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  1. looking to spruce up my collection with some more recent colored vinyl releases that I’ve missed. Im also still on the lookout for the Beggars 10th anniversary poster/print if anyone has one for offer. wants - Thrice Beggars 10th Anniversary print (Anaheim show) - Minus the Bear - Planet of Ice, Custom Ice - Minus the Bear - Acoustics II, gold and blue on white splatter - Minus the Bear - Menos el oso, yellow marble - The Starting Line - Say it like you mean it, first press in purple swirl - The Starting Line - Say it like you mean it, first press in blue swirl - Against Me! - As the Eternal Cowboy, white with blue/black swirl - Motion City Soundtrack - Commit this to Memory, blue swirl, recent press - Jack Johnson - From here to now to you, any
  2. Forced to sell 1st Press Alchemy Index (w/ corrected Earth), and Red Splatter Beggars. TAI: $155 Beggars: $115 or: $225 for both
  3. I was 3 pieces away from completing my Thrice variant collection but I have a medical procedure to pay for so its time to sell. A few things have already sold and have subsequently been removed. Add $5 per order for shipping. UPDATED PRICES Beggars - Red - $170 - Clear/White Mix - $150 - Blue - $150 - Grey Marble - $130 - Black - $100 Identity Crisis - Blue(UK) - $55 - Green - $55 - Clear w/ Black Streaks - $20 The Artist in the Ambulance - Green Marble (Hot Topic) - $40 - Red (Hot Topic) - $40 - Blue - $35 - Red - $35 - Black - $30 - Clear - $30 The Illusion of Safety - Black (1st Pressing) - $20 - Red - $30 - Coke Bottle - $30 - Yellow - $30 - White - $30 - Blue(UK) - $30 - Blue/Black Merge - $20 - Coke Bottle w/ Black Splatter - $20 - Yellow/Black Split - $20 To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere - Brown - $45 - Black - $25
  4. Looking for the Thrice - Beggars 1st press colored variant. Please and Thank You!
  5. Looking to buy these albums on vinyl. Let me know if you have any of them for sale. AFI - Crash Love De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising Thrice - Alchemy Index (who isn't?) Thrice - Beggars My Chemical Romance - Black Parade (black and bone swirl) The Used - Artwork
  6. Selling my copy of Thrice - Beggars (2014 Staple Records; Clear w/ Blue Splatter 500 pressed) for $70 ppd. Message me if interested.
  7. I know it's a long shot, but I've been looking for this record for a little over 2 years now. It will complete a collection for me and I'm willing to pay for it. I missed out on one on ebay a few years back and I've never seen it since. I would also be willing to work out a trade for it if that works better. My tradelist is here . I also have a wants list for some other stuff here.
  8. I was at the record release show at the Shrine in LA last night and was able to pick up an extra copy. So here it is, the tour exclusive variant. I haven't been able to find the press information, but ive never seen so many people walking around with vinyl at a show in my life. And there was no limit per person. If they only pressed 3,000 then I wouldn't be surprised if this variant sells out before they even get out of California. Thrice - To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere. Blue marble *sealed Make Offer!
  9. 2012 Hot Topic exclusive on red /1000 http://www.discogs.com/Thrice-The-Artist-In-The-Ambulance/release/3576504 Bought it unopened a few weeks ago, have played it twice with care. Here's my wantlist. Since everything I could possibly want to trade for isn't on there, here's stuff I have that I listen to as a reference point. If you have Thrice stuff I would be interested in Vheissu or Beggars, as I like those albums better than this one.
  10. Like the title says, I got some money in the paypal and will pay a fair price them.
  11. NG1991


    Looking for a decently priced copy of Beggars. Preferably one of the newer presses not looking for any color specifically. Thanks! Thanks for the offers Found a copy
  12. Thrice's Vheissu was just reissued via Pylon Records/Obscure Alternatives on June 30th in three variants: 300 Translucent Yellow 300 Clear 1000 (500 available through Pylon) White Both the Translucent Yellow and Clear variants have sold out already and there are about 333 white variants remaining. Unfortunately for me, I missed the memo until a few days ago and missed my opportunity for a Translucent Yellow variant. Vheissu is my ALL TIME favorite album and I am in serious desperation to own this particular variant. If anyone is willing to sell their copy for a reasonable price, please send me a PM!
  13. Hello I am looking for the following variants: Green Blue Mint White / Clear mixed Clear Purple Grey Marble Black If you have any please PM so we can negotiate.
