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Found 14 results

  1. Shipping will be actual cost, your preferred method. peace.10” toyGuitar - Move Like a Ghost EP - milky clear /436 - $1512”Jello Biafra - No More Cocoons - $15Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome - $10Riff Raff - Neon Icon - $45Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me - Clear /1,000 - $25Against Me! - Shape Shift With Me - Tour - green mush & blue/purple clear /1,000 - $40Bad Astronaut - Acrophobe - Black - first pressing /300 - $20 Bad Astronaut - Acrophobe - Baby blue - Joey Cape exclusive /300 - $40Bad Astronaut - Acrophobe - White - HT exclusive /250 - $50Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Not Sorry - Black - $12Bad Cop/Bad Cop - Not Sorry - Pinkish Red /305 - $30(Joey Cape) Bad Loud - Volume one - Black - $12(Joey Cape) Bad Loud - Volume one - Clear Orange /251 - $25Banner Pilot - Souvenir - Black - $12Bracket - Live in a Dive - Black - $12Joey Cape - Bridge - First Press/Suburban Home - Army Green /700 - $30Joey Cape - Bridge - Fat reissue - Brown /253 - $25Joey Cape - Doesn’t Play Well With Others - Fat - Maroon /259 - $30<s>Chixdiggit - 2012 - Black /? OOP - $15</s> SOLD Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate - Clear Green /2,200 - $40Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate - Clear/Black smokey - EU /1,000 - $30Direct Hit - Wasted Mind - Clear Yellow /315 - $30Direct Hit - Wasted Mind - Black - $12Face to Face - Protection - Black/Red split /516 - $35Fat Music vol. 8 - baby pink/pastel purple (opaque) /328 - $30Fat Music for Fest People V - clear orange/clear purple /308 - $30The Flatliners - Dead Language - Fat - Baby blue marbled /510 - $30Frenzal Rhomb - We Lived Like Kings - Clear red & Mint green /344 - $30Heartsounds - Internal Eyes - White /150 - $30Heartsounds - Internal Eyes - Silver /150 - $30Heartsounds - Internal Eyes - White/light blue splatter /? - $30Heartsounds - Internal Eyes - White/Silver split /500 - $25The Horrible Crowes - Live at the Troubadour - Orange (EU) w/ DVD /1,000 - $35Liverbirds (Joey Cape & Jon Snodgrass) - Black - $12<s>The Menzingers - After the Party - Clear red /? - $30</s> SOLDPeriphery - Clear - Silver pic disc /250 - $75Periphery - Clear - White pic disc /500 - $45Periphery - Juggernaut Aplha/Omega - Red & Green /1,000 - $50Periphery - Periphery - Blue w/ white swirl /50 - $200PUP - The Dream is Over - Clear red /2,000 - $25PUP - The Dream is Over - Clear w/ red splatter /1,500 - $30PUP - The Dream is Over - Clear yellow w/ Red blob /500 - $40Screeching Weasel - Bark Like a Dog - Black - $12Screeching Weasel - First World Manifesto - Black - $12Star Fucking Hipsters - From the Dumpster to the Grave - Black - $12Strung Out - Prototypes and Painkillers - Black - $12Sundowner - NeonFiction - Black - $12Swingin’ Utters - Live in a Dive - Black - $14Soundtracks - 12”Aliens - Mondo - Black/Dark Blue, Yellow w/ Black Stripe /500 - $50Black Sunday - Mondo - Seahawks Blue/Silver/Green /? - $40Black Sunday - Mondo - NE Patriots Red/White/Blue /? - $40The Blair Witch - Mondo - Black - $25Mad Max Fury Road - Mondo - Aqua Cola /500 - $75Phantasm - Mondo Black/Red swirl /? -$60
  2. Looking for the random color combinations copy of Coloring Book by Glassjaw.
  3. I'm looking to buy Motion City Soundtrack's "I Am The Movie" Hot Topic - Orange - 2nd Press - Sealed/New --Obtained-- Thanks for the responses guys!
