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Found 3 results

  1. OLD SOLAR - SEE [2xLP] Releases January 18th, 2019, by A Thousand Arms Music, and dunk!records. SEE by Old Solar on double 180g colored vinyl with special screen printed D side. Comes in reverse cardboard cover with design by Flesh And Bone. Available in two vinyl color editions: A Thousand Arms: gold in black (150 copies) dunk!records: gold with orange/yellow splatter (150 copies) (PICTURES ARE NOT MOCK-UPS - these are the actual records) FFO: Mono, Spurv, PG.Lost, The End of the Ocean FIRST LISTEN - check out "Winter Solstice: Hallow the Hushed Earth" exclusively at Dunk!zine, with copy by my very good friend David. https://dunkzine.com/home/2018/12/28/old-solar-winter-solstice-hallow-the-hushed-earth-song-premiere?fbclid=IwAR0j4k9_A4zDKp1yBd4yL72-9hXELDDLmqrbf6G0O3Tpec8OiGUTZ0xOidA It's been a while since I've been this excited about a new post-rock release! The band takes the meloncholy melody of Silent Whale, Mono and Spurv and mixes it with the bad-ass head-bang riffery of The End of The Ocean, PG.Lost, or even Tides of Man. I find myself getting the melody to Hushed Earth stuck in my head for hours. https://dunkrecords.com/products/old-solar-see-2xlp https://athousandarms.store/collections/oldsolar/products/old-solar-see-2xlp
  2. I figured Near Mint, Orchid, etc. have threads, why not have a Flesh and Bone one. I posted different threads for separate releases, and this will be a way to just keep it a little cleaner. For those unfamiliar, I run Flesh and Bone Records. I started the label last year, and have put out 13 releases from bands all over the country. Everything has been tape releases so far, and there are 6 new releases in the works at the moment. I also do something called the Flesh and Bone Digital Series which is a bunch of great digital albums available for stream and download for free from amazing artists all over the world. This series is always expanding, with 19 artists and 21 albums available for listeners. Next week, we'll be adding around 25 new artists and 26 new albums, which has been incredible to watch grow. All genres - something for everyone! More on all of that later. First post - new release available today! Brother Cephus - Wounded Hearts 1 & 2 is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase & stream. Limited to /25 red and /25 white tapes. Single tapes are $7, or you can get both variants for only $12. Exclusive shirts are also available in white and red. Listen to the full album here - http://bit.ly/1Bqv7Ii Purchase tapes and shirts here - http://bit.ly/1LDOO14
  3. Hey everyone! I've finally decided to take the leap and start a small label - Flesh and Bone Records. I've been releasing my own music for over 10 years and helping friends with their projects as well, and now I want to continue to grow my vision. A little info - After touring the country and world extensively with my band Deadhorse, as well as helping found and run a region wide collaborative zine entitled Broken Teeth, I started Flesh and Bone. For the last 2 and a half years, Flesh and Bone has been the umbrella to encompass all of my creative endeavors. I make a living by doing graphic design and custom 1" buttons for bands, businesses, organizations, labels and individuals all over the world. I've worked with over 600 different clients, and I've seen so many people sharing their visions, ideas, music, art, creations and life in our partnerships together. I want to take that vision one step farther, and turn this into a record label. I'e been inspired by all of the wonderful people I've been working with, that I want that to continue to grow and flourish, and I feel like this is the avenue I want to go down at this point in time, and couldn't be more excited about it. Due to the nature of these endeavors and the DIY mentality that will be behind this, I'm starting small. I want to take baby steps to grow and develop this idea over time, and not jump in head first. With that being said, this will start with all digital and custom tape releases as far as music is concerned. I am also interested in putting out zines, books and other creative projects from artists of all sorts. I'm partnering with a friend that does amazing work with tapes, much like you see with records this day in age - transparent hazes, three color swirls, split half colors, the works. There hasn't been a lot of this that I have seen across the board within the "tape" revival, but his custom creations are quite exciting, and I'm honored to be doing things like this. We'll find unique options for every release that compliment the artwork always. If everything goes as planned at the moment, I will be launching everything this summer. I want to start with 3-6 releases all at the same time. Non-genre specific, this label will rather focus on the mentality of the artists involved. This idea is about creating a family of musicians, artists, writers and other creatives that already know what it's like to hold themselves up with their own efforts, those who know what it's like to pioneer into releases, tours, and all creative projects with their own two hands, not relying on anything else. I'm not here to take over and provide you with all the answers, the right connections, the "label promises" of a bygone era, but rather to house a family, and be of service to helping your creative vision grow. The objective is to then release vinyl down the line, and the first vinyl releases will be collaborative efforts with some partner labels, but that will be a little later in the game. I already have some exciting artists I plan on working with, and we're already figuring out details for the releases, but I'm still open to all ideas, suggestions, and submissions. I want to know what you're doing, and if we connect, who knows what sort of things we could accomplish together. Send your submissions to [email protected] if you're interested!