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  1. No teasers, no track premieres : discover NECRODANCER’s debut release "Void" by streaming it in full and downloading it for free. If you want to support us, we are taking pre-orders for both vinyl (ultraclear or black) and CD editions (as well as merch), and you can get a high-quality digital download via Bandcamp. All links are available here. This is a co-release with our friends at Lost Pilgrims Records, and US customers can order the record from Deathwish Inc. The record will be out Feb. 10th.
  2. Pre-orders for DIREWOLVES' upcoming 12"EP/CD "The Great Year" are now up at www.deathwishinc.eu/categories/direwolves (Europe) and https://deathwishinc.com/collections/throatruiner/ (North America). The vinyl comes on limited blood red/bone mix or black vinyl. "Three years after their debut album "Aegri Somnia", Lorient, France's DIREWOLVES return with "The Great Year". This new six tracks EP focuses on the more energetic facet of their sound, refining the band's revigorating blend of melodic crust and screamo-influenced hardcore. Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios (Amanda Woodward, Aussitôt Mort…), mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios (Coliseum, The Sword, Jawbox…) and with artwork once again designed by Førtifem, "The Great Year" is another implacable display of the band's abrasive yet anthemic vision of punk/hardcore." CREDITS — Recorded & mixed by Guillaume Doussaud at Swan Sound Studios — Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios — Artwork by Førtifem TRACKLIST 01. Unpoisoned 02. Oaths & Duality 03. From Tomb To Womb 04. Ascent 05. Unhousel'd, Unanel'd 06. Paths To Metnal
  3. Hey, check out my discogs, great bargains over there. Will ship worldwide! https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile artist title format Price € A Flower Kollapsed Brown Recluse 10", Ltd 4.0 Abest Asylum LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 10.0 Abrakadabra , Magnapinna Split 12", EP 8.0 Abstracter Tomb Of Feathers LP 9.0 Actress Glacier (2005–2009) LP, Comp 8.0 Afterlife Kids Morgengrauen LP, Album 8.0 Aktion X Freiheit LP, Comp 9.0 Alaskan Despair, Erosion, Loss LP 9.0 Alceste / Hive Destruction A Split 12" 12" 6.0 Aldo Raine / Nous Étions Aldo Raine / Nous Étions 10" 8.0 All Pigs Must Die Nothing Violates This Nature LP, Album 14.0 Amanita The World Is Dead Prose To Me LP 9.0 Amber / Locktender Amber / Locktender 7" 3.0 Ancst In Turmoil LP, Comp 9.0 Animal Faces Anomie 12", S/Sided, Cle 8.0 Arktika Symmetry LP, Album, RP, Gra 9.0 Arktika At Zero 2xLP, Album, RP, Tra 15.0 Arktika Heartwrencher 12", S/Sided, EP, Etch, Pin 8.0 As We Draw Lines Breaking Circles LP, RE 9.5 Ashbringer Vacant LP, Album 12.5 Ast Fraktale LP, Album 11.0 Bail In Closing Memories LP, Album, Num 9.5 Balboa Burnout OKHC LP, Album 5.0 Barren Hope Anaffa LP 9.0 Baton Rouge Totem LP, Album, Cle 10.0 Battlefields Thresholds Of Imbalance 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle 5.0 Beau Navire Hours 12", Album 8.0 Bernays Propaganda My Personal Holiday LP, Album 4.9 Black Freighter Graves And Monuments LP, Album, Ltd 8.0 Blank Calix LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Tra 8.0 Blckwvs 0140 LP, Album, Yel 9.0 Blckwvs 0130 LP, Album, RE 8.0 Blood Patrol From Beyond And Below LP 8.0 Boneflower I'll Be The Bones, You'll Be The Soul 12", S/Sided, Scr 8.5 Bonehouse The Long Summer 12", EP, Ltd 8.0 Brito / Grinding Halt Drama 12" 6.0 Burial Year Pestilence LP, Album 4.5 Capsule No Ghost LP, Album + CD, Album 8.0 Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking / Mio Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking / Mio 12" 8.0 Catacombe Quidam LP, Album, Ltd, Tra 12.0 Cavalcades Lights Begin To Dance 12", Album, Cle 10.0 Centuries Broken Hyms LP, Comp, Ltd 10.0 Chamber Chamber Noir 2xLP, Album, Ltd 11.5 Chambers Chambers LP, Album 4.4 Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire / Nesseria CTTTOAFF / Nesseria 12", Ltd 5.0 Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire / Nesseria CTTTOAFF / Nesseria 12", Ltd, Whi + CDr 5.0 Cloud Rat Qliphoth LP, Ltd 9.0 Cloud Rat Moksha LP 9.0 Coffin Dancer Pax Romana CDr, EP, Ltd 15.0 Cold World No Omega LP, Comp, Whi 12.0 Common Enemy Living The Dream? LP, Album 5.0 Counterblast Nothingness LP + LP, S/Sided, Sil + Album 12.0 Crowns&Thieves The Half-Dream Hologram 12", MiniAlbum, Col 6.0 Crowskin Ganz Ins Herz 12", Album 9.5 Crowskin / Black Freighter Crowskin / Black Freighter LP 6.0 D.U.N.E. Marmo 10" 6.0 Dark Hansen Schluessel LP, S/Sided, Whi 9.5 Das eNde Der Teufel Ist Ein Silberfisch 12", Album 7.9 Dead In The Water Less Days Left... Until The Final Rest 