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Found 14 results

  1. Im very excited & proud to announce my new record label Greenway Records! This has been a few years in the making and everything is finally coming together. I plan on making this label very musically diverse and hope to release a lot of great new up and coming bands that rock the fuck out for you to enjoy. GWY-001 is a 7" from a local New York punk band The Young Rochelles (https://www.facebook.com/TheYoungRochelles). To celebrate the first release and the brand new label i am running a contest to win a test pressing! I didn't get many of these made, this might of been a rookie mistake, but I'm happy to give the ones i have left away in a few contests surrounding the release. Contest #1 (Win a Test Press of GWY-001): Step 1: Go "Like" Greenway Records on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/greenwayrecords) Step 2: "Share" the contest #1 post Step 3: comment on that post Thats it! your entered to win! Want an extra entry and use instagram? Find us on instagram @greenwayrecords (http://instagram.com/greenwayrecords) and follow the instructions on the contest post for a second entry. This contest will run till midnight Dec 15th and i will announce a winner on the 16th! I will post more information specific to GWY-001 release and all the exciting things i have planned, i went all out with this release to make it really special and everything i would personally want to see in an awesome 7" thats also a collectors item. The test presses just arrived late last week so we are well on our way. Thank you to everyone on this forum for inspiring me to do this and follow my dream to start my own label, I've made so many friends here over the years and had the pleasure chasing my passion here and its been awesome.
  2. EDIT: 6/25/16 - CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED/ENDED/NO MORE! THANKS TO THOSE WHO ENTERED, BEST OF LUCK, WILL ANNOUNCE WINNER SOON! EDIT: 6/26/16 - AND THE WINNER IS... @tellallyourfriends!!! Check your messages in a bit. Again, thanks everyone for entering this time around. Have been trying to get rid of this for awhile... figure it's time for another giveaway! To those who are "new", I gave away a The Devil Wears Prada "8:18" boxset last year. It's been awhile, and I've kinda wanted to do another one. Guess now's a best time as any! PRIZE: One (1) *SIGNED* copy of Before Their Eyes - "Midwest Modesty". YouTube album stream here (Unfamiliar, want to check it out?) Last.fm Similar Artists List (Like someone listed here? You might like this band/album.) ENTRY: Just comment saying something about you wanting the record/entering the contest. Cat gifs, pics of pizza, and/or SpongeBob memes are welcome IN ADDITION to previous required comment. I will not give bonus entries for pictures. You can comment multiple times but ONLY the first (and if you do comment "interested/etc.") will be counted. ENTRY PERIOD: How about two (2) weeks-ish from today? So 6/25/16 will be the cut-off. With a pick/announcement on 6/26/16? Works for everyone here? No? Too bad. ELIGIBILITY: You must be a "regular" here on VC. Or at least contribute worthwhile(?) content in some form or another. How about a 100 post minimum? Learning from my last one... I just can't make it easy for some n00b who wants a free record. SHIPPING: Live in the continental U.S. (lower 48 states?) I'll ship to you FREE of charge! Citizens of the rest of the world... I really don't like international shipping BUT, I'm cool with international people entering, as long as YOU pay for the shipping/customs fees if you win. Hawaii/Alaska, I've never shipped to either, but I would like to think it costs a bit more too? Sorry. CHOOSING A WINNER: I'm old-school, wrote (user)names on paper, and drew them out of a hat last time. Will do again. WINNER: (Optional) Eat chicken dinner. After contacting you, I'll give you five (5) days to respond back with an address and other stuff I may need. If not, your win will be forfeit and another name will be drawn. Other people are interested! Again, learning from the last one. ADDITIONAL INFO: Acquired said giveaway item from backing a crowdfund (which then was released in a larger quantity and made cheaper ) It's an alright album (to me). Not quite my cup of tea though... maybe someone else will enjoy it more? It's unplayed. On black vinyl, limited to #500 copies. Signed (only) by Nick Moore. Pictures are available in my collection (link in signature). TL;DR: Enter ASAP, comment, be recognizable, US = FREE/Everyone Else = $$$, pay attention, chicken dinner. Best of luck. Thanks!
  3. For fans of Menomena and related acts! Show us your collection for a chance to win a prize! Take a pic of your collection and upload it to FB/Tw/IG with #SlyVinylGiveaway tagged and you'll be entered to win! Winner(s) will be announced on May 1st, so don't wait! Prize: A sealed copy Lackthereof's 'My Haunted' LP. Very hard to find! (Danny Seim's solo project)
  4. It's time again! Like last year you have a chance to win a fairly rare record. For those who haven't been on here or haven't seen last year's contest, you can find it here. The rules are very similar to last year's rules, but I made some slight changes. RULES The game will end 6 PM (EST) on 10/30/2015. Even if there's already a right guess, the winner will be informed after the deadline. You don't have to name a specific pressing, just the artist + album name. If you guessed right, but want a specific pressing/colour/... I may not have, you can also pass your win to the next one or let me put it on ebay for an charity auction. Just one guess per person. If you name multiple albums, only the most recent one will be counted. If more than one person guesses the record, then the first one who guessed it right wins. If no one guesses right, the record will go on ebay and all proceeds will be donated to a charity. Only persons with at least 200 posts can take part. Sorry, but I don't want people to create multiple accounts to increase their chance of winning. The record itself is free, but the winner has to pay $10 for postage (worldwide). If you don't agree, don't take part. After each day I will give a new hint. Some may be useful, others may not. HINTS 10/27: It's not a soundtrack. 10/28: It's an EP. 10/29: It has been released on a British label. 10/30: Said EP is from an American band, that is often compared to a British band. And now let the game begin.
