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Found 8 results

  1. This thread will be stickied. *** If you are selling records (or anything else of interest) on eBay, post links and list here on this thread. Only here on this thread! *** Any new threads created solely for the purpose of advertising your sales on eBay will be deleted. There is already too much clutter on the Sale/Trade board with each person selling their wares on eBay creating and bumping new threads. Rules and guidelines for the sale/trade board also apply here. And commence!
  2. CANCERS "Missed / Helpless" one-side 7" with screened b-side Very limited (180 copies) one-sided 7" from Athens' Cancers. Stereogum puts it best: "The new single from the Athens, GA-based duo represents a break from what they’ve done before, a shift away from the more straight-forward grunge of their debut album, Fatten The Leeches, in favor of a noisier and more chaotic direction. Punishing drum machine loops give it a cavernous feeling, Lenny Miller’s voice reflects back on itself and paints a picture of abject loneliness. It’s distorted and messy; a gnarly, twisted thing that heaves around with little regard for form, interested more in function. It’s really great." About 50 copies left of the regular edition, available here: http://debtoffensiverecs.bigcartel.com/product/cancers-missed-helpless-one-sided-7-pre-order Test press edition also available, down to about 6 copies left (of 22): http://debtoffensiverecs.bigcartel.com/product/cancers-missed-helpless-7-test-press-edition https://debtoffensiverecords.bandcamp.com/
  3. FELLOW PROJECT- "Basic Axemanship" 10" EP Fellow Project is a band that exists without any kind of hype attached whatsoever. After forming nearly 13 years ago on Long Island, the band put out one of their first albums, "The Buried Life" on Dead Broke Rekerds. Another album followed ("The Stable Life") a few years later, amongst many EP's and 7" Splits. Now, the powerhouse known as Fellow Project brings forth their best material to date with their newest 6-song EP. With a sound all their own, blending aspects of Punk, Indie rock, Post-hardcore & Folk, along-side comparisons of Small Brown Bike, Lou Reed, Fugazi and even a spaghetti western. Featuring ex-members of: Bridge & Tunnel and On The Might of Princes. Listen/download: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/basic-axemanship STAY CLEAN JOLENE- S/T LP Debut album from this consistently brilliant punk rock super-group! Featuring members of The Leif Ericsson and The Great St. Louis, Stay Clean Jolene's pedigree speaks for itself. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that their debut, self-titled, album is a masterclass in how to pen perfect, anthemic, heart-on-sleeve punk-rock in 2014. With a rich legacy of homegrown legends like Leatherface and Snuff, SCJ play homage to the UKs finest while building on the incredible foundation of their previous bands output to produce an album greater than the sum of it's parts. Listen/download: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/stay-clean-jolene THE RAGING NATHANS- "Losing It" LP The Raging Nathans are from Dayton, Ohio, and they sure are raging. Hyped-up, melodic punk rock bursting with sick pop-punk flavor at its very core. (early) Green Day, Screeching Weasel & even contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, all come to mind. But all the good parts. Whether it be a gut-wrenching melodic jam or a ripping four-chord pop-punk blazer, the Nathans indeed bring their own brand of flavor to the mix. All the while keeping it very fresh and tight. Tight as hell. Listen/download: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/losing-it PRINCE- S/T II 7" EP Snotty and melodic-as-fuck pop-punk from the blazing streets of Austin, TX! Members