10", MiniAlbum 4.0 Dead To A Dying World Litany 2xLP, Album, Ltd 18.0 Death Engine Amen 10" 8.0 Death Mercedes Sans Éclat LP, Album, Red 9.5 Dephosphorus Ravenous Solemnity 2xLP, 180 14.0 Depravation Feast With The Rats 12", EP, Ltd, Bla 9.5 Diavolo Rosso Never Follow... LP, Album 4.9 Direwolves Aegri Somnia LP, Ltd, Blu 12.0 Doom Fuck Peaceville 2xLP, Comp, RE, RM 12.0 Down To Agony / Fall Of Efrafa Down To Agony / Fall Of Efrafa LP, Ltd, RE 10.0 Drainland / Trenches Drainland / Trenches LP, Album 8.0 Drom / Moro Moro Land Drom / Moro Moro Land 12" 7.9 Duct Hearts If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7" 3.0 Dying In Motion / Heads And Heads / The Plague Sermon / Virginia On Duty 4-Way Split LP 7.0 EF Ceremonies 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num 18.5 Elizabeth Where Vultures Land LP, Comp, Dlx, Whi 10.0 Eno Must Correspond In Pattern 10", EP, Ltd, Cle 8.0 Eric Ayotte Causality 7" 3.0 Euglena Euglena 10", EP, Ltd 7.0 Euryale Euryale 12", Album 12.5 Explosions In The Sky, David Wingo Prince Avalanche: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP, Album 16.0 Fake Empire Fake Empire LP, Ltd 6.0 Fange Poisse 12" 10.0 Future Punx This Is Post-Wave LP, Album 10.0 Galvano , Kasan Galvano / Kasan 10" 5.0 Genital Jiggling Genital Jiggling LP, Album 7.0 Ghostwriter , Abyss A.D. Split Cass 3.5 Give Electric Flower Circus LP, Album, RP, Pur 9.0 Gloom Sleeper A Void LP 9.0 Golden Gorilla / Ghost Of Wem Cruel Surprises Split LP LP, Album, Ltd 9.5 Goldust Thirst LP, Album 8.0 graben graben LP, Album, Ltd 8.0 Grand Detour Grand Détour 12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Whi 8.0 Grim Van Doom Grim Love LP, Album, Ltd, Doo 11.5 Grinding Halt Discography Tape II Cass, Comp, Ltd, Num, Bla 4.0 Gum But Woman Monkey LP 4.9 Guts & Guns The Pig Rug Collection 12", Album 5.0 Häshcut Please Do It Yourself LP, Album, Whi 6.0 Heat Old Sparky LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gol 12.0 Hexis XI LP, Album, Ltd 10.0 Hexis Hexis 12", S/Sided, EP 6.0 Hexis MMXIV A.D. XII KAL. DEC. Flexi, Liv 5.0 Hexis MMXIV A.D. IV KAL. IVN. Flexi, S/Sided, Ltd, Tra 4.5 Holodomor Tömoignages de la Gnose Terrestre LP, Album 9.0 HOLY 2 Records Cass, Comp 4.0 Holy The Age Of Collapse LP, Album, RP, Cle 9.0 Hope Drone Hope Drone LP, RP 11.0 Huata / Bitcho Huata / Bitcho LP, Album, Gat 10.0 Human Cull Stillborn Nation LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 10.0 Human Cull Stillborn Nation LP, Album, Gat 8.0 Human Hands Morning Sun LP, Album 10.0 Human Hands / The Blue Period Human Hands / The Blue Period LP 10.0 I Am A Curse Sequel For An Unforgiving Wreckage : Civil Wars LP, Album 9.0 I Am My End I Am My End LP 9.0 I Found Myself In Austin, Texas, Bail, Her Breath On Glass, The Rabbit Theory, Kids Return , Duct Hearts, Eucalypt, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Your Neighbour The Liar, Smithsonian Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing But Photographs 3×7″ Box 3x7" 15.0 I Not Dance Thought Leader 2x12", Album, Cle 14.0 I Not Dance We Are Guilty And So Are You LP, Album 10.0 Icarus Ascending//Descending 12" 9.5 Images Five LP, Album 4.0 In Twilight's Embrace The Grim Muse 12", Album 12.0 Infarto Sul Fondo Insieme A Tutti Gli Altri Sassi LP, Num + CDr 8.0 Iron Heel Book Of Grief LP, Album, cle 10.0 Joey Clash 1st LP, Pur 7.9 Japanische Kampfhörspiele Deutschland Von Vorne II 12", yel 10.0 June Paik June Paik LP, Album 9.0 Kick It! Biore, Frites Et Vandalisme LP, Album, Num, Whi 9.5 Killeur Calculateur Valley Of The Dead CD, EP 5.0 Kongh Counting Heartbeats 2xLP, RE, Album, Ltd 14.0 Kyrest { Fractures } LP, Ltd 9.5 Kyrest Life.Life.Disaccord LP, Ltd 10.0 La Parade Voces Del Exilio CD, Album 4.0 Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus Lazarus Blackstar / Black Shape Of Nexus LP 10.0 Lentic Waters The Path LP, Album 6.0 Libyans Libyans LP, Album 6.0 LLNN Loss LP, Album 14.0 Locktender / Brighter Arrows Locktender / Brighter Arrows 10" 5.5 Lorraine Gimbal Lock / Pitch/Roll/Yaw 7", Single 4.5 Marais / Auszenseiter Marais / Auszenseiter LP, Gre 9.0 Marais / Auszenseiter Marais / Auszenseiter LP, Num, Bla 9.0 Mariesena Ruth LP, Album, Ltd, Tra 7.9 Masada Masada LP 9.5 Maskros, Kaji , Astrid, This Too Will Pass, A City Sorrow Built 5-Way-Split 12", whi 9.5 May Diary Fo(u)r Seasons CDr, EP, Bla 8.0 Mint Mind Near Mint LP, Album 9.5 Mio Jedes Wort Eine Lüge LP, S/Sided, Etch 5.9 MNMNTS The Choir Belongs To You 12", S/Sided, Pic 7.9 Monachus Out Of The Blue LP, Album 6.0 Monuments Collapse, Bréag Naofa Monuments Collapse / Bréag Naofa LP, Album, Ltd 9.0 Moro Moro Land Through LP, Album 9.5 Motek Sonder LP 14.9 Mount Logan Mount Logan LP, Album, Ltd 5.0 Nadja / OvO The Life And