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Found 9 results

  1. SOLD OUT This repress has been limited to 300 copies, spread over three colors. Just like the first pressing, each variant has it's own unique jacket. In addition, each variant is named after one of the labels responsible for putting this together: Collective Confusion Records Edition: /100, Cream vinyl Thunderbeard Records Edition: /100, Black vinyl Working Man Records Edition: /100, Green vinyl Random orders will come with a SIGNED special edition of the jacket.
  2. This is a great record made by friends of mine. Gatefold jacket is awesome. Artwork is awesome. Tunes are awesome. Promo videos are awesome. Release date: 7/31/2015 1. Get Metaphysical 2. I Am Perception 3. Always Again Monday 4. Dakota V 5. Manhattan 6. Have A Nice Time! 7. Meals 8. Never Before Have I Ever Had Such A Good Cup Of Coffee Pressed on 140g black vinyl Limited to 300 copies Gatefold Jacket RIYL: Indie rock, David Bowie.
  3. Originally recorded as bonus tracks to accompany the release of "Height" and never officially released to the public, The Acoustic Sessions offers eight cuts of Nolan with not much more than a guitar and a keyboard. Its sparse arrangements highlight Nolan's introspective lyrics, catchy melodies and distinct vocal style, succeeding in its goal of breathing new life into familiar songs. This record is essential for fans of Nolan's work both past and present. The pressing info is below: Half Green, Half Peach (/100) Peach (/150) Green (/250) Also available for this release are one-of-a-kind test presses. Each test is accompanied by a jacket hand drawn by LP design artist Jeff Versoi. Blending ideas submitted by fans with his own style, each jacket promises to be something special. Only FIFTEEN of these test presses exist. BUY IT HERE SIDE A: Tit It's Done To Death I Don't Believe You Screaming Into The Wind It Takes A Long Time SIDE B: Here I Am Not To Let Go I Won't Ever Be There Keep Calm And Carry On
  4. On sale for $4. Collective Confusion Records: http://collectivecon...ansions-split-7 Mansions - "Heavy Dungeon Echo" John Nolan - "Cest Le Du Monde (It's The End of The World)" Listen to it here: http://propertyofzac...n-split-details
  5. Looking for the Urban Outfitter's exclusive on red vinyl of Regina Spektor's What We Saw from the Cheap Seats. If you have a copy that you want to get rid of, PM me. Also selling my copy of John Nolan's Height (The Acoustic Sessions), Half Peach/Half Green variant out of 100 in excellent condition. It's up for grabs for 30 23 PPD. Let this sexy record be part of your collection. Thanks for looking at this post, and PM if interested in either. Cheers LOWERED PRICE! THANK YOU!
  6. Hey guys, John and Geoff Rickly just announced a bunch of solo dates together. They'll be collaborating for a bit too - definitely come out! Dates: Fri/May-10 Brooklyn, NY St. Vitus Sat/May-11 Philly, PA North Star Bar Sun/May-12 Cleveland, OH Mahalls Mon/May-13 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen Tue/May-14 Indianapolis, IN The Hoosier Dome Wed/May-15 Pitts, PA Moose Thu/May-16 Charlotte, NC Casbah @ Tremont Fri/May-17 Richmond Kingdom Sat/May-18 W Springfield DC Empire
  7. The Bothers EP - $5 - .. these are done. This isn't a PO. Side A: Witch Doctor Woes Loose Lush Side B: Dragonfly /300, first 100 on red vinyl. Hand-numbered. These are going to come with a free download of the EP, as well as a live set with new tunes and covers. Pics to follow. HEAR IT: www.thebothers.us/music HEAR THE BOTHERS COVER TOMBSTONE BLUES RECORD STORE DAY: IN STOCK: - Cassino - Kingprince 2xLP - CREAM variant (last few copies) - John Nolan Bundle - Both LPs + the Mansions split for $30 Distro Stuff: - Weatherbox - American Art 2xLP - Ghost Thrower/Foreign Tongues 7" - Divorcees 7" - No Such Noise 12" - Gameday Regulars 7" - The Ugly Club 7" - Cruiser 7" FREE STUFF: - Test presses - from a variety of CCR releases, old and new (this is purposefully cryptic) - Signed jackets- Cassino, John Nolan - Some posters - other stuff TBD So, to re-iterate... Collective Confusion releases will be in the Youth Conspiracy, Working Man, Company Ink, Boshkung, Veggie Co, and possibly a few more labels webstores. If you don't want to order from me but might want to pick something I've put out up... check out their respective sales. Or if you've been waiting to pick up something in any of those webstores to save on some shipping... do it next weekend. If you hate my guts but like John Nolan and Scott, buy a record from him. They're all good dudes, the records are all great and I'll consider this sale a success if you grab anything from any of us.
  8. Upcoming shows and set times: 4/12 @ Arlene's Grocery - 10:30 PM 4/24 @ The Delancey - 9:00 PM 5/22 @ The Bitter End - 11:00 PM Records MAY be on sale by this Friday (4/12) at shows. They will definitely be on sale by 4/24.
  9. ..and the winners are: Cassino - janer05 and corbett.neil7 John Nolan - Kevin ! and buffbloom Shoot me a PM with your address and I'll these packed up and sent your way. Thanks everyone for participating! Hey guys, As you may or may not know, I have a pretty big year planned for Collective Confusion, all the while still working to repay some debts from my previous years. So, to help pay for all of the stuff I have planned, I've decided to raffle off TWO EACH of the following test presses (all four I found while preparing for the Kingprince repress in the back of my closet): - Cassino - Kingprince (FIRST PRESS with GREEN jacket, limited to 25 - numbers are crossed out and replaced with TP) - John Nolan - Height (The Acoustic Sessions) (with a blank jacket, signed by John, jacket numbered /5) $5 per entry. No limit to how many times you can enter. Every penny you guys kick in for this will go to label expenses. I'm a little wary of doing this but it really will help me keep the lights on over here, so hopefully you guys will cut me some slack. If you want to enter, PayPal [email protected] and put in the message your username AND WHICH RECORD YOU WANT. Ie if you send me ten dollars but only want the Cassino test press, make sure you put Cassino x 2. Contest will be CLOSED SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14th AT 9:30 AM I will update this list with who has entered and for which record as the entries come in. I'm happy to respond to any questions in this thread here. ENTERED FOR CASSINO: Ian Rees x2 janer05 x3 abme87 x1 blahdiblah x2 shifres x6 Spaghetti x2 Kevin ! x2 edgecorekid x2 Higginsrj x1 corbett.neil7 x2 ENTERED FOR JOHN NOLAN: blahdiblah x2 Kevin ! x3 buffbloom x4