of Huff Stuff Magazine, Dude Jams!, Capitalist Kids, Wild America & more rage on with their upbeat & unique blend of lo-fi garage slop-pop-punk. Get on it cus this is totally ruling it. Listen/download: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-e-p-2 Go grab all these and 1,000's more in our Distro Store @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com ALSO STILL NEW: SONIC AVENUES- S/T Deluxe Edition Reissue LP MURMURS- "Bound" LP/Tape CANCERS- "Fatten The Leeches" CD/LP/Tape UP NEXT!!! : IRON CHIC / LOW CULTURE- Split 7" EP (*Pre-order available now!!!*) SOMERSET THROWER- "Falling Swingers" 7" EP SPRAYNARD- "Cut and Paste" LP (Reissue)
  4. Dead Broke Rekerds & Square Of Opposition are proud to announce the Remastered Reissue of SPRAYNARD's debut album, "Cut and Paste" on 12 inch Vinyl! Originally recorded by Phil Douglas (Latterman/Iron Chic), both labels are teaming up to reissue this amazing album that's been out of print since 2010 and gloriously re-mastered by the great Carl Saff (Saff Mastering). Limited copies will be available on Ketchup Red and Mustard Yellow colored vinyl for Preorder. More info soon. Get ready. (Listen to the original version below) https://spraynard.bandcamp.com/album/cut-and-paste http://www.deadbrokerecords.com/ http://www.squareofopposition.com/
  5. MURMURS- "Bound" LP / Tape is OUT NOW!!!!! Seattle, Washington's kings of crusty pop-punk are back with their first official full-length album. Last year saw the vinyl release of the bands' debut batch of songs titled, "Fly With The Unkindness". Well, Murmurs are back and are here to kick the goddamn door in with, "Bound". Drawing from earlier pop-punk influences (ranging from the East Bay to the Northwest), the band pushes further on with their dark, urgent & poppy melodic tones. All while churning it up with a chunk of fuzzed-out grunge rock, this time around. If you weren't a believer before, then you will be now. An outstanding effort & one of our favorite records of the year, straight up. (Members of: Snuggle, Pipsqueak, No Hi-Fives To Bullshit, Transient & more.) Comes w/download. Teal/Turquoise vinyl (Limited to 100) still available @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com LISTEN: https://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/bound (Available now from Itunes, Spotify, Amazon & more too!) Pick it up from the band (LP or tape) on tour too!!! MURMURS- "Bound" 2014 US TOUR DATES: 9/16 - PDX - The Know 9/17 - Boise, ID - Crux 9/18 - SLC - Boing Collective 9/19 - Denver, CO - Mutiny 9/20 - KC, MO - Vandals 9/21 - St Louis, MO - CBGB 9/22 - Chatanooga, TN - TBA 9/23 - Athens, GA - HiLo 9/24 - Richmond, VA or anywhere - HELP NEEDED!!! 9/25 - Baltimore, MD - Barclay House 9/26 - Philly - Golden Tea house w/ Iron Chic* 9/27 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio w/ Shellshag* 9/28 - Flemington, NJ - Flemington DIY* 9/29 - Newhaven, CT - Osborn house* 9/30 - Boston, MA - O'Briens* 10/1 - Albany, NY- Trampoline House 10/2 - Buffalo, NY - Northrup House 10/3 - Pittsburgh, PA - Camp Clark 10/4 - Columbus, OH - Carabar 10/5 - Mid west!!!! - HELP NEEDED!!! 10/6 - Chicago, IL - Township 10/7 - Milwaukee, WI - Bremen Cafe 10/8 - Madison, WI - TBA 10/9 - Minneapolis - Shit Biscuit!! 10/10 - Omaha, NB - West Wing 10/12 - Denver - High Dive 10/14 - Missoula - TBA * = Dates w/ CROW BAIT More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/362851340506449
