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  1. Hi. I'm in need of some quick cash. I sold some stuff from my collection just over a year ago when I needed a new car and when I got enough cash, I stopped the sale because I like my records. It'll be the same thing this time. I don't need a whole lot, so this might not last long. About me: I've been buying records since 1998 and selling online since 2006. I know how to ship a record and have plenty of mailers. But please make orders at least $20. Any questions, send me a message. I'm more than fair but will expect offers to be "in the ballpark" of their current going rate. Test Pressings 18 items Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" LP (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover signed by artist - #39/50) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" LP (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover/unnumbered - x/72) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" 7" (Tooth & Nail TNV 2/black) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" LP (Blue handmade screened jacket/orange marble vinyl - #2/5) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" LP (Red handmade screened jacket/black vinyl - #15/20) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" 7" (N+B 003/Black - x/?) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train" LP (Blue Note BN LP-1577/Classic Records/mono/2003 remastered version/200 gram - x/20) Copeland - "In Motion" LP (Approved test - #10/10) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" LP (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains - x/10) Crucified, The ‎– "Nailed" 7" (Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains vtv-zero-four/black w/ white labels/2012 - x/25) Earl Long ‎– "Term Two" LP (ShanGorilla Records SG-10004 - x/5) Lenz, Frank - "Brothers Who Are Breathing" b/w "Sexy Sixth" 7" (Black - #2/8) Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" 7" (N+B 004/Black - #14/14) Starflyer 59 - "Silver" LP (Tooth & Nail/Crossroads of America - x/10) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard" LP (w/ Bonus 7" test pressing/white vinyl - x/30) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" LP (Second pressing/Blank Page Empire - #25/30) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" LP (Init INIT 65/black - x/5) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" LP (Black - #16/30) 5" 5 items Anberlin - "I'd Like To Die" b/w "We Owe This To Ourselves" (CD/5" vinyl) Dropkick Murphys - "Live On A Five: Volume 4" (x/2,800) Locust/Jenny Piccolo [Split] (Three One G/picture disc - x/5,513) Ninety Pound Wuss - "Kick You Hard" (Orange marble) Peter Mangalore - "Decay of the Iron Man" (Deep Six) 7" & 45's (650 items) '68 ‎– "Midnight" (No Sleep NSR122/tour pressing/gold & brownish - x/500) African Music Machine ‎– "Black Water Gold (Pearl)" b/w "Making Nassau Fruit Drink" (Soul Power SP-109/white label promo) Aha - "Take On Me" b/w "Love Is Reason" (Picture sleeve) Anathallo ‎– "Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind More Ash)" b/w "Entropy" (Big Scary Monsters BSM 054/black - x/500) Anberlin - "Feel Good Drag" b/w "Blame Me! Blame Me!" (Black) Anberlin - "Godspeed" b/w "The Unwinding Cable Car" (Peach marble) Anberlin - "Impossible" b/w "Hell Or High Water" (Silkscreen sleeve [signed by the band] red/white/gray tri-colored vinyl - #809/907) Anchor & Braille - "Sound Asleep" b/w "Wedding/Funeral" (Purple marble vinyl) Anderson, Doug - "Hey Mama, Here Come The Preacher" b/w I Won't Cry (I'll Just Laugh Myself To Death)" (Janus J-153/1971) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "North Star Ordination" [Graveface Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE082/CHAR011/limited edition/mustard) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "North Star Ordination" [Graveface Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE082/CHAR011/limited edition/orange Crush & red haze) Arcade Fire - "Cold Wind" b/w "Brazil" (Clear) Arcade Fire ‎– "Get Right" b/w "Crucified Again" (Sonovox 4750774) Armstrong, Louis - "Spirituals and Sermons" (Australian import) At The Drive-In - "¡Alfaro Vive, Carajo!" EP (Western Breed WSTB-006/first pressing/black) ATG (Allen Toussaint Group) ‎– "Dancin' Lady" b/w "Headwinds" (Sansu S 1018) Band Aid - "Do They Know It's Christmas?" b/w "Feed The World" Bannon, Jacob - "The Blood of Thine Enemies" (One-sided etched disc/silver - x/600) Bazan, David - "American Flags" b/w "Please, Baby, Please (demo)" Bazan, David - "Away In A Manger" b/w "O Little Town of Bethlehem" (Marbled vinyl - x/1,000) Bazan, David - "Hallelujah" b/w "The Man In Me" (Black) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Blue vinyl - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Clear vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Happy X-mas (War Is Over) b/w "Say It Isn't Greensleeves (A Change At Christmas)" (Gold vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (Green vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (Red vinyl - x/400 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Jingle Bells" b/w "All I Want For Christmas" (White vinyl - x/200 [1,000 total]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Orange - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Red - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David - "Wish My Kids Were Here" b/w "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" (Yellow - x/400 [1,000 total pressed]) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 1] "Impermanent Record" b/w "Deny Myself" (July 2014/red - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 2] "Nobody's Perfect" b/w "Sparkling Water" (August 2014/‎orange - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 3] "With You" b/w "Little Landslide" (September 2014/yellow - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 4] "Kept Secrets" b/w Ill At Ease" (October 2014/green - x/1,500) Bazan, David ‎– [Bazan Monthly: Volume 1, Number 5] "Disappearing Ink" b/w "Trouble With Boys" (November 2014/blue - x/1,500) Bazan, David/Deerhoof [Split] - "No One Asked Bazan To Dance" b/w "Gas and Matches" (Clear blue vinyl - x/2,000) Beach Boys, The - "Do You Wanna Dance?" b/w "Please Let Me Wonder" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beach Boys, The - "God Only Knows" b/w "The Beach Boys Medley" (Purple Capitol label) Beach Boys, The - "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" (Sub Pop Singles) Beach Boys, The - "Rock and Roll Music" b/w "The T M Song" (Brother/Reprise label) Beach Boys, The - "Sloop John B" b/w "You're So Good To Me" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beastie Boys ‎– "Alive" b/w "Big Shot (Live)" (Capitol Records/purple label) Beastie Boys ‎– "Brass Monkey" b/w "Posse In Effect" (Def Jam 38-07020) Beastie Boys ‎– "Intergalactic" b/w "Peanut Butter & Jelly" (Capitol S7-724381997376) Beastie Boys ‎– "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" b/w "She's Crafty" (Def Jam 38 06675) Beatles, The - "A Hard Day's Night" b/w "I Should Have Known Better" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Can't Buy Me Love" b/w "You Can't Do That" (Black Parlophone label) Beatles, The - "Day Tripper" b/w "We Can Work It Out"(Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Eight Days A Week" b/w "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Got To Get You Into My Life" b/w "Helter Skelter" (Picture sleeve/pink Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Help! b/w "I'm Down" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "I Feel Fine" b/w "She's A Woman" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Paperback Writer" b/w "Rain" (UK issue/RSD 2010) Beatles, The - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends" b/w "A Day In The Life" (Purple Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Strawberry Fields Forever" b/w "Penny Lane" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "The Ballad of John and Yoko" b/w "Old Brown Shoe" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "The Long and Winding Road" b/w "For You Blue" (Apple label) Beatles, The - "Ticket To Ride" b/w "Yes It Is" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Yesterday" b/w "Act Naturally" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The - "Eleanor Rigby" b/w "Yellow Submarine" (Capitol 5715/yellow & orange labels) Beatles, The - "Nowhere Man" b/w "What Goes On" (Yellow & orange Capitol label) Beatles, The ‎– "She Loves You" b/w "I'll Get You" (Swan S-4152/black labels w/ silver lettering) Beatles, The w/ Tony Sheridan ‎– "My Bonnie" b/w "The Saints" (MGM Records K13213/picture sleeve) Beck ‎– "Loser" b/w "Alcohol" (DGC ‎DGCS7-19270/black/1992) Bell Biv Devoe ‎– "Poison" b/w "Instrumental" (MCA-53772) Black Flag ‎– "Six Pack" (SST Records SST 005/first press/black & white picture sleeve/1981) Black Flag ‎– "TV Party" (SST/Unicorn Records 95006/first press/picture sleeve/1982) Black Prairie - "Blackest Crow" (Red lathe cut picnic plate 7"/hand-set letter pressed sleeve - #23/100) Blakey, Art - "When Love Is New" b/w "Calling Miss Khadija" (Blue Note L4193 [little LP]/stereo/A Division of Liberty... on the label) Blamed, The - "This Is For David" b/w "On Westnedge" & "...In Amsterdam" (Red vinyl) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" (Blue) Blenderhead ‎– "Blue Tile Lounge" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail TNV 2/black) Blink 182 ‎– "Feeling This" b/w "Violence" (Black) Blink 182 ‎– "They Came To Conquer...Uranus" (Grilled Cheese GRL-701/first press/black) Blues Magoos ‎– "(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet" b/w "Gotta Get Away" (Mercury ‎– 72622/first US pressing) Bo, Eddie - "Ain't It The Truth Now" b/w "Warm Daddy" (Ric 974) Bo, Eddie - "Check Your Bucket, Parts 1 & 2" (Bo-Sound 45-5551) Bo, Eddie - "Check Your Bucket, Parts 1 & 2" (Bo-Sound 5551) Bo, Eddie - "Hey There Baby" b/w "I Need Someone" (Ric 962) Bo, Eddie - "Hook and Sling, Parts I & II" (Scram SCR 117/green label) Bo, Eddie - "I Cry Oh" b/w "My Heart Was Meant For You" (Apollo/blue label) Bo, Eddie - "I'm Wise" b/w "Happy Tears" (Apollo 486-45/blue label) Bo, Eddie - "Now Let's Popeye, Parts I & II" (Ric 987) Bo, Eddie - "Tell It Like It Is" b/w " Every Dog Got His Day" (Ric 969) Bo, Eddie - "Too Much of A Good Thing" b/w "Dearest One" (Apollo 509-45) Bo, Eddie - "We Like Mambo" b/w "I'm So Tired" (Ace 515/yellow label) Bo, Eddie - "What A Fool I've Been" b/w "It Must Be Love" (Ric 977) Bo, Eddie - "When You're Fingers On The Funk" b/w "The Sun Shines Down" (Bo-Sound/green label) Bo, Eddie - "You Are Going To Be Somebodys Fool Too" b/w "A Heap See (But A Few Know)" (NOLA 704) Bo, Eddie - "You Got Your Mojo Working" b/w "Everybody Knows" (Ric 964) Bo, Eddie - "You're With Me" b/w "You're The Only One" (Chess 1833/promo copy) Bo, Eddie - “Dinky Doo" b/w "Everybody, Everything Needs Love” (Ric 981) Bo, Eddie - “Roamin-Titis" b/w "Baby I’m Wise” (Ric 989) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Can You Handle It" b/w "Don't Turn Me Loose" (Bo-Sound BS-5116) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Fare Thee Well" b/w "Let's Let It Roll" (Arrow 711/red label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "I Got To Know" b/w "Bless You Darling" (Ric 985) Bo, Eddie ‎– "I'll Keep On Trying" b/w "I Love To Rock & Roll" (Ace Records 555/white label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Shake, Rock and Soul" b/w "Reassure Me" (Cinderella ‎1203/promo/white label) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Solid Foundation" b/w "S.G.B" (Seven B 7015) Bo, Eddie ‎– "What You Gonna Do" b/w "Fallin' In Love Again" (Seven B 7002) Bo, Eddie – "If It's Good To You (It's Good For You), Parts 1 & 2" (Scram SCR 119/green label) Bo, Eddie – "Oh-Oh" b/w "My Dearest Darling" (Chess ‎1698) Bo, Eddie with The Barons - "Gotta Have More" b/w "Come To Me" (Blue Jay 154) Bobby and the Heavyweights ‎– "Soul Train" b/w "Baby I Love You" (Mor. Soul 004/1971) Booker, James ‎– "Cross My Heart" b/w "Big Nick" (Peacock 1923/promo/1963) Booker, James ‎– "Gonzo" b/w "Cool Turkey" (Peacock 5-1697) Boyz II Men ‎– "4 Seasons Of Loneliness" (LP) b/w "4 Seasons Of Loneliness" (B II M Version) (Motown 422860714-7/promo) Boyz II Men ‎– "A Song For Mama" b/w "Instrumental" (Motown 422860744-7) Boyz II Men ‎– "Motownphilly" b/w "Excerpts from Cooleyhighharmony" (Motown MOTS7-2090) Boyz II Men ‎– "On Bended Knee" (LP Version) b/w "I'll Make Love To You" (Sexy Version) (Motown 422860284-7) Boyz II Men ‎– "Please Don't Go" b/w "Uhh Ahh" (Motown 3746321627/1991) Boyz II Men ‎– "Vibin'" b/w "Water Runs Dry" (Motown ‎– 422860422-7) Bradley, Charles & Menahan Street Band ‎– "No Time For Dreaming" b/w "Golden Rule" (Dunham DUN-107) Braid - "Niagara" b/w "That Car Came Out Of Nowhere" (Grand Theft Autumn ‎GTA003/blue - #2,270/3,000) Braid ‎– "I'm Afraid Of Everything" EP (Polyvinyl/Grand Theft Autumn/first press/black) Braid ‎– "Rainsnowmatch" EP (Polyvinyl/second press/black) Braid – "First Day Back" b/w "Hugs from Boys" [Polyvinyl 7” Single Series - #1] (Black) Braid/Corm [Split] - "(Strawberryann) Switzerland" b/w "Traded Green Trees" (Polyvinyl PRC-015/black) Braid/Pohgoh [Split]‎– "Goodnight, Sweetheart" b/w "What A Wonderful Puddle" (New Granada NG004) Braid/Three Minute Movie [Split] - "A Split Seven Inch" (Snuffy Smile - snuff 044/black) Brimmer, Charles‎– "The Feeling Is In My Heart" b/w "Mr. Teardrops" (Broadmoor BM-201) Bubble Puppy, The ‎– "Hot Smoke" b/w "Sasafrass" (International Artists IA-128/yellow label) Buffett, Jimmy - "Margaritaville" b/w "Miss You So Badly" Burrell, Kenny & Jimmy Smith - "Blue Bash!" EP (Verve SLV-8553/Stereo) Byrne, Jerry ‎– "Lights Out" b/w "Honey Baby" (Specialty 635) Capello, Lenny and The Dots ‎– "Cotton Candy" b/w "Tootles" (Ric 960) Captain, The & Tennille - "Love Will Keep Us Together" b/w "Gentle Stranger" Carbo, Chick ‎– "Two Tables Away" b/w "What Does It Take" (Instant ‎3254/1962) Cash, Johnny and the Tennessee Two - "Blue Train" b/w "Born To Lose" (Sun Record Company 376) Cash, Johnny ‎- "Special Coin Operator Release" (Columbia 7-9478) Cavaliers Unlimited ‎– "Soul Vein" b/w "The Nasty" (Mississippi Records MR-023/reissue) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" (Seafoam green - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Chandeliers - "Unheard Intensities" b/w "Time Drive" [Test Pressing] (Black - x/?) Charles, Bobby ‎– "Take It Easy Greasy" b/w "Time Will Tell" (Chess 1628/promo/1956) Charles, Ray - "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" EP (Picture sleeve) Childs, Leon and The Hy-Ton - "Jet Stream" b/w "Train In The Night" (Vin 1018/1960) Clash, The - "Rock The Casbah" b/w "Long Time Jerk" (Picture sleeve) Clash, The - "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" b/w "Cool Confusion" (Picture sleeve) Clash, The - "Groovy Times" b/w "Gates of The West" (White label promo) Clash, The ‎– "Tommy Gun" b/w "1-2, Crush On You" (CBS S CBS 6788/first UK pressing/1978) Clash, The ‎– "White Riot" b/w "1977" (CBS S CBS 5058/later UK pressing/generic UK CBS sleeve w/ London address) Coheed and Cambria - "Welcome Home" b/w "The Crowing" (Live) Coheed and Cambria ‎– "The Running Free" b/w "Always & Never/Welcome Home" (Columbia) Cold, The - "You" b/w "Three Chord City" (Top Pop KRS-611/original blue ink sleeve) Cold, The ‎– "Never Alone" b/w "Thanks A Lot" (Top Pop TP-003/picture sleeve) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train, parts 1 & 2" (Blue Note 45-1691) Coltrane, John w/ The Red Garland Trio ‎– "I Want To Talk About You" (Prestige 45-177/RVG in deadwax/203 South Washington Ave., N.J. on label) Converge - "On My Shield" (Black/white - x/1,000) Converge ‎– "I Can Tell You About Pain" b/w "Eve" (Deathwish DW199v/first press/blue opaque - x/1,000) Converge ‎– "Live At The BBC" (Deathwish Inc. DW 157/Deathwish exclusive/white - x/333) Converge ‎– "Unloved And Weeded Out" (4x7"/Red, clear, yellow, green - x/2,000) Converge/Dropdead [Split] - "Runaway" b/w "Paths of Glory" (Green& black swirl - x/2,000 [7,000 total pressed]) Converge/Napalm Death [Split] ('Vinyl bong' random colors - x/1,045) Cooke, Sam - "A Change Is Gonna Come" b/w "Shake" Coolio ‎– "Gangsta's Paradise" b/w "Too Hot" (Tommy Boy ‎TB 718) Count Five, The - "Psychotic Reaction" b/w "They're Gonna Get You" (Double Shot) Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Proud Mary" b/w "Born On The Bayou" Crosby, Bing - "White Christmas" b/w "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Black Decca label) Crucified, The ‎– "Nailed" [Test Pressing] (Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains vtv-zero-four/black w/ white labels/2012 - x/25) Davis, Miles + 19 (w/ Gil Evans) ‎– "Miles Ahead, Vol. II" (Columbia ‎B-10412/picture sleeve) Davis, Miles - "Girls of Kilimanjaro, Parts 1 & 2" (Columbia 4-44652/white label promo) Davis, Miles - "Milestones" b/w "Dr. Jekyll" EP (Columbia B11931/picture sleeve) Davis, Miles - "That Old Devil Moon" b/w "You Don't Know What Love Is" (Prestige 45-376/mono/203 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles - "Vote For Miles Davis, Parts I & II" (Columbia white label promo) Davis, Miles - "Classics In Jazz EP, Part 1 (Capitol EAP 1-459/mono/picture sleeve/1954) Davis, Miles - "Classics In Jazz EP, Part 2 (Capitol EAP 2-459/mono/picture sleeve/1954) Davis, Miles - "Surry With The Fringe On Top" b/w "Diane" (Prestige 45-248/203 S. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles ‎– "Blue Xmas" b/w "Devil May Care" (Columbia 88875024357s1/Black Friday RSD 2014 exclusive/blue) Davis, Miles ‎– "Time After Time" b/w "Katia" (CBS A 4871/UK press/picture sleeve) De Burgh, Chris - "The Lady In Red" b/w "The Vision" Dead Kennedys ‎– "Kill The Poor" b/w "In-Sight" (Cherry Red ‎- CHERRY 16/first UK press w/ picture sleeve) Dear Ephesus/Lugsole [Split] - "Ichabod" b/w "Away From Me" (Black) Death Cab For Cutie - "Death Cab For Cutie: In Living Stereo!" (RSD 2011 promo 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "Soul Meets Body" b/w "Jealousy Rides With Me" Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" [Part 1] b/w "Photobooth" (Green) Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" [Part 2] b/w "Brothers On A Hotel Bed" (Yellow) Death Cab For Cutie - "I'm Going Home (Live)" b/w "Girl you Want" (Live From The Fall 2006 Tour/given to fan club members) Death Cab For Cutie - "No Sunlight (demo)" b/w "The Ice Is Getting Thinner (demo)" (Narrow Stairs bonus 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "Prove My Hypothesis" b/w "Wait" (Clear) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "I Was A Kaleidoscope" b/w "405 (Acoustic)" (Fierce Panda NING116/UK pressing) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "The New Year" b/w "TV Trays" (Fierce Panda ning 149/UK import/black) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "Tractor Rape Chain" b/w "Black Sun" (Atlantic 7567866558/RSD 2016 exclusive/white - x/3,000) Death Cab For Cutie ‎– "Underwater!" b/w "The Army Corps Of Architects" [Sub Pop Singles Club] (SP496/clear - x/1,300) Death Cab For Cutie/Freedy Johnston [Split] - "Bad Reputation" (Atlantic ‎– 7-548734/RSD 2015 exclusive/blue w/ Coke bottle clear splatter - x/4,500) Delta Haymax ‎– "Delta Haymax" (Tooth & Nail TNR107/black) Diamond Joe – "The ABC Song" b/w "Look Way Back" (Deesu 45-301/promo) Diddley, Bo - "Gun Slinger" b/w "Signifying Blues" (Checker 965/maroon label) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Road Runner" b/w "My Story" (Checker 942/maroon label/1960) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Say Man" b/w "The Clock Strikes Twelve" (Checker 931/maroon label) Dinosaur Jr ‎– "I Don't Wanna Go There" b/w "Tarpit" (Jagjaguwar JAG149/picture sleeve) Dinosaur Jr ‎– "Repulsion" b/w "Bulbs Of Passion" (Homestead HMS032/second press/1988) Discover America/Suffering & the Hideous Thieves [Split] - "Split" (Black) Dixon, Willie Lee (The Recreator) ‎– "The Gorilla, Parts 1 & 2" (Rosemont T-8002) DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - "Parents Just Don't Understand" (Single) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Confusion" b/w "Neighbor's Daughter (Amy 952) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Go-Go Girl" b/w "I Can Hear You Callin'" (Amy ‎AMY 998) Dorsey, Lee - "Say It Again" b/w "Hey Babe" (Sansu 1012) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)" b/w "There Should Be A Book" (Amy 11,055) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Holy Cow" b/w "Operation Heartache" (Amy 965) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Working In The Coal Mine" b/w "Mexico" (Amy ‎ 958) Down To Nothing ‎– "More! Greetings From Richmond, Virginia" (Red) Dr. Dog - "Control Yourself" b/w "Warrior Man" (Grey opaque vinyl) Dr. Dog - "The Girl (Beck Remix)" b/w "Heart It Races" (Black) Dr. Dog ‎– "The Dearly Departed" b/w "Is It Worth My Time?" (Park The Van PTV-29/black) Dr. Dog/Floating Action [Split] - "Don't Stop Loving Me Now" b/w "The Breeze" (Park The Van PTV-39/black) Dr. Dog/The M's [Split] ‎– "Me And My Girl" b/w "Al Thomas and The Robot" (Polyvinyl PRC-108-7/clear) Dylan, Bob - "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" (Columbia 4-45004/mono & stereo promo/radio station copy) Electric Prunes, The - "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) " b/w "Luvin" (Reprise 0532) Electric Prunes, The ‎– "Get Me To The World On Time" b/w "Are You Lovin' Me More (But Enjoying It Less)" (Reprise 0564) Electronic Anthology Project ‎– "The Electronic Anthology Project Of Death Cab For Cutie" (White) Emery ‎– "Cutt Throat Collapse" b/w "Open Hands, Closed Eyes" (Picture disc) Evil, The ‎– "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" b/w "Always Runnin' Around" (Living Legend Records LL-108/1967) Explosions, The ‎– "Hip Drop, Parts 1 & 2" (Gold Cup ‎0005) Fable - "Give Us The Night" (Takehold 1007/purple marble) Fake Problems – "Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies" EP (First pressing/signed/black & silver swirl - x/100) Few Left Standing - "The Exit Wound" (Clear red) Finway Fish Camp - "Waiting" b/w "Stranded" (Black) Five Iron Frenzy ‎– "Brad is Dead" (Baby blue) Flaming Lips, The - "She Don't Use Jelly" b/w "The W.A.N.D. (Picture disc) Flaming Lips, The - "Silent Night/Lord, Can You Hear Me" b/w "It's Christmas Time Again" (Picture disc) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "2nd Cassette Demo" (Lovely Sorts of Death/signed by Wayne/blue - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" b/w "Why Does It End?" (Warner Bros W711/UK import/picture disc) Flaming Lips, The/Devo [Split] ‎– "Gates Of Steel (Live)" (RSD 2014 exclusive/silver - x/7,500) Flaming Lips, The/Mastodon [Split] - "A Spoonful Weighs A Ton" (RSD 2012 exclusive/pink) Foo Fighters ‎– "Monkey Wrench" b/w "The Colour And The Shape" (EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets ‎S7-19543/purple label) Foo Fighters ‎– "My Hero" b/w "Dear Lover" (EMI-Capitol Music Special Markets S7-724381986578/white label) For Love Not Lisa ‎– "Good Intentions" b/w "Hallowed Be" (Theologian Records/black) For Love Not Lisa ‎– "Softhand" b/w "Travis Hoffman" (Theologian T-11/clear green) Fred, John & His Playboy Band - "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" b/w "When The Lights Go Out" (Paula 282) French, Bob & Storyville Jazz Band ‎– "Y'er Comes The Funky Man" b/w "St James Infirmary" (Broadmoor 203) Frodus - "The Misaligned Men Of Flomation" b/w "Invisible Time Lines" (Muddle Fanzine promo flexi) Frodus ‎– "Explosions" b/w "Dec. 21, 2012" (Day After Records DAY 17/red & black splatter) Frodus/The Trans Megetti [Split]‎ – "Suspicion Breeds Confidence" b/w "Brakes" (Art Monk Construction AMC 15/clear) Fugazi - "Furniture + 2" (Clear) Further Seems Forever - "So Cold" b/w "Season 8" (Black - x/500) Further Seems Forever - "The Moon Is Down" b/w "New Year's Project" (Acoustic - x/1,000) Further Seems Forever - "The Sound" b/w "Wearing Thin" (Sore Point SORE005S/UK import/green) Further Seems Forever/TwoThirtyEight [Split] - "Pride War" b/w "Modern Day Prayer" (Black) Gaturs, The ‎– "A Hunk Of Funk" b/w "Yeah You're Right You Know You're Right" (Gatur Records 555) Gaturs, The ‎– "Cold Bear" b/w "The Booger Man" (Gatur Records ‎G–508) Gaturs, The ‎– "Wasted" b/w "Gator Bait" (Gatur Records ‎– 510) Gaye, Marvin ‎– "Stubborn Kind Of Fellow" b/w "It Hurts Me Too" (Tamla ‎T 54068/two globe yellow label) George, Barbara ‎– "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)" b/w "Love (Is Just A Chance You Take)" (A.F.O. 45-302) George, Barbara ‎– "Something You Got" b/w "Satisfied With Your Love" Seven B 7019/1968) Germs, The - "Lexicon Devil" (Bootleg/red sleeve/red vinyl) Gershwin, George - "Rhapsody in Blue, Parts 1 & 2" (RCA) Get Up Kids, The - "Automatic" b/w "Past Is Past" Get Up Kids, The - "Loveteller" (6th Pressing/black vinyl - x/800) Get Up Kids, The - "Woodson" b/w "Second Place" (White insert w/ [email protected] email address/black vinyl - x/1,000) Get Up Kids, The/Coalesce [Split] - "Burned Bridges" b/w "I'm Giving Up On This One" (Orange vinyl - x/550) Get Up Kids, The/Rocket From The Crypt [Split]‎– "Up On The Roof" b/w "Free Language Demons" (First pressing - x/800) Get Up Kids, The/The Anniversary [Split] - "Central Standard Time" b/w "Vasil & Bluey" Gin Blossoms ‎– "Found Out About You" b/w "Hey Jealousy" (A&M ‎– 31458 0418 7/black) Glassjaw - "Jesus Glue" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "Natural Born Farmer" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "Stars" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Glassjaw - "You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)" (Die-cut 'GJ' spindle) Gorilla Biscuits - "Gorilla Biscuits" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Guitar Jr. ‎– "I Got It Made" b/w "Family Rules" (Goldband 45-1058/maroon label) Guitar Ray - "Patty Cake Shake" b/w "New True Love" (Hot Line 912) H2O - "Someday I Suppose" (One-sided etched disc with snowflakes/split red & green vinyl - x/500) Harper, Willie ‎– "I Don't Need You Anymore" b/w "A Certain Girl" (Tou-Sea 133/white label promo/1968) Harper, Willie ‎– "Makin' Me Cry" b/w "She's Far Away" (Alon 9011/1963) Harpo, Slim ‎– "Don't Start Cryin' Now" b/w "Rainin' In My Heart" (Excello ‎45-2194) Harris, Betty ‎– "I'm Gonna Git Ya" b/w "Can't Last Much Longer" (Sansu 471/white label promo) Harris, Betty ‎– "Mean Man" b/w "What'd I Do Wrong" (Sansu 478/white label promo) Harris, Tony ‎– "I'll Forever Love You" b/w "Chicken, Baby, Chicken" (Ebb ‎104) Hawkins, Dale ‎– "Susie-Q" b/w "Don't Treat Me This Way" (Checker 863/red label, silver print/1957) Haywood, Joe ‎– "I Would If I Could" b/w "Warm And Tender Love" (White Cliffs 237) Herrera, Mike ‎– "At: Guitar Center" (Picture disc - x/1,000) Hill, Jessie ‎– "Whip It On Me" b/w "I Need Your Love" (Minit 611) Hill, Jessie - "Ooh Poo Pah Doo, Parts 1 & 2" (Minit 607/orange label) Hill, Jessie - "Scoop Scoobie Doobie" b/w "Highhead Blues" (Minit 616/orange label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "C. C. Rider" b/w "Poor Me" (Alon 9004/white label promo) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Let's Go Steady" b/w "An Open Letter (To My Love)" (Kansu 100/red label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Popcorn Pop, Pop!" b/w "Be My Baby" (Alon 9016/green label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Where Is Love" b/w "Now That I've Lost You" (Decca 32416/promo/pink label) Holmes, Eldridge ‎– "Where Is Love" b/w "Now That I've Lost You" (Deesu ‎320) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "No Shoes" b/w "Solid Sender" (Vee Jay VJ 349/maroon label) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "She's Mine" b/w "A New Leaf" (Vee Jay VJ 453/black label) Hooker, John Lee ‎– "Take A Look At Yourself" b/w "Frisco Blues" (Vee Jay VJ 493/black label) Hopkins, Lightnin' - "Wig Wearing Woman" b/w "Move On Out, Part 2" (Jewel 796/blue label) Hopkins, Lightnin' ‎– "Mojo Hand" b/w "Glory Be" (Fire 1034) Hopkins, Lightning - "Come On Baby" b/w "Money Taker" (Arhoolie 45-513) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #1" (Clear blue/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #2" (Clear red/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #3" (Clear yellow/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #4" (Clear green/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #5" (Clear blue/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Hot Water Music - "Live in Chicago #6" (6"/white/die-cut sleeve - x/1,000) Howlin' Wolf ‎– "I've Been Abused" b/w "Mr. Airplane Man" (Chess ‎1735) Huey and Jerry ‎– "Little Chickee Wah Wah" b/w "I Think You Jiving Me" (Vin 1000/1958) Hueys, The ‎– "Coo-Coo Over You" b/w "You Ain't No Hippie" (Instant Records 3289) Hum ‎– "Sundress" b/w "Time Is Melting" (Mud Recordings mud 009/picture sleeve/black) Humphrey, Paul & His Cool Aid Chemists ‎– "Baby Rice" b/w "Funky L.A." (Lizard ‎45-1009) Huntingtons - "You're Not Right" b/w "Babysitter" (Velvet Blue Music/Burnt Toast Vinyl/blue) Hurrah/History [Split] - "Red Seat" b/w "How To Cheat Death" (Clear red vinyl - #93/200) Innermeans ‎– "Innermeans" (Solid State SS06/Tooth & Nail TNR 1092/black/1997) Into Another - "Poison Fingers" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Into Another ‎– "Poison Fingers" (Revelation REVELATION:42/black/1995) James, Elmo [Elmore] ‎– "Done Somebody Wrong" b/w "Fine Little Mama" (Fire 1031/1960) James, Elmore ‎– "Bleeding Heart" b/w "Mean Mistreatin' Mama" (Enjoy 2020) James, Elmore ‎– "Pickin' The Blues" b/w "It Hurts Me Too" (Enjoy 2015) James, Elmore ‎– "Strange Blues" b/w "Anna Lee (Bell B-719/promo) James, Elmore ‎– "The Sun Is Shining" b/w "I Can't Hold On‎" (Chess 1756/blue label/1960) James, Etta ‎– "You Got It" b/w "Fire" (Cadet 5620) Jawbreaker/Jawbox [Split] ‎– "With or Without U-2" b/w "Airwaves Dream" (Selfless SFLS03/etched labels/black/1991) Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American" b/w "Your House (Demo)" (Black) Jodeci ‎– "Come & Talk To Me" b/w "Come & Talk To Me" (Hip Hop Version) (Uptown MCAS7-54175/1992) Joe Christmas ‎– "Coupleskate" (Flying Tart/brown transparent) Joe Christmas ‎– "Dreaming For The Gold" (Tooth & Nail TNV12/black) Johnson, Al ‎– "Carnival Time" b/w "Good Lookin'" (Ric 967) Johnson, Smokey & Company ‎– "The Funkie Moon" b/w "Tippin' Lightly" (Intrepid 75006/white label promo/1969) Johnson, Smokey - "I Can't Help It, Parts 1 & 2" (NOLA 720/red label) Johnson, Smokey ‎– "It Ain't My Fault (Parts 1 & 2)" (NOLA N-706) Jones, Joe ‎– "You Talk Too Much" b/w "I Love You Still" (Ric 972) Joy Division - "Transmission" b/w "Novelty" (Factory FAC 13/1979/picture sleeve) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Big Let Down" b/w "Make Up Your Mind" (Secretly Canadian SC67/black) Jurado, Damien - "Halo Friendly" EP (Summershine/black) Jurado, Damien - "Motorbike" EP (Sub Pop/black) Jurado, Damien - "Vary" EP (Translucent blue) Jurado, Damien - "Trampoline" (Sub Pop/black) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Clouds Beyond" b/w "Let Us All In" (Red label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Diamond Sea" b/w "Pentagrams" (Yellow label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien - [The Maraqopa Sessions] "Wyoming Songbirds" b/w "Ghost Of David (The Return)" (Blue label/black vinyl) Jurado, Damien/Dolorean [Split] - "Traded For Fire" b/w "Ghost of David" (2005 European Tour - x/600) - x2 copies K-Doe, Ernie - "'Taint It The Truth" b/w "Hello My Lover" (Minit 614) K-Doe, Ernie - "Hotcha Mama" b/w "(I Can't Believe) She Gave It All To Me" (Sansu 1016) K-Doe, Ernie - "Mother-In-Law" b/w "Wanted, $10,000 Reward" (Minit 623) K-Doe, Ernie - "Stoop Down" b/w "You Got To Love Me" (Sansu 1006) K-Doe, Ernie and The Stars ‎– "Easier Said Than Done" b/w "Be Sweet" (Minit ‎661) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "A Certain Girl" b/w "I Cried My Last Tear" (Minit 634) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Beating Like A Tom Tom" b/w "I Got To Find Somebody" (Minit 651) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Here Come The Girls" b/w "A Long Way Back From Home" (Janus J-167/promo/1973) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Hey, Hey, Hey" b/w "Love You The Best" (Minit 645/black label) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Love Me Like I Wanta" b/w "Don't Kill My Groove" (Duke ‎420) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Real Man" b/w "Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta" (Minit 627/black label) Kansas - "Dust In The Wind" b/w "Paradox" Kenner, Chris ‎– "A Very True Story" b/w "Packin' Up" (Instant 3234) Kenner, Chris ‎– "I Like It Like That, Parts 1 & 2" (Instant Records VR-3229) King Solomon's Advisers ‎– "Back Of My Mind" b/w "The Tight Rope" (Ghetto Records GPS-001) King, Ben E./The Coasters [Split] - "Stand By Me" b/w "Yakety Yak" (Stand By Me picture sleeve) King, Dumas ‎– "Loose Eel" b/w "Wish You'd Come Home" (Ronn R4/1966) King, Earl - "Everybody's Carried Away" b/w "Weary Silent Night" (Ace 564) King, Earl - "Street Parade, Parts 1 & 2" (Kansu 101/red label) King, Earl ‎– "Baby You Can Get Your Gun" b/w "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights" (Ace 509/yellow label) King, Earl ‎– "Trick Bag" b/w "Always A First Time" (Imperial 5811) Kinks, The ‎– "A Well Respected Man" b/w "Such A Shame" (Reprise G-0420) Kinks, The ‎– "The Village Green Preservation Society" b/w "Do You Remember Walter?" (Reprise 0847/white label promo) Kris Kross ‎– "Jump" b/w "Lil Boys In Da Hood" (Columbia/Ruffhouse 38-74197) Latterman - "Our Better Halves" (One-sided disc/black - x/1,000) Lee, Warren ‎– "Star Revue" b/w Waiting For A Bus (To Go Home)" (Deesu 305) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "All-Powerful You" (Velocity Of Sound VOS013/coke bottle clear - x/400) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "Soft Places" b/w "Within A Dream II" (SideOneDummy SD15727/RSD 2015/randomly mixed colors - x/750) Left Banke, The ‎– "Walk Away Renee" b/w "I Haven't Got The Nerve" (Smash S-2041) Lennon, John - "Instant Karma (We All Shine On)" b/w "Who Has Seen The Wind?" Lenz, Frank - "Brothers Who Are Breathing" b/w "Sexy Sixth" [Test Pressing] (Black - #2/8) Lewis, Smiley ‎– "One Night" b/w "Ain't Gonna Do It" (Imperial X5380) Lifetime - "The Boy's No Good" b/w "Somewhere In The Swamps of Jersey" (Black) Lightnin' Slim - "Hoo Doo Blues" b/w "It's Mighty Crazy" (Excello 2131) Lightnin' Slim - "Blues At Night" b/w "Don't Mistreat Me Baby" (Excello 2240) Little Walter and His Jukes ‎– "My Babe" (Checker 811/maroon label) Little Walter ‎– "My Baby Is Sweeter" b/w "Crazy Mixed Up World" (Checker 919/maroon label/1959) LL Cool J ‎– "Mama Said Knock You Out" b/w "Around The Way Girl" (Def Jam 38-73609) Love ‎– "7 And 7 Is" b/w "No. Fourteen" (Elektra ‎EK-45605) Love, Johnny ‎– "Chills And Fever" b/w "No Use Pledging My Love" (Startime ST-103/ST-104) Lovin' Spoonful, The - "Full Measure" b/w "Nashville Cats" (Picture sleeve) Lynn, Barbara ‎– "Take Your Love And Run" b/w "(Until Then) I'll Suffer" (Jetstream 804) Mae/Modern Dance [Split] - "Skyline Drive" b/w "Orbiting Me" (Black -x/200 [3,000 total pressed]) Mann, Charles ‎– "Hey, Little Girl" b/w "You're No Longer Man" (Lanor 529) Marchan, Bobby ‎– "Chickee Wah-Wah" b/w "Don't Take Your Love From Me" (Ace 523/yellow label/1957) Mars Volta, The - "Mr. Muggs" (One-sided planchette-shaped 7") Mars Volta, The ‎– "A Plague Upon Your Hissing Corpse" (Unofficial one-sided single/black - #129/300) Marshmallow Ghosts, The & Dreamend ‎– "The Sneak" [Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE083/CHAR013/limited edition/totally insane splatter - #239/250) Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - "Where The Saints Roam" b/w "Cheap Thrills Cost The Most" (Half Marble & half white - #401/1,000) MC5 ‎– "Kick Out The Jams" b/w "Motor City Is Burning" (Elektra ‎EK-45648/first press/yellow/black/white labels/1855 Broadway address) McDuff, Brother Jack ‎– "Theme From Electric Surfboard" b/w "Down Home Style" (Blue Note BN 1953/blue & white label) Metallica ‎– "Enter Sandman" b/w "Stone Cold Crazy" (Vertigo 868 732-7/European pressing/1991) Metallica ‎– "One" b/w "The Prince" (Elektra 7-69329/first press/1988) Meters, The ‎– "Cissy Strut" b/w "Here Comes The Meter Man" (Josie Records 45-1005) Meters, The ‎– "Hand Clapping Song" b/w "Joog" (Josie 45-1021) Meters, The ‎– "Sophisticated Cissy" b/w "Sehorns Farms" (Josie 45-1001/white label promo) Meters, The ‎– "Stretch Your Rubber Band" b/w "Groovy Lady" (Josie 45-1026/white label promo) MGMT - "Electric Feel" (UK import/purple) MGMT - "Time To Pretend" b/w "Weekend Wars" (BBC Radio 1 Session) (UK import/heavyweight vinyl/white) Mighty Hannibal, The ‎– "Fishin' Pole" b/w "Hymn No. 5" (Josie 45-964) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎– "The Impression That I Get" b/w "At It Again" (Big Rig/first press/clear green) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎– "Where'd You Go?" b/w "Sweet Emotion" (Taang! T-48/translucent blue - x/550) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The/Kiss [Split] ‎– "Detroit Rock City" b/w "Detroit Rock City" (Mercury 858 894-7/green transparent) Mike and The Jokers ‎– "There'S Got To Be A Girl" b/w "To Tease and Please" (Chase 6000) Mineral/Jimmy Eat World/Sense Field [Split] - "Crazy" b/w "Secret Crush" & "Every Reason" (Crank! ‎crc013/gray) Minor Threat - "First Demo Tape" (2003 pressing/purple) Minor Threat - "Salad Days" Minor Threat ‎– "In My Eyes" (Dischord no. 5/second pressing/yellow labels - x/1,000) Modest Mouse - "King Rat" b/w "Fire It Up" (Black) Modest Mouse - "A Life of Arctic Sounds" b/w "Medication" (Second press/white) Modest Mouse ‎– "Float On" b/w "I've Got It All (Most)" (Black) Modest Mouse ‎– "Too Many Fiestas For Rueben" b/w "Cowboy Dan" (Glacial Pace GP709/black) Modest Mouse ‎– "White Lies, Yellow Teeth" b/w "Buttons To Push The Buttons" (Glacial Pace GP707/black) Mohawks, The ‎– "The Champ" b/w "Sound Of The Witch Doctors" (Cotillion ‎44002) Monkees, The - "Daydream Believer" b/w "Goin' Down" Moore, Curley ‎– "Soul Train" b/w "This Way I Do" (Hot Line 901) Moore, Sam "Ironing Board" - "This Is A New Day" b/w "I Laugh" (Sansu S1000/blue label) Morgan, Oliver - "Who Shot The Lala" b/w "Hold Your Dog" (GNP Crescendo GNP 318) Morgan, Oliver - "Who Shot The Lala" b/w "Hold Your Dog" (Gumbo 45-6001) Morgus and the Ghouls - "Morgus The Magnificent" b/w "Lonely Boy" (Vin Record Co 1013/1958) MXPX - "Keep A Beat" b/w "Coffee" (Picture disc - x/1,000) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Christmas" (Orange - x/500) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Show" (Tooth & Nail TNV6/first pressing/black) MXPX - "Punk Rawk Show" (Tooth & Nail TNV6/first pressing/red) MXPX - "Screw Loose" b/w "Despise" (Green marble) MXPX - "The Broken Bones" EP (Red - x/2,000) MXPX - "The Road Less Traveled" b/w "You Hold The Key" (Fat Wreck Chords 7" of the month club/gold) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/first pressing/Andy included in front picture/Beatles on back/purple marble) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/first pressing/Andy included in front picture/Beatles on back/transparent clear) MXPX ‎– "17/Suggestion Box" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV3/second pressing/generic white sleeve/black) MXPX ‎– "Left Coast Punk" EP (First pressing/various red marble vinyl - x/495 MXPX ‎– "Left Coast Punk" EP (Sexy Baby SBR-1021R1/glow in the dark - #17/200) MXPX ‎– "Small Town Minds" EP (Tooth & Nail TNV10/first pressing/pink) MXPX/Cancer [Split] - "Aces Up" b/w "As Long As We Are One" & "I Felt Hope" (White w/ black streaks - x/80 [300 press total]) MXPX/The McRackins [Split] - "North America Loud Punk Series, Vol. 4" Split EP (Black) Neville, Art ‎– "That Rock & Roll Beat" b/w "Too Much" (Instant 3236) New Found Glory/Dashboard Confessional [Split] - "Swiss Army Bro-Mance" EP (Black w/ white vinyl - x/2,500) Nirvana ‎– "Come As You Are" b/w "Drain You (Live)" (DGC/Sub Pop DGCS7-19120/black/1992) Nirvana ‎– "Smells Like Teen Spirit" b/w "Even In His Youth" (DGC DGCS7-19050) No Innocent Victim - "The Crazy Engler Brothers" (Blue - x/823 [1,037 total pressed]) NOFX - "Fuck The Kids" (Orange) NOFX - "Surfer" (Orange) NOFX - "Timmy the Turtle" b/w "The Plan" (Green - x/9,499 [official number from Fat Wreck 9,537]) NOFX - "My Stepdad's A Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme" b/w "She Didn't Lose Her Baby" (Blue/black swirl - x/1,008) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (Clear w/ black & white splatter) NOFX - "Regaining Unconsciousness" (Grey) NOFX - "Ronnie & Mags" b/w "I believe In Goddess" (Blue w/ gold bursts - x/1,008) NOFX ‎– "Fuck The Kids" (Fat Wreck FAT546-7/first pressing/green - x/500) NOFX ‎– "Oxy Moronic" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT295-7/Original Demos Series #3/white oxy - x/2,589/2016) NOFX ‎– "Pods And Gods" b/w "What's The Matter With Parents Today?" (Orange - x/12,000 [official number from Fat Wreck 12,049]) NOFX ‎– "Sid & Nancy" b/w "Generation Z" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT 293-7/RSD 2016 exclusive/red+grey splatter - x/3,000) NOFX ‎– "Sid & Nancy" b/w "Generation Z" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT 293-7/RSD 2016 exclusive/red+grey splatter - x/3,000) NOFX ‎– "Stoke Extinguisher" b/w "The Shortest Pier" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎FAT268-7/green & pink swirl) NOFX ‎– "The PMRC Can Suck On This" EP (Fourth press/black - x/5,000) NOFX ‎– "Xmas Has Been X'ed" b/w "New Year's Revolution" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT264-7/red & green translucent - x/599) Nookie Boy - "I'll Make A Bet" b/w "I've Got A Feeling For You Baby" (A.F.O 306) Notorious B.I.G. ‎– "Big Poppa" (Radio Edit) b/w "Warning" (Radio Edit) (Bad Boy Entertainment 78612-79024-7) Overcome - "Amnesty" (Takehold Records/black - x/800 [1,000 total pressed]) Owens, Tony ‎– "Confessin' A Feeling" b/w "Got' A Get My Baby Back Home" (Soulin' 148) Owens, Tony - "Woman, I Got To Leave You" b/w "Confessin' A Feeling" (Sansu 1004) Owens, Tony ‎– "(When You're Wrong) You Got To Pay The Price" b/w "One Man's Woman, Another Man's Wife" (Listening Post LP-101) Owens, Tony ‎– "All That Matters" b/w "I Don't Want Nobody But My Baby" (Buddah BDA 471/1975) Owens, Tony ‎– "I'll Be There" b/w "Wishing, Waiting, Hoping" (Soulin' ‎146/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Barefootin'" b/w "Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)" (Nola 721/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "C.C. Rider" b/w "A Letter To Santa" (NOLA 730/red label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Get Ta Steppin'" (Island IS 015/mono & stereo white label promo) Parker, Robert ‎– "Happy Feet" b/w "The Scratch" (NOLA 726/yellow label) Parker, Robert ‎– "Tip Toe" b/w "Soul Kind Of Loving" (Nola 729) Parker, Robert ‎– "Yak Yak Yak" b/w "Secret Service (Makes Me Nervous)" (NOLA 733/red label) Passion Pit ‎– "Little Secrets" (RSD 2010 exclusive/red) Patterson, Bobby ‎– "How Do You Spell Love" b/w "She Don't Have To See You" (Paula PAULA 362/1972) Pedro The Lion - "A Guitar For Janie/Progress" (w/ Booklet/black vinyl - x/2,000) Pedro The Lion - "Big Trucks" (Made In Mexico/black - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" b/w "Silent Night" (Lavender Marble - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" b/w "Silent Night" (Mottled grey - x/1,000) Pedro The Lion - "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day" b/w "Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel" (Red vinyl - x/1,000 [1,500 total] Pedro The Lion - "Song