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Found 1 result

  1. Lots of stuff for sale, trying to clear some room. I tried to get the pressing info correct but if you have any questions at all including condition please pm me about it. Please post what you want in this thread and then PM me. Shipping is $4.00 via UPS per album, $5.00 for box set if you buy three or more shipping is free. Sorry no international or Canada shipping. Payment is via paypal. I am getting in more boxes on Tuesday the 17th so everything will ship out after that. Thanks everyone! 13th floor elevators-sundazed mono-$17-NM/NM Aeges-the bridge-hot pink color-$18-NM/NM Antlers-hospice-$8-VG/NM(warped does not effect play) Arcade fire-funeral-$16-NM/NM Arcade fire-neon bible-$18-NM/NM Arcade fire-the suburbs-$20-NM/NM Audio slave-audio slave-music on vinyl pressing-$30-NM/NM Battles-gloss drop-$17-NM/NM Baroness-blue-45rpm blue colored vinyl pressing-sealed-$40-SS Baroness-yellow and green deluxe book version-sealed-half yellow half green-$80-SS Baroness-yellow and green deluxe book version-half yellow half green-$70NM/NM Beck odelay-4 x lp limited edition book version-$52-NM/NM Beck-guero-$32-NM/VG+ The black keys-brother-$17-NM/NM The black keys-el camino-$17-NM/NM The black crows-croweology-$22-NM/NM Black Sabbath-s/t-Rhino reissue-$14-NM/NM Blink 182-dude ranch-green vinyl limited-$35-NM/NM Bob dylan-live at brandeis-$12-NM/NM Bon iver-blood bank-$10-NM/NM Bon iver-for emma-$12-NM/NM Bon iver-s/t-$15-NM/NM Boris amplifier worship-$28-NM/NM Boris-pink-original U.S. first press-$50-NM/NM Boris-smile-orange colored vinyl-$25-NM/NM Boris-rainbow-$30-NM/NM Boris-attention please-$18-NM/NM Boris- heavy rocks-$22-NM/NM The bravery-s/t picture disc-$10-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-spacegirl-green-$23-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-methodrone-trans blue-$32-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-satanic majesties 2nd request-yellow-$36-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-bravery repetition and noise-$18-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-bringing it all back home again-clear-$18-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-my bloody underground-red-$22-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-who killed sgt pepper-white-$27-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-smoking acid-pink/green-$28-NM/NM Brian jonestown massacre-aufheben-blue-$32-NM/NM Bright eyes-digital ash-$13-NM/NM Bright eyes-the peoples key-limited edition foil edition-$40-NM/NM Bright eyes-im wide awake its morning-$13-NM/NM Cage the elephant-s/t-$13-NM/NM Cann-Tago mago-colored vinyl-UAS 29 211-$25-NM/NM Charles mingus-mingus, mingus-speakers corner press-$32-NM/NM This charming man-every little secret-coke brown colored-$20-NM/NM This charming man-every little secret-sealed-coke brown colored $25-SS Chuck ragan-covering ground-white colored vinyl-$9-NM/VG+ All Church of Misery albums are recent represses Church of misery-early works 3xlp-$35-NM/NM Church of misery-master of brutality w/obi-Grey colored vinyl-$28- Church of misery-vol. 1-$25-NM/NM Church of misery-house of the unholy-$40-NM/VG++ Church of misery-The second coming w/obi-Red colored vinyl-$29-NM/VG++ The clash-london calling-recent repress-$12-NM/NM The clash live at shea-recent repress-$12-NM/NM Codeine box