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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I'm in Waxhaw near Charlotte NC for RSD this year so can anyone suggest which would be the best store to go to and what sort of time I would need to go to start queing? I could go into Charlotte or one of the towns around me. Thanks in advance
  2. I've done Record Store Day in April two years in a row. Usually camp out over night and wait till the shop opens up. I have this feeling that Black Friday RSD is NOT as big of a crowd (due to it being the day after thanksgiving and people having other Black Friday interests). So! what I'm asking is what is a good time to arrive at a shop on Black Friday RSD? I'm going to Lunchbox Record's in Charlotte, NC. Shop opens @ 9. Was originally planning on arriving there @ 4 or 5.
  3. Preorders for the Totally Slow//Black Market split 7" are now live in our webstore, so you should go check it out!!! Both bands are really awesome and are some of the best kept secret bands of the southeast. Totally Slow features ex members of Rights Reserved, Eagle Bravo, Manamid, Decoration Ghost and so many more. We released their debut LP in 2013 and it is really awesome, if you haven't checked it out, you really are missing out! The best years of California pop-punk and early Merge Records, rolled into one. Black Market is a little bit newer, but all members have definitely "done their time" in the "scene," for lack of a better way to describe them. Features ex members of Light the Fuse and Run (RVA- Level Plane Records, known for their split with Hot Cross) and Forcefedglass (MA- featuring Ben Koller of Converge). Black Market sounds nothing like those bands. Instead of spazzy post-hardcore or blistering fast punk, Black Market is more garage rock sensibility with 90s punks intensity. Basically loud post hardcore that knows when to get loud, but also knows when to get crazy. It'll make sense when you hear it. The band previously released a collection of their 2013 EPs, "One Year Old," via Death to False Hope Records. Totally Slow will be playing THE FEST on Saturday, November 1st at Durty Nelly's. The band will have advance copies of the split (tests) in a very very limited quantity. If you are interested in picking this variant up, then make a beeline to the venue and nab it up. The 7" EP is limited to 300 copies of randomly mixed color vinyl.The release features 4 new tracks (2 from each band) on the record w/ two additional digital only songs! The digital versions are covers of each others songs. This was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business. Side A: 1. Totally Slow- Blank Paper Sides 2. Black Market- Hangover Hobby Kit Side B: 3. Black Market- No Brain 4. Totally Slow- The End of Air Digital only: 1. Black Market- Phone (Totally Slow) 2. Totally Slow- Basement Dweller (Black Market) Under The Gun Review premiered a Black Market track, "No Brain," from the split, so make sure you check that out as well. http://www.underthegunreview.net/2014/09/29/utg-premiere-black-market-no-brain/ PREORDER HERE!!! PREORDER HERE!!! PREORDER HERE!!! http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/products/8899032-preorder-totally-slow-black-market-split-7-w-digital-download-bonus-s
  4. Late Bloomer just premiered a new song on Noisey/Vice. Also featured is an interview with bassist/vocalist Joshua Robbins. The album is being released on July 1st via Tor Johnson Records w/ assistance from Lunchbox Records and Self Aware Records. http://noisey.vice.com/blog/late-bloomer-interview You can preorder the new LP through both Tor Johnson and Self Aware Records. http://www.torjohnsonrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=21&products_id=999 (Tor Johnson) http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/collections/6704-self-aware-releases/products/6276265-late-bloomer-things-change-12-lp (Self Aware)
  5. Check out this new Late Bloomer track that was contributed to this compilation. This is a track from the upcoming LP that will be released this spring. Check it out, tell your friends.http://powerstance.bandcamp.com/track/use-your-words [powerstance.bandcamp.com] » Also, this comp is for a good cause so if you feel like being generous, please donate. If you don't know who Late Bloomer is then check out some of the past releases. The band recently played FEST 12 and also Hopscotch Festival. In 2013 they released an LP through us, split released by Lunchbox Records. To end the year out, the band released a split 7" w/ Old Flings via Kiss of Death Records. In 2014 the band will release their second LP with Self Aware and an undisclosed 2nd label. The track above is a good taste of what is in store for this new release. Please check them out and tell all your friends, I believe they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/album/late-bloomer-s-t-12-lp (2013 LP) https://latebloomer.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-old-flings (split w/ Old Flings) [email protected] [email protected] (check 'em out on twitter/tumblr/facebook)