A" b/w "Song B" [Sub Pop Singles Club] (Black vinyl - x/1,300) Pedro The Lion - "The First Noel" b/w "Long Way Around The Sea" (White vinyl - x/3,000) Pedro The Lion - "Helicopter" (Homemade Recordings/black - x/750 [1,000 total pressed]) Pee Shy/Home [Split] - "Shazam" b/w "Gallup!" Pep Squad - "Angela Jones" b/w "I Am Alone Inside" (Blue) Phillips, Esther ‎– "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" b/w "'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone" (Kudu KU-904) Pink Floyd - "Another Brick In The Wall, Parts 1 & 2" (White vinyl - limited edition) Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" (Lavender - x/100 [500 pressed total] Pink Frost - "The Sun" b/w "You Should Know" [Test Pressing] (Black - #14/14) Plastic Crimewave Sound - "A Dream You See" b/w "Tears For Reep Daggle" (N+B 001/Seafoam green - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Poison Idea/Pantera [Split] ‎– "The Badge" (RSD 2014 exclusive/purple - x/4,700) Polka Dot Slim ‎– "A Thing You Gotta Face" b/w "Ain't Broke, Ain't Hungry" (Instant 3269) Pony Express ‎– "Transparent With Blue Eyes" b/w "After August" (Velvet Blue Music VBM002/clear blue) Pop Unknown/Sunfactor [Split] - "Sunday Gone" b/w "Fall In New England" (Year 3 Thousand YR3001/black) Price, Lloyd w/ Don Costa Orchestra ‎– "Stagger Lee" b/w "You Need Love" (ABC-Paramount 45-9972) Prince La La ‎– "She Put The Hurt On Me" b/w "Don't You Know Little Girl (I'm In Love)" (A.F.O. 45-301) Professor Longhair & His Blues Scholars ‎– "Tipitina" b/w "In The Night" (Atlantic 45-1020/yellow label/1954) Professor Longhair - "Cuttin' Out" b/w "If I Only Knew" (Ron 326/orange label) Professor Longhair - "Go To The Mardi Gras" b/w "Everyday, Everynight" (Ron 329/red label) Professor Longhair - "No Buts, No Maybes" b/w "Cry Pretty Baby" (Specialty 749/reissue) Professor Longhair and The Clippers ‎– "Willie The Prince" b/w "Third House From The Corner" (Watch 45-1904/promo) Professor Longhair ‎– "Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand" b/w "Looka' No Hair" (Ebb ‎– 121) Professor Longhair ‎– "Big Chief (Parts 1 & 2)" (Watch ‎45-1900/yellow label) Professor Longhair ‎– "Look What You're Doin' To Me" b/w "Misery" (Ebb 106/black label) Professor Longhair ‎– "No Buts - No Maybes" b/w "Cry Pretty Baby" (Ebb 101) Queen - "We Are The Champions" b/w "We Will Rock You" (Elektra E-45441/picture sleeve) Question Mark & The Mysterians "96 Tears" b/w "Midnight Hour" (Cameo C-428) Quicksand - "Quicksand" (Revelation 18/first pressing/black - x/5,000) Quicksand ‎- "Dine Alone" b/w "Can Opener" (Polydor PRO 1002-7/black) R. Kelly ‎– "Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)" b/w "I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)" (Jive 01241-42373-7) Rainbows, The - "Good Thing Goin'" b/w "Key To My Heart" (Instant 3291) Ralston, John - "Jesus Christ" b/w "A Marigny Xmas" (Signed/white vinyl - x/150 [300 total pressed]) Ramone, Joey - "Rock 'N Roll Is The Answer" b/w "There's Got To Be More To Life" (RSD 2012 exclusive/red) Ramones - "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" b/w "Judy Is A Punk" (Demos/Norton repress/1997) Ramones ‎- "Needles & Pins" b/w "I Wanted Everything" (Sire SRE 1045) Ramones ‎– "Carbona Not Glue" b/w "I Can't Be" (Sub Pop SP 666/unofficial release/pink version - x/500) Ramones ‎– "Carbona Not Glue" b/w "I Can't Be" (Sub Pop SP 666/unofficial release/yellow version - x/500) Ramones/Red Hot Chili Peppers [Split] - "Havana Affair" (RSD 2011 exclusive/red) Reeder, Eskew - "Johnny Little" b/w "A Tear" (Everest 2025) Reeder, Eskew ‎– "Green Door" b/w "I Waited Too Long" (Minit ‎648) Reeder, Eskew ‎– "I Woke Up (With My Mind On My Baby), Parts 1 & 2" (Instant 3268) Replacements, The ‎– "I'm In Trouble" b/w "If Only You Were Lonely" (Twin/Tone Records ‎TTR 8120/first pressing w/ picture sleeve/black) Ridgley, Tommy - "Sometimes You Get It" b/w "What A Mess We're In" (Sansu ‎S10001/misspelled Ridgely on label) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "Hey Little Chick" b/w "Did You Tell Him" (White Cliffs 260/white label promo) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "I Want Some Money Baby" b/w "All My Love Belongs To You" (Johen 45-9200/1965) Ridgley, Tommy ‎– "I'm Asking Forgiveness" b/w "There Is Something On Your Mind" (River City 728) Roadside Monument - "My Life is Green" (Tooth & Nail TNV8/black) Roadside Monument - "My Life is Green" (Tooth & Nail TNV8/green) Roadside Monument/Frodus [Split] - "Split EP" (White) Robinson, David - "I Like It Like It Is" b/w "I Care For You" (Orbitone 1001/baby blue label) Roger & The Gypsies ‎– "Pass The Hatchet, Parts 1 & 2" (Seven B ‎7001) Rolling Stones, The - "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" b/w "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" (London label/US press) Rollins, Sonny - "The Bridge" EP (RCA LSP-2527/picture sleeve) Rollins, Sonny - "Almost Like Being In Love" b/w "In A Sentimental Mood" (Prestige 45-284/mono/promo/203 S. Washington Ave. NJ on the label) Ronstadt, Linda & James Ingram - "Somewhere Out There" ("An American Tail" picture sleeve) Rufio - "Above Me" b/w "Road To Recovery" (Original demo versions/black) RUN DMC - "Walk This Way" b/w "King of Rock" (Profile/picture sleeve) Sagan, Carl (featuring Stephen Hawking) - "A Glorious Dawn" (One-sided etched disc) Saves The Day – "Anywhere with You" b/w "Blossom" (White) Seeds, The ‎– "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "I Tell Myself" (GNP Crescendo - GNP 354) Seeds, The ‎– "March Of The Flower Children" b/w "A Thousand Shadows" (GNP Crescendo ‎– GNP 394/mono) Seeds, The ‎– "Pushin' Too Hard" b/w "Try To Understand" (GNP Crescendo GNP 372/blue label) Sense Field/Onelinedrawing [Split] - "Anniversary" b/w "Wings" (Blue - #552/1,500) Shai Hulud - "A Profound Hatred of Man" (Black) Shai Hulud - "A Profound Hatred of Man" (Third press/green) Shelter ‎– "In Defense Of Reality" b/w "The News" (Equal Vision EVR 4/clear) Shins, The - "Nothing At All" b/w "Split Needles (alt. version)" (Sub Pop) Shockwave - "Warpath" EP (Blue) Sick Of It All ‎– "Sick Of It All" (Revelation REVELATION: 3/4th pressing/red labels/33 rpm/1988) Sleeping By The Riverside - "Sleeping By The Riverside" (Purple vinyl) Slick Shoes ‎– "Slick Shoes" EP (Tooth & Nail TNR 1073/black) Slim, Tarheel & Little Ann ‎– "Can't Stay Away, Parts 1 & 2" (Fire 1017/1960) Smashing Pumpkins, The ‎– "1979" b/w "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" (Virgin ‎7243 8 38522 7 7/1996) Smith Westerns ‎– "Varsity" b/w "Case & Point" (Mom + Pop MP11/black) Smith, Huey "Piano" and The Clowns ‎– "Don't You Just Know It" b/w "High Blood Pressure" (Ace 545) Smith, Huey "Piano" ‎– "Havin A Good Time" b/w "We Like Birdland" (Ace 548) Smith, Huey "Piano" With his Clowns ‎– "Well I'll Be John Brown" b/w "Don't You Know Yockomo" (Ace 553) Smith, Huey "Piano"& His Clowns ‎– "Beatnik Blues" b/w "For Cryin' Out Loud" (Ace 584/1960) Smith, Huey and His Clowns ‎– "Just A Lonely Clown" b/w "Free Single And Disengaged" (Ace 538/white label) Smith, Huey and The Clowns ‎– "Rocking Pneumonia and The Boogie Woogie Flu" (Ace Records 530/white label with blue lettering) Smith, Huey ‎– "Pop-Eye" b/w "Scald-Dog" (Ace 649) Smith, Huey ‎– "Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas and The Sinus Blues" b/w "Dearest Darling" (Ace 571) Snapcase - "Comatose" b/w "Crown of Thorns" (First pressing/opaque yellow - x/460) Sonic Youth ‎– "Providence" (Blast First BFFP 48/mono & stereo UK promo - x/500) Sonic Youth/Erase Errata [Split] ‎– "Buddy Series #1" (Narnack - NACK 002/black) Soundgarden ‎– "Black Hole Sun" b/w "Spoonman" (A&M Records 31458 0766 7/black/1994) Southwest F.O.B. ‎– "Smell Of Incense" b/w "Green Skies" (Hip HIA-8002/blue label) Spellman, Benny - "Roll On" b/w "That's All I Ask of You" (Ace 630) Spellman, Benny ‎– "Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)" b/w "Fortune Teller" (Minit 644/black label) Spellman, Benny ‎– "The Word Game" b/w "I Feel Good" (Atlantic ‎– 45-2291/1965) Spiders - "Spiders" EP (Mono/Sundazed/1998) Spitfire ‎– "Ohm Driver" (Demo) (New American Records NAR-101/black - #96/300) Starflyer 59 - "Automatic" b/w "Compulsion" (The first two 7"s in "Ghosts of the Future" box set were mispressed on white vinyl) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard bonus 7" [Test Pressing] (Marbled vinyl - x/30) Starflyer 59 - "Concentrate" b/w "Pearl of Great Price" (The first two 7"s in "Ghosts of the Future" box set were mispressed on white vinyl) Starflyer 59 - "Elijah the Prophet" b/w "Never Had One" ('The Fashion Focus' bonus 7"/black) Starflyer 59 - "Your Company" b/w "Prepare To Detour" ('Everybody Makes Mistakes' bonus 7"/black) Starship ‎– "We Built This City" b/w "Sara" (RCA 5180-7-GG) Staryfler 59 - "Goodbyes Are Sad" b/w "Next Time Around" (Tooth & Nail TNV 9/baby blue) Staryfler 59 - "Goodbyes Are Sad" b/w "Next Time Around" (Tooth & Nail TNV 9/white) Stretch Arm Strong - "It Burns Clean" (Black) Stretch Arm Strong/Disciple [Split] - "I Stand Alone" (Black) Strongarm - "Division" (Black - x/700) Strongarm - "Trials" (White - x/200) Stryper - "Honestly" b/w "Sing-Along-Song" (Picture sleeve) Sugar Hill Gang - "Rapper's Delight" b/w "Apache" Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive [Split] - "Lipton Witch" b/w "Bad Heart" (RSD 2014 exclusive/maroon - x/2,400) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Mama's Baby-Daddy's Maybe" b/w "Sal-A-Faster" (Canyon #30/1970) Swift, Richard ‎– "Kisses For The Misses" (Secretly Canadian SC 157) Taking Back Sunday - "Carpathia" b/w "Catholic Knees (live)" (Picture sleeve) Taking Back Sunday ‎– "Sink Into Me" b/w "You Wreck Me" (Warner Bros. 519695-7/black) Taylor, Betty ‎– "I'm Going Home" b/w "You're A Winner" (NOLA 705/red label) Taylor, Chris - "Basketball" b/w "Dolly" (Big Thunder 503) Tee, Willie - "I'd Give It To You" b/w "Look Out World" (United Artists UA-XW910-Y) Tee, Willie ‎– "Sweet thing" b/w "Man That I Am" (Gatur Records ‎– 511) Tee, Willie ‎– "Thank You John" b/w "Dedicated to You" (Atlantic 45-2287) Tee, Willie ‎– "Walking Up A One Way Street" b/w "Teasin' You" (Atlantic 45-2273) Tee, Willie ‎– "Walking Up A One Way Street" b/w "Teasin' You" (NOLA 708/yellow label) Tee, Willie/Betty LaVette [Split] ‎– "Please Don't Go" b/w "Games People Play" (Ripete R45-3108/deleted reissue) Texas Is The Reason - "Texas Is The Reason" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The ‎– "You're Gonna Miss Me" b/w "Tried To Hide" (International Artists 107/yellow & green labels) Thomas, Irma - "Ruler of My Heart" b/w "It's Raining" (Imperial 037/The Golden Series) Thomas, Irma - "Whenever" b/w "For Goodness Sake" (Bandy 368/black label) Thomas, Irma - "Wish Someone Would Care" b/w "Break-A-Way" (Imperial 66013) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Don't Mess With My Man" b/w "Set Me Free" (Ron 328/red label) Thomas, Irma ‎– "I Done Got Over It" b/w "Gone" (Minit 642) Thomas, Irma ‎– "It's Raining" b/w "I Did My Part" (Minit 653/black label/1962) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Moments To Remember" b/w "Times Have Changed" (Imperial ‎66069) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Two Winters Long" b/w "Somebody Told You" (Minit 660/black label/1962) Thomas, Irma ‎– "What Are You Trying To Do" b/w "Take A Look" (Imperial 66137/1965) Thomas, Rosie/Sufjan Stevens [Split] - "Where Were You?" b/w "Here I Am!" (Hit & Run, Vol. 1) Thou - "To Carry A Stone" (Housed in black on white silkscreened sleeve w/ white interior sleeve/translucent yellow - x/30 [500 pressed total]) Thou - "To Carry A Stone" (Housed in silkscreened black cardstock sleeves with silver ink w/ white interior sleeve/pastel yellow - x/100 [500 pressed total]) Thou ‎– "Only You Deserve Conceit" (Sisters In Christ ‎SIC001/RSD 2015 exclusive to Sisters In Christ in NOLA/black - x/500) Thou/Black September [Split] - "Thrive and Decay" (Black - x/1,000) Thou/Black September [Split] - "Thrive and Decay" (Clear red - x/1,000) Thou/Haarp [Split] - "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos" b/w "Thinning" (Orange vinyl - x/1,000) Thou/Hell [Split] ‎– "Resurrection Bay" (White - x/1,000) Thou/Human Intruder [Split] - "A Faire Quarrell" (Black) Thrice - "At Guitar Center" (Red - #58/2,000) Thrice/Thursday [Split] - "Under A Killing Moon" b/w "For The Workforce, Drowning" (Clear) Tumbledown - "Arrested In El Paso Blues" b/w "Small Desert Town" (Picture disc) Tumbledown - "Atlantic City" b/w "Gambling On Love" (Picture disc) Tumbledown/Yesterday's Ring [Split] (Half black/Coke bottle blue - x/400 [1,000 pressed total]) TV On The Radio - "New Health Rock" b/w "Modern Romance" Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‎– "Mind Crawler" b/w "Get On Home" (Rise Above RISE7/172/first press/transparent green - x/500) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats ‎– "Runaway Girls" b/w "Devil’s Work (Acoustic)" (Rise Above RISE7/180/opaque purple - x/500) Underoath - "In Regards To Myself" b/w "Writing On The Walls" (Black) Underoath ‎– "Sunburnt" b/w "Unsound" (Farewell tour picture disc - x/2,500) Underoath/Thursday split 7" (Picture disc - x/500) Unteachers/Grace & Thieves [Split] (Green - x/100 [300 pressed total]) Various Artists - "Hardcore 1990 - East Meets West" (Black) Various Artists - "Sassy" (Sub Pop SP 171/originally came with Sassy Magazine/green - x/3,000) Various Artists - "The Essential Seven B Collection" (3x7"/Featuring: Eddie Bo, Roger & the Gypsies, Lenny McDaniel, Little Buck, & Pat Brown) Various Artists ‎– "Facedown Records 7" Set" (Facedown/first pressing/3x7"/black cover/blue, white & clear vinyl - #288/300) Velvet Underground, The ‎– "Who Loves The Sun" (Cotillion 45-44107/first pressing/stereo & mono white label promo/1971) Washington, Walter & The Soul Powers ‎– "Pony Express, Parts 1 & 2" (Scram 118/1969) Wavves - "California Goths" b/w "Here's To The Sun" (Pink - x/150) Wednesdays, The ‎– "American Midnight" (Tooth & Nail TNV14/black) West, Willie ‎– "A Man Like Me" b/w "Did You Have Fun" (Rustone 1403) West, Willie ‎– "Greatest Love" b/w "Hello Mama" (Deesu 306/green label) West, Willie ‎– "It's Been So Long" b/w "Said To Myself" (Warner Bros. WBS 8087/1975) Wham! ‎– "Careless Whisper" b/w "Instrumental (Columbia 38-04691/picture sleeve) Wham! ‎– "Everything She Wants (Remix)" b/w "Like A Baby" (Columbia 38-04840/picture sleeve) Whirr/Monster Movie [Split] ‎– "Color Change" b/w "Flatlining" [Charity Series] (Graveface GRAVE085/CHAR007/limited edition/twilight lavender - #203/250) White, Danny ‎– "Can't Do Nothing Without You" b/w "Miss Fine Miss