  6. 4 NEW RELEASES AVAILABLE NOW FROM DEAD BROKE REKERDS!!! http://www.deadbrokerecords.com http://www.deadbrokedistro.com FAILURES' UNION- "Tethering" LP- YELLOW/GREEN Vinyl Buffalo, New York's long-standing indie/pop/rock bands' third full-length album! For fans of Gin Blossoms, Goo Goo Dolls, Cheap Girls, Lemuria & other indie pop good-ness. Digital download code included. Limited to 100 copies on YELLOW & GREEN MIXED VINYL. Listen/download: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/tethering EARWORMS- S/T LP The debut full-length album from Brooklyn's technical, chaotic, melodic punk rock-metal trio featuring members of: I FARM, GSD, Man Without Plan, The Shemps & more. This insane monster-piece will totally freak & satisfy your minds eye and ears. The best new record you've never heard. (Comes w/ download). Listen/download: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/earworms CANADIAN RIFLE- "Deep Ends" TAPE Cassette tape version of Canadian Rifle's amazing new album. "Deep Ends is the second LP from Canadian Rifle, arguably Chicago’s best melodic hardcore band. The band plays confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawebreaker) with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn’t, trying to keep something alive when you’re running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction. Needless to say, it’s pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played with an angered energy that’ll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking great for a band with no dreams and no goals." LP Available on Dirt Cult Records. Listen/download: http://dirtcultrecords.bandcamp.com/album/deep-ends GREASY WHISTLES / LITTLE RICHARDS- Split TAPE Split Cassette Tape chock full of snot-nosed lo-fi pop-punk rock! GREASY WHISTLES is Spent of Closet Fairies/Maine Coons fame, blurting out some of his token hi-speed garage punk jams. While, THE LITTLE RICHARDS from MASS. blaze through some fun party pop-punk. (Comes w/ download). Listen/download: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/greasy-whistles-the-little-richards-split Check out the always growing DEAD BROKE DISTRO STORE & pick up some other rad records, cds, tapes & more! Look what's new: http://deadbrokerecords.com/store/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodnew You can also check out our new Pay-what-you-want sampler, "YEAR OF THE SNAKE HORSE", available for download now @: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/year-of-the-snake-horse-2013-2014 (Kick in a few bucks if ya like to help fund some killer upcoming releases from: Bear Trade, No Sir I Wont / Autonomy, Sonic Avenues, Martin, Awful Man / ExPlanets & more!)
  7. "Iron Chic's long-awaited sophomore full-length, The Constant One, ups the band's ante, boasting nearly 40 minutes of their heartfelt, signature melodic punk with big buildups, warm harmonies, and gripping climaxes. The band tackles somewhat altered subject matter from 2010's Not Like This with deeply embedded metaphors hinting at themes of communication, perseverance, and self-worth, making The Constant One no mere sequel, but rather its own set of cleverly cloaked ideas soundtracked by a bed of driving riffs and life-affirming, tremendous melodies." Catch the band on tour throughout the USA from February through April of this year in support of The Constant One: Fri. Feb 21- Brooklyn, NY. @ The Acheron Sat. Feb 22- Warren, NJ. @ Warren Legion w/ Night Birds Sun. Feb 23- Philadelphia, PA. @ First Unitarian Church Mon. Feb 24- Baltimore, MD. @ Wind Up Space Tues. Feb. 25- Washington, DC. @ The Dougout Wed. Feb. 26- Richmond, VA. @ Strange Matter w/ Sundials Thurs. Feb. 27- Asheville, NC. @ The Odditorium w/ Old Flings Fri. Feb. 28- Charleston, SC. @ Tin Roof Sat. March 1- Atlanta, GA. @ 529 Sun. March 2- Gainesville, FL. @ Loosey's w/ Off With Their Heads Mon. March 3- Tampa, FL. @ Epic Problem Tues. March 4- Orlando, FL. @ Will's Pub Wed. March 5- Birmingham, AL. @ Spring Street Firehouse Fri. March 7- New Orleans, LA. @ TBA Sat. March 8- Houston, TX. @ Walter's w/ Low Culture Sun. March 9- Fort Worth, TX. 1919 Hemphill w/ Low Culture Mon. March 10- San Antonio, TX. @ TBA w/ Low Culture Tues. March 11- Las Cruces, NM. @ The Trainyard w/ Low Culture Wed. March 12- Albuquerque, NM. @ Gasworks w/ Low Culture Thurs. March 13- Flagstaff, AZ. @ Cottage House w/ Low Culture Fri. March 14- Tempe, AZ. @ Yucca Taproom w/ Low Culture, Rumspringer Sat. March 15- San Diego, CA. @ Til-Two Club w/ Dan Padilla Sun. March 16- Pomona, CA. @ V.L.H.S. Mon. March 17- San Pedro, CA. @ TBA Tues. March 18- Los Angeles, CA. @ The Redwood Bar Wed. March 19- San Jose, CA.