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Found 16 results

  1. Preorder now. Ships mid-November. RED DONS “GENOCIDE" b/w “LETTERS” 7” Red Dons return with their 10th vinyl release and their first new music since the 2015 LP, "The Dead Hand of Tradition". Now in their 11th year as a band, Red Dons have established a formula of dark, driving punk rock with catchy melodic hooks and the songs on this 7” deliver on that tradition. The 7” will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies with 150 red vinyl copies available only through the band and/or Man In Decline Records. That means only 75 color copies will available through mail-order. PREORDER HERE CLEARANCE SALE We need to make room for new records, so we're again offering massive discounts on our entire store, including: - Man In Decline black vinyl LP's at $5, Man In Decline 7"s at $2.50, and shirts at 50% off. - All distro items 50% off. Sale items up to 90% off. Discount added at checkout. - Does not apply to new arrivals. - Sale ends Sunday (10/29) at midnight. Go here to browse the sale: http://manindecline.limitedrun.com More stuff: http://manindeclinerecords.co https://manindeclinerecords.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/ManInDecline https://www.instagram.com/manindeclinerecords
  2. New Releases Available Now from Dead Broke Rekerds!!!! SHOTWELL / MIAMI- Split LP (Reissue!) Reissue of one of our favorite DIY punk rock split LPs, EVER. Punk veterans from San Fransisco, CA. that includes members of: Strawman, Allergic To Bullshit, Hickey, Chickenhead, Onion Flavored Rings, Black Rainbow & so many more. Originally released in 2000, this is just in time for its' 17th anniversary! After one year in-the-works & a meticulous release process, we're stoked for finally have this out into the world again. Reissued & pressed from the original master tapes, as well as cover art being pro re-touched & restored! Includes original 32 PAGE ZINE, as well as a video code for the original VHS companion tape that was released. 400 pressed. (Comes w/ download code) (Digital version remastered by Carl Saff.) Listen: http://bit.ly/shotmiam NOTCHES- "Change My Mind" 7" EP / TAPE Grungy, catchy-as-all-hell, high energy indie/pop-punk from New Hampshire! You'll dig this shit if you're into: Lemonheads, Sinkhole, Witches With Dicks, etc. First 50 orders get Grey Marble-Smoke color vinyl! Listen: http://bit.ly/notchesep ADULT MAGIC- S/T 7" EP / TAPE New 4-song EP of alt-rock punk from members of Iron Chic, Broadcaster, Crow Bait, Sister Kisser. 7" vinyl version finally available. First 50 orders get opaque Orange color vinyl! Listen: http://bit.ly/adultmagic Still New from Dead Broke: TIMESHARES- "Bearable" LP (Reissue!) Re-release of New York indie/punk bands' debut album. With help from our friends at Kiss Of Death & Kind Of Like Records (who originally released this album in 2011)... we present a brand new 4th pressing of this quintessential New York DIY punk record, now on Dead Broke Rekerds. Timeshares have recently released their second album "Already Dead" on SideOneDummy Records, and we're proud to make "Bearable" available once again. If you don't know this record by now, get on it. 300 Black, 145 Opaque Blue, 137 Blue/White Marble Swirl vinyl. Listen: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/bearable TENEMENT- "Bruised Music Vol. 2" TAPE Fourteen Tracks in all, including material compiled from the Taking Everything EP, split 7" w/ Culo, split 7" with Cheeky, Freak Cast in Iron "Sick Club" 7" single, Puke+Destroy Vol. 2 7" compilation, and split 7" w/ Screaming Females. All material has once again been remastered for this release by North London Bomb Factory. (Comes w/download) Cassette press! Grab 'em all + more @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a *edit, first press* purple version of Life of Leisure but am unsure of how to tell the color. Would someone be able to tell me how to tell the difference between each edition? For the first press, I know that some have a sticker saying "Limited Edition", but that that doesn't guarantee it's a purple version. Only 200 of 2000 were purple. I know the third pressing says "Purple Vinyl". I've tried looking on discogs, but it's confusing and hard to know which version is which. There's too many versions and they're all limited editions numbered from 2000. I can't really tell which is the 1st press, 2nd press, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Dickies LP relisted and I put up my copy of the Bracket - Live In A Dive LP with the comic book. Both on orange vinyl. Both limited to impossibly low numbers, even for Fat. www.ebay.ca/sch/atleastiknow/m.html?item=251937748065&hash=item3aa8a8f461&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 ______ Selling a few of my coloured Fat Wreck LPs. All are NM/NM condition, with the shrink still on, but open. I figured I'd post them here before eBay. I've got a few more Fat LPs that I'm humming and hawing over selling. Against Me! - As The Eternal Cowboy (white vinyl) limited to 175 The Dickies - All This And Puppet Stew (gold vinyl) limited to 220 Avail - Front Porch Stories (Red vinyl) limited to 218 Mxpx - the Renaissance Ep (Clear w/red splatter) limited to 550 - almost entirely clear/very little red. Pm or email offers. Shipping from Canada in LP mailers. Can post photos if you want them. [email protected]
  5. I have a copy of Death Angel's recent The Dream Calls for Blood on blue vinyl, but I can't seem to find any information on specifically the blue color. There's one listed as "splattered" but it doesn't show what it looks like and my copy hardly has any additional color to make me believe that it even was meant to be splattered. Please advise. I am at a loss.