  4. ive wanted this album on vinyl for some time now and i saw it at Hot Topic when it came out on vinyl but i didnt think to buy it then and now it seems to be the one i cant find anywhere so if you could message me on here if you have a copy your willing to part with that would be awesome thank you.
  5. Hello, I'm working on completing my first full Artist collection. I've got the colored variants of At Home With Owen and I do perceive. with a clear copy of Ghost Town on the way, and a preorder for the red L'Ami Du Peuple. I'm still looking for a colored copy of New Leaves! If you can help me out please post here or message me. Thanks!
  6. Hello, So, I've mentioned I might do this a few times, and now I have an expensive purchase I'd really like to make and I think it's a good enough motivator to push me to actually follow through with this. I've got every variant of every Mondo release, from their first 12 releases. I plan on hanging on to the Pink Drive, Picture Disc Drive, and Clear Poltergeist (unless someone wants to offer a STUPID $, then feel free.) Condition is NM (I think...) on every release in this list EXCEPT as noted. I can confirm condition for sure via PM if you're interested in one. Prices Added! You asked, so I put some together. I wish I could give every VCer the amazing deal they deserve, but I spent a lot of time and money collecting these myself. These are basically (excuse the expression) Buy-It-Now prices. No negotiation necessary. If you wanna barter, or do a package deal, etc. PM me and let's discuss! Mondo Soundtracks - Variants Maniac - MOND001 - Clear/Red Swirl - Some wear from first owner, I have plenty of pics if interested. - $190 shipped The Beyond - MOND002 - Clear Blue - $100 shipped The Deadly Spawn - MOND003 - Pink Splatter - $70 shipped - ON HOLD Oblivion - Clear - $45 shipped The Raid: Redemption - Smoke - $50 shipped Maniac (2012) - White - $80 shipped Studio Ghibli - Howl's Moving Castle Japanese Variant - $100 shipped Studio Ghibli - Princess Mononoke English Variant - $60 shipped Timecrimes - Milky White/Yellow - $50 shipped Halloween - Version B - Translucent Orange w/ Black Splatter - $85 shipped TFTC 7"s - BloodRed/Black Haze 7" + "Composer" Green 7" - $45 each shipped Other Soundtracks: The Raid: Redemption - Black Timecrimes - Black - $25 shipped Here Comes the Devil - Black - $25 shipped Blue Sunshine - Black One Way Static's Last House on the Left - White w/ limited original radio ads clear flexi disc UFOs Evil Dead (2013) - "Zombie Splatter" variant (orange w/ black, red, blue splatter) Other Extras While You're Here: Fun - Aim & Ignite - Deluxe 2xLP + CD Gatefold etched D Side King Krule - 6 feet beneath the moon I might add more in the next few days if I get brave or need some more for my purchase. PM me if you are interested, and PLEASE have a ballpark number in mind. I AM expecting after-market prices on the variants. I'm sorry, and I love you all, but I spent months searching every forum under the sun trying to buy these, and every one was bought aftermarket (I have never had Mondo luck.) So, that said, PM me if you're interested and we can chat. I can provide pics if you're serious about buying. Side Note: The purchase I am trying to fund is a significant expense, and the decision to break up and sell my Mondo collection is a significant decision - so, I'll be trying to make sure it's worth my while, so be (a little) patient. If there's ONLY interest in Mondo-001 or something I might not sell. It's not worth it to me to sell the prized piece, and not at least most of the rest.
  7. Hey all, my band is (finally) releasing our own vinyl and I wanted to post some pics here! here's the gallery: http://imgur.com/a/BD1LU#0 It took a while, but it's really cool to hold your own record in your hands! We pressed it through palomino records in KY, they were awesome!
