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Found 5 results

  1. Second full length from these math(?) rockers. If you've seen them live, you know. If not, check out their Audiotree session. Light blue vinyl limited to 500 as well as a standard run on black vinyl. Can also get a slick long sleeve shirt if you order before December 14. http://store.carparkrecords.com/products/599970-cak124-palm-rock-island
  2. http://store.carparkrecords.com/products/571782-cak115-cloud-nothings-life-without-sound
  3. prince rama - xtreme now (black/neon green starburst limited to 300 copies). up on bullmoose for those in the USA and norman records / rough trade in the UK. xtreme now is the most extreme album prince rama has ever made. the band consists of the larson sisters, who wrote the album while living on a black metal utopian commune off the coast of estonia. one of the sisters (taraka) had a near death experience inside an ancient viking ruin which led to a sense of time-schizophrenia, specifically a physical sensation of existing simultaneously in the medieval ages and the year 2067. influenced by prophetic visions of energy drink sponsored art museums, speed beauty, and sky diving with mona lisa parachutes, the album provides the score to the reality that time travel is possible via the gateway of extreme sports. from the upcoming album: prince rama - bahia https://soundcloud.com/carparkrecords/prince-rama-bahia-1 prince rama - now is the time of emotion https://soundcloud.com/carparkrecords/prince-rama-now-is-the-time-of-emotion
  4. From the inbox: To celebrate their 16th anniversary, Carpark Records will release a special sweet sixteen basketball-themed picture disc on 5/26. This release consists of nine exclusive, full-length songs and 19 locked grooves by artists from all across the Carpark catalog. It is a limited- edition run of 600 copies. The 12" will cost $16 and all proceeds go to the Little Kids Rock charity. Pre-order the 12” picture discHERE. The track list is as follows: Side A 1. Young Magic - NETS 2. Montag - Drop A Dime 3. Safety Scissors - Orange Roughy 4. Jayson Gerycz - Dribble Dribble 5. Young Magic - All Net (Celebration Dance) 6. TEEN - Dylan and Chong Playing Basketball 7. Thomas J Duke - Manute Bol 8. Jake Mandell - 2008 9. Signer - Roll, Pick, and Roll Again 10. Skylar Spence - Turnover 11. Sadie Dupuis - Theme from Babadook 12. Montag - Basket Case 13. Ear Pwr - I Would Rather Be Shopping 14. Jason Urick - Double Dribble 15. Memory Tapes - Go Play Outside 16. Lowt Ide - Your Turn Side B 17. Skylar Spence - Practice 18. Dan Deacon - 1 Wand from the 9 Piles 19. So Takahashi - Dribble Commander 20. Jimmy Whispers - Mugsy Bogus 21. Chandos - Traveling 22. GRMLN - Buzzer Beat 23. Toro Y Moi - Space Jam 24. Greg Davis - Paxson 25. Ear Pwr - Beyond the Arc 26. Dog Bite - Hoops 27. Adventure - Ewww 28. Speedy Ortiz - Basketball (Demo)
  5. Carpark Records will be releasing the new GRMLN record Soon Away on September 16th. I can't seem to find the numbers, but Carpark & GRMLN are encouraging people who want the limited blue vinyl to get it soon. Insound is offering both the blue and regular... so who knows when it'll be gone. From INSOUND: Comes on blue vinyl and includes a download code! With Soon Away, GRMLN veers from the pop-punk-rooted road the band started on with last year’s Empire. It’s an aggressive album, darker and heavier than what’s come before. While it carries these characteristics, there is also a certain peace to Soon Away, thanks to songwriter Yoodoo Park’s personal growth. The album grapples with letting go and getting used to goodbyes. “Find a way to be wanted and here for someone else/ Break away from the notion, the poison in my head,” Park sings on the cathartic “Faux.” The singer-guitarist sees the constant changes of life allowing people to embrace the true nature of living. The teachings of Krishna were an inspiration to Park while writing the record and it’s a force that helped define Park’s perspective in these songs. Still, there’s an intensity to these guitar-driven tracks. “Go, but you're breaking without me/ When days can crawl around/ To waste myself away,” Park sings on opener “Jaded,” which is built around one of GRMLN’s catchiest riffs. Preorders (for the blue vinyl) are up now on Insound/Carpark Insound: http://www.insound.com/Soon-Away-Colored-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP-GRMLN/P/INS134552/&from=12602 (from a post I saw earlier: Promo code welovevinylmore saves you 10%) Carpark: http://store.carparkrecords.com/products/530939-cak98-grmln-soon-away Regular Version (black vinyl) up at Amazon Amazon: http://amzn.to/VyPphj I couldn't figure out how to embed a Soundcloud Link, but "Jaded" is streaming there now: https://soundcloud.com/carparkrecords/grmln-jaded-1