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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, i'm desperately looking for this specific NOFX 7" variant... If you have it, i want it, contact me... Please PM, any help is welcome... Thanks in advance...
  2. Hi guys, a friend of mine looks for these variants, first and second press, and maybe more others 7iotmc that i will list soon... If anyone can help, thanks in advance...
  3. short version: Cool Car is OUT NOW!!!! listen loud. here's the long version: i wrote the first Girlfriend Material song on July 19, 2016. i was living in a sterile condo in a sterile neighbourhood and i felt extremely far away from myself. i was almost 30 and i'd been playing in a band for my job for 10 years. music, the great love and driving force of my whole life, was at this point not much more to me than a lot of business emails and obligations. i hadn't written a song in years and i didn't think i would care if i never wrote another one. then one night i needed music for a movie, so i opened a new Logic project, tuned to drop D, and started bashing. i wrote 5 songs that night, and 5 the next morning. 5 of those songs are on Cool Car. this band and these songs brought me back to life, or at least to a version of life that i recognize. i fell in love with music again. i fell in love with Tokyo Police Club again. i fell in love with the world again. nothing i've ever done has meant more to me. Nyles Miszczyk produced and mixed this record and made me feel like it mattered. Jon Drew mastered it and made it slam. Nick Boyd let us record it in his beautiful studio, hidden away from the world but - critically - in close proximity to the best sandwiches in town. Annie Murphy leant her voice to a dang SPEECH that i decided would make a good bridge, and thank god she's enough of a pro that it actually worked. Colin Medley, a real honest to god photographer, used a real honest to god film camera to take pictures of a beat up old Subaru in the parking lot of the Galleria mall. Anna Fitzpatrick wrote the bio of my dreams, the first band bio i've ever seen that wasn't mostly just annoying. everybody at Dine Alone Records went into a RECORD LABEL OFFICE and used COMPANY TIME to entertain my weird ideas and actually sell the thing to people. it's weird to have so many talented people expend energy to help make this thing i dreamed up into reality. especially: Jake, Joseph, and Josh. i had no idea how to start a band as an adult, but lucky for me i picked the three most beautiful, kind, and enthusiastic guys i could have. they're all busier than me and they all find time to jam and record and gig. i don't deserve them, but i cherish them every day. thank you for thinking my songs are worth a damn, guys. it means more to me than i can ever say. that's it. it's a rock record, it's even wordier than this post, and i suggest you listen to it while driving fast. i love you all. xo Graham Wright White vinyl, limited to 300 https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/girlfriend-material-cool-car-white-lp
  4. So I'm not a huge cassette fan. I have a few, but I'm about to get some more. Taken from Tumblr. NOVEMBER 24, 2015 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ We’ve got a lot of ~*cool stuff*~ happening on black friday but today friends, I want to talk to you about one special thing in particular. We will be offering a cassette subscription series for 2016 called the Broken World Cassette Club. It is a subscription series for those ultra nerds who are stoked about what has been called “music’s worst physical format.” Here is the gist of this thing; joining the BWM cassette club gets you a tape copy of everything new release we put out on cassette for a year and in some cases and exclusive variant of the release only available to club members. This won’t include represses of older releases mostly because I don’t want you to end up with the same thing twice. You can always put a note in your order that is like “YO IF YOU REPRESS THIS RELEASE I DON’T HAVE IT AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT” In addition to our regular releases you will receive: - exclusive distro titles that I pick up from other labels and think are rad and need to be fucked with. - exclusive BWM releases special to this subscription series. For example, a weird sound collage of TWIABP demos from the last 6 years that I’ve been working on for a bit. - i will make you a personalized mixtape for your birthday or xmas or something. everyone will get 1. The series will start for the remainder of 2015 and last until the end of 2016. UNFORTUNATELY, this subscription series is only available to US residents due to the nightmare that would be shipping multiple packages a year to international addresses. We are also working on a vinyl subscription series for 2016! (damn I'm gonna be so broke after this) Oh, and it goes live on Friday.
