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Found 1 result

  1. Heeeya folks, TLDR: I have a constant low hum coming through my speakers 24/7 when the turntable is on. Regardless of weather or not anything is spinning. Yes I know its is electrical interference, as turning on my ceiling fan makes it notably worse. I am here to ask for advice on improving the situation. Details Time! Turntable: Modular Component Systems 6202 (Semi-Auto / Belt Drive... Macy's re-brand with Technics guts) Tonearm: Stock arm, reads MCS branding to match. Cartridge: Audiotechnica... of some variety Output from Table: Red/White composite audio cables (these have a small ground cable paired with them, see below) Pre-Amp: PYLE Pro - Model# PP444 (It has "12v Ground" screw to which I have attached and tightened the ground cable from the turntable) Output from Pre-Amp: Red/White Composite with a "composite to 3.5mm aux" cable. This then runs into the soundcard on my PC (bear with me here) So as crazy as that probably all sounds, my tiny apartment layout and speaker setup and outlet locations pretty much mandate my turntable stays on my desk near the pc. The speakers, are then hooked to the PC via a very long aux cable, as the speakers sit underneath the tv across the room. So..... Feel free to tell me I am being an idiot here, but be specific at least. Id like a solution to reduce/limit noise without completely re-arranging my entire apartment. Is there a specific piece in this puzzle that is most likely to be the problem? It is hard to troubleshoot as all the elements are somewhat integral to getting noise out. Thanks!!!!!