Death Of A Wasp LP, Album, Ltd 6.9 Naive Naive LP, Ltd, Whi 9.0 Negative Standards Fetters LP, Album 10.0 Nihiling Egophagus LP, Ltd, Album 9.5 Nihiling Same LP, Album, Ltd 10.0 Nine Eleven 24 Years 12" 8.0 No Guts No Glory Yes, We Have Partying Skills LP, Album 8.0 No Omega Shame LP, Album 10.0 Northless / Light Bearer Northless / Light Bearer LP 10.0 November 13th Stillstand / Weiter LP, Album 4.5 Old Soul Natures Arms Encircle All LP, Album 9.0 Old Soul Blue Heron LP, Album 10.0 Old Soul , Lentic Waters Split 12" 9.0 Oremus PopioÅ‚y LP, Album 8.0 Out On A Limb Drowned LP, Album 8.0 PAPAYA Um/I 12", S/Sided, EP, Tra 6.5 Patsy O' Hara Sings The Bourgeois Blues LP, Album 8.8 Phantom Carriage, the Falls 12", Pur 9.5 Plans For Nobody Plans For Nobody LP 8.0 Pogavranjen Sebi Jesi Meni Nisi LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 12.0 Porta Nigra Kaiserschnitt LP, Album, Ltd, Red 12.0 Post-War Perdition Post-War Perdition LP 4.5 Protestant Judgements LP, Album 6.0 Razoreater Vacuum Of Nihil 12", S/Sided, Etch, Ltd, Lim 9.0 Recreant Recreant LP, Album 9.0 Red Apollo Altruist 2xLP, Ltd 16.0 Regarde / Pastel / Saudade / Marmore 4 Way Split 12", Tra 9.5 Ritual Mess Vile Art LP, Album 8.0 Robanera Meco Discordia LP, lim 6.0 Sömerset King of the Lapiths 12", S/Sided, Album, Etch, Tra 9.5 Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP LP, Album 8.0 Sangharsha / Blank Intermundia Split LP LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 10.0 Saturday's Kids Saturday's Kids 10" 8.0 Saturday's Kids / Kids Return Saturday's Kids / Kids Return 10", Album 6.0 Scheisse Minnelli / Nervous Breakdown Scheisse Minnelli / Nervous Breakdown LP 8.0 Scheissediebullen Aufschwung LP, Album, Red + CD 8.0 Scold For Wandering / Stellardrive Split 12" 4.9 Sed Non Satiata Le Ciel de Notre Enfance / Split w/ Daïtro 12", Comp 9.0 Sigur Ros Kveikur 2xLP, Album, Gat 19.9 Skylark , Meadows Split 7", EP 3.5 Sport Slow LP, Album, Red 10.0 Sport Bon Voyage LP, Album, Pin 10.0 Storm{O} Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sarà Chiuso LP, Album 9.5 Sugartown Cabaret Beyond Foams LP, Album, Whi 9.0 Sunlun Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit LP, Album, Ltd 9.5 Sunpocrisy Eyegasm, Hallelujah! 2xLP, Ltd 18.0 Tempest Passages LP, Album, RE 8.0 Tempest Tempest LP, Album 9.9 Terraformer The Sea Shaper LP 14.5 Terror Bird Secret Rituals LP, Album 8.0 The Birds End The Birds End LP + CD 8.0 The Caulfield Cult Cult 12", Blu 10.0 The Gentle Art Of Chokin' The Gentle Art Of Chokin' LP, Album 6.0 The Prestige Black Mouths LP, Album, Ltd, Tra 10.0 The Psyke Project Guillotine LP, Album + CD, Album 13.0 The Third Memory / Dominic Split The Third Memory / Dominic 12" 5.75 The Vaders A Link To The Past LP, Red 6.0 Thisquietarmy Vessels LP, Album, Ltd, Cle 16.0 thisquietarmy Blackhaunter LP, Album, Ltd, RE, 180 20.0 Thisquietarmy Exorcisms LP, Album 16.0 Thou Ceremonies Of Humiliation 3xLP, Comp, RP 25.0 Thurm Thurm 12", Album, CLE 9.0 Tiger Magic If Nothing Works Out At Least I Do LP, Mar 10.0 Tim Hecker An Imaginary Country 2xLP, Album 19.9 Titan Burn 2xLP, Album 8.0 Together Of Life And Love And Some Things In Between LP 10.0 Totem Skin Weltschmerz LP, Album 10.0 Usnea Usnea 2xLP, Album 16.0 Utarid / Am I Dead Yet / The Mock Heroic / A Fine Boat, That Coffin! 4 Way Split LP 4.0 Vuyvr Eiskalt Cass, Album, Ltd 4.5 War Emblem Constant Defeat LP, Album 9.0 Whitehorse Flames To Light The Way / Everything Ablaze LP, MiniAlbum, Comp 8.0 Who's My Saviour Wall Of Sickness 12", EP 10.0 Whorls Lvmen Natvrae 7" 3.5 Whorls Petrichor LP, Album, Ltd, Bro 8.0 Willy Fog Harlekin Geisterpfeifenfisch LP, Ltd 11.0 Withers Lightmares 12", Ltd 6.0 Years Of Decay / Sandcreek Massacre Split LP, EP 4.0 Yfere Zirkel LP, Album 5.0 Zetkin Vanguard LP, S/Sided, Ltd, Bla 9.5 Zinnschauer Hunger . Stille LP, Album, Ltd 10.0 https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile
  4. SCAVENGERS - "Progress To Oblivion" LP Out Now on Wax Deli Records! (Ex-members of You and I, Recon, Lariat etc.) Scavengers is dark crusty metallic hardcore in the vein of His Hero Is Gone. Plenty of other influences can be heard in here; Unbroken, Integrity, Tragedy and on and on. Tom Schlatter (ex-You and I, Black Kites, This Ship Will Sink et al.) on drums, John Torn of Ex-Recon/First Blood, and Byron Wheeler ex-Lariat, Wrath, Straightjacket. The full length "Progress To Oblivion" is $10.00. Available on black wax, limited to 300 copies and available at the link below: http://waxdelidistro.storenvy.com/collections/92334-all-products/products/18815755-scavengers-progress-to-oblivion-lp Bandcamp link below! https://scavengersny.bandcamp.com/album/progress-to-oblivion Thanks for checking it out!