  8. For one of the most prolific heavy bands around, THOU have really outdone themselves lately. Along with their stunning new longplayer Heathen, the Louisiana group also serve up The Sacrifice, a 5 track EP recorded at the same time but of a distinctly different vibe. The overall tempo is increased compared to Heathen, focusing more on sludgey dirges than expansive gloom. However THOU's trademark doom and roar is still very present, on masterful display in condensed form. With a companion drone piece and classic NIRVANA cover ("I Hate Myself and I Want to Die"), this 25-minute EP is now available on Robotic Empire on vinyl and cassette. The 12" vinyl comes on clear 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, in a "tip-on" style casewrapped jacket with flood black interior. The cassette edition is limited to 200 copies and comes in a two-color silkscreened J-card. Both editions include a high-quality digital download. * You can stream the full EP now via local Louisiana outfit 225 Magazine, and/or Soundcloud * The Sacrifice pre-orders are up now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store (The Sacrifice officially comes out April 29th, pre-orders are expected to ship roughly a week or so beforehand) Appropriately, a cassette edition of Heathen is also available, yielding THOU's most lurching, expansive material. A brilliant union of melody and dismay - with the biting social commentary the group has become renowned for. With ten tracks at over an hour's length, instrumental interludes break up the otherwise massive tracks. THOU have crafted their finest long-player yet, and Robotic Empire is thrilled to present the cassette edition. Limited to 200 copies and housed in a letterpress J-card, THOU once again brings the thunder with quality and class. * You can download Heathen now via Bandcamp, and/or iTunes or stream it on Spotify * Heathen cassettes are available now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store In conjunction with the new THOU releases and their US tour kicking off this month (see dates below), we have also properly revamped the landmark Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For 12" EP. This pivotal release (for the band and for the label) initiated what has evolved into a series of lengthy "EP" releases with a crushing NIRVANA cover included. The absolutely bludgeoning Bleach-era tune "Sifting" is joined by two mammoth THOU originals and a monster drone tune. This release set the standard for our maze of collaborations with these guys, and accordingly we've re-issued it with 180 gram heavyweight vinyl, a ticker tip-on style gatefold jacket and all around beefed this thing up to the max. Since this comes out alongside the new "EP" The Sacrifice we figured we'd drop a sneaky coupon code folks can use to pick up both at a discount. If you order both on vinyl, fang in the "THOU25" coupon code at checkout, you can pick up both for $25. If there somehow wasn't enough new THOU activity right now, the dudes are hitting the road THIS week and we've printed up some phatty t-shirts for them to take along the journey. You can check out the full list to see a full list of their upcoming shows over the next month, plus their activity extending beyond the West Coast come June/July. If you won't be making it out to one of the aforementioned live rock concert gigs, we've got two THOU double-sided t-shirt designs up now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store To flip the script on how we pre-order a release, TILTS and Robotic Empire have joined forces once again for a Kickstarter campaign to release their sophomore album, Cuatro Hombres. Amazingly, and humblingly, we reached our initial goal in under 24 hours. We are utilizing the positive aspects of Kickstarter to create a more engaging pre-order, where folks can "pledge" for a variety of "rewards" ranging from the simple (digital download, vinyl LP, t-shirt) to the more involved (custom test presses, TILTS playing to you and your friends + cooking you a meal!) - Basically we're hoping to make it interesting and drum up some funds to not only press the new album, but also repress the debut LP as well. Although we quickly hit our initial goal, the amount we set realistically only covers part of the overall cost to make all this cool stuff - so we're hoping more cats will get in the mix on this pre-order and if/when we hit the 4k mark, we'll add the debut LP back into the mix for a special Kickstarter-only rate as well. Please check out the TILTS Kickstarter campaign for all kinds of cool jibba jabb, and/or preview a (rough mix & unmastered) new track now: * You can preview NEW song (rough mix & unmastered) "Tiltanium Falcon" on Soundcloud