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Found 18 results

  1. https://pelagic-records.com/product/pg-lost-yes-i-am-12-ep-download/ Never thought I'd ever see this pressed to vinyl! It's been remastered with new/old artwork. Link above takes you to the main vinyl page, but it's also available in a shirt bundle. All purchases come with a download of their show in 2017 when they played the entire album for it's 10th anniversary. USA residents - A Thousand Arms may be getting copies. Stand by on that. Black - 16eu Pink - 20eu (/350) Splatter - 20eu (/250) - SOLD OUT PG.LOST – “Yes I Am” 12″ EP (+ download) 16.00€ – 20.00€ This item is on pre-order. It will be available July 31 (Europe) & August 28 (N. America / Australia) Note: Orders cannot be split into several shipments. Your order will be dispatched when the item with the latest release date is available. Final products might slightly differ from mockups! * Plus 12 pages booklet & download of live album!
  2. First I want to say this has been long out of print and is an absolutely amazing album and a must-have for people who like post-metal in any way. http://translationlossrecords.bigcartel.com/product/mouth-of-the-architect-the-ties-that-blind-reissue-2xlp-preorder **This remixed and remastered pressing is limited to 300 copies worldwide and there are two colors of vinyl to choose from: "Blood Red with Heavy Metallic Silver Splatter" which is limited to 200 copies & The mail-order exclusive Color in Color Version - each LP is a unique color variation: "LP1: Metallic Silver inside of Clear with Heavy Blood Red and Oxblood Splatter LP2: Oxblood inside of Clear with Heavy Metallic Silver and White Splatter" variation that is limited to 100 copies.
  3. Pre-Order YEARS IN A DAY, our collector bundle, and instantly download the two first tracks "The Sweep" & "Light Chaser" in HD video. ▶︎ www.cultofluna.com YEARS IN A DAY includes • A 2 hour DVD (PAL or NTSC) • 2 audio CDs live at Roadburn 2013 and 2016 • The full digital video in High Resolution + digital audio ...& more... • Combined in a 10-inch collector vinyl sized trifold package. • Strictly limited to 7000 copies and only on www.cultofluna.com More info, images & Pre-Orders : www.cultofluna.com VINYL: https://cultoflunashop.indierecordings.no/collections/vinyl 30,- € each and only available @ cultofluna.com This release is strictly limited to 500 copies and is released in addition to the YEARS IN A DAY DVD. Recording at Roadburn Festival 2013 by Marcel van de Vondervoort. TRACKLIST 1. The One 2. I: The weapon 3. Ghost trail 4. Finland 5. Vicarious redemption 6. Owlwood 7. In awe of This release is strictly limited to 500 copies and is released in addition to the YEARS IN A DAY DVD. Recording at Roadburn Festival 2016 by Marcel van de Vondervoort. TRACKLIST 1. Marching to the heartbeats 2. Finland 3. Back to chapel town 4. And with her came the birds 5. Thirtyfour 6. Dim 7. Dark City Dead man
  4. Archivist is a six-piece atmospheric/post-metal band out of Europe, whose self-titled album was released digitally at the beginning of June. Alerta Antifascista Records is currently taking pre-orders for the CD version, with a double LP upcoming, set for a November release. They are currently looking for a US distributor (will add more details as they are released). From the label: "Archivist is an atmospheric metal band, incorporating shoegaze, blast beats, and post-rock into a mass of turbulent percussion and soaring melodies set against a tale of ecological disaster and the last recorded thoughts of the sole survivor. It is a story of human hubris, the end of the world, and the willingness of a child to accept the weight of our legacy." For the full concept of the album, as well as free streaming and free downloads, go here. Track Listing: 1. Ascension 2. Escape Velocity 3. Dreaming Under 4. Leaving Day 5. Hades 6. Tying Up Loose Ends in the Cold Void of Space 7. Eureka 8. 4,500 UPDATE 9/1: Now up for pre-order at the Alerta Antifascista webstore. Pressing Info: Clear /120 Black /380