  5. Hey VC - Eric from Sly Vinyl Records here! We're holding a contest over on our FB page with President Gator Records in honor of Tucson, Arizona's musical darlings Head Over Heart's new limited edition 7" vinyl release (here)! [[ Enter Contest Here! ]] The Prize - A super-limited run of 25 lathe-cut copies of the I Don’t Mind / Fall Back In Love 7" release! [[ Enter Contest Here! ]]
  6. So I felt like doing something kind of fun to give back to the VC community. This is a simple game/contest with no strings attached. Below is a portion of an album cover. The first to name the band AND album title wins a copy (+ random extras) from me. You don't have to pay anything. Just be grateful. I do ask, however, that if you think you know which album it is but have no interest in owning it due to not having an interest in the music or already owning a copy, don't spoil it for others who would genuinely like to add it to their collection. I will reveal the pressing info once a winner is declared. RULES: Just to ensure this doesn't go to a lurker, because I'd feel better if this went to an at least somewhat active VCer, the only requirement for entering is that you have a minimum of 300 posts and/or 5 positive feedback. If this goes without a hitch, I'll likely do more of these in the future. I will give only one hint: the album was released within the last 3 years.
  7. Me and one other VC member have a shared vinyl instagram. we're doing a contest right now where we're giving away four rare(ish) LPS including Beastie Boys, the Memories, a comp featuring the Melvins and Andrew Jackson Jihad.. check it out www.instagram.com/recordnerdz
  8. I have one more column of shirts that are in rotation, and for this one I re-did the pick so they would be a tad more possible than the first go around. PM or post here, depending upon your strategy Whoever gets the most correct items: 1. Name of Band or Label if not a Band Shirt (well, there's a clue for at least one!) and 2. Album/Tour/Name of Design/Year whatever you want to call it, gets their choice of LPs:
  9. So, I took some pictures of my shirts in the chest of drawers when my wife told the trick to fit more in there and you can grab the one you want. I think there are 41, and 2 or 3 doubles (like one Med, one Large). Contest will go until Sunday 12:00 Midnight PST, and I will post the answers (as best I can describe a couple of them) - Winner announced early next week. Maybe some strategy involved here, as well as skill Whoever gets the most correct items: 1. Name of Band and 2. Album/Tour/Name of Design/Year, etc. gets their choice of LPs: Hope this is fun for ye! PS yes, I know some are impossible like the ones I left in the plastic until summer!
  10. CONTEST TIME!!! This month only!! Purchase Unsigned|Unrest on cd or digitally through bandcamp or the Broken Heart Records store and you will be entered to win an Autographed copy of The Fire by Senses Fail on Vinyl Plus all profits from Unsigned|Unrest on to St. Jude's Childrens Research Hospital. Get it now for only 4.00 + shipping http://brokenheartrecords.storenvy.com/products/912330-unsigned-unrest-cd http://brokenheartrecords.bandcamp.com/
  11. We have some test presses to give away. From Now till March 31 buy anything from Socratic in our store and you are entered to win One of 3 Socratic Test Presses. We have 1 Lunch For the Sky and 2 S/T Test presses. At the end of the month we will draw three names at random and those three will each receive one of the Final Socratic Test presses. http://brokenheartrecords.storenvy.com/
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/459363540779876/ so i have set up this contest over at my facebook page where the winner(s), chosen at random, have the opportunity to choose any one item from certain stores. since it started as blink-182 related contest, i offered stores such as bompa.com, loserkids.com, hot topic. but, i need more "likes" therefore i am willing to branch out. adding vinyl as giveaways. hot topic already offers ton of vinyl so its perfect. also including shopradiocast.com all info on the contest and what to do (specific rules): https://www.facebook.com/events/459363540779876/
  13. The YCR office will be closed from 10/4-10/14 as I'll be getting married and taking the new Mrs. Youth Conspiracy on a well-deserved honeymoon to someplace a shitload warmer than Ohio. Any orders placed between 10/4 and 10/14 will ship the week of 10/15, assuming we don't get kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. (No promises.) BUT! To make things fun, every order placed between right this very second and 10/14 will be entered to win a test pressing of ANY YCR release. Weatherbox, Sainthood Reps, Person L, The Forecast, Heks Orkest, the Felix Culpa—it's your choice! Every record you buy will get you an entry into the drawing (i.e. buy one record, get one entry; buy three records, get three entries; buy 100 records and I will kiss you on the lips). Winner will be drawn the week of 10/15 and will be emailed to ask what test press they want. Hop to it, everyone! http://youthconspiracy.bigcartel.com
  14. Buy this record and get a chance to win a test pressing! Every purchase of PM today's In Medias Res LP made through RevHQ.com will automatically be entered for a chance to win a test pressing of the album. This is the only way to obtain one of these rare versions of the record (only 5 copies exist). Purchase must be completed by October 8th, 2012 to be eligible for the contest. BUY: http://revhq.com/store.revhq?Page=search&Id=IAS002 "In Medias Res," the debut album from Arkansas' pride and glory, is a record that tells the story of its protagonist in the form of a set of flashbacks as he reflects on the important events of his own life. PM Today has truly enabled listeners to gain a perspective into their narrative that is uncommonly achieved by most bands this day an age. For fans of Brand New, Radiohead and Circa Survive. Now available on vinyl. TRACK LISTING: 1. Thoughts In Transit 2. People Are Machines 3. Goodbye, Blue Monday 4. Progress Is A Lemon 5. Dont Exist 6. I Am Wrong 7. Sad World 8. Soma Holiday 9. Composing A Commercial Product 10. A Convenient Literary Device For Ending Short Stories And Books