now! Beyond all this amazing Robo activity but still semi-related to our camp is the long-awaited, much-belabored HOUSE OF LIGHTNING album. Our friends in Texas, Fair Warning Records, have finally unleashed this beast of a debut, taking what was started with DOVE, upping the riff-tornado and generally screwin with your dome. Rising from the ashes like a mighty phoenix, HOUSE OF LIGHTNING features past and present members of DOVE, FLOOR, and CAVITY. Lightworker is a 10-song, 40-minute riff-rollercoaster that was recorded by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio (FLOOR, KYLESA) with brilliant jacket artwork by Francesco LoCastro. We are extremely stoked this beast is finally available, after many years in the making. Henry is an absolute madman shredder freak and this album requires repeated deep listens truly "get it". We scored some of the limited color vinyl copies (both green and orange) and you can pick this up now in the Robotic Empire - Online Store. * Preview HOUSE OF LIGHTNING at the Fair Warning Records bandcamp AND it wouldn't be a proper Robotic Empire update without some other bangin new items and restocks for the distro aspect of our Online Store. There's been a bunch of great new stuff over the past month or so (some of which got buried in the previous update) that we're highlighting it all below: NEW ITEMS: * Adult Crash - Unfinished Business 12" (Standards) $7.99 * Alpha Owl - 3-Song EP Cassette (Tor Johnson) $4.99 * Carne - Ville Morgue 12" (Solar Flare) $14.99 * Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops 12" (Hydra Head) $12.99 * Cavity - On The Lam 12" - PICTURE DISC VINYL (Hydra Head) $9.99 * Celeste - Animales(s) - 180 Gram BLACK VINYL 2◊12" (Denovali) $31.99 * Daitro - Y 12" - YELLOW COLORED VINYL (Echo Canyon) $16.99 * Daughters - Daughters 12" - CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Hydra Head) $12.99 * Floex - Gone 10" (Denovali) $21.99 * Heathen Reign - Self-Titled - PURPLE COLORED VINYL 12" (Heathen Reign) $14.99 * Helms Alee - Weatherhead Cassette (Hydra Head) $4.99 * Hollow Sunshine - Scale - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Hollow Sunshine - Scale - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Hollow Sunshine - Scale - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Hollow Sunshine - Scale - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * House of Lightning - Lightworker 12" - GREEN COLORED VINYL (Fair Warning) $14.99 * Landing - Gravitational IV 12" (Equation) $12.99 * Nihill - Verdonkermaan 12" (Hydra Head) $9.99 * Prurient - Times Arrow Cassette (Hydra Head) $4.99 * Pyramids / Horseback - A Throne Without A King Cassette (Hydra Head) $4.99 * Red Fang - Whales and Leeches 12" (Relapse) $9.99 * Robotic Empire - Snake - Size: EXTRA LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Robotic Empire - Snake - Size: LARGE T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Robotic Empire - Snake - Size: MEDIUM T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Robotic Empire - Snake - Size: SMALL T-Shirt (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Stuntman - Incorporate The ..Excess - CONFETTI COLORED VINYL 12" (Solar Flare) $14.99 * Tellusian - Collision 12" (Pillow Scars) $11.99 * Thou - Heathen Cassette (Robotic Empire) $5.99 * Thou - The Sacrifice Cassette (Robotic Empire) $5.99 * Thou - The Sacrifice 12" - CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: EXTRA LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: LARGE (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: MEDIUM (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Thou - DIY T-Shirt - Size: SMALL (Robotic Empire) $14.99 * Waco F''k - Eliminate Culture 12" (Standards) $7.99 * Windhand - Soma - 180 GRAM WHITE PURPLE SWIRL COLORED VINYL 2◊12" (Relapse) $19.99 RESTOCKS: * Baroness - Blue 12" (Relapse) $19.99 * Baroness - Red Album 12" (Relapse) $19.99 * Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow 12" (Hydra Head) $9.99 * Cough - Ritual Abuse 12" - BLUE COLORED VINYL (Relapse) $19.99 * Cough / Windhand - Reflection of the Negative 12" - BLACK GREY SWIRL COLORED VINYL (Relapse) $12.99 * Forest Swords - Dagger Paths 12" (Olde English Spelling Bee) $15.99 * Huata - Atavist Of Mann 12" - RED COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 * Inter Arma - Sky Burial 12" (Relapse) $19.99 * Jesu - Heart Ache & Dethroned 2x12" (Hydra Head) $24.99 * Kayo Dot - Blue Lambency Downward 12" (Hydra Head)$ 12.99 * Kongh - Counting Heartbeats 12" - CLEAR COLORD VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 * Kongh - Counting Heartbeats 12" - PINK COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 * Old Man Gloom - No 2x12" (Sige) $19.99 * Pygmy