set-$55-NM/NM Dark knight-OST-$100-NM/NM Dark knight rises-OST-$20-NM/NM Deerhunter-halcyon digest-white colored vinyl-$14-NM/NM Desert sessions-volume 9&10-$35-VG+/VG(bend in 2 corners) Dave brubeck-time out-classic record 200g. pressing-$33-VG++/NM-mark on vinyl doesnt effect playback The doors-orig. recordings rhino box set-$115-NM/NM Earth-demons of light-Limited red vinyl-$38-NM/NM Earth-demons of light 2-Limited blue vinyl-$38-NM/NM Earth-bureaucratic desire-$22-NM/NM Earth-bees made honey in the lions skull, bible edition-still sealed $60-SS Earth-bees made honey in the lions skull, bible edition-$50-NM/NM Electric wizard-black masses-Black/Purple color-$28-NM/VG+ Electric wizard-witchcult today-Black/grey colored vinyl-$28-NM/NM Elvis costello-my aim is true- Mobile fidelity pressing-$26-NM/NM Elvis costello-armed forces- Mobile fidelity pressing-$26-NM/NM Eric clapton-slowhand box set-$48-NM/NM Eric clapton-unplugged-$27-recent repress-NM/NM The flaming lips-yoshimi battle the pink robots-red vinyl gatefold-$22 The flaming lips-heady nuggs first 5 warner brothers albums-colored vinyl-$180 The flaming lips-neon indian- colored vinyl -$30 The flaming lips-heady fwends-limited RSD day edition- colored vinyl -$42 Fleetwood mac-rumors reprise hoffman 45 rpm remastered edition-$37-NM/NM Foo fighters-wasting light-45 rpm edition-$21-NM/NM Foo fighters-s/t-$12-Recent repress-NM/NM Foo fighters-the colour and the shape-$18-Recent repress-NM/NM Frank sinatra-live at the sands-Mobile fidelity edition-$34-NM/NM Gaslight anthem-american slang-$14-NM/NM Gaslight anthem-59 sound-$15-NM/NM Gates of slumber-Hymns of blood and thunder-Rise above records-Clear colored vinyl-$20-NM/NM Gates of slumber-the wretch-Rise above records-Clear green colored vinyl-$23-NM/NM Gorillaz-plastic beach-$18-NM/NM Gorillaz-the fall-Limited RSD edition-$40-NM/NM The greenhorns-4 stars-$16-NM/NM The head and the heart-s/t-$18-NM/NM The horrible crowes-elsie- colored vinyl-$20-NM/NM Iron man 2 ost-$15-NM/NM Isis-oceanic-white-$25-NM/NM Isis-panopticon-black/gold splatter-$30-VG++/VG++ Isis-Oceanic remix 2-$10-SS Isis-Oceanic remix 3-$10-SS The jayhawks-tomorrow the green grass-recent repress-$12-NM/NM The jayhawks-hollywood town hall-recent repress-$12-NM/NM All Hendrix albums are the recent Legacy HE recordings pressings Jimi hendrix-are you experienced-$15-NM/NM Jimi hendrix-electric ladyland-$18-NM/NM Jimi hendrix-winterland 8 x lp box set-$58-NM/NM Jimi hendrix-axis: bold of love-$15-NM/NM Jimi hendrix-axis: bold of love-still sealed-$15-NM/NM Jimi hendrix-merry xmas 10' green vinyl-$6-VG+/VG+ Johnny cash-live at san quentin-recent rhino repress-$10-NM/NM John coltrane-giant steps-recent rhino reissue 180g-$16 John coltrane-my favorite things-recent atlantic 180g-$16-NM/NM Kaiser chiefs-off with there heads-$10-NM/NM Kanye west-my beautiful dark twisted fantasy 3x lp-$25-NM/NM The kills-satellite 10'-$8-NM/NM The killers-battle born-Red colored vinyl-$22-NM/NM Kings of Leon-come around sundown-$14-NM/NM Kings of leon-$only by the night-$14-NM/NM Kings of leon-holy roller 10'-$9-NM/NM Lcd soundsystem-this is happening-$20-NM/NM Led zeppelin-mothership-Rhino box set-$35-NM/NM Lee morgan-sidewinder w/CD-$17-NM/NM The mars volta-octahedron-Colored vinyl-$24-NM/NM The mars volta-noctunicate 3d gatefold-Colored vinyl-$23-NM/NM Mastodon-blood mountain 2x45rpm 180g edition-$40-NM/NM