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Found 25 results

  1. For sale at the Moneen 10th anniversary Red Tree shows starting January 4th and coming online soon. as per @justindinealone: - 2x Metallic Gold / Black Swirl - Glued Photo Widespine Jacket - Mini Lozlo Journal - Limited to 500 Also, for what it is worth - I'm listening to this now and it sounds fantastic! Great job on every aspect here.
  2. Out on Captured Tracks and Dine Alone 13th of September: Red vinyl (captured tracks) Coke bottle black split (dine alone) New single is okay, but if Death Lust was anything to go by (which slays my sleigh), then I'm guessing this is the lighter reprise surrounded by a lot of darker cuts.
  3. I’m selling never played and never opened copies of Alexisonfire “live at Copps” - SOLD moneen “are we really happy with who we are right now” alexisonfire / moneen - switcheroo series - SOLD make me an offer if you’re at all interested xoxo
  4. hey guys we’ve discounted a ton of products on our store and added a few warehouse finds and new exclusives mixed in. combing through the warehouse now, so let me know if theres a variant you’re missing and we might be able to find something.. also, this is all canadian dollars.. so those use your fancy expensive currency and take advantage https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/holiday-sale City and Colour - If I Should Go Before You - Holiday Colour (Limited to 300) City and Colour - The Hurry and The Harm - Hoser Edition (Limited to 500) Alexisonfire - Spraypainted Logo - Slipmat Monster Truck - Sittin Heavy - White Vinyl - Previously HMV Exclusive (Limited to 750) JEFF The Brotherhood - Wasted On The Dream - Pink Vinyl (Dine Alone Exclusive, Limited to 100) The Dirty Nil - No Weaknesses 7” - Clear Vinyl (Dine Alone Exclusive, Limited to 100) Dune Rats / DZ Deathrays - Split Flexi - Previously Tour Exclusive (Limited to 300) all tapes are $5.00 dine alone tees $15 and more
  5. Dashboard Confessional Crooked Shadows February 9, 2018 Dine Alone Records / Fueled by Ramen Album pre-orders coming soon. First single "We Fight" below: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/BxdQr1RH9lI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. I've been waiting weeks to post this topic. The time has finally come. Single Mothers will release their second LP, Our Pleasure, on Dine Alone Records on June 16th. PO HERE Single Mothers BigCartel PO HERE There is also a bundle that includes a shirt, the Meltdown EP on 12", and a 7" of B-sides. Listen to "Undercover" here. Listen to "Long Distance" here. OUR PLEASURE TRACKLISTING: Undercover High Speed Long Distance A-OK People Are Pets Bile Leash Well Wisher Rollercoaster Bolt Cutters
  7. Looking for help completing my Dine Alone collection. Some of these are probably a long shot but I figured I would give it a try! I'm fair/generous with my offers. 7" City and Colour - Covers Part 2 (Black VIP M&G Sleeve #/45) City and Colour - Covers Part 3 (Black VIP M&G Sleeve #/45) 10" City and Colour - Covers Part 1 (Black #/50) 12" Moneen - Hold That Sound (Black and White Swirl) Dave Monks - All Signs Point To Yes (Translucent Blue) The Dirty Nil - Higher Power (White with Black Splatter) Broncho - Double Vanity ( Gold) I'm also be interested in Test Pressings of Dine Alone's 7" releases. PM me if you have any of these you'd be willing to let go of. Thanks.