Lush - Cold World / Guilt 7" - CLEAR COLORED VINYL (Lovitt) $4.99 * Pygmy Lush - Old Friends 12" (Lovitt) $12.99 * Thou - Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For 12" - 180 Gram Black Vinyl $14.99 * Thou - Harp Lady T-Shirt Size: EXTRA LARGE (Mammoth) $14.99 * Thou - Harp Lady T-Shirt Size: LARGE (Mammoth) $14.99 * Thou - Harp Lady T-Shirt Size: MEDIUM (Mammoth) $14.99 * Thou - Harp Lady T-Shirt Size: SMALL (Mammoth) $14.99 * Torche - Songs For Singles 12" (Hydra Head) $12.99 * Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt 12" (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 * Year Of No Light - Nord 12" - WHITE COLORED VINYL (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 * Year Of No Light - Vampry 12" (Music Fear Satan) $19.99 YES! Lots of mean titles there, hit up the Robotic Empire - Online Store for all that and obviously heaps more. Last but definitely not least, Robotic Empire is participating in Record Store Day for the first time in 2014, with the release of our longest running project ever, the NIRVANA tribute album called In Utero: In Tribute: In Entirety. It's been roughly half the label's existence in the making, rounded the corner as our 100th (!) release, and officially comes out April 19th, 15 years almost exactly to the date of our very first ever release. To say this is a long time coming is a major understatement, and we're beyond thrilled that it's finally coming out. The initial vinyl release will be the Record Store Day version, which comes on maroon color vinyl and includes a RSD-exclusive poster. After RSD concludes, we will have a standard version available for mailorder folks who can't nab it via the record stores, but definitely head out to your local shop on April 19th as it's tough for independent businesses out there (as we know well) and it's very cool there is a specific event that keeps people aware of the brick & mortar operations braving the realities of retail today. OK that's it, holy smokes sooo much cool stuff - please pick something up if you can. JAH BLESS!
  9. What's your favorite color of vinyl that you like? Or what do you happen to have the most of? I really like pink and green, but for some reason I have a ton of white, probably because of my addiction to limited edition albums.
  10. Looking to pick up one of the limited colour centered pressings of Chasing Ghosts by Amity Affliction. Please let me know if you're willing to sell and hopefully we can sort something
  11. A-F Records and Anti-Flag are excited to announce Anti-Flag's "20 Years of Hell" 7-inch vinyl / online subscription series. These special one of a kind records will have hand silk-screened Di-Cut covers, be hand numbered, and limited to 500. Anti-Flag put together a video detailing the process of making the records as well as what the membership entails. You can check that out HERE and order the subscription HERE. WHAT SUBSCRIBERS GET: Six 7 inch vinyl records (including digital download) that feature Anti-Flag Re-envisioning and re-recording songs from all 20 years of the band's career. The B side of each record will feature 2 new songs from 6 new bands, one band per volume. 4+ additional Anti-Flag songs available digitally and exclusive to subscribers A limited edition 20 Years of Hell subscription t-shirt An exclusive button pack Access to an exclusive web community Access to online video chats with the band Access to exclusive live acoustic performances Giveaways including Anti-Flag gear, test presses, and other rare A-F stuff MORE SECRET STUFF to be announced as the series progresses throughout the year We are excited to put out such a special and unique release that combines our love for vinyl, the chance for us to impart some amazing new bands, and a new web based platform for us to share and communicate with the music community. thanks for reading, -stowe
  12. Hey all, Love this album - would love to own a copy of the repress. I'm looking specifically for the colors in the subject line - one of the mix color-in-colors. Pretty much only interested in those variants, unless you've got some kind of crazy deal possibly including Mind Control or? I'm open. Definitely want to get some Uncle Acid - let me know what you've got/how much you're looking for! Thank you!
  13. please im desperate i sold my copy for like $20 forever ago (before they went for crazy amounts) and now i just miss it so bad and when i went to buy a copy back i found the cheapest to be an insane ebay price. help!
  14. I'm looking for Lagwagon's "Trashed" color represses. Also, Let's Talk About Leftovers (2LP splatter) If you wanna sell or trade, pm me and take a look at my list.

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