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Found 18 results

  1. master thread for No Funeral Records. artists include: age sixteen, one eyed god prophecy, karloff, greber, wedge, quiet fear, merzbow, supine, ultra love, blind girls, yearning, city of industry, congratulations, life in vacuum, joliette, piet onthel, victor shores, noverte, blame art, ojne, botfly, + more https://store.nofuneral.ca/ facebook.com/nofuneral8 IG: @nofuneral.online
  2. Ordered two records from them in august, only one arrived (in perfect condition) in Luxembourg in october. Package was mint and untouched, so the first record LP (40$ worth) wasn't in the parcel from the beginning. Problem : I paid shipping for both records (40$!!), and the customs declaration mentioned both as well, so I also paid around 30$ more for customs (which is acceptable if the two records were in the cardboard box in the first place, I know, I'm prepared for these fees living in Europe). Solutions : - I first sent an e-mail to merchnow via [email protected], no answer. - 24h later, I sent the same message via their contact form, no answer yet. I know they aren't Amazon, but damn, their after sales service is SLOW, or maybe they are just ghosting me. - What should I do next? Paypal claim or Route (Insurance) claim? I WANT the album, will they send another copy ? I'm not against a full refund if they also refund for shipping. Also the custom fees - If there was only one record stated on the declaration, no custom fees would have been applied (as the value would be under 22$). In the end, I feel like I'm being scammed big time. Situation sucks. Any help is welcome.
  3. US/CAN: http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/26122026-preorder-lord-snow-shadowmarks-12 EUR: http://dogknightsproductions.limitedrun.com/products/639356-dk129-lord-snow-shadowmarks-12-mlp-purple-100-black-400 Listen : https://dogknightsproductions.bandcamp.com/album/dk129-lord-snow-shadowmarks-12-mlp
  4. New thread for a new year! To kick off 2018, I just added over 70 hardcore, punk, psych rock and grindcore records! As always, FREE SHIPPING for orders $40 and over. If you qualify for free shipping, you will be refunded the cost of shipping after you have completed checkout. If you have any questions, please let me know! Store Link: Wax Deli Distro Recently Added Used Items: Aaron Hall - "Don't Be Afraid" 12" American Nightmare - "Background Music" LP American Nightmare - American Nightmare" LP (Blue vinyl) Anal Cunt / EyeHateGod - "In These Black Days: A Tribute To Black Sabbath (Vol. I)" Split 7" Andwella - "World's End" LP (1970 UK press) Bane - "Give Blood (Clear vinyl)" LP Bane - "Give Blood (Clear vinyl)" LP Bane - "Holding This Moment" 7" Bleeding Rectum / Man Is The Bastard - Split LP Bori - "Dronevil" LP Boris - "Smile" LP (Yellow vinyl) Boston Strangler - "Fire" LP Boston Strangler - "Primitive" LP Botch / Nineironspitfire - Split 7" BullAngus - BullAngus LP (1971 gatefold press) Cave In - "Antenna" LP Cave In - "White Silence" LP (Gold Clear vinyl) Cave In / Early Grace - Split 7" Ceremony - "Ruined" 7" (Yellow vinyl) Ceremony - "Scared People" 7" (White / Black vinyl) Charles Bronson - "Youth Attack" LP Circus Mort - Circus Mort 12" (Original 1981 press) City Of Caterpillar - "Demo + Live Recording" LP City Of Caterpillar - City Of Caterpillar LP Das Oath - "Körper Kultur" LP Decry - "Falling" LP Discharge - "Grave New World" LP (Original US pressing) Discordance Axis - "Necropolitan" 7" Discordance Axis - "Ulterior" LP Disfear & Doomriders - Split 7" (White/Black split vinyl) Dystopia / Skaven - Split 7" Dystopia / Suffering Luna - Split 7" Extortion - "Degenerate" LP Fates Warning - "Night On Brocken" LP (Original press) Fucked Up - "Year Of The Rat B/W First Born" 7" Gatecreeper / Homewrecker / Outer Heaven / Scorched - Split LP Infest - "Days Turn Black" 7" Integrity - "Change" LP Iron Age - "Constant Struggle" LP Iron Lung - "Demonstrations In Pressure And Volume" 7" Iron Lung - "Sexless // No Sex" LP (Orange clear vinyl) Isis - "Celestial" LP (Orange/Yellow vinyl) Isis - "In The Absence Of Truth" 2xLP (Gold vinyl) Isis - "In The Absence Of Truth" 2xLP (Opaque White vinyl) Isis - "Panopticon" 2xLP Isis - "Panopticon" 2xLP (Clear w/black/Silver labels) Jerome's Dream / The Book Of Dead Names - Split 7" Jesu - "Silver" LP (Clear / Grey splatter vinyl) Jesu - Jesu (Pic Disc) M.I.A - "Notes From The Underground" LP (2nd