  5. Peste is one of the greatest heavy records of the last few years, so I really have high expectations about this one. New song is a bit slow for my expectations but still rules. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x55r7Zw5yFk Clear - limited to 100 copies Red - limited to 200 copies Black EU: http://shop.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=5&q=hierophant US: http://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?cat=5&q=hierophant
  6. Looking for a couple things to complete some discography's I got going, please help me out!!! Been searching high and low on discogs and eBay and not having any luck! If you have any of these or know someone who does who's interested in selling please let me know Here is the list: 1. Tristan Tzara: Da Ne Zaboravis 7" 2. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra / The Kinetic Crash: Split 12" 3. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra: Jedes Herz Ist Eine Zeitbombe 5" 4. The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra / La Quiete: Split 7" 5. Tristan Tzara: Omorina Nad Evropom 12" 6. City Of Caterpillar: Live In New York 7" 7. Ostraca: Deathless Deluxe Edition Black w/ Screen Printed Cover for a fast response get to me through email at: [email protected]
  7. Pre-orders & tracks premiere up soon. "The most "local" split you can get - written, recorded, designed, pressed and released in Laval, France. A perfect pairing between two loud and abrasive three-pieces, both tracked and mixed at La Senelle by Amaury Sauvé. At this point BIRDS IN ROW should need no introduction, spreading their trademark tense and heartfelt hardcore/punk to every single corner of the globe with a P.A. system all along these last six years. These three new anthems make no exception, encapsulating all their savoir-faire whether it comes to raging heaviness or to more powerfully melancholic tracks. This is the band's first installment in a string of splits that will see the light in the future. Following a bunch of EPs, this split marks WAITC's brutal first steps on vinyl. Founded in 2012 (and formerly known as We Are In The Country) this young band has refined its sound over the years, delivering what could be described as an angst-ridden, noise-infused reinterpretation of Ebullition-era screamo. With their distinctive nervous riffing and triple vocal assault perfectly served by an harsh, in-the-red production, these three tracks are directly establishing the band as a force to be reckoned with." 1 - Birds In Row — Can't Leave 2 - Birds In Row — Can't Lie 3 - Birds In Row — Can't Love 4 - WAITC — Empty Decade/Saturnism 5 - WAITC — Veiled Ax 6 - WAITC — Empty Mailbox - Tracks 1-3 mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, Boston - Tracks 4-6 tracks mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Studio Gröndahl, Stockholm - Artwork by Bart Balboa and Matthis Lacroix
  8. HAUT & COURT 'Troffea' LPpre-order the LP edition here: www.wooaaargh.com/hautcourt-troffea-lp Finally you can pre-order the amazing debut full length by HAUT & COURT. Limited colored vinyl, heavy cover, reverseboard print. "Troffea is an energy explosion of such power that it’s not difficult to imagine the music it contains compelling crowds to dance to death (or mosh to death, such as the case may be). An act of aural arson, Troffea will grind you to dust, 100% guaranteed." METAL SUCKS
  9. "Lentic Waters from Munster, Germany has been flattening forests with their swirling wall of sound for a few years now. This monster of an LP continues with huge and heavy screamo laced hardcore coupled with epic building instrumental passages bringing elements of post-metal and doom to the table. Definitely a dark and emotional masterpiece, complete with a large lyrics booklet with some additional writings. Split label release with IFB Records, React With Protest, IFB, Suspended Soul, Deadwood, and Zegema Beach. "An absolute stormer!" - Scott C." get it here
  10. A thread for our distro updates! Here's what we received these last weeks - http://store.throatruinerrecords.com/categories/latest-arrivals AMENRA | Live I [2x12"] AMENRA & SOFIE VERDOODT | Self-Titled [7"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | The Nebulous Dreams [12"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | If The Sky Falls, We Shall Catch Larks [12"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | An Interlude To The Outermost [12"] '68 | In Humor And Sadness [12"] THE BANNER | Greying [12"] CEREMONY | The L-Shaped Man [12"] LIGHTNING BOLT | Fantasy Empire [2x12"] LITURGY | The Ark Work [2x12"] SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Talia b/w Taxying [7"] COLISEUM | Anxiety's Kiss [12"/CD/TAPE] NO LIMBS | Self-Titled [7"] MILES AWAY | Tide [12"] ARTS | Thousand Wounds Of War [12"] ANCESTORS | III [12"] RAW NERVE | Every Problem Solved [7"] THE REPOS | Live Munitions [12"] ANCESTORS | In Death [7"] KING WOMAN | Doubt [12"] GRIEVER | Our Love Is Different [12"] LOSS LEADER | Flex Your Hair [7"] NIGHT SINS | Down To Drown [7"] EYEHATEGOD | Self-Titled [12"] RETOX | YPLL [12"] GENERATION OF VIPERS | Coffin Wisdom [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | Meditations In B [12"] DRUG CHURCH | Swell [12"] CIVILIZED | Dust And Blood [7"] COWARDS | Shooting Blanks And Pills [12"] (North American repress) CROWNS & THIEVES | Gravity [12"] DEAD FOR A MINUTE | Diégèse [12"] DISEMBARKED | Nothing's Wrong Here [12"] EXHAUSTION | Demo [7"] FAILURES | Decline And Fall [12"] (Youth Attack version) IMPURE WILHELMINA | Black Honey [2x12"] MONARCH | Die Tonight [12"] NO OMEGA | Occupants [12"] ØLTEN | Mode [12"] RAINMAKER/ØJNE | Split [7"] WE CAME OUT LIKE TIGERS | Ever-Crushed At Pecket's Well [12"] ACxDC | Antichrist Demoncore [12"] BLACKLISTED | When People Grow, People Go [12"] BOTCH | An Anthology of Dead Ends [12"] BURNING LOVE | Down So Long b/w Medicine Man [7"] CODE ORANGE | I Am King [12"/CD] CONVERGE | All We Love We Leave Behind [2x12’] CONVERGE | Jane Doe [PATCH] CONVERGE | Live At The BBC [7"] CONVERGE | Petitioning Forever [2x12"] CONVERGE | Unloved And Weeded Out [12"] CONVERGE/DROPDEAD | Split [7"] CULT LEADER | Nothing For Us Here [12"/CD] CURSED | He Goat [PATCH] CURSED | Two [12"] DEAFHEAVEN | Roads To Judah [12"] DEAFHEAVEN | Sunbather [2x12"] GAZA | No Absolutes In Human Suffering [12"] HARM'S WAY | Rust [12"] HIEROPHANT | Peste [12"] INTEGRITY | Skull [PATCH] OATHBREAKER | Eros|Anteros [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God II [12"] PUNCH | Nothing Lasts [7"] PUNCH | They Don't Have To Believe [12"] SINGLE MOTHERS | Self-Titled [7"] THE BODY/THOU | Released From Love [12"] THE BODY/THOU | You, Whom I Have Always Hated [12"] TOUCHE AMORE & SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Self Love [7"] TRAP THEM | Blissfucker [12"] TRAP THEM | Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings [12"] TRAP THEM | Seizures In Barren Praise [12"] YOUNG WIDOWS | Easy Pain [12"] AMENRA | Mass I [12"] AMENRA | Mass II [12"] AMENRA/MADENSUYU | Split [10"] KNUT | Wonder [12"] RUBBISH HEAP | Self-Titled [12"] BASTIONS/BURNING BRIGHT | Swan Songs [12"] HEXIS | Abalam [12"] IMPURE WILHELMINA | Prayers & Arsons [12"] MONARCH | Omens [12"] YEAR OF NO LIGHT/BAGARRE GÉNÉRALE | Split [12"] NESSERIA | Fractures [CD] CORTEZ | Phoebus [CD/TAPE] NO OMEGA | Occupants [CD] BOAR | Veneficae [12"] NIGHTSLUG | Loathe [12"] HEXIS/THIS GIFT IS A CURSE | Split [7"] SAÅAD | Delayed Summer [12"] DARK CIRCLES | MMXIV [12"] SED NON SATIATA | Mappo [TAPE] SED NON SATIATA/CARRION SPRING | Split [TAPE] HIEROPHANT | Peste [TAPE] CHAMBERS | La Guerra Dei Trent'Anni [12"] GERDA | Your Sister [12"] RISE ABOVE DEAD | Heavy Gravity [12"] BREAG NAOFA/CHILDREN OF GOD | Split [7"] AGE OF COLLAPSE | Deteriorate [7"] THE HI-LITES | Self-Titled [12"] DAÏTRO | Des Cendres, Je Me Consume [10"] SED NON SATIATA | Mappo [12"]
  11. Been going through my stuff and picking out what doesn't get played much these days. I am more than willing to take offers on anything. Possibly trades. Get in touch for questions, condition, offers, etc. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in Rochester, NY. My email is [email protected] 3-20-15 7" ETAE-(Japanese title) (Straight Up Records/Cries of Pain) (Songs: Rotten to the Core, Patience, Carve the End, Again) $3 Forca Macabra-s/t (Crust Records) $2 The Skuds-millions of dead (not on label) $2 V/A-Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1 : Far East Meets Midwest (Hibachi/No Sense) {Bands: Hangnail, Vivisick, John Bender, Tomorrow, Waves, Judgment Disorderly, Hiroshima Pigsmash} $2 V/A-Nederthrash In Opkomst (UPS) {Bands: Mihoen!, No-Men, Cockroach, Betercore, Tuco Ramirez, SAF, and Seein' Red} $2 12" Blind Lemon Jefferson-The Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson (Milestone) $8 Mrtva Budoucnost/Left In Ruins-split LP (Six Weeks) $5 Rajoitus-Maailman Hautajainen (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) $8 Selfish-Cry For Love, Cry For Death (Dead Alive Records) $7 Tom Waits-Blood Money (Anti) $15 V/A-Speed Kills...aka Pasta Powerviolence Vol. 2 (SOA Records) {Bands: Cripple Bastards, Vomit Fall, Jilted, Jesus Died of AIDS + more.} $10 CD Cripple Bastards-Desperately Insensitive (Obscene Productions) $5 Disassociate-Imperfect World (MIA Records) $2 Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi-Season Two (Solar Ipse Audio House) $8 Profanatica-Disgusting Blasphemies Against God (Hells Headbangers) $7 V/A-Hymns For The Hearing Impaired vol. 1 (Bad People Records/Riotous Assembly) {Bands: Jack With Killer, Dystopia, Tres Kids, Agathocles, Catheter, Kung Fu Rick, Noothgrush + more.} $4 TAPE John Lee Hooker-Mississippi River Delta Blues (King Blues) $2 Mold Omen-Black Top (Cae-Sur-A) {03/100} $4 Totem Mold Growth-Mountain Dewds (905 Tapes) $3.50 V/A-5 Years Nuclear Blast (Nuclear Blast America) {Bands: Macabre, Pungent Stench, Dead World, Benediction, Deceased + more} $3