  6. Lydia Ainsworth has a new record out in September and the few tracks that have dropped from it are quite fantastic. I didn't pay enough attention to them first time round but they are incredibly engrossing and very very well composed. It is being released on Arbutus records out of Montreal - a record label that I have been highly, highly impressed by this year - I am a big fan of the Sean Nicholas Savage album they released a few months ago, they also have a rad band called 'TOPS' coming out with a new album in September. Anyway, here is some choons from this new Lydia Ainsworth joint! The video is pretty fantastic as well. Record can be preordered for a reasonable price and comes in 'Malachite' Green White Shadows on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/arbutus-records/lydia-ainsworth-white-shadows
  7. Hello We are now taking Pre-orders on the Candy Store Vinyl Release date May 2014 here is the Link:http://16fmusic.com/?p=9874 We are still having pressing delays with Da Chozen " Up All Night "EP we working to get that record released ASAP you can Pre order Here :http://16fmusic.com/?p=357 Major Stress EP get your Red copy while supplies last link:http://16fmusic.com/?p=359 M.C Price & DJ Trouble Lee "The Price Is Right "in stock now! Black Link:http://16fmusic.com/?p=3853 Yellow Vinyl link:http://16fmusic.com/?p=295 Check out our used vinyl selection we are adding new item all the time link: http://16fmusic.com/?p=272 Thank you 16fmusic.com
  8. so i picked up the siren song of the counter culture and the sufferer and the witness by rise against on vinyl today specifically the colored variants, and noticed a consistent lip around the edge of both, none of my other few records have this so I'm wondering if its supposed to be there, if it make any difference they appear to be 180 gram (they are significantly thicker than my other standard weights) but are not marked as so, both are brand new
  9. So I took a leap of faith. Read some bad reviews of this place and personally got a bad vibe from the product descriptions. They advertise them as Record Store Day left overs and have a release date for 2011 and state the label as Geffen, They're wrong. They also say that they are "expected in shortly." They are in stock. Being the stupid human that I am I went for it anyway. I actually had a bit of evidence that they were the first pressings And I didn't really care weather they were the first or second, just as long as they were one of either Original Recordings Group or ORG Music with preference for the first press. Thankfully, It paid off and now maybe it'll help you too. If anyone is looking to pick up the first pressings of Nirvana's "Original Recordings Group" LP's pressed at RTI, (not the second pressing done by "ORG Music" that were pressed in Germany) this includes the cream yellow In Utero, They're available here; http://www.whatrecords.co.uk/search.asp?artist=nirvana&title=&format=&catalogue=&submit.x=-482&submit.y=-320 They aren't cheap but I don't think they ever were. I bought all three and shipped from the UK to Vancouver, B.C. it worked out to be about $55USD each. They arrived sealed, in perfect condition and beautifully packed. If this helps you out, you're welcome! Does anyone that bought these in 2009 happen to remember what they originally went for? $30-$35ish???
  10. I am selling my copy of: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2xLP.....WHITE VARIANT EXCELLENT CONDITION, AND NEVER BEEN PLAYED....ONLY OPENED SO COLOR COULD BE CONFIRMED!!!! THIS IS THE TRIPLE CROWN VERSION OF THE ALBUM, w/the LYRIC SHEET included!!! A MUST HAVE for Brand New Collectors!!!! Accepting offers now. FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS.....INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE BUT MUST BE DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME WILL ACCEPT OFFERS FOR 24 HRS, UNLESS AN OFFER TOO GOOD TO PASS UP HAS BEEN PRESENTED, LOL Need to move this ASAP. Let me know if interested!!! you can email [email protected] or just respond to the post!