Fine" (Frisco 110) White, Danny ‎– "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" b/w "The Little Bitty Things" (Frisco 104) Wilco - "I Might" b/w "I Love My Label" (Blue - x/1,000) Wilco - "You Never Know" b/w "Unlikely Japan" (Black) Wild Magnolias, The ‎– "New Suit" b/w "(Big Chief Like Plenty of) Fire Water" (Treehouse 801) Wild Magnolias, The ‎– "Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke It Right)" b/w "Iko Iko" (Polydor ‎PD 14242) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "My Younger Days" b/w "I Want You Close To Me" (Checker 1080/maroon label) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "The Goat" b/w "It's Sad To Be Alone" (Checker 943/maroon label) Williamson, Sonny Boy ‎– "Wake Up Baby" b/w "Your Funeral and My Trial" (Checker ‎894/promo/white label) Wonder, Stevie ‎– "A Something's Extra For 'Songs In The Key Of Life'" (Tamla T 340EP/bonus 45 for SITKOL LP) Wray, Link and The Ray Men ‎– "Week End" b/w "Turnpike U.S.A." (SWAN S-4154/1963) Wrestlers, The - "Land of 1,000 Dances" (White label promo/picture sleeve) xDISCIPLEx A.D. - "Blood Feud" EP (Second press/purple marble mix - x/565) Youth of Today - "Disengage" EP (Third press/black) Youth of Today ‎– "Disengage" EP (Revelation 25th Anniversary Show - Chicago/limited run set/clear) Zao ‎– "Drifting Shadows in Walking Dreams" (Decibel Flexi Series DB073/flexi-disc/blue/2016) Zao ‎– "Xenophobe" b/w "Fear Itself" (First press/clear - #461/600) Zao/Through And Through [Split] ‎– "Treadwater" (Steadfast SFR 003/red - x/750) Zapata – "Do Your Thing, Parts 1 & 2" (Metro-Dome ME-45-1004/1972) Zombies, The ‎– "If It Don't Work Out" b/w "Don't Cry For Me" (Date 2-1648/promo/white 'radio station copy' label) Zombies, The ‎– "She's Not There" b/w "You Make Me Feel So Good" (Parrot ‎45 PAR 9695) Zombies, The ‎– "Time Of The Season" b/w "Friends of Mine" (Date 2-1628/green label) 10" (24 items) Anberlin ‎– "Vital" (Universal Republic B0017548-01/first press/2x10") Clash, The - "Black Market Clash" (1st pressing/Nu Disk/promo copy) Cure, The ‎– "A Single" (Fiction Records 0930.083/German import/1982/black) Dashboard Confessional - "If You Can't Leave It Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed" b/w "Ghost of A Good Thing" (Picture Disc - x/3,000) Davis, Miles - "Miles Davis Quartet" (Black Friday RSD 2011 exclusive/blue) Davis, Miles - "Miles Davis" [Classics In Jazz] (Capitol H459/mono/deep groove/1954) Davis, Miles All Stars ‎– "Vol. 1" (Prestige PRLP 196/mono/deep groove/maroon label/446 W. 50th St., N.Y.C./RVG in dead wax/1955) Davis, Miles All Stars ‎– "Vol. 2" (Prestige PRLP 200/deep groove/446 W. 50th St., N.Y.C./RVG in dead wax/1955) Davis, Miles ‎– "Enigma" (Blue Note LP 5071/Black Friday RSD 2014 exclusive/black) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (Red/Japan issue/CR Records - #329/500) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (UK issue/Hassle Records - x/500) Get Up Kids, The ‎– "Red Letter Day" (First pressing/black) Hopesfall - "No Wings To Speak Of" (Blue marble) Jay, Abner - "Last Ole Ministrel Man" (Mississippi MR-080/reissue) King, Earl ‎– "Earl King: 1954-1955" (Vivid Sound VS 2010/Japanese import/1981) MXPX – "On The Cover" (First press/2x10"/white) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (One-sided disc/half black & half white) Pedro The Lion - "Whole" EP Shai Hulud/Indecision [Split] - "The Fall of Every Man" (Black) The Lulls In Traffic/States [Split] EP ‎– "The Lulls in Traffic/States Split" (Vanguard Room ‎VAND013/translucent yellow - x/300) Thou - "Malfeasance - Retribution" (First pressing/black - x/525) Thou - "To The Chaos Wizard Youth" (First US press/black) Underoath - "Ø (disambiguation) Remixes" (One-sided etched vinyl/clear) Underoath - "Lost In The Sound of Separation" (Deluxe Edition: 2xLP/10" sawblade die cut records/LP 1: turquois; LP 2: red marble - #692/5,000) LP/12" (617 items) '68 ‎– "In Humor And Sadness" (eOne Music EOM-LP 9436/first press/ultra clear - x/500) 13th Floor Elevators ‎– "The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators" (International Artists ‎IA-LP-1/first pressing/stereo/1966) Adderley, Cannonball - "Somethin' Else" (Blue Note 1595/reissue) AFI - "Very Proud Of Ya" (Nitro 15805-1/first press/black) Afro Latin Soultet, The ‎– "Wild!" (Tower T-5051/mono/1966) Anberlin - "Cities" (2xLP/black) Anberlin - "Blueprints For The Black Market" (Black) Anberlin - "Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place" (180 gram/black) Anberlin - "Never Take Friendship Personal" (Black) Anchor & Braille - "Felt" (180 Gram/black - x/100) Appleseed Cast, The - "Mare Vitalis" (First pressing/LP 1: blue & white/LP 2: black w/ gold streaks - x/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Middle States" EP (Milky clear & aqua blue vinyl - #137/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Two Conversations" (First pressing/transparent monster electric green/baby blue opaque/red and white splatter vinyl - #466/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "End of the Ring Wars" (2xLP/first pressing/gold) Appleseed Cast, The - "Low Level Owl 1 & 2" (First pressing/black - x/1,000) Appleseed Cast, The - "Peregrine" (First pressing/black - x/2,000) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" (Graveface GRAVE090/first press/180 gram/mailorder only/black - x/500) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" [Test Pressing] (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover signed - #39/50) Appleseed Cast, The ‎– "Illumination Ritual" [Test Pressing] (Graveface GRAVE090/William Schaff hand-screenprinted/stencil cover/unnumbered - x/72) Arcade Fire - "Funeral" (Merge mrg255/first pressing/embossed cover) Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible" (2xLP/gatefold sleeve/black) Arcade Fire - "Reflektor" b/w "Reflektor Instrumental" 12" Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs" (2xLP/gatefold sleeve/black) Arcade Fire – "The Suburbs" b/w "Month Of May" (12" single/white label - x/1,000) As Cities Burn ‎– "Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest" (First pressing/Coke bottle green & red split - x/100 [1,000 pressed total]) As I Lay Dying - "Shadows Are Security" (Black) As I Lay Dying - "An Ocean Between Us" (Green) As I Lay Dying ‎– "Frail Words Collapse" (Metal Blade ‎3984-14441-2/black) As I Lay Dying ‎– "The Powerless Rise" (Box set/picture disc) At The Drive-In - "Relationship of Command" (RSD 2013 exclusive/2xLP/150 gram/orange) At The Drive-In ‎– "Acrobatic Tenement" (First US pressing/red) Ataris, The ‎– "End Is Forever" (Kung Fu 87822-1/first pressing/black) Bazan, David - "Curse Your Branches" (+ 7") Bazan, David - "Strange Negotiations" (Black) Bazan, David - "Bazan: Live At Electrical Audio" (Black - #878/1,000) Bazan, David - "Fewer Moving Parts" EP (Black) Bazan, David ‎– "Christmas Bonus" (Suicide Squeeze 149/etched B-side/white - x/1,000) Bazan, David ‎– "Dark Sacred Night" (Suicide Squeeze S150/blue & white - x/2,000) Bazuka - "Bazuka" (A&M SP-3406/white label promo/1975) Beach Boys, The - "SMiLE Sessions" (Capitol T 2580/2xLP/180 gram) Beach Boys, The - "Smiley Smile" (Brother Records T-9001/first press/mono) Beach Boys, The - "Surf's Up" (Reprise/Brother RS 6453/first press/stereo) Beach Boys, The - "Surfer Girl" (Capitol T-1981/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The - "The Beach Boys Today" (Capitol T-2269/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The - "Wild Honey" (Capitol T-2859/first press/mono/colorband label) Beach Boys, The – "Pet Sounds" (Capitol T-2458/first press/mono/colorband label) Beatles, The - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Capitol MAS-2653/first press/mono/gatefold/coloband label w/ cardboard cut-out sheet) Beatles, The - "The Beatles' Greatest" (Odeon OMHS 3001l/Dutch import/stereo) Beatles, The ‎– "Magical Mystery Tour" (Apple SMAL-2835/stereo/Apple label/1971) Beck - "Odelay" (First press/Bong Load/180 gram w/ inserts/black) Beck ‎– "Modern Guilt" (XL Recordings XLLP 369/UK & Europe first press/black) Becoming The Archetype - "Terminate Damnation" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Berry, Chuck ‎– "One Dozen Berrys" (Chess 1432/first pressing/mono/deep groove/black label) Berry, Chuck ‎– "Twist" (Chess LP 1465/first pressing/mono/black label/deep groove) Better Than A Thousand - "Just One" (Revelation: 60/black - x/2,029) Big Star - "#1 Record" (Ardent ADS 280/reissue/no barcode/2009) Big Star ‎– "Radio City" (Big Beat/Off Beat WIK 54/European import/yellow label/1986) Blac Dog ‎– "Backwoods Boogie: Louisiana's Answer To Punk Rock" (Crazy Horse 2001/1978) Black Flag - "Jealous Again" EP (SST 003/First pressing/no barcode on sleeve/black) Black Flag - "Everything Went Black" (2xLP/Second press/no barcode on sleeve/poster included/1987) Black Flag ‎– "Damaged" (Roadrunner RR 9956/2nd Netherlands pressing/red logo on white label) Black Flag ‎– "In My Head" (SST 045/first US pressing/black) Black Flag ‎– "Slip It In" (SST 029/first pressing/no barcode on cover w/ 1 black and white insert) Black Merda ‎– "The Psych-Funk Of Black Merda" (Funky Delicacies DEL LP 0077) Blind Melon - "Blind Melon" (RSD 2013 exclusive/2xLP/black) Blink 182 - "Dude Ranch" (First pressing/Grilled Cheese Records/gatefold sleeve/black) Blink 182 ‎– "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" (First US pressing/tri-color [red/yellow/green] vinyl - x/2,000) Blues Magoos ‎– "Electric Comic Book" (Mercury ‎MG 21104/first pressing/mono/1967) Blues Magoos ‎– "Psychedelic Lollipop" (Mercury MG 21096/first pressing/mono) Bo, Eddie - "Check Mr. Popeye" (Rounder 2077/1988) Bo, Eddie - "New Orleans Piano Riffs For DJ's" (Tuff City/1993) Bo, Eddie ‎– "Vippin' & Voppin'" (Charly Records CRB 1195/UK import/1988) Boston Strangler - "Primitive" (First press/black - x/3,000) Bowie, David ‎– "Pinups" (RCA Victor ‎APL1-0291/orange label) Bowie, David ‎– "The Man Who Sold The World" (Mercury SR-61325/counterfeit/boot/matrix # is hand-etched) Box Tops, The ‎– "Super Hits" (Bell 6025/stereo) Boyz II Men ‎– "Evolution" (Motown/first press/2xLP) Braid - "Frames & Canvas" (First pressing/black) Braid ‎– "Closer To Closed" EP (Black - x/1,000) Brand New - "Daisy" (First press/180 gram) Brandtson - "Dial In Sounds" (White - x/200 [500 total pressed]) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" (Multi-colored splatter limited variant - x/18) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" [Test pressing] (Blue handmade screened jacket/orange marble vinyl - #2/5) Brandtson - "Send Us A Signal" [Test pressing] (Red handmade screened jacket/black vinyl - #15/20) Brandtson - "Trying to Figure Each Other Out" (Black - x/1,000) Bright Eyes - "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" (First pressing/180 gram) Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' ‎– "The Original Peacock Recordings" (Rounder 2039/1983) Buffalo Springfield ‎– "Retrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield" (ATCO SD 33-283/yellow label) Burton Inc. ‎– "L.A. Will Make You Pay $$$" (Jazzman JMANLP060/UK reissue/2013) Buzzcocks ‎– "Another Music In A Different Kitchen" (United Artists UAG 30159/original UK press/silver label with orange square) Byrds, The - "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (Columbia CS 9254/2nd press/stereo/red label) Byrds, The ‎– "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" (Columbia ‎CS 9670/first US pressing/two eye label/stereo) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Mirror Man" (Buddah Records BDS 5077/Die-cut/1971) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Safe As Milk" (Sundazed LP 5460/mono/180 gram/reissue) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band ‎– "Trout Mask Replica" (Straight/Reprise 2MS 2027/1974 press/gatefold/tan Reprise labels) Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band ‎– "Bluejeans & Moonbeams" (Mercury SRM-1-1018/first US press/promo) Captain Beefheart ‎– "The Spotlight Kid" (Reprise MS 2050/first US press) Cash, Johnny - "Johnny Cash Sings The Songs That Made Him Famous" (Sun Records) Cash, Johnny ‎– "American IV: The Man Comes Around" (American Recordings 440 063 336-1/first pressing/2xLP) Chariot, The - "Long Live" (First pressing/180 gram vinyl/white w/ black splatter - #814/2,000) Chariot, The ‎– "The Fiancée" (Solid State TND49015/first pressing/translucent gold - x/500) Charles, Bobby ‎– "Chess Masters: Bobby Charles" (Chess CH 9175/1984 compilation) Charles, Ray - "Modern Sounds In Country and Western Music" Charles, Ray - "What'd I Say" (Atlantic 8029/mono/purple & orange label w/ black fan) Chipmunks, The - "Chipmunk Punk" (Black) Clark-Hutchinson ‎– "A = MH2" (Sire/London Records 97021/first US press/promo/stereo) Clash, The - "Combat Rock" (Black) Coleman, Ornette - "Change of The Century" (Atlantic 1327/first pressing/mono/black label) Coleman, Ornette - "The Shape of Jazz To Come" (Atlantic 1317/first pressing/mono/bullseye label) Coleman, Ornette ‎– "Tomorrow Is The Question!" (Contemporary M 3569/first pressing/deep groove/yellow label) Coltrane, John ‎– "My Favorite Things" (Stereo/red & green label/later issue) Coltrane, John - "Olé Coltrane" (Atlantic 1373/first pressing/mono/red & purple w/ white fan labels) Coltrane, John - "Soultrane" (Prestige 7142/Mono/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Coltrane, John - "Coltrane Jazz" (Atlantic 1354/mono/orange & purple w/ black fan labels) Coltrane, John - "Impressions" (Impulse A-42/Mono/orange & black label) Coltrane, John ‎– "Ascension" [Edition II] (Impulse A-95/mono/Edition II is the second press with the 1st take of the piece) Coltrane, John ‎– "Blue Train" [Test Pressing] (Blue Note BN LP-1577/Classic Records ‎reissue/mono/2003 remastered version/200 gram - x/20) Coltrane, John ‎– "Giant Steps" (Atlantic ‎SD 1311/stereo/green & blue labels w/ black fan/1962) Coltrane, John ‎– "Om" (Impulse! ‎AS-9140/first US pressing/stereo/orange & black label) Coltrane, John ‎– "Sun Ship" (Impulse/ABC ‎AS-9211/gatefold) Coltrane, John Quartet - "Ballads" (Impulse A-32/Mono/orange & black label) Coltrane, John Quartet ‎– "Africa/Brass" (Impulse! A-6/original US pressing/mono/orange & black label) Comeback Kid - "Broadcasting..." (First press/khaki green - x/1,000 [2,000 pressed total]) Comeback Kid - "Symptoms + Cures" (First press/white w/ black smoke - x/300) Comeback Kid - "Turn It Around" (First press/blood splatter/no lablels - x/200) Comeback Kid - "Wake The Dead" (First pressing/baby blue - x/330) Congos, The ‎– "Heart Of The Congos" (Reissue) Converge - "Axe To Fall" (Beer, Coke bottle blue & black tricolor vinyl - x/800) Converge - "Jane Doe" (2xLP/Deathwish second pressing [Equal Vision color] clear green - x/560) Converge - "No Heroes" (First pressing/pink & white - x/1,000 [5,000 total pressed] Converge - "When Forever Comes Crashing" (Black - x/3,100) Converge - "You Fail Me" (First pressing/clear & white cross - x/895) Converge - "All We Love We Leave Behind" (First press/blue - x/339) Converge ‎– "Petitioning The Empty Sky" (Equal Vision EVR 40/first pressing/black - x/3,100) Converge/Hellchild [Split] – "Deeper The Wound" (Bastardized Recordings BE007/first German press/splattered/2001 - x/1,800) Cooper, Alice - "Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits" (Warner Bros. W 2803) Cootees, The ‎– "Let's Play House" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1062/first press/glow in the dark vinyl) Copeland - "Beneath Medecine Tree" (Farewell tour edition/white vinyl - x/300) Copeland - "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" (First press/180 gram/black - x/500) Copeland - "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" (First press/clear w/ black smoke - x/250) Copeland - "In Motion" (Half Clear Brown/Half White - x/200) Copeland - "In Motion" [Test Pressing] (Approved test - #10/10) Copeland - "You Are My Sunshine" (2xLP/black/sealed) Copeland ‎– "Ixora" (Tooth & Nail ‎TND0000-40/first pressing/blue w/ white splatter - x/300) Costello, Elvis - "This Year's Model" (Second pressing w/ perimeter text as 'Costello' instead of 'Columbia') Count Five ‎– "Psychotic Reaction" (Double LP-DSS-5001/first pressing/stereo/1966) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains/red w/ black marble - #93/100 [300 pressed total]) Craig's Brother - "Lost At Sea" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail/Veritas Vinyl/Vinyl Remains - x/10) Creedence Clearwater Revival ‎– "Cosmo's Factory" (Fantasy 8402/original pressing/stereo) Cro-Mags - "Age of Quarrel" (Profile PRO-1218/first pressing/beige labels/uncensored red inner-sleeve) Cro-Mags - "Best Wishes" (Profile PRO-1274/first pressing/black labels) Crosby, Bing ‎– "Merry Christmas" (Decca DL 8128/mono/1960 repress) Cure, The ‎– "Disintegration" (Elektra 9 60855-1/US pressing) Cure, The ‎– "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me" (Elektra 60737-1/first US pressing/2xLP/black) Cure, The ‎– "Pornography" (A&M SP-4902/first US press/promo) Cure, The ‎– "The Head On The Door" (Elektra 9 60435-1) Cure, The ‎– "Three Imaginary Boys" (Fiction FIX 1; FICTION DELUXE/first UK pressing) Dashboard Confessional - "The Swiss Army Romance" (First pressing/black) Davis, Miles & Lee Konitz - "Ezz-Thetic" (New Jazz/purple label/"RVG" in deadwax) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Cookin'" (Prestige 7094/Mono/446 W. 50th St., NYC on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Relaxin'" (Prestige 7129/Mono/446 W. 50th St., NYC on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) - "Workin'" (Prestige 7166/Mono/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles (Quintet) ‎– "Miles Smiles" (Columbia CS 9401/first US pressing/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles + 19 (w/ Gil Evans) "‎Miles Ahead" (Columbia CL 1041/first US pressing/mono/first cover that was later withdrawn/6 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Miles In The Sky" (Columbia - CS 9628/first US press/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Agharta" (Columbia PG 33967/first US press/2xLP/stereo) Davis, Miles - "Bitches Brew" (Columbia GP 26/stereo/2 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Collectors' Items" (Prestige 7044/mono/deep groove/"RVG" in deadwax/203 South Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ on the label) Davis, Miles - "Kind of Blue" (Columbia CL 1355/Mono/6 eye label) Davis, Miles - "Kind of Blue" (Columbia PC 8163/stereo/late 70's press/red label) Davis, Miles ‎– "Live-Evil" (Columbia CG 30954/second press/red labels) Davis, Miles ‎– "Sorcerer" (Columbia PC 9532/later US pressing/stereo) Dead Kennedys - "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" (First Pressing/IRS label/orange cover) Death Cab For Cuite - "Plans" (2xLP/180 Gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Narrow Stairs" (+ Bonus 7") Death Cab For Cutie - "The Open Door" EP Death Cab For Cutie - "Transatlanticism" (2xLP) Death Cab For Cutie - "Codes and Keys" (2xLP/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Forbidden Love" EP [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Something About Airplanes" (First pressing w/ red & silver labels/black) Death Cab For Cutie - "Something About Airplanes" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/die-cut jacket and layered vellum insert) Death Cab For Cutie - "The Photo Album" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/includes original full-size photo inserts) Death Cab For Cutie - "The Stability" EP [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram) Death Cab For Cutie - "Transatlanticism" [The Barsuk Years] (2xLP/180 Gram/with full-size 12-page book insert) Death Cab For Cutie - "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes" [The Barsuk Years] (180 Gram/die-cut jacket) Death Cab For Cutie - "You Can Play These Songs With Cords" [The Barsuk Years] (Exclusive to this box set/180 gram/original cassette artwork) Derek and the Dominos - "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" (Polydor PD 2-3501/1972 pressing/2xLP) Descendents - "All" (SST 112/First pressing/no barcode on sleeve w/ insert/black) Descendents - "Bonus Fat" (LP/original New Alliance/SST/no barcode on back) Diddley, Bo ‎– "Bo Diddley" (Chess LP 1431/first pressing/black labels w/ silver text/DG) Dinosaur Jr - "Dinosaur" (Homestead HMS015/first press/black) Discover America - "Future Paths" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Ride Your Pony - Get Out Of My Life Woman" Amy ‎– AMY 8010/first pressing/mono) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Night People" (ABC AA-1048/first pressing/promo) Dorsey, Lee ‎– "Working In The Coal Mine - Holy Cow" (Amy - AMY 8011/mono/first US pressing) Dr. Dog - "Easy Beat" (Park the Van/2008) Dr. Dog - "Wild Race" EP (Anti ‎– 872i7-1/one-sided etched disc) Dr. Dog ‎– "We All Belong" (Park The Van PTV-17/first pressing/black) Dr. John ‎– "The Sun, Moon & Herbs" (ATCO SD 33-362/first press w/ color-wheel on left side of hole on yellow label/1971) Dr. John ‎– "Babylon" (ATCO SD 33 270/first pressing/gatefold/1968) Dr. John ‎– "Dr. John's Gumbo" (ATCO SD 7006/first pressing/gatefold sleeve/1972) Dr. John ‎– "In The Right Place" (ATCO SD 7018/tri-fold sleeve) Dylan, Bob - "Bringing It All Back Home" (Columbia CS 9128/stereo) Dylan, Bob - "Highway 61 Revisited" (Columbia CL 2389/mono/2 eye label/matrix ends in 1A/1C) Dylan, Bob - "John Wesley Harding" (Columbia CS 9604/stereo/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob - "Nashville Skyline" (Columbia KCS 9825/stereo/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob - "The Times They Are a-Changin'" (Columbia CL 2105/Mono/2 eye label) Dylan, Bob ‎– "Blonde On Blonde" (Columbia C2L 41/first US press/2xLP/mono/picture of Claudia Cardinale inside gatefold) Dylan, Bob ‎– "New Morning" (Columbia KC 30290) Dylan, Bob ‎– "Slow Train Coming" (Columbia FC 36120/1979) Eagles - "Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)" Earl Long ‎– "Term Two" [Test Pressing] (ShanGORIL la Records SG-10004 - x/5) Earland, Charles ‎– "The Dynamite Brothers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Recording)" Prestige P 10082/1974) East Side Kids, The ‎– "The Tiger And The Lamb" (UNI Records ‎– 73032/first pressing) Embodyment - "Hold Your Breath" (Red - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Emery - "The Weak's End" [Tour edition] (White vinyl/hand-numbered center labels w/ screened OBI strips - #9/50) Ester Drang - "Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes" (Black/one-sided etched disc) Faith, The/Void [Split] - "The Faith/Void Split" (Dischord no. 8/first pressing/white labels) Father John Misty ‎– "I Love You, Honeybear" (Sub Pop ‎SP1115/2xLP/black) Flaming Lips, The - "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" (PIASA 10/first pressing/black) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Lightning Bolt" EP (Dark & light blue marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Neon Indian" EP (Olive green marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The - "The Flaming Lips 2011: The Flaming Lips w/ Prefuse 73" EP (Off-white marble - x/2,000) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "Clouds Taste Metallic" (Warner Bros ‎1-45911/first pressing/green transparent - x/500) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "Oh My Gawd!!!...The Flaming Lips" (Restless 72207-1/first pressing/gatefold/clear/1987) Flaming Lips, The ‎– "The Terror" (First press/2xLP/silver) Flaming Lips, The – "Embryonic" (First pressing/withdrawn copy/blue & black vinyl – x/200) Fleetwood Mac - "Rumors" Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies" (SideOneDummy SD1230/first press/black) Flying Burrito Bros, The - "Burrito Deluxe" (A&M SP 4258/stereo/1970) Flying Burrito Bros, The ‎– "The Gilded Palace Of Sin" (A&M Records SP-4175/later pressing/tan A&M label) Focal Point - "Suffering of the Masses" (Red) Ford, Frankie ‎– "Let's Take A Sea Cruise" (Ace LP-1005/first press/mono) Freak Scene, The ‎– "Psychedelic Psoul" (Columbia ‎CS 9456/first press/stereo/2 eye label) Fred, John & His Playboy Band ‎– "Agnes English" (Paula LPS-2197/first press/pink labels/1967) Frodus - "Conglomerate International" (Tooth & Nail TNR1102/first pressing/blue marble - x/500) Further Seems Forever - "How To Start A Fire" (White vinyl - x/200) Further Seems Forever - "Penny Black" (First press/clear - x/300) Further Seems Forever - "The Moon Is Down" (Black - x/1,000) Further Seems Forever ‎– "Hide Nothing" (First pressing/black) Gaturs, The ‎– "Wasted" (Funky Delicacies DEL LP 0001) Gaye, Marvin - "What's Going On" (Tamla TS310/First pressing/gatefold sleeve w/ Motown inner sleeve) Get Up Kids, The - "Four Minute Mile" (First pressing/translucent gold vinyl) Get Up Kids, The - "On A Wire" (Black) Get Up Kids, The - "Eudora" (2xLP/black) Get Up Kids, The - "Simple Science" EP (Black vinyl - #128/500 [2,000 copies pressed total]) Get Up Kids, The - "Something To Write Home About" (First pressing/black) Ghoti Hook ‎– "Banana Man" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1094/yellow marble/warped) Gibbard, Benjamin ‎– "Former Lives" (Barsuk BARK130LP/black) Glassjaw - "Worship and Tribute" (Black - x/1,000) Glassjaw - "Worship and Tribute" (Hot Topic exclusive/white - x/2,000) Glassjaw ‎– "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence" (Roadrunner/first pressing/2xLP/black - x/1,000) Green, Al ‎– "Let's Stay Together" (Hi Records ‎SHL 32070/first pressing) Guitar Slim ‎– "The Things That I Used To Do" (Specialty SPS 2120/later reissue/1972) Guns N' Roses ‎- "Appetite For Destruction" (Geffen GHS 24148/first pressing/banned 'rape' cover/1987) Hancock, Herbie - "Takin' Off" (Blue Note 4109/Mono/New York USA on label) Hancock, Herbie ‎– "Head Hunters" (Columbia KC 32731/first US pressing) Harrison, Donald & Terence Blanchard - "Black Pearl" (Stereo/red Columbia label) Have Heart ‎– "Songs To Scream At The Sun" (First press/solid blue - x/1,395) Hawkins, Screamin' Jay ‎– "I Put A Spell On You" (Charly CRB 1211/UK import/1989) Hayes, Isaac ‎– "Tough Guys [Music From The Soundtrack Of The Paramount Release]" (Enterprise‎ ENS 7504/gatefold) Hüsker Dü ‎– "Candy Apple Grey" (Warner Bros. 1-25385/first pressing/1986) Hüsker Dü ‎– "New Day Rising" (SST Records SST 031/first pressing/no barcode/Jan 1985) Headphones - "Headphones" (Suicide Squeeze/first pressing/black) Hell, Richard & The Voidoids - "Blank Generation" (Sire SR 6037/first US press w/ inner-sleeve) Hopesfall - "The Frailty of Words" (First press/blue & white swirl - x/200 [500 pressed total]) Hopkins, Lightning - "Texas Blues Man" (First pressing/Arhoolie/stereo) Hot Water Music - "Fuel For The Hate Game" (12th pressing/Opaque purple vinyl - x/534) Howling Wolf ‎– "Original Folk Blues" (United US 7747/mono/1970's reissue of Kent LP) Hum ‎– "You'd Prefer An Astronaut" (12-Inch/Cargo TIN-012 LP/first pressing w/ 12" x 12" Jay Ryan print/black) Incubus ‎– "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." (2xLP/First press/2013 RSD exclusive - #1,913/3,000) Into Another ‎- "Into Another" (Revelation Records Revelation: 24/first press/gatefold w/ lyrics printed inside jacket/black/1991) Jay, Abner - "Folk Song Stylist"(Mississippi Records MR-068/reissue) Jay, Abner - "Hambone" b/w "Rattle The Bones" (Brandie Records For Social Music Record Club SMRC-008) 12" Jay, Abner - "True Story of Abner Jay" (Mississippi Records MR-036/reissue) Jay, Bobby and the Hawks - "The Ska: Everybody's Doing It, Vol. 2" Jets To Brazil - "Four Cornered Night" (2xLP/first pressing/gatefold sleeve/white) Jimi Hendrix Experience, The ‎– "Are You Experienced?" (Reprise Records ‎RS-6261/first US pressing/stereo/tri-color label) Jimi Hendrix Experience, The ‎– "Smash Hits" (Reprise MS 2025/first US press/two-tone label/stereo) Jimmy Eat World - "Chase This Light" (180 gram) Jimmy Eat World ‎– "Invented" (180 gram/gatefold/black) Joe Christmas ‎– "North To The Future" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1059/black) Joel, Billy - "Piano Man" Joel, Billy - "The Stranger" (Columbia ‎JC 34987/first press) Joy Division ‎– "Closer" (Factory FACTUS VI/original US pressing/translucent brown) Joy Division ‎– "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Factory FAC 23-12/first UK press/Lyntone pressing has laminated sleeve/1980) Joy Electric - "We Are The Music Makers" (Black) Joy Electric ‎– "The Ministry Of Archers" (Republic Of Texas ROTR-004/Tooth & Nail TND73368/first press/orange w/ green splatter - x/100) Judge - "What It Meant: The Complete Discography" (First pressing/2xLP/1: red & yellow split w/ black splatter; 2: clear & yellow split w/ red splatter - x/2,300) Juliana Theory, The - "Emotion Is Dead" (Grey marble vinyl - #1,465/1,500) Juliana Theory, The - "Understand This Is A Dream" (Gatefold sleeve/blue & white swirl - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Juliana Theory, The - "Understand This Is A Dream" [10th Anniversay Edition] (180 Gram/gatefold - limited) Juliana Theory, The ‎– "Love" (Epic ‎88883780471/2xLP/first pressing/180 gram/black - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Jurado, Damien - "Four Songs" (One-sided disc with