  12. Stream «Le Malheur Des Autres», the first track off the upcoming NESSERIA LP «Fractures» - https://throatruinerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fractures «Fractures» is due out November 15th on 12" vinyl via Throatruiner Records and Trendkill Recordings (CD on Trendkill/Grains Of Sand, tape on Swarm Of Nails). Artwork by Alex Eckman-Lawn Recorded and mixed by Neb Xort at Drudenhaus Studio Mastered at New Alliance East Mastering "It's been now ten years that Orleans, France's NESSERIA deliver some of the meanest socially-charged grinding metallic hardcore out there. Marking the definitive takeover of bassist/vocalist Julien on vocal duties, their second full-length «Fractures» shows the band at their most aggressive, combining hoarsely barked vocals with crushing, twisted riffs and pounding drums. Following 2009's self-titled debut and 2011's split LP with CTTTOAFF, these ten tracks were recorded on tape and mixed at Drudenhaus Studio (Aluk Todolo, Anorexia Nervosa) then mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Gaza...). This is the record of a band that walks hand-in-hand musically and lyrically : intense and pissed as hell, straightforward while staying away from easy paths. No gimmicks, no egos, no frills, and nothing to share besides their cold, hard views."
  13. Limited edition 12" with black on black foldover cardstock. numbered, only 150 pressed. shipping out on or around 17 March 2015 edition of 150 $15 https://safetymeeting.bandcamp.com/album/wrath "New Haven, Connecticut-based Tomb and Thirst emerges from three individuals, Kevin Wigginton, Steve Ross, and Dave Lutz (drums, bass, and guitar, respectively), working as one to find catharsis through violent sound. Formal elements of aggressive hardcore and extreme metal – grind, crust, doom – serve as an edifice over which improvisational, atonal noise cyclically climbs and retreats. Whether a song is in its end twenty seconds of blast beats and growling or twenty minutes of feedback and chanting, Tomb and Thirst seeks to confront its own meaning, and that of our species, in a continuum of unrelenting indifference." There's a track from the album on the link above. The only thing I can find on youtube is a live video:
  14. RAJOITUS/RATSTAB Limited to 350 copies: 150 - White Vinyl 200 - Black Vinyl STREAM/ORDER HERE: http://www.patacrecords.com/distro/Rajoitus-Ratstab-Split-Vinyl-EP "A shredder of a split from Swedish hardcore ragers Rajoitus and Providence band Ratstab, who make their own hard-hitting racket. Rajoitus started in the early 90s and were on hiatus until recently. They've reconvened with a revamped lineup and tear through their five tracks with a focoused fury. Ratstab play in a slightly noisier and chaotic vein--something of a Siege influence in their sound and a few Swedish nods." Al Quint/Suburban Voice (www.patacrecords.com) "Gone are the days when one side of a split got the wear…our extreme music scene(s) continue to explode with fucking awesome bands, and here are two on what has briskly become a sought after slab of duel-heaviness….Rajoitus is some killer classicist Britishesque politicore, speeding things up from there with 5 cuts of fist-shake and slam- inducing fast punk, pushing under vocalist Jani’s croaks of sincerity and outrage. ‘Maailma on Kaunis’ opens anthemic, ass-kicking to 110 mph…the band gets right to it with a head-smacking attack beyond verse-chorus-verse. Providence Rhode Island’s Ratstab spew hard on the obnoxiously noisy pummeling side of things with gut-churn adorned, larynx-stripping hatred from singer Scott, atop the band’s sickly excellent skull-bouncing hardcorebulence. Abrasive buildups to grand shrieks from rhythmic walls burning with feedback. Already receiving heavy airplay in my personal rotation." (review by Robert from SIEGE.)
  15. Stream "Danger" at this location - http://store.throatruinerrecords.com/bands/elizabeth "Switzerland's very own ELIZABETH return with new EP "Insomnia"; four new tracks of hardcore/crust/whatever showing their ability to write neckbreaking hymns and intended to be played at full volume. An intense barrage of manic drumming, chainsaw-tone guitars, and these trademark raspy screams that come from nowhere : on this EP the band goes one step further into heaviness without sacrifying dynamics. After the recent release of an LP documenting all their previous body of work, "Insomnia" is a brutal foretaste of all things to come for ELIZABETH." Engineered and mixed by Raphaël Bovey (Kruger), re-amped by Kurt Ballou (Converge) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). "Insomnia will be released on splatter 7" vinyl in december via Throatruiner Records and Lost Pilgrims Records. Pre-orders and free download will be up shortly.