  8. Out 4/28/17 via Fat Wreck and Dine Alone Order from Fat here: https://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/980 Canadians order from Dine Alone here: https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/the-dirty-nil Story via Exclaim.ca: http://exclaim.ca/music/article/the_dirty_nil_revisit_early_work_for_minimum_r_and_b_compilation?&utm_source=twitteren&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=entwitter Tracklist: 1. Fuckin' Up Young 2. Verona Lung 3. Little Metal Baby Fist 4. Hate Is A Stone 5. Cinnamon 6. Guided By Vices 7. Nicotine 8. Beat 9. New Flesh 10. Pale Blue 11. Caroline
  9. 10 Year Exclusive Vinyl Bundle - Pt.1 First Bundle: Limited to 150 overall and will be released in batches from January - March Pt. 1 of the 10 Year Bundle Includes: Helicon Blue - Collection 2x 180g 12" - 1 Clear Vinyl, 1 Tan Marble Vinyl Inserts feature never before seen photos and handwritten lyrics Individually hand numbered Attack in Black - The First And Second Efforts Of A Band That Died Before You Could Kill Them.
 1x 180g 12" - Translucent Yellow Vinyl 45 RPM LP collects "Attack in Black EP" & "Widows EP" Arkells - Jackson Square (Deluxe) 2x 180g 12" - Burgundy Vinyl Includes bonus LP Live @ CBC Radio 3 Previously unreleased 7" (Exclusive colour) TBA Exclusive slipmat TBA Exclusive patch TBA 4 lucky winners will receive a test pressing from 1 of the 4 releases ...plus a couple of other surprises! $75.00 SOLD OUT: http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/bundles/products/da10-special-vinyl-releases-bundle-pt-1 10 Year Exclusive Vinyl Bundle - Pt.2 Second Bundle: Limited to 300 overall and released on May 29th, 2015 at 1200 EDT. ALEXISONFIRE - Live at Copps (4xLP+Blu-Ray) Coloured 180g 4xLP set (Bundle Exclusive, Limited to 300) Etched Heartskull logo on “H” side Deluxe quad gatefold packaging with gloss varnish Exclusive Blu-Ray featuring entire Live at Copps performance, as well as other extras Signed photo print (Bundle Exclusive, Limited edition of 300) Digital Download Card including Audio and Video from show MONEEN - Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? (2xLP) Coloured 180g 2xLP set (Bundle Exclusive, Limited to 300) Gatefold packaging with printed insert Pressed on vinyl for the first time ALEXISONFIRE / MONEEN - The Switcheroo Series (LP) Coloured 180g LP (Bundle Exclusive, Limited to 300) Standard Jacket with UV coating First pressing outside of the Alexisonfire Box Set (First Edition) $85.00 - SOLD OUT: http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/bundles/products/da10-special-vinyl-releases-bundle-pt-2 10 Year Exclusive Vinyl Bundle - Pt.3 Release Date: July 2015 NEVER Pt. 3 of the 10 Year Bundle Includes: Seventh DA10 Release - TBA July Eighth DA10 Release - TBA August Ninth DA10 Release - TBA September ...plus a couple of other surprises! $75.00? - First drop in July: http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/bundles/products/10-year-exclusive-vinyl-bundle-pt-3
  10. Looks like there's a new pre-order up for a City & Colour EP at Dine Alone Limited to 4400 on black vinyl (standard LP jacket and download card) Also, 500 on bone white vinyl via C&C webstore: https://cityandcolour.store-08.com/music/cc050062-city-and-colour-peaceful-road-rain-12-vinyl-single-bone/ A: Peaceful Road/B: Rain https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/city-and-colour-peaceful-road-rain
  12. $120 + Shipping Pre-Order title, shipping ~ August 2014 www.dinealonestore.com Hey gang, We are doing a 2nd Edition of the AOF box set. It's slightly smaller than the original press and it's a bit cheaper. It contains all of the studio albums on beautiful 180 gram 2xLP's. The first press will remain nice and rare and special for all the psychopaths who got up early on christmas day to buy it; in all sincerity, that was amazing and we love you for that. So this is a good way to get all the AOF LP's in one shot but lets say you hate Dog's Blood or Crisis (pfft, we all know you love crisis. Clearly the best AOF record) and you don't want them…you're in luck because all of our albums will be pressed individually and sold a la carte. They will also be available in your local independent record stores should you feel the need to be charitable to dying part of what was once a vibrant and profitable music industry. Lots of love George ALEXISONFIRE - Box Set (2nd Edition) Includes: ALEXISONFIRE – 2x12" Completely re-mastered and cut at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever WATCH OUT! - 2x12" Mastered at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever. CRISIS - 2x12" Mastered at 45rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever. OLD CROWS / YOUNG CARDINALS - 2x12" Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g double black vinyl. DOGS BLOOD - 12" Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g black vinyl. TURNTABLE SLIPMAT Exclusive "Daggers" Slipmat. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Digital Download cards will be included in each album. BOX Spot gloss heartskul slipcase. We'll also be offering each album individually, a new alternate slipmat design, a new exclusive shirt and the empty box.. you know, in case you want to create your own box with pressings you already have. ALEXISONFIRE – 2x12" Completely re-mastered and cut at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5655&cid=1375 WATCH OUT! - 2x12" Mastered at 45 rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5657&cid=1375 CRISIS - 2x12" Mastered at 45rpm on 180g double black vinyl for the first time ever. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5658&cid=1375 OLD CROWS / YOUNG CARDINALS - 2x12" Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g double black vinyl. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5659&cid=1375 DOGS BLOOD - 12" Long out-of-print and re-pressed on 180g black vinyl. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5660&cid=1375 TURNTABLE SLIPMAT Exclusive "Spraypaint" Slipmat. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5661&cid=1375 BOX Spot gloss heartskul slipcase. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5656&cid=1375 KNIFE FIGHT T-SHIRT Photo from the AOF self-titled record on a white shirt. http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=5654&cid=1375 let me know if you guys have any more questions!
  13. Saw this just now on Sly Vinyl so I thought I'd start a thread here. 400 on stylish white vinyl with a slammin tote bag. On Dine Alone, shipping from Canada. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/frontpage/products/zone-lp-bundle
  14. Today, punk quartet Vanishing Life (featuring members of Rise Against, Quicksand, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Bad Religion) have announced they’ve signed to Dine Alone Records and will release a brand-new 7”/digital EP for “Record Store Day.” The release features new single “Exile,” along with an exclusive B-side cover of Angel Olsen’s “Forgiven/Forgotten.” Both songs will hit DSPs on Friday, April 15, and the 7” itself — available on yellow/silver swirl (limited to 300) or yellow (limited to 600) vinyl — will be up for purchase through Dine Alone’s webstore beginning Saturday, April 16 and available at select retail locations. These two songs serve as Vanishing Life’s first new music since 2014, when they released the “People Running” b/w “Vanishing Life” 7”. Here, “Exile” charges out of the gates with fuzzed-out fervor and Walter Schreifels’ inimitable vocals before walking a tightrope of tension, while the band dress up Olsen’s “Forgiven/Forgotten” with heavier guitars without losing the song’s charm and melodic sensibilities. Originally conceptualized at Groezrock Festival in 2013 by Schreifels (Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits), Zach Blair (Rise Against), Jamie Miller (Bad Religion, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead) and Autry Fulbright (Midnight Masses, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead), Vanishing Life distill the hard-charged energy and spirit of their punk and hardcore histories into a stripped-down, urgent sound that’s reflective of their unique individual talents but the furthest thing from a retread. Stay tuned for more news from Vanishing Life, including the forthcoming release of the band’s debut album on Dine Alone, U.S. and Canadian touring and much more. These are going on sale Saturday for “Record Store Day” via dinealonestore.com and shipping immediately. Opaque Yellow • Limited to 600 https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/exile-b-w-forgiven-forgotten-y-7 Opaque Yellow / Silver Swirl • Limited to 300 https://www.dinealonestore.com/products/exile-b-w-forgiven-forgotten-7
  15. Out 2/26/16 via Dine Alone Records Pre order here: http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/the-dirty-nil Pressing info: 400 Teal (w/ Alternate Cover) 600 Black Right now teal is only available in bundles, the cheapest of which is $30. Otherwise pretty stoked for this.