@ TBA Thurs. March 20- San Francisco, CA. @ The Knockout Fri. March 21- Berkeley, CA. @ 924 Gilman St. w/ Fleshies Sat. March 22- Reno, NV. @ TBA Sun. March 23- Portland, OR. @ The Know w/ Cancers, Murmurs Mon. March 24- Olympia, WA. @ TBA w/ Cancers Tues. March 25- Seattle, WA. @ Black Lodge w/ Cancers, Murmurs Wed. March 26- Seattle, WA. Thurs. March 27- Missoula, MT. @ TBA Sat. March 29- Fargo, ND. @ The Nestor Sun. March 30- Minneapolis, MN. @ The Hexagon Mon. March 31- Madison, WI. @ Forbidden Pleasures April 1- Chicago, IL. @ Township w/ Horace Pinker April 2- Indianapolis, IN. @ Hoosier Dome w/ Broadcaster April 3- Columbus, OH. @ Ace Of Cups w/ Broadcaster April 4- Dayton, OH. @ Blind Bob's w/ Broadcaster, The Dopamines April 5- Grand Rapids, MI. @ Mulligan's Pub w/ Broadcaster April 6- Cleveland, OH. Now That's Class w/ Broadcaster April 8- Buffalo, NY. @ TBA w/ Broadcaster April 9- Albany, NY. @ Pauly's w/ Broadcaster April 10- Boston, MA. @ TBA w/ Broadcaster April 11- Purchase, NY. @ SUNY Purchase w/ Broadcaster http://www.bridge9.com/read/3064/iron-chic-announces-us-tour-february-21-april-11-yes-you-read-that-right
  8. 4 NEW RELEASES UP FOR PRE-ORDER @ DEAD BROKE REKERDS NOW!!!!! UNFUN- "Shores Of Lake Erie" 1-Sided 12" Unfun is back with a long-awaited batch of new songs titled, "Shores Of Lake Erie". 7 Songs of Unfun's return, this time with a slightly different approach. Songs being more melodic and droned out, with that same sludge, fuzz and blast of melody that we've grown to expect & love from the band. A strong batch of songs on a one-sided 12" vinyl. The feeling of these songs tremble in your chest. Fuck it. It's a fucking masterpiece. "Just let it bleed." 300 on Black, 100 on White, 100 on Smoke-Gray. (Comes w/ download) *1st 100 Pre-orders on Colored vinyl come w/ silk-screened vinyl B-side! Stream it here: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/shores-of-lake-erie-2 NONA / CROW BAIT- Split 7" E.P. Long overdue Split 7" between these two East Coast bands. NONA hails from Pennsylvania and jam out here with two killer tracks of pop-punk soaked indie rock. (Ex- Spraynard). Crow Bait is from Long Island & cranks out two alternative-rock melodic punk songs. (Members of: Iron Chic, Sister Kisser & more). Digital download includes bonus acoustic song from each. 300 on Black, 100 on White, 100 on Blue vinyl. (Comes w/ download) Stream it here: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/split-e-p DON'T- 89 / Dead End Drive" 7 inch 45rpm Portland, Oregon usually brings the holy grail of garage rock & punk rock bands, so it's no surprise that DON'T are here to kick your ass in with this 3 song 7" 45 rpm. PDX rock & roll with a very classic old-school art punk vibe going on. Also featuring Sam Henry (Wipers & Napalm Beach) on drums. Is that enough yet? 300 on Black vinyl. (Comes w/ download) *1st 100 come w/ Glow-in-dark 45 record adapter! Stream it here: http://deadbrokerekerds.bandcamp.com/album/89-dead-end-drive-7 + IRON CHIC- "Not Like This" LP The first full-length, on its 6th pressing!!! (700 Black, 200 Opaque Red, 100 Fluorescent Lemon-Lime) Pre-order for Colored vinyl up now! CD pressing up for sale soon too! BUY ALL THESE SICK THINGZ NOW @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com

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