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Found 7 results

  1. UPDATE: 100 - Clear w/ Brown, Gold, & Black Splatter SOLD OUT 100 - Clear w/ Brown, Gold, & White Splatter SOLD OUT 100 - Half Clear / Half White w/ Splatter SOLD OUT 250 - White w/ Gold Splatter SOLD OUT 350 - Black w/ Gold Splatter (Revolver exclusive) SOLD OUT 500 - Solid Gold https://velocityrecords.com/collections/destroy-rebuild-until-god-shows/products/drgsdruggd-lp I’m sure this will be a fun thread, so I figured I’d start it off. Revolver put up their “exclusive” Black with Gold Splatter variant of the upcoming DRUGS album. https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/d-r-u-g-s-destroy-rebuild-limited-edition-black-base-with-gold-splatter-lp-only-350-made?_pos=1&_sid=93d7cb548&_ss=r&fbclid=IwAR2BRNm_X6mNAnfZ3uY7r6PUuh0cJM78_r24iDGvU5fx0dbra56wfPG1VTs It looks like the official shop now has a couple other variants as well. https://velocityrecords.com/collections/destroy-rebuild-until-god-shows
  2. EDIT: 6/25/16 - CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED/ENDED/NO MORE! THANKS TO THOSE WHO ENTERED, BEST OF LUCK, WILL ANNOUNCE WINNER SOON! EDIT: 6/26/16 - AND THE WINNER IS... @tellallyourfriends!!! Check your messages in a bit. Again, thanks everyone for entering this time around. Have been trying to get rid of this for awhile... figure it's time for another giveaway! To those who are "new", I gave away a The Devil Wears Prada "8:18" boxset last year. It's been awhile, and I've kinda wanted to do another one. Guess now's a best time as any! PRIZE: One (1) *SIGNED* copy of Before Their Eyes - "Midwest Modesty". YouTube album stream here (Unfamiliar, want to check it out?) Last.fm Similar Artists List (Like someone listed here? You might like this band/album.) ENTRY: Just comment saying something about you wanting the record/entering the contest. Cat gifs, pics of pizza, and/or SpongeBob memes are welcome IN ADDITION to previous required comment. I will not give bonus entries for pictures. You can comment multiple times but ONLY the first (and if you do comment "interested/etc.") will be counted. ENTRY PERIOD: How about two (2) weeks-ish from today? So 6/25/16 will be the cut-off. With a pick/announcement on 6/26/16? Works for everyone here? No? Too bad. ELIGIBILITY: You must be a "regular" here on VC. Or at least contribute worthwhile(?) content in some form or another. How about a 100 post minimum? Learning from my last one... I just can't make it easy for some n00b who wants a free record. SHIPPING: Live in the continental U.S. (lower 48 states?) I'll ship to you FREE of charge! Citizens of the rest of the world... I really don't like international shipping BUT, I'm cool with international people entering, as long as YOU pay for the shipping/customs fees if you win. Hawaii/Alaska, I've never shipped to either, but I would like to think it costs a bit more too? Sorry. CHOOSING A WINNER: I'm old-school, wrote (user)names on paper, and drew them out of a hat last time. Will do again. WINNER: (Optional) Eat chicken dinner. After contacting you, I'll give you five (5) days to respond back with an address and other stuff I may need. If not, your win will be forfeit and another name will be drawn. Other people are interested! Again, learning from the last one. ADDITIONAL INFO: Acquired said giveaway item from backing a crowdfund (which then was released in a larger quantity and made cheaper ) It's an alright album (to me). Not quite my cup of tea though... maybe someone else will enjoy it more? It's unplayed. On black vinyl, limited to #500 copies. Signed (only) by Nick Moore. Pictures are available in my collection (link in signature). TL;DR: Enter ASAP, comment, be recognizable, US = FREE/Everyone Else = $$$, pay attention, chicken dinner. Best of luck. Thanks!
  3. So this is probably a stretch but back when D.R.U.G.S. was still a band they released a 7" record with the tracks "Sex Life" and "If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is". I saw this record once on ebay but I didn't win it. If you have this record and want to sell it please message me so we can work out a deal. I am a very big D.R.U.G.S. fan and would love to get this record
  4. Hi! I'm looking for a copy of the chiodos album alls well that ends well LP. Willing to pay a good price, if anyone has one for sale please let me know!! n__n
  5. Hey guys, I recently bought the Cinematic Sunrise record "A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record" and had a question for the other CinSun fans on here. Were the songs pressed on vinyl alternative versions of the songs on the digital version? I love both the digital and vinyl record but certain parts sound different from each other. Just wanted to see if anyone else noticed this. Thanks!