressed on classic black vinyl full color jackets/labels the record features all 7 songs that you can download for free on their bandcamp http://merrychristma...tional-kindness [merrychristmas.bandcamp.com] » plus 2 bonus vinyl only songs "Teenage Jackie" and "Don't You Smile" ordering info... $10PPD US $12PPD CANADA US whole sale info... 5 LP's for $33PPD 10 LP's for $60PPD 15 LP's for $85PPD paypal the money (preferably as a gift) to partynogg(at)gmailDOTcom i'll hopefully get these to some euro distros soon
  14. We're really happy to release the second full lenght from french Noise / Metal band SOFY MAJOR on Solar Flare Records. Their new album IDOLIZE to be released as a 12" LP, CD Digipack & Limited Vinyl Boxset. PRE-ORDER SLF010 :: SOFY MAJOR - Idolize 12" LP + MP3 / CD Digipack / Apparel (out May 31st, pre-orders get a 10% discount) Listen to « Comment » PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM HERE Out of the bowels of the post-industrial badlands of Clermont-Ferrand, France comes SOFY MAJOR, a metallic noiserock trio highly motivated in intoxicating the listener with their energetic and off-kilter attack, than kick your liver in while your hangover is at its worst. In the Autumn of 2012 SOFY MAJOR transports to the Northeastern North American quadrant, bent on hammering out their new opus at renowned Brooklyn-based studio Translator Audio with producer Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Keelhaul, Cave In, etc.) as well as to embark on their first US tour. As luck would have it, they arrived in town at the same time Hurricane Sandy moved in. The loss is 100% -- the entire studio flooded beyond repair, and all equipment in the studio including the band’s gear left swimming. The trio bummed around the borough for a few days, hooking up with cohort and labelmate Dave Curran (Unsane, Pigs), who helped set up the sessions they crossed the globe to carry out. After 3 weeks of recording, the band embarks on their first US tour. A trip melting ultimate mysticism, stupidity, bad karma and shitty disaster B movies without any special effect. Vinyl Infos : :: 500 LPs in three different colors : - 150 Opaque w/ Haze (Bone & Bronze) - 150 A Side / B Side (Bone & Beer) - 200 Black vinyl :: Thick jacket covers :: Insert :: Download card :: Price : 11.90€ (pre-orders get 10% discount : 10,80€) + shipping Artwork by Gerald G. SOFY MAJOR : Bandcamp | Facebook | Website | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube SOLAR FLARE RECORDS : Website | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Web Store | Youtube | Soundcloud
  15. Shipping/mailer/paypalfee is $3 for as many as can fit, so add 3 bucks to anything that isnt ppd. I use bubble wrap and throw in free surprises. Willing to trade as well. thanks! 2 for 10 ($7 for 1) Against Me! - High Pressure Low (acoustic) The Gaslight Anthem - Forty-Five Grouplove - Don't Fly Too Close to the Sun Florence and the Machine - Shake it Out Cee-lo Green/Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You/Georgia The Horrible Crowes - Ladykiller Hot Rod Circuit - S/T (Blue /300) Joshua/Nightmares for a Week - Split (Red w/ Gold) Nada Surf - The Moon is Calling The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Say No to Love Steel Train - Turnpike Ghost (Red) Tigers Jaw - Gypsy The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name (Orange) Bruno Mars - The Grenade Sessions Chief - Night & Day Beep Beep - Business Casual Annuals - Such Fun Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (Blue) Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (Red) Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (White) Decibully - City of Festivals (Brown) Gang Gang Dance - Raw War Plushgun - EP This is a Standoff - Be Disappointed (Blue /370) Sisqo - Return of Dragon (2xLP) 2 for 20 ($12 for 1) Bayside/Saves the Day/I am the Avalanche/Transit - Split Francis and the Lights - Lime/Wyn Person L/Weatherbox - Split (Blue) Thursday/Thrice - Split (Clear) William Elliott Whitmore/P.O.S. (Gray) Look Mexico - Real Americans Spear It (Blue Marble) Of Monsters and Men - RSD 2012 10" Kings of Leon - Holy Roller Novocaine (Red) Balance and Composure - Only Boundaries (Blue) Boys Night Out - Make Yourself Sick (Blue) Broken Records - Let Me Come Home Dead Man Winter - Bright Lights [Trampled by Turtles singer] DJ Clue Presents: Backstage Mixtape (2xLP) [jacket wear] DMX - Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood (2xLP) Eulogies - Here Anonymous (2xLP) [hand-numbered] Foals - Total Life Forever (2xLP) Greenland is Melting - Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass is Blue (Yellow/Green Mix) James Blake - Enough Thunder Joe Budden - S/T Hospital Ships - Lonely Twin (Yellow with White splatter) Lonely Dear - Dear John The M's - Future Women Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager (2xLP) Kings of Leon - Because of the Times The Postelles - S/T Minus Story - No Rest For Ghosts Moving Mountains - Waves (Orange) Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah Dogs - Live Fall 2010 Smith Westerns - Dye it Blonde The Submarines - Love Notes/Letter Bombs Tilly and the Wall - Bottoms of Barrels Walk the Moon - S/T Wale - Attention Deficit (2xLP) Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds (Green /200) 2 for 32 ($17 for 1) Crime In Stereo - Love (Green RSD 2011) /100 2Pac - All Eyez on Me (3xLP) Anberlin - Blueprints for the Black Market Boys Night Out - Trainwreck (Black/Yellow 2xLP) Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon Childish Gambino - Camp (2xLP) Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Red) The Early November - In Currents (White /1000) The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile (Sealed, Blue) Glasvegas - Euphoric///Heartbreak (2xLP) Farewell Continental - Hey Hey Pioneers (Orange w/ Black Splatter /99) Hostage Calm - S/T (Black 1st Press /300) Hostage Calm - S/T (Blue 2nd Press /100) Hail Mary Mallon - Are You Gonna Eat That? (Green 2xLP) Hot Chip - One Life Stand (2xLP) Rufio - Perhaps I Suppose.... Lemuria - Pebble (Black firstpress) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (Pic Disc) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars P.O.S. - Audition (2xLP) P.O.S. - Never Better (Clear 2xLP) Neon Indian - Era Extrana Notorious - Soundtrack (2xLP) Run for Cover Records - Mixed Signals Compilation (Blue/White) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (Blue) Tigers Jaw/Balance and Composure - Split (Clear /500) Surfer Blood - Astro Coast 2 for 45 ($25 for 1) Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens (Blue/White 2xLP) Cursive - Burst and Bloom (Yellow Marble RSD) Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Brown 1st Press) Doomtree - S/T Thursday - Full Collapse (Red) $30ppd Straylight Run - S/T (Brown) $40ppd Moneen - The Red Tree (Red/White 2xLP w/ Bonus 7") $40ppd The Gloria Record - Start Here (Clear Gold with Black /30) $40ppd Owen - New Leaves (Purple)

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