etching) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Caught In The Trees" (First press/black) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Where Shall You Take Me?" (First press/Secretly Canadian ‎– SC84/black) Jurado, Damien - "Live At Landlocked" (RSD 2011 exclusive - x/900) Jurado, Damien - "Saint Bartlett" (Black) Jurado, Damien - "This Fabulous Century" (White vinyl - x/300 [600 total pressed]) Jurado, Damien - "Maraqopa" (Green - x/300) Jurado, Damien - "On My Way To Absence" (Black) Jurado, Damien and Gathered In Song - "I Break Chairs" (Sub Pop/black - #123/2,000) Jurado, Damien ‎– "And Now That I'm In Your Shadow" (2xLP/180 gram) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son" (Secretly Canadian SC303/2xLP/limited edition) Jurado, Damien ‎– "Ghost Of David" (Sub Pop SP507/first pressing/2016) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "Mother-In-Law" (Minit LP 0002/first pressing/monaural) K-Doe, Ernie ‎– "The New Orleans Series: K-Doe" (Bandy BLP 70004) Kenner, Chris ‎- "Land of 1,000 Dances" (Atlantic 8117/first press/mono/1966) Kensrue, Dustin - "Please Come Home" (First press/brown - x/500 [1,050 pressed total]) Killing The Dream - "Fractures" (First pressing/white w/ sky blue splatter - x/700) King Crimson ‎– "In The Court Of The Crimson King" (Atlantic SD 8245/original press/gatefold) King Crimson ‎– "In The Wake Of Poseidon" (Atlantic SD 8266/first pressing/textured gatefold/1970) King Crimson ‎– "Lizard" (Atlantic SD 8278/original US press/gatefold) King, Albert - "Born Under A Bad Sign" (Stax S723/original pressing/stereo) King, Earl - "Those Lonely, Lonely Nights" (Ace Records VS-1012/Japanese pressing) Kinks, The ‎– "Kinks-Size" (Reprise RS 6158/first US press/tri-color label/stereo) Kinks, The ‎– "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" (Reprise RS 6327/first US press/stereo/gatefold/two-tone steamboat label/1968) Kinks, The ‎– "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" (Reprise RS 6327/second US press/stereo/gatefold/tan label/1972) Kinks, The ‎– "You Really Got Me" (Reprise R-6143/first US press/mono) Lassie Foundation, The ‎– "Pacifico" (Shogun Sounds SGD1003/sealed) Lees Of Memory, The ‎– "Sisyphus Says" (Sideonedummy SD1552-1/first press/2xLP/clear white - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Legrand, Michel w/ Miles Davis ‎– "Legrand Jazz" (Columbia ‎CL 1250/mono/six eye label) Lennon, John & Yoko Ono - "Double Fantasy" Lennon, John/Plastic Ono Band - "Shaved Fish" (Late 70's press/purple Capitol label) Less Than Jake - "Greased" (First pressing/translucent pink - x/1,500) Lewis, Jerry Lee - "Original Golden Hits, Volume 1" (Sun Records 102/first press/stereo) Lifetime ‎– "Hello Bastards" (Jade Tree JT1021/first pressing/purple) Lil' Bob & The Lollipops ‎– "Sweet Soul Swinger" (Jin LP 4005/first pressing/196?) Linn County ‎– "Proud Flesh Soothseer" (Mercury SR 61181/promo/gold label/stereo) Living Sacrifice - "The Hammering Process" (Solid State SS35/first pressing/black, white & gray mix -x/400 [525 pressed total]) Living Sacrifice ‎– "Reborn" (Solid State SS4/Tooth & Nail TND 1083LP/first pressing/grey) Lost Generation, The ‎- "The Sly, Slick and The Wicked" (Brunswick BL754164/first pressing/1970) Lovin' Spoonful, The - "The Very Best of The Lovin' Spoonful" (Stereo) Lupe Fiasco - "The Cool" (Atlantic ‎368316-1/first pressing/2xLP/2007) Lupe Fiasco ‎- "Food & Liquor" (Atlantic ‎83959-1/first press/2xLP) Mae - "Destination: Beautiful" (First pressing/white - x/200 [500 pressed total]) Mae - "The Everglow" (2xLP/RSD 2012 exclusive/black - x/1,000) Mamas and The Papas, The ‎– "If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears"(Dunhill DS-50006/first press/stereo/withdrawn toilet cover/1966) Manhattans, The - "There's No Good In Goodbye" Mars Volta, The - "Noctourniquet" (First pressing/2xLP: LP 1: opaque blue; LP 2: orange/3D glasses & poster - x/6,000) Mars Volta, The ‎– "Frances The Mute" (Gold Standard Laboratories GSL 96/first press/3xLP/black) Marsh, Warne (Quartet) - "All Music" (Nessa label) Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster ‎– "Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster" (Mono Vs. Stereo MSD32328/red & yellow split - x/300) MC Hammer - "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" (Capitol C1-92857) MC5 - "Kick Out The Jams" (Elektra EKS-74042/later pressing/censored/red label) Metallica - "An Interview With Lars Ulrich" (Pork 1/first UK press/bootleg/red) Metallica - "Creeping Death" EP (First press/French import/no barcode on sleeve/black) Metallica - "Kill 'Em All" (Megaforce MRI 069/first US pressing/silver label) Metallica ‎- "Up Shot" (Shogun 13060/first press/2xLP/bootleg/1987) Metallica ‎– "...And Justice For All" (Elektra 60812-1/first US pressing/2xLP/Masterdisk) Metallica ‎– "Master Of Puppets" (Elektra 60439-1/first US pressing/red & black Elektra labels) Metallica ‎– "Ride The Lightning" (Megaforce MRI 769/first US pressing/silver label) Metallica ‎– "The $5.98 EP/Garage Days Re-Revisited" (Elektra 9 60757-1/first US pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Cissy Strut" (Island ILPS 9250/first pressing/1974) Meters, The ‎– "Fire On The Bayou" (Reprise MS 2228/first pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Look-Ka Py Py" (Josie JOS 4011/first US pressing) Meters, The ‎– "Struttin'" (Josie JOS 4012/first pressing w/ label in oval at top/1970) Meters, The ‎– "The Meters" (Josie JOS 4010/first pressing/stereo/1969) Meters, The ‎– "Trick Bag" (Reprise MS 2252) Midtown ‎– "Save The World, Lose The Girl" (Clear w/ yellow & blue splatter - x/1,500) Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The ‎- "Let's Face It" (Big Rig/first pressing/red translucent/1997) Minor Threat ‎– "Minor Threat" (Dischord Records Dischord No. 12/first US pressing/red cover/$4.00 cover price on back) Minor Threat ‎– "Out Of Step" (Dischord Records Dischord No. 10/3rd pressing/blue stripe & $3.50 cover price/remix/UK mastering Minus The Bear - "Highly Refined Pirates" (First pressing/180 gram/UPC sticker on shrink not on sleeve) Mobley, Hank ‎– "The Turnaround" (Blue Note BLP 4186/mono/Van Gelder stamp & 'ear' in dead wax/NY USA on the label) Modest Mouse - "Sad Sappy Sucker" (K Records KLP 131/First pressing) Modest Mouse - "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" (Epic 82876 86139 1/first pressing/2xLP/180 Gram) Modest Mouse ‎– "The Lonesome Crowded West" (Up Records UP 044/first pressing/2xLP) Modest Mouse ‎– "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About" (Up Records UP 027/first pressing/2xLP) Monk, Thelonious - "Criss-Cross" (Columbia CL 2038/Mono/2-eye white label promo) Morgan, Lee - "Cornbread" (Blue Note 4222/Mono/New York USA on label) Motörhead ‎– "Ace Of Spades" (Mercury SRM-1-4011/first pressing/1980) Mothers Of Invention, The ‎– "Freak Out!" (Verve V-5005-2/original press/mono/hot spots blurb on gatefold/hype sticker on sleeve) Mothers Of Invention, The ‎– "We're Only In It For The Money" (Verve V6-5045/original press/gatefold/blue & silver 'T' label) Mustard Plug - "Evildoers Beware" (First pressing/black) MXPX - "Secret Weapon" (2xLP/black) MXPX - "Life In General" (Black) MXPX - "Panic" (Gold) MXPX - "Plans Within Plans" (First pressing/randomly mixed color vinyl - x/200 [2,000 pressed total]) MXPX - "Teenage Politics" (Black) MXPX - "The Renaissance" EP (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT631-1/black) MXPX - "The Renaissance" EP (Fat Wreck Chords ‎– FAT631-1/clear w/ red splatter - x/550) MXPX ‎– "At The Show" (Kung Fu 78774/picture disc) MXPX ‎– "Pokinatcha" (First press/red, white & blue marble - x/100 [500 pressed total]) MXPX ‎– "Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo" (First press/black) MXPX ‎– "The Ever Passing Moment" (A&M 069490656-1/first press/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "Loveless" (Plain Recordings Plain105/2nd pressing/180 gram/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "MBV" (MBV LP01/first UK pressing/180 gram/black) My Bloody Valentine ‎– "You Made Me Realise" EP (Creation CRE 055T/UK pressing) New York Dolls ‎– "New York Dolls" (Mercury SRM-1-675/first US pressing w/ insert/1973) Ngozi Family ‎– "Day Of Judgement" (Now-Again NA 5115/reissue/2014) Ninety Pound Wuss ‎– "Ninety Pound Wuss" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1055/yellow marble) No Innocent Victim - "Flesh and Blood" (Green - x/221 [1,106 total pressing]) NOFX - "Frisbee" (Second pressing/orange - x/349) NOFX - "NOFX" (Hardcore Covers) (Picture disc) NOFX - "Pump Up The Valuum" (First pressing/light blue) NOFX ‎– "HOFX" (Fat Wreck Chords FAT526/first pressing/mult-color splatter vinyl - x/7,300 [8,300 pressed total]) NOFX ‎– "The Decline" (Fat Wreck Chords ‎FAT605-1/black) Norma Jean - "The Anti-Mother (Half black & white vinyl - x/300 [1,000 total pressing]) Norma Jean - "Bless The Martyr and Kiss The Child" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (2xLP/Half black & half green - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Norma Jean - "O God, The Aftermath" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (Half red & half white - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Norma Jean - "Redeemer" [The Almighty Norma Jean Box Set] (Picture disc - x/700 [1,100 pressed total]) Notorious B.I.G., The ‎– "Life After Death" (Bad Boy Entertainment 78612-73011-1/first pressing/3xLP/1997/sealed) Notorious B.I.G., The ‎– "Ready To Die" (Bad Boy Entertainment ‎78612-73000-1/first pressing/1994/sealed) Onelinedrawing - "The Volunteers" (Black) Operation Ivy - "Energy" (Second pressing w/ Berkeley address but no barcode indicating issued after the move from Laytonville) Outkast - "Stankonia" (LaFace 73008-26072-1/first press/2xLP/orange translucent/promo) Overcome - "Overcome" (first press/red) Parker, Robert - "Barefootin'" (NOLA 1001/yellow label) Parsons, Gram ‎– "GP" (Reprise MS 2123/first US pressing/1973) Parsons, Gram ‎– "Grievous Angel" (Reprise MS 2171/first US pressing) Payton, Walter - "Side By Side" (NOLA LPS24) Pedro the Lion - "Achilles Heel" (Neon yellow vinyl) Pedro the Lion - "Control" (First pressing/clear/light blue) Pedro the Lion - "Control" (First pressing/dark green) Pedro the Lion - "It's Hard To Find A Friend" (First pressing/Devil In The Woods/1998/black) Pedro the Lion - "It's Hard To Find a Friend" (Second pressing/Jade Tree/2001/grey marble) Pedro the Lion - "The Only Reason I Feel Secure" EP (First pressing/Made In Mexico/black) Pedro the Lion - "The Only Reason I Feel Secure" EP (Second pressing/2012 remaster/Jade Tree) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/black) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/grey marble) Pedro the Lion - "Winners Never Quit" (First pressing/white) Petra - "More power To Ya" (Star Song SSR 0045) Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon" (Harvest US pressing) Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd - "Animals" Pink Floyd - "The Piper At The Gates of Dawn" (Tower ST 5093/third US pressing/striped label) Pink Floyd ‎– "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From The Film More" (Harvest ‎SW-11198/mid 70's pressing) Pop Unknown - "If Arsenic Fails, Try Algebra" (Black) Postal Service, The - "Give Up" (2xLP/White) Powell, Bud ‎– "The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 1" (Blue Note 1503/second press/mono/767 Lexington Ave, NYC on the label) Professor Longhair - "Crawfish Fiesta" (Alligator Records AL 4718/first press) Professor Longhair - "Rock 'N' Roll Gumbo" (Dancing Cat DC-3006/promo/reissue/1985) Question Mark ? & The Mysterians ‎– "96 Tears" (Cameo Parkway SC-2004/first pressing/stereo/1966) Quicksand ‎– "Manic Compression" (Revelation: 43/first pressing/promo stamp on back of sleeve/black - x/3,008) Quicksand ‎– "Slip" (Polydor 314 517 685-1/first press/black) Rage Against The Machine ‎– "Evil Empire" (Epic E 57523/first pressing/1996) Ramones - "End of The Century" (Sire SRK 6077/first press) Ramones - "Pleasant Dreams" (Sire SRK 3571/later press/barcode on sleeve) Ramones - "Ramones" (Sire SASD-7520/first pressing/misprint) Ramones - "Rocket To Russia" (Sire SR 6042/first press) Ramones ‎– "Leave Home" (Sire SA-7528/first pressing/promo) Ramones ‎– "Road To Ruin" (Sire SRK 6063/first press) Ramones ‎– "Too Tough To Die" (Sire ‎1-25187/first US pressing) Reel Big Fish ‎– "Turn The Radio Off" (Enjoy The Ride ETR-033/first press/2xLP/gatefold/orange & green swirl - x/500 [1,000 pressed total]) Roadside Monument - "Eight Hours Away From Being A Man" (2xLP/black) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "12 X 5" (London PS 402/later US pressing/dark blue & silver labels with boxed London/does not have "electronically reprocessed" on the front sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Aftermath" (London PS 476/orig. US pressing/stereo/track 5 written as "Goin'" on label/1966) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Beggars Banquet" (London PS 539/first US pressing/gatefold sleeve/stereo/all songs credited to Jagger/Richards) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Between The Buttons" (London PS 499/orig. US pressing/stereo/1967) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "December's Children (And Everybody's)" (London PS 451/later 60's US repress/stereo/1969) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "England's Newest Hit Makers" (London Records ‎PS 375/late 60's pressing/stereo) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Exile On Main Street" (Rolling Stones Records COC 69100/unipak/1970's German pressing) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Flowers" (London PS-509/first pressing/no text in the rim at the bottom of the label/1967) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! - The Rolling Stones In Concert" (London NPS-5) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Let It Bleed" (London Records NPS-4/original pressing/stereo/blue label w/ poster) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Out Of Our Heads" (London PS 429/later US 60's repress/stereo/1969) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Sticky Fingers" (Rolling Stones Records COC 59100/first US press/zipper cover/Dist. by ATCO on back cover) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "The Rolling Stones, Now!" (London PS 420/dark blue & silver labels with boxed London/does not have "electronically reprocessed" on the front sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Their Satanic Majesties Request" (London NPS-2/mono/blue long playing label/gatefold sleeve/holographic picture/red w/ white-colored