  5. Hey everyone, PO is now LIVE!!!!!! So, this dude I talk to all the time from Switzerland has a label, and it's called Elusive Sound. They are just about to drop their first release, which is 2 variants of Glasir's "Unborn" EP. Glasir is a post-rock band from the USA. You can read more below. They label guys are going all out in the variants and packaging, and it looks to be an impressive release. 180g, 45RPM, 350g covers, screen printed extras, records shipped in poly-lined inner sleeves.... the works. Pre-orders go up Friday. http://elusive-sound.com/2016/06/21/glasir-unborn-ep-vinyl-pre-order/ EDIT: Pictures are up! These things look freaking incredible!!!!!!!!! You can listen to the entire EP here: From their website: Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-orders start June 25, 20:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016 Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, “Unborn” is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release. Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt out in McKinney, Texas, Glasir is a project that consists of longtime collaborators Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels. It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. It’s a masterful aural descent into darkness, the fury of the mind and the unwavering firmness of will to obstinately cling to life. There are moments when one resigns to the fatality of life, the grief that takes over after great loss, the impotency felt after withering in the dust of failed pretensions, when dreams have burned down to cinders, when vision once clear and formidable is left blurred and short-sighted and the body too frail to sustain a mortal blow. Unborn conjures a bleak and lonely existence, when one loses his heart and falls prey to the recklessness of despair, peers deep into the darkness and dares to dream dreams that no mortal should ever dream. The end however, has not yet come. From the all-consuming sadness there is a glimmer of hope. This Dallas trio reveals the everlasting light that transforms all it touches into riches of life and gives us the ability to soar the skies. Glasir have become the glorified tree. Unborn is magnificent and snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat. The EP features stunning full artwork by Alex CF and will be released on two high quality coloured heavyweight vinyl variants, the Giallarbru limited to 133 copies and theGleaming Grove limited to 100 copies. Both variants will be sold exclusively via our official label website shop at elusive-sound.com and feature 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm, a high quality 350gsm innersleeve, artwork printed on reverse board and a two-sided band inlay. Additionally Gleaming Grove contains a special Swiss Made screenprinted Thank You note and a screenprinted hand-numbered 12″ artprint also desgined by Alex CF. Full Press Release and Pressbook available on pdf at http://elusive-sound.com/artist/glasir/ These are NOT mock-ups, these ARE the records: You can see another picture of the actual cover and inserts and the /100 variant here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CljrZfWXIAAfkXZ.jpg:large The guys who run the label are massive post-rock fans, I talk to them just about every day on Facebook. Sold one of the dudes my black/clear ITTCT "Red Forest" a while back. They've got more coming from Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur, and more. I keep bugging them to join the discussions over here, because they're massive music fans just like us. Please support them!
  6. Hey everyone! Cult of Luna are releasing their Vertikal albums 1 and 2 in a 3lp on clear vinyl in Europe and is available online RIGHT NOW. http://shop.indierecordings.no/ JUST SEARCH CULT OF LUNA for US if you use danish krona as the currency it comes out to 44 PPD which is not that bad shipped from another country.
  7. Hey Everyone! Curious to see if anyone here has one or either of these they would be willing to part with! Let me know then i will shoot you an offer!
  8. maybe I'm retarded but I can't figure out how to close a thread. All gone to new homes!