  16. Very cool heart-shaped vinyl available now! Limited to 500 copies, and comes with a necklace. http://cityandcolour.store-08.com/music/cc080027-city-and-colour-lover-come-back-wasted-love-12-vinyl-si/
  17. Dine Alone Records is excited to announce the release of Love and Hate by BR/DGES. The 2-song EP from Kenny Bridges - known as lead vocalist and guitarist of beloved Brampton four-piece Moneen - will be available to purchase both digitally and as a 7” vinyl on August 7. The 7” vinyl is now available to pre-order here. In advance of the release, Exclaim! is currently streaming Love and Hate. To listen to the EP, visit: http://exclaim.ca/Music/article/brdges-love_hate_ep_stream Coming from a much darker and quieter side, the songs featured on Love and Hate are the first recordings Bridges has released since Moneen’s 2010 album The World I Want To Leave Behind. Inspired by the things closest to his heart, Love and Hate is a deeply personal EP. “Save The Best’ is about how perfect my wife is for me, and how she’s backed me all these years,” says Bridges when asked about the lyrical content. While “What Are You Waiting For?” is about how Bridges had to confront his own demons getting in the way of creating music. “I went from writing and playing songs for years to feeling like nothing was good enough. That’s a dark place to be creatively.” Outside of running his home-based studio, Bridges is excited to be hitting the road with his longtime band mates Moneen. Known for their explosive live shows and trademark melee of influences ranging from pop to punk to rock, Moneen’s last LP release party at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, had fans lined up around the block to catch a glimpse of the quartet’s blistering set. The show was described by CityNews as, “an epic night to be remembered by the lucky ones who actually made it inside.” The band’s 2008 live CD/DVD It All Started With A Red Stripe was also nominated for Music DVD of the Year at the 2009 Juno Awards. Moneen will perform two special shows at Heavy Montreal, August 7 and Riot Fest Toronto, September 19. BUY 7" - $7 http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/br-dges/products/love-and-hate-ep-7 BUY 7" + Shirt - $20 http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/br-dges/products/br-dges-7-t-shirt-bundle BUY Shirt - $15 http://dinealone10.myshopify.com/collections/br-dges/products/br-dges-t-shirt
  18. excited to announce the release of the new GRADE 7" "Collapsed Lungs" its the bands first new material in 6 years. preorders are live now and these will be shipping November 28 (already on hand) red / black smoke (limited to 100) *the actual vinyl is a bit darker than the mockup http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=6588&artist=474 black (limited to 400) http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/view/?id=6587&artist=474 we're also offering a bundle deal for the holidays, buy "Separate the Magnets" and get the new 7" for $1 check out all the bundles here: http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/artist/?id=474
  19. this press release is going out today, just wanted to make sure the VC board got a chance to see it in case blogs don't pick up on it on time. let me know if you guys have any questions DINE ALONE ANNOUNCES CITY AND COLOUR HOLIDAY COLOUR VINYL and ALEXISONFIRE iTUNES ORIGINALS PRESALE LIVE DECEMBER 18, 2012 ALEXISONFIRE VINYL BOXSET DETAILS ALSO ANNOUNCED (December 17, 2012) – Dine Alone Records announces more holiday goodies for Alexisonfire and City and Colour fans. Pre-sales featuring a limited holiday colour variant of City and Colour’s three studio albums, as well as a special vinyl release of Alexisonfire’s iTunes Originals, go live TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18 at 10:00am ET on each artist’s online store as well as the Dine Alone online store. CITY AND COLOUR HOLIDAY COLOURED VINYL A special re-press of City and Colour's three studio albums, Little Hell, Bring Me Your Love, and Sometimes will be available for pre-order tomorrow at 10:00am ET. The festive 180g red and green vinyl is limited to 300 pieces of each title. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/DAHolidayVinyl ALEXISONFIRE iTUNES ORIGINALS Originally released digitally in September 2010, Alexisonfire took to Metalworks Studio and re-recorded 6 tracks from their catalogue, live-off-the-floor, for an exclusive iTunes Originals. AOF will be selling a limited run of the session on 180 gram Black vinyl during their Canadian tour (dates below). The iTunes Originals vinyl will also be available online and will include a download card containing bonus interview clips of the band members reflecting on their career and revealing the inspirations behind their songs. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/DAHolidayVinyl Alexisonfire iTunes Originals VINYL TRACKLISTING 01. You Burn First 02. Boiled Frogs 03. Waterwings (And Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas) 04. This Could Be Anywhere in the World 05. Transitory 06. Happiness by the Kilowatt ALEXISONFIRE BOX SET AOF has just announced the contents of a very special discography, vinyl box set which includes 12” LPs of each studio release, as well as coveted and out of print pieces including Math Sheet Demos, Crisis bonus tracks, Insulation Tapes and BBC Sessions. The box set will also feature a photo booklet and other exclusive items. Pre-sale information for the boxset will be announced in January. AOF BOX SET INCLUDES: ALEXISONFIRE WATCH OUT! CRISIS OLD CROWS / YOUNG CARDINALS THE SWITCHEROO SERIES DEATH LETTER DOGS BLOOD MATH SHEETS DEMO CRISIS BONUS TRACKS INSULATION TAPES AUSSIE TOUR 7" DEATH LETTER BONUS TRACKS BBC SESSIONS
  20. hey guys just launched our new holiday sale, it features a couple new releases available for the first time, some bundles, a bunch of warehouse finds and a handful of titles on sale. www.dinealonestore.com or http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/?id=1514
  21. not sure if you guys have had a chance to check it out but we recently opened a new webstore with the fine folks over at kings road! we've been working for a long time to try and find a solution to all of the shipping issues we received in the past and think we found the best home. everything ships from the US and even though we're canadian i think these shipping options will work out better for everyone. as a little grand opening thing, we put up a few copies of the alexisonfire aussie tour 7" that we found while moving stores. keep checking back for more finds, new releases, exclusive colours and a whole bunch more http://kingsroadmerch.com/dine-alone-records/
  22. thought some of you may be interested in hearing this, will be on the new album coming out later this year. http://bit.ly/12IeQPT edit: ah fuck, wrong forum! my bad
  23. trying to piece out some of my girlfriends collection for her to help with tuition. its brand new / never played and has original insert and printed cover that we made for the leftover wax, dine alone only made 75 of these a few years back PM me with offers.
  24. entertaining offers on my arkells collection. don't need variants for this release and putting some funds together to fund a project. pm me with offers / questions. 7" ARKELLS "Oh, The Boss is Coming!" Black Test Press /6 (Dine Alone) ARKELLS "Oh, The Boss is Coming!" Black #/300 (Dine Alone) *unnumbered jacket Test Pressing (Set) ARKELLS "Jackson Square" Black Rejected Test Press /15 (Dine Alone) ARKELLS "Jackson Square" Black Test Press /6 (Dine Alone) 1st Press ARKELLS "Jackson Square" Translucent Purple /532 (Dine Alone)
  25. I'm very close to a complete dine alone collection, just looking for these to complete DAV DAV002 Attack in black - Northern Town 7" (either variant) DAV003 Bedouin Soundclash - Walls fall down 7" DAV004 Attack in Black - Curve of the Earth Dine Alone pressing DAV021 Daniel Romano - Sings a losing Song 7" I'm also only a few variants away from what I'm calling a complete DAV variant collection too. I'm only missing: DAV 002 Attack in Black - Northern Town /75 black Photo Cover DAV 019 Moneen Hold That Sound - /114 Clear DAV 020 Moneen THe World I want to Leave - /122 Gold Black Swirl Does anyone have any of these or know anybody who might? I'll pull some good $$ out to get these in my hands.