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Found 7 results

  1. About a month back, I started blogging about the things I have learned since I began my journey into the world of vinyl. The blog is called "The Rings of Vinyl" inspired from the a pic I found which reminded me of the Rings of Saturn. I am hoping the content will be helpful to those who are new or about to dive into the world of vinyl. Appreciate your thoughts/comments/feedback. https://theringsofvinyl.com/
  2. I have started a blog/archive of my vintage vinyl collection and it's proving to be most fun and very explorative. I am seeking contributors who would enjoy sharing and writing about choice items from their personal collections - this includes a full recording of the vinyl (non-copyrighted material only) and a nice write up about it. Some light experience in html is required, and knowing a bit about working in Word Press would be helpful. At any rate, give it a peep... http://itcamefromthebins.com/
  3. Hey guys so I recently started a vinyl/music website called www.thecuemusic.com Check it out and tell me what you think! I want it to also be community driven and pull from user submitted articles. I have a few articles up and have more planned down the line! Thanks guys!
  4. My dad has always wanted to start a blog about his records and, I have come here to learn about records. Me and my sister want to help him start the blog. I am a videographer so guess I'm a videophile?, but honestly it requires both video and audio I guess . I was wondering what are some of the best sources out there for beginners?
  5. Like the title says, I know everyone has a blog, but it would be nice to get some feedback on mine. It's called Octaves In Grooves and you can check it out by clicking here. To me it seems like a lot of reviews are filled with bullshit you don't want to read. I'm tryin to make clear and concise entries about the quality of vinyl releases and album reviews. I don't think most people want crazy analogies for their music or even semi-technical terms when reading reviews. So my goal is simplicity always. Right now, I'm just covering what I like, when I can. Also, it would be awesome if you followed me on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks so much. http://octavesingrooves.com/2014/07/08/best-albums-of-2014-so-far/
  6. My fiancé (Amanda) and her best friend (Katie) run a blog and asked me to write a little piece while Katie's on her honeymoon. Usually they cover stuff like clothes, home decor, fashion, etc. and let me ruin it for the day. Take a look if you have a minute http://junebugsandgeorgiapeaches.blogspot.com/2014/04/meet-junes-fiancee-collin-confessions.html
  7. Does anyone on VC use tumblr? If so post your URL, I'm sure I'd like to follow some of your blogs. My blog is mostly weed, art, and random stuff. Follow me and I'll most likely follow back. Check it out: http://johnbohaha.tumblr.com/

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