  9. Cult of Luna and the old wind (the ocean Robin Stapps side project) have a split and the sample clip sounds absolutely epic!!! http://pelagic-records.com/shop/music/vinyl/cult-of-luna-the-old-wind-raangest-ep-vinyl
  10. From Facebook! October 18th: Ten years ago today, The Galilean Satellites was released. In honor of that milestone, we have two pieces of information to share with you: 1. New release. Right now we're working on a Remixes/B-sides/rarities compilation that will come out this December/January. We don't have a specific release date for this, but around the holidays it'll be ready to go. This will include tons of stuff: all our Japan-edition remixes, some new remixes, ADOM-era demo recordings, the INFAMOUS acoustic version of "Au Pays Natal," remastered lost tracks from our 2003 demo, live recordings, and some 'quiet' reinterpretations of new and old songs... possibly even more. It'll be a huge retrospective. We should also note there will be significant content bonuses for people who purchase this release (as opposed to free downloading). 2. Vinyl represses of Wake/Lift and The Galilean Satellites. Translation Loss Records have confirmed that 2016 will be the year for both of these albums to return to vinyl. Again, there are not specific release dates for these, but Wake/Lift will come first, early in the year, and TGS will follow later in 2016. And yes, TGS will be a 4xLP, and yes, you will be able to sync it up on a DJ setup. Fuck yeah!
  11. hi, my name is Pako form Spain i am looking for vinyl "SOMEWHERE ALONG THE HIGHWAY" Please tell me your price. thank you
  12. Hey everyone! I am looking for a colored version of Cult Of Luna's Eternal Kingdom, or Somewhere Along The Highway! I know they are pricey so I am willing to pay the right price so don't expect a lowball offer. Please let me know if you have it! Thank you!
  13. FFO: Rinoa, Acres, Devil Sold His Soul, Cult of Luna UK-based atmospheric post-rock/post-hardcore band Echoes are releasing their debut full-length album - The Pursuit - on March 20, 2014. The group has been compared to such greats as Rinoa and Devil Sold His Soul, and the album is nothing less than breathtaking. The shortest track clocks in at about 4 and a half minutes, while the longest, the cathartic roller-coaster closer, is a colossal 8 minutes in length. The vinyl version of the album is on clear vinyl limited to only 40 copies worldwide. "Every song maintains just the right amount of variation and contrast between the heavy and light elements that make Echoes so unique. The seemingly effortless blend of post-rock and hardcore genres make the group something truly exceptional and worthwhile. The Pursuit is an intense record that does not spend any time wasting time." -Hit the Floor "With over an hour of music, ‘The Pursuit’ is one hell of a journey. It’s simply gargantuan in epic-ness, like a soundtrack to a hugely emotive movie with a unique take on melodic beauty and dynamics." -Rockadia Listen to the full album now on Already Heard: http://alreadyheard.com/post/80164016245/exclusive-album-stream-track-guide-echoes-the#.UytxqYdOXIV Pre-order here: http://www.weareechoes.com/preorder/
  14. Want to raise some funds for a release that just popped up. Please PM me with offers. Keep in mind that I'm based in good old Europe / Dschörmänie. Also take a look @ my Tradlist. If there's something of interest, try your luck and PM me. // 7"es // Converge - Live At BBC || 1 x 7 " || Deathwish (DW157v) || White (Deathwish Exclusive) || / 333 || Mastodon - Capillarian Crest || 1 x 7 " || Relapse Records (W 734T) || Black || lim. to ? || # 5253 with Poster || Mogwai - Glasgow Split EP || 2 x 7 " || Plastic Cowboy (Plastic 005) || Black || Mogwai/Dweeb - Angels vs Aliens || 1 x 7 " || Ché Trading Limited (Ché 61) || Black || Mogwai/Longview - Split || 1 x 7 " || (SAM 00961) ||Black || Mogwai/Magoo - Two Sonic Scratches Of The Big Bad Rock Arse Split || 1 x 7 " || Fierce Panda Records (NING 47) || Black || // 10"es // ††† - EP † || 1 x 10 " || Not On Label (††† Self-Released) ‎(96878A) || Pink || 1st press || ††† - EP †† || 1 x 10 " || Sumerian Records ‎(SUM426) || Blue || // 