  5. hi i hope you don't mind me posting about a special 7" singles club i've been running for three and a half years now (it's due to run for seven) called wiaiwya-7777777 specifically, the latest release is an exclusive collaboration between Woodpigeon and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub, Boy Hairdressers, Jonny): https://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com/album/brutish-birds wiaiwya-7777777 is a seven inch singles club – a very ambitious seven inch singles club. “there’s this sadness when you can’t find it on vinyl, because it’s like it’s not proper” - Pete Paphides Now in its fourth year (of seven), it is a celebration of the seven inch format, as well as all things seven. 210 lucky subscribers sign up, and get seven exclusive 45s in the post. The records are always released on the 7th of the month (one on each day of the week), and 77 days before release date just 77 copies are made available to purchase individually. “The 45rpm single, the hard, black centrepiece of the teenage revolution” – Bob Stanley For 2015 we have asked some of our favourite bands and artists to collaborate on a one off single, to try something a little different, and to prove the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These are then being pressed onto 2 colour vinyl discs, and inserted into numbered reverse board sleeves. And, as 2015 is the first year there will be seven Star Wars films, it would be foolish not to stand their titles into the run out grooves. there's more info about subscribing here http://wiaiwya-7777777.blogspot.co.uk/ thanks John www.wiaiwya.com
  6. I am looking for the whole original set of the 7 inch of the month club by nofx. Anyone selling them? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm selling my Paramore vinyl. They are all in like new condition, never used them. I was going to list them on ebay, but I thought I would try here first. PM me with an offer! Thanks! Here's what I have: All We Know Is Falling - Red Translucent Vinyl - Limited to 2500 - SEALED All We Know Is Falling - Green Translucent Vinyl - Limited to 2500 - SOLD Riot - Black - SEALED - Limited Riot - White - Limited SOLD Paramore - New Box Set - Limited Singles Club - Sealed Brand New Eyes SOLD I have a few others as well, but I need to get them all organized first. Edit: Also, it's not a vinyl but I have a copy of The Summer Tic Ep. It's on eBay. Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271265916978?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Hey, Friends! So last week's first lathe entry in our series received a total of 56 orders. Pretty great numbers for a first shot out! As of this week's second lathe, we're going to be making this a weekly thing. When one order for a lathe ends, another will start moments later, so the time is still of the essence to get a hold of these. Also, at $10 ppd, you're getting a good deal each time! A few notes from the sales listing: "This pre-order will be up for ONE WEEK and then taken down. However many that we receive orders for is however many we will make. The cap for all lathes in this series is 100 copies. If we hit 100, then the order will be taken down - that is the only exception for it to not run the full week. ***PLEASE NOTE - that each sleeve will come with the buyer's name printed onto it. IF YOU BUY MULTIPLE COPIES, PLEASE E-MAIL US and let us know what names you would like placed upon each sleeve, otherwise we will print the buyer's name on all copies that they order. We will not be leaving any blank - NO EXCEPTIONS. To explain the nature of these: Lathe cuts are short run vinyl records that are cut in real time one by one - these are not factory produced records ala larger pressing plants. Each one will be $10 with shipping included (or $7 if yr in the city and want to pick up). Why are these somewhat pricey? Because each one is hand cut in real time one by one, the process of producing this run of records is a longer one - if 63 people order copies, the person cutting this will be hearing the song on the lathe 63 times. Each record will also be packaged in a hand made sleeve made from transparency sheets and personalized with the record's number (13/63, for example) along with the name of the record's owner. These are essentially art objects, which is why they're a couple of bucks more than a normal $5 seven inch. ( Picture listed isn't the actual Lathe. It is merely just for reference to show you what the lathe will look like - it is a clear cut poly carbonate square and NOT a black or other colored vinyl record. And YES, this record CAN be played on a turntable using a normal needle and will NOT damage it. Also - anything ordered with this lathe will only ship out once your lathes ship. Check the link below for the second installment in the series - N+B 017 Only pressing: /? Chandeliers: Lemur - a jammer from the Shape Shoppers who have built a beyond solid rep for complex electronic sounds and rad, stacato melodies. We recently dropped their latest 7" in December and 'Lemur', is very much in the same vein. A total stunner. Listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/notesandbolts/chandeliers-lemur Order the lathe here: http://notesandbolts.bigcartel.com/product/limited-lathe-cut-7

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