Mastodon-hunter 2x45rpm 180g edition-$32-NM/NM Metallica-black-Recent non 45RPM repress-$15-NM/NM Metallica-master of puppets Recent non 45RPM repress-$12-NM/NM Miles davis-kind of blue-recent legacy repress 180g-$14-NM/NM Miles davis-bitches brew 40th anniversary limited edition box set-$53-NM/NM Minus the bear-inter del oso-blue black splattered colored vinyl-$12-NM/NM Minus the bear-omni-One blue one green colored vinyl-$30-NM/NM Minus the bear-highly refined pirates recent repress-180 g. black-$20-NM/NM Minus the bear-gigantic-recent repress-180 g. black-$20-NM/NM Minus the bear-infinity overhead-Clear colored vinyl-$20-NM/NM Mumford and sons-babel-$18-NM/NM Neil young-s/t-recent repress from master tapes-$22-NM/NM Neil young-harvest- repress from master tapes -$25-NM/NM New york dolls-mercury-Capitol repress-$9-NM/NM Nine inch nails-pretty hate machine recent repress(the good one)-$23-NM/NM Nine inch nails-the slip-$15-NM/NM Nirvana-in utero-Yellow colored vinyl org press-$30-NM/NM Nirvana-nevermind-Blue colored vinyl org press-$30-NM/NM Nirvana-bleach 2xlp white vinyl-$25-NM/NM Nirvana-incesticide-org press-$21-NM/NM O'death-outside-$13-NM/NM Omar rodriguez lopez-telesterion box set-$38-NM/NM Pearl jam-ten-$22-NM/NM Pearl jam-backspacer-$14-NM/NM Pearl jam-live on ten legs-$32-NM/NM Pink floyd-dark side of the moon 30th anniversary pressing-$27-NM/NM Radiohead-rainbows-$16-NM/NM Radiohead-hail to the thief-$20-NM/NM Radiohead-the bends-$19-NM/NM Radiohead-kid a-$25-NM/NM Radiohead-amnesiac-$22-NM/NM Radiohead-the king of limbs-$15-NM/NM The rapture-mirror-$10-VG/VG+ Ray charles-the genius of rc- Rhino 180g. repress-$15-NM/NM Ray lamontagne-god willin and the creek wont rise-$13-NM/NM Rekerds rekerds-10'-$9-NM/NM The Revival tour 2011 collections(brian fallon,dan andriano,ragan) Clear vinyl-$20-NM/NM Robert plant-band of joy-$14-NM/NM Rolling stones-big hits(high tide and green grass)-9 001-1-$14-NM/NM Ryan adams and the cardinals-III/IV-Half red half blue-$36-NM/NM Sleep-dopesmoker-green vinyl-$30-NM/NM Sonny rollins-saxophone colossus-ojc press-$12-NM/NM Soundgarden-telephantism 3xlp-$30-NM/NM Spiritualized-l&g we are floating-$20-NM/NM Spiritualized-sweet heart sweet light-white vinyl-$20-NM/NM The strokes-angles-$16-NM/NM Them crooked vultures-$18-NM/NM Thurston moore-demolished thoughts-$22-NM/NM Titus andronicus-local business-$14-NM/NM Tomahawk-eponymous box set-$38-NM/NM Tom petty-mojo-$14-NM/NM Tom waits-alice-86632-1-$14-NM/NM Tom waits-blood money-86629-1-$14-NM/NM Tom waits-early years vol 2-$14-NM/NM Tom waits-closing time Recent repress(CB mastered)-sd5061-$18-NM/NM Tom waits-heartattack and vine-$18-NM/NM Tom waits-the heart of saturday night-7E-1015-$14-VG++/VG+ Tom waits-foreign affairs-7es-1117-$12-VG+/VG+ Tom waits-small change-7es 1078-$14-VG+/VG+ Tom waits-anthology of tom waits-9 60416-1-e-$14-VG/VG Tom waits-bad as me-sealed-$18-SS Tom waits-asylum years-96 03211-$17-VG+/VG+ Tron legacy ost-UK press(rare)$110-NM/NM All U2 are the recent represses U2-artificial horizon-3xlp purple-$60-NM/NM U2-the unforgettable fire-$18-NM/NM U2-under a blood red sky-$18-NM/NM U2-no line on the horizon-$22-NM/NM(pending) U2-boy-$18-NM/NM U2-war-$18-NM/NM U2-rattle and hum-$18-VG+/VG+ U2-wide awake in Europe rsd special-sealed-$45-sealed Watchmen soundtrack-$14-NM/NM Weezer-Hurley-$11-NM/NM Woodstock-Rhino box set-$20-NM/VG XX-XX-$14-NM/NM