press, Silver labels 1985 press) Miles Davis - "Dark Magus" 2xLP (1977 Japan Press) Modern Life Is War - "My Love. My Way." LP (Root beer vinyl) Modern Life Is War - "Witness" LP (Purple Swirl vinyl) Molly Drake - Molly Drake LP Naked Raygun - "Throb Throb" LP (Original 1984 press) No Comment - "Common Senseless" 7" No Warning - "Resurrection Of The Wolf" 7" Noothgrush - "Failing Early, Failing Often" LP Noothgrush / Coffins - Split LP Old Man Gloom - "Meditations In B" LP (Grey Marble vinyl) Old Man Gloom - "Meditations In B" LP (Silkscreen cover) Orchid / Encyclopedia Of American Traitors - Split 7" (Clear vinyl) Orchid / The Red Scare - Split 7" Pelican - "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw" LP (White vinyl) Pelican - "What We All Come To Need" LP (red vinyl) Pink Floyd - "Atom Heart Mother" LP (1970 press) Reatards - "Teenage Hate" 2xLP Ringworm - "Justice Replaced By Revenge" LP (White vinyl) Roky Erickson & The Aliens - "The Evil One" 2xLP (2002 press) Spazz - "La Revancha" LP Spazz / Jimmie Walker - Split 7" Tad - "8-Way Santa" (Original press) The Druids Of Stonehenge - "Creation" LP (Original 1968 Stereo press) The Swarm aka Knee Deep In The Dead - "Old Blue Eyes Is Dead" 7" Tragedy - "Darker Days Ahead" LP Trap Them - "Sleepwell Deconstructor" LP Unseen Noise Death / M.I.T.B. Bastard Noise / Bizarre Uproar - Split LP Various - "The Blasting Concept" LP (Original 1983 press) Various - "Wargasm" LP (Original 1982 press) Youth Code - "Youth Code" EP LP Youth Of Today - "Live At CBGB's" 7"
  5. New year, new thread! Small update of new arrivals recently stocked! including the Scum reissue from Earache, Le Matos "Join Us" reissue and the latest from Run The Jewels! I'll be posting some used rare stuff over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Store Link: http://www.waxdeli.com Recent new arrivals: Carcass - "Heartwork" LP (2016 repress) Cult of Luna - "Somewhere Along The Highway" 2xLP (2016 repress) Le Matos - "Join Us" 2xLP (Mondocon Version, White Splatter/Grey Splatter) Le Matos - Turbo Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP Metallica - "Hardwired To Self Destruct" Deluxe Edition (3xLP + CD) Morbid Angel - "Altars of Madness" LP (2016 reissue) Morbid Angel - "Domination" LP (2016 reissue) Napalm Death - "Scum" LP (2016 reissue) Run The Jewels - "Run The Jewels 3" 2xLP (Gold vinyl) Slayer - "Seasons In The Abyss" LP (2013 reissue)
  6. Just added a bunch of new stuff to the shop and some restocks. The Uncle Acid Vol 1 LP's on cherry red and white vinyl are now in stock and shipping. All pre-orders are packed and if you haven't received shipping confirmation you will within the next 24 hours. New in stock - Uncle Acid - Vol 1 (cherry red or white vinyl) Kadavar - Rough Times (orange with bone splatter) Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana (Clear w/Red Splatter vinyl Au-Dessus - Au-Dessus Blaze Bayley - Endure And Survive Drudkh / Hades Almighty split (transparent red) Mercyful Fate - Dead Again Mercyful Fate - Into The Unknown Ministry - Animositisomina (red vinyl) Ministry - Houses of The Mole (clear vinyl) Ministry - Sphinctour (blue vinyl) With the Dead - Love From With The Dead (gold vinyl) Dead Cross - Dead Cross (gold vinyl) Mastodon - Blood Mountain (picture vinyl) Mastodon - The Hunter (picture vinyl) Mastodon - Crack The Skye (picture vinyl) Municipal Waste - The Fatal Feast (splatter vinyl) Overkill - The Grinding Wheel (splatter vinyl) Iggy Pop - The Idiot (purple vinyl) Restocks: Bathory - s/t Bathory - Blood Fire Death Bathory - Blood On Ice (red vinyl) Bathory - Octagon (picture vinyl) Bathory - Requiem (picture vinyl) Bathory - Return Of Darkness Bathory - Under The Sign Dan Terminus - The Wrath Of Code Dismember - Like An Ever Flowing Stream Electric Wizard - Dopethrone Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today Gost - Behemoth Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Perturbator - Dangerous Days Perturbator - Sexualizer Perturbator - I Am The Night (green vinyl) Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley (box set) Uncle Acid - Blood Lust Uncle Acid - Mind Control Venom - Black Metal Venom - The Seven Gates Of Hell: Singles Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (green vinyl) Fear Factory - Genexus (clear vinyl) Slayer - Christ Illusion (clear vinyl) Slayer - World Painted Blood (clear vinyl) Slayer - Divine Intervention (clear vinyl) Slayer - Diabolus In Musica (clear vinyl) Slayer - God Hates Us All (clear vinyl) Slayer - Hell Awaits (green vinyl) More stuff on the way. Big thanks for the Uncle Acid pre-orders and your patience on those! Available here - http://store.lastrightsrecords.com/
