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Found 7 results

  1. Current known variants: LIMITED EDITION PURPLE VARIANT (Limited to 1,000 units) PILLAR EXCLUSIVE: TRANSLUCENT TEAL VINYL (Limited to 500 units) OPAQUE TEAL (Unknown Quantity - but seems to only be available in bundles, not separately) Pillar Fanclub Preorders available now - (need membership) https://pillar.club/store/3e9eae6e-b94d-47d9-b497-b718d50feebf/ Standard preorders - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter About the release: "When I started working on the concept for The Indigo Child, I imagined introducing the project with a record of music "From the Motion Picture", knowing in my heart a motion picture, of any length, would never exist. I would just write pieces of a hypothetical score, and release them along lyrical "singles", or theme songs. As the Indigo Child evolved, I became obsessed with the world, its inhabitants, and their story. Though The Dear Hunter was working through the project's first full length, and we were all in love with how the album was progressing, I felt it couldn't be the introduction I offered for The Indigo Child. I threw myself entirely into writing a screenplay, dreaming of a way to create "Cycle 8": a cinematic prologue to the main narrative of The Indigo Child. Stars impossibly aligned, and with the help of an absolutely phenomenal cast and crew of incredibly talented people, the dream came true. Now, the tether between music and visuals didn't have to be hypothetical. The score could be the score, and the singles could be featured in the film itself. The result is The Dear Hunter's "The Indigo Child": the introduction the project deserves. After all this time, it is an absolute joy to share The Indigo Child, and its accompanying short film "Cycle 8", with you. I hope you dive in, and find beauty in what could be, because there's much more on the way." TRACKLISTING 1. The Indigo Child 2. The Indigo Child (Reprise Ft. Tivoli) 3. To Your Cycle 4. Prayer | Uncle Boot | Breach 5. A Guide to Retrievals 6. Your Reward Is Not Tax Exempt 7. Disruptor Sphere | Sprawl | Antimai 8. Credits It will ship on or by November 15th!
  2. From Casey - "Hi everyone. I made a thing that isn't The Dear Hunter. Don't fret, though. I can explain. While I have been diligently at work on the newest TDH project(s), it became clear earlier this year that we would need to rethink the schedule we had in place. While this offered additional time to craft and nurture these projects, it also meant more time to spend within a holding pattern, surrounded by unfinished art. This feeling is difficult for me to cope with, as I had grown accustomed to the consistency of releasing new music every 1-2 years. The gestation period for this current project was already uncharacteristically long, due to a number of reasons, but the addition of this indeterminate state off suspended animation wore on me, and I felt a stir-craziness that could only really be satiated by seeing something, no matter how small, through from inception to completion. Enter Honorary Astronaut. At first, I planned to unearth and rerecord a few previously unheard demos, but as I transitioned into studio mode, and found myself spending the bulk of my days on this music, I leaned towards making something new. The result is a 5 song ep, written (with the exception of one track from some years ago) and recorded in late spring. I don't know that it would do me good to try and describe it. Not for the sake of it being indescribable, but because- what would the point be? I can just show you. Today, I am sharing the song "Final Dream Machine" with you, via a lyric video created in collaboration with Erez Bader. We hope you enjoy it." https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/honoraryastronaut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GcolhLjK1Y
  3. http://thedearhunter.com/#read http://equalvision.merchnow.com/search/SearchByCatalog?q=the+dear+hunter&catalogid=508 1pm est today. Release date of September 9th. The new single, Gloria, is on Spotify. Here's the hype site: http://hymnswiththedevil.com/ Tracklist: 1. "Regress" 1:22 2. "The Moon / Awake" 6:09 3. "Cascade" 5:11 4. "The Most Cursed of Hands / Who Am I" 6:42 5. "The Revival" 5:00 6. "Melpomene" 4:14 7. "Mr. Usher (On His Way to Town)" 4:59 8. "The Haves Have Naught" 4:02 9. "Light" 5:16 10. "Gloria" 5:32 11. "The Flame (Is Gone)" 5:40 12. "The Fire (Remains)" 5:26 13. "The March" 4:12 14. "Blood" 4:33 15. "A Beggining" 6:19 Total length: 73:17
  4. So there is some mysterious flexidisc that was sent out to the Dear Hunter's Lifetime Members (still kicking myself for not signing up for that). According to this dude's tweet, he received this in the mail with a website on it. Here's the website link: http://hymnswiththedevil.com/ There's a countdown to 1pm tomorrow on the site and some music when you hover over the Ace of Hearts. Also, there was a video posted on Reddit, from a recent Dear Hunter show, of Casey playing a "rare" song called Light. I also remember a Twitter Q&A Casey was doing well before Act IV came out where he mentioned that Act IV and V could possibly be a double album. I'm wondering if while recording Act IV, he also recorded the much hinted at EP that would be Act V. If that's the case, we could see it drop tomorrow, which would be crazy. Either way, something is happening at 1pm est tomorrow on that site.
  5. Hello everyone, I am very interested in purchasing a copy of The Dear Hunter Color Spectrum complete box set. Either pressing will do and I have the money ready to purchase as soon as possible. Any help on locating a copy being sold is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I am looking to buy as much of The Dear Hunter as I can find. I already have the three re-presses of the acts (/300) but am happy to pay good prices for everything else. I am particularly keen to get the Colour Spectrum 10" box set. On my list are: Act I and II - Clear Act III - White Colour Spectrum 10" - Preferably first issue box set Migrant - Any coloured variant Migrations Annex I am unfortunately in the UK but am happy to cover any postage costs (and realise they may not be insignificant for the boxed stuff). I can pay by PayPal and have some money in the account ready for quick payments. Thanks, Mark
  7. SOLD!!! I've got a one-of-a-kind handwritten lyric sheet from Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter. The song is "What You Said" from the Blue EP of The Complete Color Spectrum. I've framed and double matted it (black w/ blue inner). PM me offers if you're interested! I should also mention that I'm not looking for insane amounts. Just reasonable offers. Since I moved, I haven't hung it so I figured I'd see if anyone on here was interested.

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