  11. Hey guys, I'm new here but have done lots of selling on ebay in the past. This is the first time in quite a while that I've actually gotten rid of anything, but I recently got married and now I need to pay off some wedding debt. Please take a look at the list and let me know if there's anything you're interested in. The more you choose, the sweeter the deal will be. Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers. Thanks! Music gear: Gallien-Krueger 700rb mk II bass head Orange Crush 15R amplifier Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer (brown - made in Japan, works on battery power, but not AC) Boss OD-20 Drive Zone Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Line 6 DL4 Delay modeler/looper + PX-2 power supply Records: (vinyl color is black unless otherwise listed) 7" J. Bannon - ...That Thy Foot May Be Dipped in the Blood of Thine Enemies... (silver) J. Bannon - ...That Thy Foot May Be Dipped in the Blood of Thine Enemies... (cream) Breather Resist - The Second Half (clear, numbered #359) Cave In - Lift-Off (white) Cave In - Lift-Off (black) Cave In - Lift-Off (opaque orange) Cave In - Lift-Off (clear) Cave In - Anchor (clear yellow) Cave In - Anchor (black) Coalesce - Salt and Passage (blue w/ black splatter) Coliseum & Young Widows split (clear yellow w/ red splatter) Coliseum & Young Widows split (grey w/ black splatter) Jejune / Lazycain split (white) Elliott Smith - Pretty (Ugly Before) Foo Fighters - All My Life Foo Fighters - The Pretender Ink & Dagger - Drive This Seven Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart Narrows - Life Vests Float... (pink w/ brown splatter - 2 copies) The Paper Chase - ...And The Machines Are Winning Sigur Ros - Hopipolla These Arms Are Snakes - Good Friday (slimy green marble) These Arms Are Snakes - Good Friday (grey marble) Thrice / Thursday split (clear) Various Artists (Nora / Hermon Dekalb / Eternal Youth / Every Time I Die) - Hex comp. (blue stamped, w/ CD-R) Various Artists (Monorchid / The Shivers / Bluetip / Frodus) - The Lovitt Empire Young Widows / Bonnie Prince Billy split Young Widows / Melt Banana split Young Widows / My Disco split Young Widows / Pelican split 10" The Falcon - God Don't Make No Trash (clear red) Golden City - EP (clear blue, member of Christie Front Drive) Knapsack - Day Three of My New Life 2x10" Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes split (black) Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes split (white) Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes split (clear w/ blue splatter) Pelican / These Arms Are Snakes split (clear w/ pink splatter) 12" Bjork - Homogenic test press Blinker The Star - A Bourgeois Kitten Breather Resist / Suicide Note split (black w/ screen printed cover) Breather Resist / Suicide Note split (black w/ DJ sleeve) Breather Resist / Suicide Note split (clear green w/ manila envelope sleeve - 2 copies) Cannabis Corpse - Blunted At Birth ("stoned eyeball" white w/ red haze) The Casket Lottery - Survival Is For Cowards Cave In - Jupiter (US purple cover) Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow (picture disc) Coliseum - Goddamage (first pressing) Denali - The Instinct Elliott Smith - XO (180 gram white, numbered 16 of 500) Floor - S/T (light grey marble, 1 of 9) Floor - S/T (dark grey marble) Floor - Dove (grey marble) Floor - Dove (smoky clear) Frodus - Conglomerate International Ink & Dagger - The Fine Art of Original Sin Isis - The Red Sea (red & grey split) Isis - Oceanic 2xLP (opaque yellow) Isis - Panopticon 2xLP (half clear / half clear blue w/ white splatter Jesu - Lifeline (black & gold split) Knapsack - Silver Sweepstakes Neko Case - Blacklisted test press The One AM Radio - A Name Writ In Water (black & white inside out) Park - Building A Better... (opaque green) Portishead - Sour Times 12" single Portishead - 3 box set (w/ bonus 12" single - etched b-side, art print, P-shaped USB hard drive) Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth (clear blue/white swirl) Sleep - Holy Mountain (blue & red burst, second pressing) Sleep - Dopesmoker 2xLP (Tee Pee Records first pressing) These Arms Are Snakes - This Is Meant To Hurt You These Arms Are Snakes - Oxeneers (clear blue) These Arms Are Snakes - Easter (clear) These Arms Are Snakes - Easter (black & yellow burst) These Arms Are Snakes - Easter (opaque magenta w/ white splatter) These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove (black & white burst) Weston - A Real-Life Story of Teenage Rebellion