  14. Trying to finish off a few collections especially Thrice. Will definitely give good prices for these editions of beggars, or anything else listed below. Thrice - Beggars (1st press clear (not the white mix)) Thrice - Beggars (1st press purple) Thrice - Beggars (1st press translucent blue) Thrice - Beggars (1st press Yellow) Other stuff. Anniversary, The - Alright For now 7 inch (rabbits cover or 4 panel with praying mantis cover) Anniversary, The - Devil In The Woods 7 inch Anniversary, The - Sub Pop Singles 7 inch(purple or yellow) Anniversary, The/Hot Rod Circuit 7 inch - Split (blue, green, orange, or red) Anniversay, The/ Proudntall - split (/500) Get Up Kids, The - 4 Minute Mile (1st press black, alternate labels) Get Up Kids, The - 4 Minute Mile (1st press clear (coke bottle)) Get Up Kids, The - 4 Minute Mile (3rd press white) Get Up Kids, The - Any Test presses Get Up Kids, The - Postmarked Stamps (blue sleeve or tan) Get Up Kids, The - Postmarked Stamps box set Green Sleeves or White Sleeves Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About (1st press error press on clear, /5 i know it's a long shot) Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About (2nd press orange) Get Up Kids, The - Something To Write Home About (2nd press pink) Get Up Kids, The - Woodson 7 inch (black vinyl beige insert w/[email protected], black vinyl white insert w/ www.getupkids.net, translucent blue) Get Up Kids, The /Anniversary - Split (blue, gold, or maroon??? is that just red IDK) Get Up Kids, The /Coalesce - Split (translucent orange, rust, black w/yellow labels, olive green, opaque orange, grey, white, navy marble, red orange, opaque purple) Jimmy Eat World - Clarity (1st press green) Jimmy Eat World - Static Prevails + 77 satellites 7 inch Jimmy Eat World/ Jebediah - 3x7 inch Split (white) Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math Mineral - The Power of Failing (2nd press blue) Poison The Well - Distance Only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (1st press blue 10 inch) Poison The Well - Opposite Of December (1st press black) Poison The Well - Tear From The Red/Opposite of December (1st press blue/red) Poison The Well - Tear From The Red/Opposite of December (2nd press red/blue /500) Saves The Day - Cant Slow Down (black) Saves The Day - Cant Slow Down (red) Saves The Day - Im sorry Im Leaving (any copy) Saves The Day - Through Being Cool (baby blue) Saves The Day - Through Being Cool (white) Saves The Day - Under The Boards (starburst /5) Senses Fail - Still Searching (any color)
  15. i'm taking offers on my copy of Beggars. Has a small dent in the corner but other than that its in great condition.
  16. Deleted some old threads due to finding the records I wanted, and decided to take my two old ones and put them in one, to be a little neater. Thrice - Beggars (Any variant) & All That's Left 7".
  17. EDIT* selling identity up through anthology and dustins original solo effort and the christmas record http://prattimusprime.tumblr.com/post/62565693856/for-sale-message-me http://prattimusprime.tumblr.com/post/62565845164/for-sale-message-me ***all that remains is illusion, major/minor, anthology and please come home***
  18. Hey Everyone, I have recently decided to get back into the record game. Below is a list of albums near and dear to me that I am trying to get my hands on again. If you have any of these or even something you think I may be interested in, let me know. I don’t currently have any records I am willing to trade. However, if there is any interest in trading for some Web Design/Development or Graphic Design I’m willing to talk. Otherwise just let me know what you have and how much you’re looking to get out of it. Like I said, if it's not listed but you think it falls in line with some of hte other stuff I have listed, still reach out to me. Just because I didn't list it, doesn't mean I won't buy it. Thrice Artist in the Ambulance Vheissu The Alchemy Index (this has been my “White Whale”) Beggars (Prefer autographed) Thursday Full Collapse War All of the Time Brand New Deja Entendu Your Favorite Weapon MeWithoutYou Brother, Sister Thanks, Scerbo
  19. Hey, guys-- Pretty bored at work right now so I thought I would give this a shot: I really need/want/desire a copy of Thrice's "Beggars". I am open to any variant really as long as it is the first pressing. The only record I really have (that I am willing to part with) that is worth anything substantial is The Dear Hunter's Act I&II 3xLP on black. It is NM, listened to 1-2 times. If anyone is interested in entertaining this trade, feel free to message me. Thanks, dudes & dudettes. Update: Had an interested party but have not heard from them in while. 'Tis all packed and ready to move.