  16. John Connor was the original crusty, living off the grid, fighting the man. Pick up this shirt and be the coolest guy in your group of friends. Self Aware Records has always been obsessed with Terminator, this just makes it official. The shirt was designed by Adam R. Hunt (Graf orlock, Mourning Cloak) ORDER IT HERE: http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/products/2023098-crass-terminator-t-shirt
  17. Founded in 2011 as a side project by members of Afterlife Kids and Henry Fonda, ANCST is a collective from Germany with a lyrical focus on social and political topics as well as personal struggle. The guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Tom, also a member of Henry Fonda, is anchored in steady, pounding tremolos reminiscent of early Amon Amarth and shrouded in thrashy, black crust. This is a perfect complement to the relentless, blasting, pattering kit and Torsten’s crusty, dry shrieks. ANCST hits that sweet spot between fierce melodic black metal & dark metallic hardcore crust, fusing together extreme metal and hardcore socialization In Turmoil features the 'Humane Condition EP', the songs from the splits with Hiveburner, Smutecni Savnost, the first demo, some compilation tracks and one unreleased track. Taima features 40 minutes of pure scifi drone music. In Turmoil LP is limited to 130 white, 392 black, 33 hand numbered testpress editions Taima Cassette is limited to 100 handnumbered copies and available here.
  18. SCREAMO / BLACKMETAL / CRUST / DREAMO / PUNK Another excellent split from OLD SOUL, this time with the great LENTIC WATERS! OLD SOUL (/w members of CLOUD RAT) play a mixture of Screamo, Post Rock and Black Metal and they left lots of open mouth`on their recent tour. LENTIC WATERS play heavy music that combines atmospheric instrumental parts with chaotic, metallic and doomy breakdowns. ORDER HERE: http://maniyax.tictail.com/product/preorder-old-soul-lentic-waters-split-12 LISTEN HERE: OLD SOUL: http://oldsoulband.bandcamp.com/album/old-soul-lentic-waters-split LENTIC WATERS: http://lenticwaters.bandcamp.com/album/split-with-old-soul
  19. SCREAMO / (POST) BLACK METAL / CRUST / AMBIENT Excellent split from these two screamo influenced (post) black metal outfits. PREORDER HERE: http://maniyax.tictail.com/product/preorder-old-soul-split-12 LISTEN HERE: OLD SOUL: http://oldsoulband.bandcamp.com/album/old-soul-split ██████: http://wedonthaveaname.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-old-soul REVIEWS HERE: http://www.heavypop.at (auf deutsch) http://diyconspiracy.net www.heavyblogisheavy.com http://www.sputnikmusic.com Released by: Zegema Beach Records, IFB Records, Dingleberry Records, Maniyax Records, Pike Records, Mosh Potatoes, Suspended Soul Records
  20. Here's the direct link to the list: http://www.goodwillrecords.net/new%20offer/newoffer.html
  21. Watch the teaser for «Aegri Somnia» below - pre-order informations and free download will be up soon. Artwork (to come) by Fortifem. "Formed in 2011 in Lorient, western France, DIREWOLVES rapidly stood out from the pack by combining both the melodic and the heavy aspects of punk hardcore. Their first full-length «Aegri Somnia» not only follows the path of their EP «Me From Myself, To Banish» (2012) but also enhances the spectrum of their sound, browsing through a large range of sub-genres while avoiding their respective clichés. Songs such as "Holy Treason" or "Face The Facts" show the band at their most vehement, colliding unstoppable drumming with heavily metallic-influenced riffs while the end of the record explores more emotionally-charged post-metallic soundscapes. With their constant will to remain straightforward but diversified DIREWOLVES deliver eleven highly epic and passionate anthems, condensing everything you could expect from a great hardcore LP in 2014." https://www.facebook.com/wearedirewolves http://direwolveshc.tumblr.com/
  22. Stream "Borgne Et Aussi Aveugle" at this location. With members hailing from various backgrounds (Amanda Woodward, Cowards, L'Homme Puma, Ravi), the 2011-formed parisian outfit DEATH MERCEDES plays a brand of passionate hardcore/punk that is difficult to nail down to a specific genre. The band's debut full-length "Sans Éclat" features ten tracks swinging between crust, screamo and half a dozen other sub-genres to create a very personal sound - strongly melodic while remaining loud and unpolished, and with gruffy vocals delivering (in french) disillusioned and introspective lyrics. Recorded on june 2013 by producer Francis Caste (Kickback, Comity, Hangman's Chair…) at Sainte-Marthe Studio, "Sans Éclat" is a captivating debut album with a richness and a soul that tend to be hard to find these days. "Sans Éclat" will be released on 12" vinyl via Throatruiner Records and Sieve and Sand Records.
  23. Hello, Looking for Ictus Imperivm 12" LP. Spanish press by La Muerte de la Noche Records in red. Send me a PM Thanks.