  12. Ok, there was a problem with my last thread, so here is a corrected one that is also updated. Thanks all. Ok here we go. Prices are PPD in the US and will be pro-rated $5 for everywhere else. You know shipping costs. Yes I will haggle. Yes I will combine (does better for haggling). I will consider trades more easily now and especially for Boris The Sprinkler vinyl, Sub Pop Singles Club 7"s an OMM Store Exclusive or The Slackers Wasted Days. Because I have a new PayPal account, you must agree to gift the payment to me. Otherwise I have to wait like 21 days for funds which I cannot do. I you don't want to, I understand but will not be flexible. All US orders get tracking for peace of mind. Euros will have to include it if wanted. Again, I'm open to dealing, especially on multiples and especially if we've dealt before. Please ask all questions you have. If you need more photos, PM. Thanks wiki doods! Here they are: Maximum Rock & Roll - Grey 2nd Press - $30 S&M Airlines - Black 1st Press - $20 This looks rough but it's not bad. Just dusty. I will clean it before sending it. Ribbed - Red/500 - $35 I'm also on the fence about my Longest Line (white) and Self Entitled (180 gram). If you're interested in these, PM me an offer.
  13. For sale I have The Smiths-Meat is Murder The sleeve has a crease so I would just rate the sleeve as Good. The record itself is brand new mint condition. Any questions let me know! The color is Pink/Purple Marble. here is the ebay link feel free to check out the photos for the crease (The reason there is a crease is because the distributor must have had a non trained employee handling the sleeve. They ship the record out side of the sleeve so the sleeve must've been noticed by an employee who was too lazy to change it out. However the sleeve looks good in a clear plastic holder and it's got a nice shine, holds the record perfectly) Well thanks for your time. http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Smiths-Meat-is-Murder-12-Vinyl-Record-Rare-Pink-Purple-/230856180455?pt=Music_on_Vinyl&hash=item35c019c2e7
  14. MBL147 - SUTEKH HEXEN "Behind the Throne" LP and CD - Magic Bullet debut from San Francisco's darkest, bleakest noise practitioners - Previous releases on Holy Terror, Handmade Birds, Wands, Zeitgeists, etc. - Record housed in gorgeous matte-flooded LP jacket with spot UV accents throughout - Free full album Mp3 download coupon in every LP - First press available on PINK vinyl and PURPLE vinyl - For more information and an Mp3, please visit http://www.magicbulletrecords.com/site/discography/mbl147/ To order this LP and/or CD online, please visit http://www.magicbulletrecords.com/mailorder.html'>http://www.magicbulletrecords.com/mailorder.html -- We've also just brought in some cassettes of the MEDITATIVE SECT "Laceration Points" recording that we released on LP a while back. The tapes out on Merz Tapes out of Oakland, CA. Pick it up in our webstore or snag it from www.merztapes.com -- Massive update coming in July with all sorts of represses, distro items, and more. Insane new release update coming in August or so... Thank you. http://www.magicbulletrecords.com http://www.facebook.com/magicbulletrecords http://www.twitter.com/magicbulletrecs
  15. I posted this over at Terrible Vacation but everyone must know. I didn't hear an announcement or anything. Via New Red Archive Website back on April 4th We are thrilled to announce the coming release of the deluxe 20th anniversary editions of the first three Samiam vinyl. Samiam (1990), Soar (1991) and Billy (1992) The first to be released is Samiam on May 15th followed by Soar and Billy each one month later. These additions are colored vinyl with gatefold jackets by original artist Sergie Loobkoof. They also include digital download codes. To coincide with this vinyl bonanza we are reissuing the very first Samiam 7” I AM (1989) on colored vinyl slated also for May 2012
  16. A picture says so much more than that a long lengthy blog posting. What you see above are 10 copies that were photographed of the vinyl version of Wizard Rifle's "Speak Loud Say Nothing." We worked closely with Gotta Groove Records on this release and we are stoked with what we will have in our hands. This record is now up for pre-order and you will have you choice of black vinyl or limited edition VINYL BONG colored vinyl. The colored vinyl is limited to 100 copies and we can't seem to find one color the same as another. Consider each copy unique. All pre-orders will ship by the middle of June. Get 'em here.

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