  20. Willing To Pay Or Trade! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Headabovewaterx ALSO I'M SELLING MY COPY OF NEW FOUND GLORY MANIA ON RED Thrice Beggars Purple/45 Clear/99 Grey/200 Red/250 White/300 Mint/300 Blue/300 Black/900 Identity Crisis Test/30 Black/100 White/200 Blue/400 Manchester Orchestra Split Clear/500 Artist In The Ambulance Green Marble/1103 Illusion Of Safety Gold/500 Black Red/500 White/500 Clear/500 Vheissu Black/1000 Brown/1000 Dustin Kensrue Please Come Home Brown/475 Brown w/ White Swirl/50 Sky Blue/Cola Brown Split/50 This Good Night Is Still Everywhere Green/500
  21. Hey guys. So back story of why I'll be doing this and if you guys are down to help me out: So, my mom needs both a liver and kidney transplant. She's never had a drink or smoked in her life. She's diabetic, which we all know is a bitch of a sickness. If you didn't know, IT IS. Her liver has scar tissue due to non alcoholic cirrhosis that accumulates toxics and causes hepatic encephalopathy, which means that it causes mental confusions. Let me tell you guys, it's heart breaking when you see your mom in a hospital bed and she has no idea who you are, what year it is and how old she is. Her kidney and liver are damaged because of her diabetes and she also ha renal failure because her body isn't producing enough white blood cells. A few weeks ago, she went in for a check up and was admitted that night because her doctor noticed something was wrong and on top of all of this, she found that she has 3 blocked arteries in her heart. We were going to move down to Florida a few weeks ago and she was going to have her transplant in Jacksonville at the mayo clinic but luck was on our side and the UCLA hospital here gave us a call and said that they were going to take her case. It's a lot to take in, I know. Insurance will be covering a portion of the surgery which will take place in about a month or two, but we're going to be left with bills that I wish no one to deal with. So, here's the deal: I'm going to be raffling off Thrice's Alchemy Index box set. The buy in will be $15. It's a lot of money, I understand but know that it will most definitely be going to a good cause. Plus, c'mon. How AWESOME would it be to win this for $15?! If you guys are up for it, great. Much thanks. If not, no biggie. I'll put it on eBay or something. Also, if I get 20 or more people/entries, I'll throw in Beggars on Blue. Numbered, signed, the whole deal. Let me know, VC!! Thanks in Advance. Edit [April 1]: Alright guys, lets do this. And no this isn't any April Fools joke or any of that shit. So, as mentioned above, the buy in is $15. Paypal e-mail is: [email protected] and if you would send it as a gift and your user name and/or real name that would be awesome. Limit of TWO entries per person. Donations are also welcomed! The deadline will be Friday, April 5th, at 5PM my time (Pacific). I'll announce the winner the next day via YouTube. Name out of a hat thing, just like RyBread did. Remember folks. 20 or more entries and Beggars on Blue will also be included! Here are your contestants: Daegor Chobble (x2) enjoy the ride (x2) ordinary_madness ry bread Company Ink - Joe Knocksville boobz09 nick059 (x2) thrice55 (x2) PaintedInExile silentsoliloquy hassenpepperinc (x2) debrew66 (x2) TheRareCreature lehooch dobski Underoath23 stuffsux00 king of the gutters (x2) Oh, and in case you were wondering: - includes both damaged and fixed Earth Discs - #1635/3000 -Beggars is #1867/2000
  22. Looking for $50-$75 range for any variation of Beggars and Identity Crisis. Used is fine, but prefer very good or better condition. I am aware of what they are going for on ebay, just looking on here to see if anyone has a soul and might let me own these without having to sell a vital organ. Also interested in Second Stage Turbine Blade by Coheed & Cambria.
  23. Looking for a copy of minus the bear's Planet of Ice and for Thrice's Beggars. Don't really care which color variant, as long as it's not black(I don't think either had a black pressing anyway). I love both records, so help a guy out! Also if you have any other thrice vinyl you're willing to part with let me know.
  24. Looking for any variant of Minus the Bear's Planet of Ice Any Variant of Thrice's Beggars The Thrice/Manchester Orchestra split. I know the third one may be a stretch for a decent price at this point, but I'm looking to collect thrice's discography and I'm about half way through. Help a guy out!

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