  24. ABSOC Records Update 4.2013 1122 E. Pike Street #1377 | Seattle, WA 98122 | USA e-mail: [email protected] web: www.abortedsociety.com ====================================== Hello from ABSOC Central Command! The first part of 2013 has been extremely busy! We’ve got a few releases incoming from the plant this month and are excited to announce pre-orders for the following: ABSOC 026 – MURDERESS – The Gate 12" Sprawling metallic d-beat crust from this five-piece based in Portland, OR, this is the follow-up EP to their 2010 debut on ABSOC, The Last Thing You Will Ever See…. This 5-piece lineup features vocals by Jozy Kinnaman, guitars by Rachel Nakanishi and Amanda Burghard, Eben Travis on drums and Casey Lynch on bass, and ventures into some darker, more death metal influenced territory while retaining their blackened crust aesthetic. Originally released as a cassette limited to 100 for their East Coast tour last summer, we are stoked to announce a vinyl version of these 4 blazing tracks in production right now. Pre-order limited edition of 50 copies w/ hand-numbered silk-screened covers on 150g white opaque vinyl, also comes w/ standard jacket and mp3 download card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=502'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=502 Pre-order 100 copies of 150g white opaque vinyl w/ standard jacket and mp3 card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=503'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=503 Pre-order 350 copies of 150g black vinyl w/ standard jacket and mp3 card here: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=504'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=504 Listen to "For What?": http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murderess-for-what'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murderess-for-what ABSOC 012 – NUX VOMICA – A Civilized World LP Repress From the remnants of the Baltimore-based WAKE UP ON FIRE, comes the debut full-length release by NUX VOMICA entitled A Civilized World. Now residing in Portland, OR, Nux Vomica picks up where The Uninspired 7" EP left off with eight tracks of powerful and epic metallic crust punk. Acoustic and clean-channel breakdowns mingle with intense, devastating overtures on this LP/CD release. With poetically charged and politically angered vocals, this is a completely over-the-top hardcore punk record that defies easy classification. Recorded and mastered by Jay Matheson at the Jam Room in Colombia, SC. Front Cover artwork by Jason Angst and Poster artwork by Little Debee. Pre-order here: This is the second pressing on sea blue vinyl. 1st 100 orders will ship out with a free CD version of the record and will come with the original 24"×36" poster from the original pressing. http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=164'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=164 Listen to "Room Silencer" : http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/nux-vomica-room-silencer'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/nux-vomica-room-silencer ABSOC 029 – MURMURS – Fly With the Unkindness CS We are excited to announce the release of one of our favorite Seattle groups MURMURS, and their Fly With The Unkindness Cassette, originally released by Stay Punk Tapes in 2012 and repressed by Aborted Society in 2013. Energetic and melodic punk with pop sensibilities and crusty, gruff undertones. While in a similar vein as LEATHERFACE or THE REPLACEMENTS, this Seattle quartet has managed to craft a truly unique sound of their own fully backed by an intense live performance. Recorded by Brandon Fitzsimons at Airport Grocery in Seattle, Mastered by Dave Edwardson. Past and current projects include SNUGGLE, RATBITE, PIPSQUEAK, NO HIGH FIVES TO BULLSHIT, TRANSIENT, THE MAKAI. Pre-order here: Initial run of 200 chrome cassettes on smokey shells w/ silver imprint ink, 3-panel J-Card and overwrapped in Norelco cases. Ships out Week of April 29th.: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=501'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31_28&products_id=501 Listen to "Rookery" : http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murmurs-rookery'>http://soundcloud.com/abortedsociety/murmurs-rookery ====================================== New to Distro: http://www.abortedsociety.com/store'>http://www.abortedsociety.com/store Moral Hex – s/t LP Sect – s/t LP Mordare – Vientos de Mierda LP (restock) Deathraid/Desperat split 12" Lautstürmer – Bedtime for Humanity LP ====================================== In the works: ABSOC 028 – NÜ-KLĒ-ƏR BLAST SUNTAN – demo/8" lathe LP ABSOC 030 – KALASHNIKOV – Dreams for Super-Defeated Heroes LP ABSOC 031 – INSIDIOUS PROCESS LP ABSOC 032 – [email protected] / KOHOSH split LP ====================================== On tour: AGE OF COLLAPSE 4/12 – Tucson, AZ @ TLMS w/ Seas Will Rise, Territory 4/13 – Flagstaff, AZ @ The Cottage House w/ Seas Will Rise, Swampwolf 4/14 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Sandlot w/ Seas Will Rise, TBA 8/17 – Oakland, CA @ Deadfest w/ Dropdead, Noothgrush, Graves at Sea, etc. KALASHNIKOV COLLECTIVE (Milan, Italy) WEST COAST U.S. TOUR SAT AUG 17 – Seattle, WA w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON SUN AUG 18 – Bellingham or Tacoma, WA w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON MON AUG 19 – Portland, OR w/ COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON TUE AUG 20 – Arcata, CA WED AUG 21 – San Francisco, CA THU AUG 22 – Los Angeles, CA FRI AUG 23 – San Jose, CA SAT AUG 24 – Medford, OR SUN AUG 25 – Seattle, WA Find other ABSOC show dates and info here: http://abortedsociety.com/showstours'>http://abortedsociety.com/showstours ====================================== Thanks for continued support, we've got some really cool things happening this year and are excited for the summer! We are also restarting the ABSOC Zine this month, so if you would like to participate get in touch! Rob + Matt ASR
  25. These are for sale at my local shop. If interested, PM Me and we can work something out. I am not looking to make any profit - just help these two out as they just opened shop and I want to see them succeed. The costs below are to offset 8% sales tax, the cost of mailer and the paypal fees I will be hit with. If you want to throw me a few bucks for my time that's cool too since it does take a bit of time for my to get to South Philly. "No Sanctuary" includes both an approved and rejected version 2xLP and 2x7" $88 "Arise" $71 Act fast if you're interested as they just got these in and I don't know how long they will last.