12"es // At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command [2013] || 2 x 12 " || Transgressive Records ‎(TRANS155X) || Orange || /4000, RSD 2013 || Botch - We Are The Romans || 2 x 12 " || Hydra Head Records ‎(HH666-41) || Black || 1st press /800 || Chvrches - Recover EP || 1 x 12 " || Goodbye Records (GR001V) || Transparent Orange || /1500, RSD 2013 || Cult Of Luna - Vertikal || 2 x 12 " || Back On Black, Indie Recordings ‎(BOBV354LP) || Black || Deftones - Covers || 1 x 12 " || Reprise Records, WEA International Inc. (9362-49582-9, 9362-49582-9) || Black || lim. to 5000 || RSD 2011 || Gay Witch Abortion W/ Haze XXL || 1 x 12 " || Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep093) || Red Splattered || #85/100 || Don Caballero [1993] - For Respect || 1 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG120) || Black || Don Caballero [1995] - Don Caballero 2 || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG143) || Black || Don Caballero [1998] - What Burns Never Returns || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG185) || Black || Don Caballero [2000] - American Don || 2 x 12 " || Touch And Go (TG218) || Black || Don Caballero [2006] - World Class Listenig Problem || 1 x 12 " || Relapse Records (RR 6693-1) || Blue || lim. to 250 || Don Caballero [2008] - Punkgasm || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Relapse Records (RR 6124 - 1) || Seafoam Green & White || lim. to 450 || limited Relapse Records edition || Primus - Green Naugahyde || 2 x 12" || - || Green || indie store version #643/750 || Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese || 1 x 12 " || Interscope Records (7567-91659-1) || Black || first press || Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic || 2 x 12 " || Warner Bros. Records (WX 441, 7599-26681-1) || Black || Rosetta/East Of The Wall/Year Of No Light - Split || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Denovali/Vega Vinyl (DEN45 / VV - 006) || Black || lim. to 100 || Union Of Sleep - Death In The Place Of Rebirth || 1 x 12 " || Per Koro Records || Black || lim. to 400 || Yo La Tengo - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside - Out || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Matador (OLE 371 - 1) || Black || Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One || 2 x 12 " || Matador (OLE 222 - 1) || Black || // Boxset // Tomahawk ‎– Eponymous To Anonymous || 3 x 12 " Box || Ipecac Recordings (IPC135) || Black || lim. to 5000 || VA - !K7 - 150 || 4 x 12 " || !K7 Records (!K7 150 LP) || Black || lim. to 1000 || I'll close this thread when I raised anough money. Thanks for watching!
  15. Looking for the 2xLP 45rpm of Blood Mountain, cash or I have a few things I could trade. I also want the Clear/Red variant of Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway. Things I'd put up for BM in no particular order: Opeth - Blackwater Park (mov pressing, sealed) Circa Survive - Juturna (Equal Vision, Trans Red, sealed) Converge - AWLWLB (Orange, M) Botch - American Nervoso (Clear, last RSD press, M) Things I'd trade + cash for Somewhere Along the Highway (clear/red): Botch - We Are the Romans (either baby blue or clear w/blue splatter, both M) Between the Buried and Me - Colors (Purple, M/Pink, sealed) Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Equal Vision, Trans Purple, sealed) Touche Amore - Is Survived By (Deluxe, blue jacket, M) Or I'd trade my sealed Red #419/666 copy of Brand New - TDAG straight across for SAtH PM me, let's work something out!
  16. Hey. I'm selling a copy of Cult Of Luna - Somewhere Along The Highway || 2 x 12 " Gatefold || Earache Records (MOSH 344) || Black || Please PM me with offers. Open to trades as well. I ship from germany.
  17. hey I have acquired a test pressing (2 lp's) of Cult of Luna - Somewhere Along the Highway . I know these are pretty hard to come by.. I got this from someone who used to work at Earache for a trade. PM if you're interested. I would be willing to trade for this also. thanks.
  18. Hi vinylovers, I'm looking for Cult Of Luna "Salvation" 2xLP ! If anyone here, got it and would like to sell it, please contact me ! Best regards