inner-sleeve) Rolling Stones, The ‎– "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)" (London NPS-3/octagon gatefold/1969) Rotary Connection ‎– "Rotary Connection" (Cadet Concept LPS-312/stereo) Rotary Connection ‎– "Songs" (Cadet Concept LPS-322/first US pressing) Rufio - "Perhaps, I Suppose" (Lost Boys Edition/black w/ red stripe - x/300) Saosin - "Saosin" (First press/translucent purple - x/500 [2,250 pressed total]) Saves The Day - "Stay What You Are" (First pressing/black) Saves The Day - "Through Being Cool" (First pressing/black) Shai Hulud - "Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion" (First press/black) Shai Hulud ‎– "Misanthropy Pure" (Metal Blade 3984-14658-1/first pressing/gold - #98/2,000) Shai Hulud ‎– "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" (Revelation REV115/first pressing/black - x/1,828) Shelter - "Quest For Certainty" (De Milo Records ‎DM0007-1/first press/black) Six Parts Seven, The - "Casually Smashed To Pieces" (Black) Slayer ‎– "Hell Awaits" (Combat MX 8020/Metal Blade MBR 1040/first US pressing/1985) Slayer ‎– "South Of Heaven" (Def Jam/Geffen GHS 24203/first pressing/1988) Slick Shoes ‎– "Rusty" (Tooth & Nail TNR1088/black) Smith, Elliot - "Elliot Smith" (First pressing/Kill Rock Stars) Smith, Jimmy - "Softly As A Summer Breeze" (Blue Note 4200/Mono/New York USA on label) Smiths, The - "Hatful of Hollow" (Rough 76/UK pressing/gatefold sleeve) Smiths, The - "How Soon Is Now" (Sire/12" maxi single/45 RPM) Smiths, The - "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" (RTT 186/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "Ask" (RTT 194/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "Strangeways, Here We come" (Sire 1-25649/first US press) Smiths, The - "The Queen Is Dead" (Sire 1-25426/first US press) Smiths, The - "What Difference Does It Make?" (RTT 146/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The - "William, It Was Really Nothing" (RTT 166/UK pressing/12" single) Smiths, The ‎– "Louder Than Bombs" (2xLP/Sire/US pressing) Smiths, The ‎– "Meat Is Murder" (Sire 1-25269/first US press) Smiths, The ‎– "Panic" (Sire 0-20544/US press/12") Smiths, The ‎– "The Smiths" (Sire ‎1-25065/first pressing) Social Climbers ‎– "Social Climbers" (Hoboken HOBO 101/first press/black) Social Distortion ‎– "Social Distortion" (Epic E 46055/first press) Sonic Youth - "Evol" (SST 059/first press/no barcode on sleeve w/ insert/black) Sonic Youth ‎– "Confusion Is Sex" (SST Records SST 096/second pressing/1987/black) Sonic Youth ‎– "Rather Ripped" (Goofin' Goo-011/first pressing/black) Soup ‎– "The Album Soup" (Big Tree BTS 2007/first US pressing/promo) Sparrow's Troubadours ‎– "Hot & Sweet" (Hilary RALP-2140) Specials, The - "The Specials" (Black) Spellman, Benny ‎– "The New Orleans Series" (Bandy 70018) Spitfire ‎– "Self-Help" (Goodfellow GFR037/New American NAR-100/first press/black - x/100) Starflyer 59 - "Americana" (First pressing/black) Starflyer 59 - "Dial M" (Black) Starflyer 59 - "The Changing of the Guard" [Test Pressing] (w/ Bonus 7" test press/white vinyl - x/30) Starflyer 59 - "The Last Laurel" EP (Clear vinyl w/ one-sided disc w/ screen print - #12/100) Starflyer 59 - "The Portuguese Blues" (One-sided disc with etching) Starflyer 59 - "IAMACEO" (First pressing/black) Starflyer 59 - "Starflyer 59 {Silver}" [Test Pressing] (Tooth & Nail/Crossroads of America - x/10) Starflyer 59 - "Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice" (First press/red) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Everybody Makes Mistakes" (First press w/ bonus 7") Starflyer 59 ‎– "Old" (Picture disc - x/500) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Slow" (Tooth & Nail TNV000056/first pressing/black) Starflyer 59 ‎– "Starflyer 59 {Gold}" (Tooth & Nail TNR 1030/first pressing/black) Starflyer 59 ‎– "The Fashion Focus" (Tooth & Nail/Burnt Toast Vinyl/first press w/ bonus 7") Stevens, Sufjan - "Michigan" (2xLP/First pressing) Stevens, Sufjan - "Illinois" (2xLP/First pressing w/ balloon sticker) Stevens, Sufjan - "The Age of Adz" (2xLP) Stevens, Sufjan – The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (Black vinyl w/ comic book) Strawberry Alarm Clock, The ‎– "Incense And Peppermints" (UNI 73014/stereo) Stretch Arm Strong - "A Revolution Transmission" (Black - x/800 [1,000 total pressed]) Stretch Arm Strong - "Rituals of Life" (Clear orange) Strongarm - "Atonement" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" (First pressing/white - x/100) Strongarm - "The Advent of a Miracle" [Test pressing] (Second press/Blank Page Empire - #25/30) Stryper - "In God We Trust" Sublime ‎– "Sublime" (Gasoline Alley/Skunk/Geffen B0011696-01/first US pressing/2xLP/180 gram/gatefold sleeve/black) Suicidal Tendencies ‎– "Suicidal Tendencies" (Frontier FLP 1011/first pressing/no barcode/1983) Sunny Day Real Estate - "How It Feels To Be Something On" (First pressing/black) Supertramp - "Breakfast In America" Swamp Dogg ‎– "Finally Caught Up With Myself" (Musicor MUS-2504) Swamp Dogg ‎– "I'm Not Selling Out/I'm Buying In!" (Takoma TAK 7099) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Rat On!" (Elektra EKS-74089/first pressing/promo/white label) Swamp Dogg ‎– "Swamp Dogg" (ALA ‎– ALA 1990/stereo) Swamp Dogg – "Cuffed, Collared & Tagged" (Cream CR-9009/first press/1972) T. Rex - "Electric Warrior" (Reprise RS 6466/first US press) T. Rex - "The Slider" (Reprise MS 2095/first US press/gatefold) Taking Back Sunday ‎– "Where You Want To Be" (Victory VR228/first pressing/blue translucent - x/2,545) Tears For Fears - "Songs From the Big Chair" Tee, Willie ‎– "Teasin' You" (Night Train International NTI LP 7132/compilation) Television ‎– "Marquee Moon" (Elektra 7E-1098/first pressing/1977) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Sings" (Bandy LP 70003/first press/signed) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Take A Look" (Imperial LP-9302/mono/late 60's ressiue) Thomas, Irma ‎– "Wish Someone Would Care" (Imperial LP-9266/first US pressing/mono) Thou - "Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For" (Clear - x/200) Thou - "Summit" (First press/white vinyl) Thou - "Peasant" (First press - x/1,000) Thou - "The Sacrifice" EP (First pressing/180 gram/clear - x/1,000) Thou - "To The Chaos Wizard Youth" 12" (Australia & New Zeland press/black - x/300) Thou - The Archer & The Owle (Grey - x/500 [2,000 pressed total]) Thou ‎– "Heathen" (Howling Mine ORE007/first US pressing/2xLP/180 gram/black) Thou ‎– "Through The Empires Of Eternal Void" (Black - x/300) Thou/Cower [Split] - "War is the Force That Gives Us Meaning: A Two Part Analysis of Personal and Inter-Personal Conflict (Black - x/900) Thou/Leech [Split] - "We Pass Like Night, From Land To Land" (Final pressing/picture disc - x/200) Thou/Mohoram Atta [Split] – "Degradation Of Human Life" (First pressing/black - x/1,000) Thou/Moloch [Split] - "Tears That Soak A Callous Heart" (Clear - x/1,000) Thou/Salome [Split] - "Our Enemy Civilization" (First pressing/black - x/900 [1,000 pressed total]) Thou/The Body [Split] - "Released From Love" (First pressing/Vinyl Rites/180 gram/black - x/2,200) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split/Test Pressing] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" (Init INIT 65/black - x/5) Thou/The City Is The Tower [Split] - "Dwell In The Darkness of Thought and Drink The Poison of Life" (Red - x/200 [1,000 total pressed]) Thrice - "Major/Minor" (2xLP/First press/clear w/ blue splatter - x/4,000) Thrice - "Beggars" (First pressing/signed/red - #1,234/2,000) Thrice - "The Artist In The Ambulance" (2nd pressing/2xLP/green vinyl - x/1,103) Thrice - "The Illusion of Safety" (First pressing/black) Thrice - "Vheissu" (2nd pressing/2xLP/brown vinyl - x/1,066) Toussaint, Allen ‎– "Life, Love and Faith" (Reprise MS 2062/first press/white label promo/1972) Toussaint, Allen ‎– "Southern Nights" (Reprise MS 2186/first pressing) Tumbledown - "Tumbledown" (Rootbeer brown) Tumbledown ‎– "Empty Bottle" (Black) TV On The Radio - "Dear Science" (180 gram/gatefold sleeve) Twothirtyeight (238) - "Regulate The Chemicals" (First pressing/Blessed Killing/Takehold Records/gray vinyl - x/300) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" (Black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Twothirtyeight (238) - "You Should Be Living" [Test pressing] (Black - #16/30) Tyrannosaurus Rex ‎– "Unicorn" (Blue Thumb BTS 7/first US press/gatefold) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - "Blood Lust" (Rise Above RISELP139/second pressing/green - x/500) Uncle Acid - "The Night Creeper" (Rise Above RISELP199/first US press/transparent green/indie store exclusive - x/500) Uncle Acid ‎– "Mind Control" (Rise Above RISELP158/2xLP/gatefold/splattered red & orange) Underoath - "Disambiguation" (Deluxe edition/picture disc - x/1,000) Underoath - "Lost In The Sound of Separation" (First pressing/white - x/200) Underoath - "The Changing of Times" (First pressing/180 gram/transparent blue - x/300) Underoath - "They're Only Chasing Safety" (First pressing/green - x/400 [1,300 pressed total]) Van Zandt, Townes ‎– "For The Sake Of The Song" (Poppy PYS-40,001/first pressing/stereo/1968) Van Zandt, Townes ‎– "Delta Momma Blues" (Poppy PYS-40012/first pressing/1971) Various Artist ‎– "Minit '60 -'63 Singles Collection, Vol. 2: It's Rainin'" (Minit ‎GXF 2085/Japanese press w/ OBI strip/1980) Various Artists – "Eddie Bo's Funky Funky New Orleans" (Funky Delicacies ‎DEL LP 0021) Various Artists - "Fat Music For Fat People" (Gray marble mix - x/389) Various Artists - "Mardi Gras In New Orleans" Various Artists - "All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash" (Pink - x/100) Various Artists - "Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade & BYO Records" (2xLP/DVD & CD/red) Various Artists - "We Sing The Blues" (Minit LP-0003/orange label) Various Artists ‎– "A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records" (Sundazed LP 5323/mono/180 gram/2009) Various Artists ‎– "Flex Your Head" (Dischord no. 7/first pressing/violin cover w/ booklet) Various Artists ‎– "Night Of The Living Dead" [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Varèse Sarabande - STV 81151) Various Artists ‎– "Rock 'N' Roll High School" (Sire SRK 6070/first US pressing) Various Artists ‎– "Whole Lotta Drinkin' On The Block" (Folk-Star/Charly Records GFCL-104/UK press/1987) Various Artists – "Ten Years of Black Country Religion: 1926-1936" (Yazoo L-1022/1970 blues comp) Velour 100 ‎– "Of Color Bright" (Tooth & Nail TND 1085/first press/white) Velvet Underground, The & Nico - "The Velvet Underground & Nico" (Verve V6-5008/First pressing/stereo/unpeeled banana sticker on front/torso back) Velvet Underground, The - "Loaded" (Cotillion SD 9034/first US pressing) Velvet Underground, The ‎– "White Light/White Heat" (Verve V6-5046/later 60's pressing/skull tattoo on cover & corrected title on back cover) Walsh, T.W. ‎– "Songs Of Pain And Leisure" (Mailorder edition/pink, blue, & white) Warlock - "Warlock" (Music Merchant ‎MM 102/promo/first pressing/1972) Webb, Derek ‎– "Stockholm Syndrome" (2xLP/black) Weezer - "Make Believe" (First press/black) Weezer - "Weezer [Blue Album]" (180 gram/Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - #2,196/3,000) Whitecross - "Whitecross" (First press/black) Who, The - "Who's Next" Who, The ‎– "Magic Bus" (Decca DL 75064/1968) Wild Tchoupitoulas, The ‎– "The Wild Tchoupitoulas" (Island ILPS 9360/first pressing/1976) Williams, Hank and The Drifting Cowboys - "Hank Williams" (Metro M509/mono/black label) Withers, Bill ‎– "Just As I Am" (Sussex SXBS-7006/first pressing/1971) Withers, Bill ‎– "Still Bill" (Sussex SXBS 7014/original pressing/1972) Wood, Brenton ‎– "Oogum Boogum" (Double Shot DSS-5002/first pressing/stereo/1967) xDISCIPLEx A.D. - "The Revelation" (Red vinyl - #525/750) Youth of Today - "Take A Stand" (Live) Zao - "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" (First press/black - x/100 [500 total pressed]) Zao ‎– "The Well-Intentioned Virus" (Observed/Observer Recordings OOR-2/first pressing/140 gram vinyl/white - x/1,000) Zombies, The - "Odessey And Oracle" (Date TES 4013/first US pressing/stereo/colorful cover) Zombies, The ‎– "The Zombies" (Parrot PAS 71001/first US press/stereo) Zoo ‎– "Zoo" (Mercury ‎SR 61300/first US press/gatefold) 78's (28 items) Armstrong, Louis & Ella Fitzgerald - "You Won't Be Satisfied" b/w "The Frim Fram Sauce" (Decca 23496) Berry, Chuck - "Roll Over Beethoven" b/w "Drifting Heart" (Chess 1626) Berry, Chuck - "School Day" b/w "Deep Feeling" (Chess 1653) Bo, Eddie - "I'm Wise" b/w "Happy Tears" (Apollo 486/black label) Charles, Bobby - "Why Can't You" b/w "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey" (Chess 1647) Charles, Ray - "I Want To Know" b/w "Ain't That Love" (Atlantic A-2232) Charles, Ray - "I've Got A Woman" b/w "Come Back" (Atlantic 1050) Charles, Ray - "Leave My Woman Alone" b/w "Lonely Avenue" (Atlantic A-1998) Charles, Ray and Orchestra - "I'm Glad For Your Sake" b/w "Kissa Me Baby" (Swing Time 274) Davis, Miles - "Boplicity" b/w "Israel" (Capitol 57-60011/purple label) Diddley, Bo - "Bo Diddley" b/w "I'm A Man" (Checker 814/maroon label) Diddley, Bo - "She's Fine, She's Mine" b/w "Diddley Daddy" (Checker 819/maroon label) Domino, Fats - "The Fat Man" b/w "Detroit City Blues" (Imperial 5058/red label) Domino, Fats - "Valley of Tears" b/w "It's You I Love" (Imperial 5442/red label) Domino, Fats - "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" b/w "So Long" (Imperial 5396/red label) Domino, Fats - "You Done Me Wrong" b/w "Little School Girl" (Imperial 5272/red label) Fitzgerald, Ella - "Gulf Coast Blues" b/w "Deedle-De-Dum" (Decca 3324) Fitzgerald, Ella - "Woe Is Me" b/w "Strictly From Dixie" (Decca 2202) Five Satins, The - "Oh Happy Day" b/w "Our Love Is Forever" (Ember E-1014) Hawkins, Coleman - "Lonely Wine" b/w "Carioca" (Decca 28216/sample copy/not for sale) Johnnie & Joe - "Over The Mountain; Across The Sea" b/w "My Baby's Gone, On, On" (Chess 1654) Lewis, Smiley - "Farewell" b/w "Jailbird" (Imperial 5325/red label) Mabon, Willie and his Combo - "Worry Blues" b/w "I Don't Know" (Chess 1531) Maxim Trio, The - "Ain't That Fine" b/w "Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket" (Swing Time 216) Richard, Little - "Maybe I'm Right" b/w "I Love My Baby" (Peacock 1673/red label) Shaw, Artie - "St. James Infirmary Blues, parts 1 & 2" (Victor 27895) Walker, T-Bone and His Orchestra - "You Don't Understand" b/w "Welcome Blues" (Imperial 5147/red label) Williams, Hank - "I'll Be A Bachelor 'Til I Die" b/w "Honky Tonkin'" (MGM 10171/yellow label)