  7. I figured I'd start a thread on here for my label/distro HIP KID RECORDS. Check the most recent post for the most up-to-date news and distro updates. For more information and updates, check out http://hipkidrecords.blogspot.com The distro and web store is at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com
  8. New thread for a new year! Mixed batch for this week's update! New Melvins full length, Run The Jewels (Which is now out of print), and the latest Eyehategod are just a few of the new arrivals. Store: waxdelidistro.storenvy.com New Arrivals: Eyehategod - "Eyehategod" LP (Housecore Records on black vinyl) Eyehategod - "Preaching The End-Time Message" LP (Emetic) Give Up The Ghost - "Background Music" LP (Deathwish Inc., black vinyl) Give Up The Ghost - "Year One" LP (Bridge9 black vinyl) Melvins - "Hold It In" LP (Latest full length on Ipecac) Run The Jewels - "Run The Jewels" LP (Black vinyl from Fool's Gold records) Trust - "TRST" 2xLP
  9. A thread for our distro updates! Here's what we received these last weeks - http://store.throatruinerrecords.com/categories/latest-arrivals AMENRA | Live I [2x12"] AMENRA & SOFIE VERDOODT | Self-Titled [7"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | The Nebulous Dreams [12"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | If The Sky Falls, We Shall Catch Larks [12"] KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT | An Interlude To The Outermost [12"] '68 | In Humor And Sadness [12"] THE BANNER | Greying [12"] CEREMONY | The L-Shaped Man [12"] LIGHTNING BOLT | Fantasy Empire [2x12"] LITURGY | The Ark Work [2x12"] SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Talia b/w Taxying [7"] COLISEUM | Anxiety's Kiss [12"/CD/TAPE] NO LIMBS | Self-Titled [7"] MILES AWAY | Tide [12"] ARTS | Thousand Wounds Of War [12"] ANCESTORS | III [12"] RAW NERVE | Every Problem Solved [7"] THE REPOS | Live Munitions [12"] ANCESTORS | In Death [7"] KING WOMAN | Doubt [12"] GRIEVER | Our Love Is Different [12"] LOSS LEADER | Flex Your Hair [7"] NIGHT SINS | Down To Drown [7"] EYEHATEGOD | Self-Titled [12"] RETOX | YPLL [12"] GENERATION OF VIPERS | Coffin Wisdom [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | Meditations In B [12"] DRUG CHURCH | Swell [12"] CIVILIZED | Dust And Blood [7"] COWARDS | Shooting Blanks And Pills [12"] (North American repress) CROWNS & THIEVES | Gravity [12"] DEAD FOR A MINUTE | Diégèse [12"] DISEMBARKED | Nothing's Wrong Here [12"] EXHAUSTION | Demo [7"] FAILURES | Decline And Fall [12"] (Youth Attack version) IMPURE WILHELMINA | Black Honey [2x12"] MONARCH | Die Tonight [12"] NO OMEGA | Occupants [12"] ØLTEN | Mode [12"] RAINMAKER/ØJNE | Split [7"] WE CAME OUT LIKE TIGERS | Ever-Crushed At Pecket's Well [12"] ACxDC | Antichrist Demoncore [12"] BLACKLISTED | When People Grow, People Go [12"] BOTCH | An Anthology of Dead Ends [12"] BURNING LOVE | Down So Long b/w Medicine Man [7"] CODE ORANGE | I Am King [12"/CD] CONVERGE | All We Love We Leave Behind [2x12’] CONVERGE | Jane Doe [PATCH] CONVERGE | Live At The BBC [7"] CONVERGE | Petitioning Forever [2x12"] CONVERGE | Unloved And Weeded Out [12"] CONVERGE/DROPDEAD | Split [7"] CULT LEADER | Nothing For Us Here [12"/CD] CURSED | He Goat [PATCH] CURSED | Two [12"] DEAFHEAVEN | Roads To Judah [12"] DEAFHEAVEN | Sunbather [2x12"] GAZA | No Absolutes In Human Suffering [12"] HARM'S WAY | Rust [12"] HIEROPHANT | Peste [12"] INTEGRITY | Skull [PATCH] OATHBREAKER | Eros|Anteros [12"] OLD MAN GLOOM | The Ape Of God II [12"] PUNCH | Nothing Lasts [7"] PUNCH | They Don't Have To Believe [12"] SINGLE MOTHERS | Self-Titled [7"] THE BODY/THOU | Released From Love [12"] THE BODY/THOU | You, Whom I Have Always Hated [12"] TOUCHE AMORE & SELF DEFENSE FAMILY | Self Love [7"] TRAP THEM | Blissfucker [12"] TRAP THEM | Seance Prime: The Complete Recordings [12"] TRAP THEM | Seizures In Barren Praise [12"] YOUNG WIDOWS | Easy Pain [12"] AMENRA | Mass I [12"] AMENRA | Mass II [12"] AMENRA/MADENSUYU | Split [10"] KNUT | Wonder [12"] RUBBISH HEAP | Self-Titled [12"] BASTIONS/BURNING BRIGHT | Swan Songs [12"] HEXIS | Abalam [12"] IMPURE WILHELMINA | Prayers & Arsons [12"] MONARCH | Omens [12"] YEAR OF NO LIGHT/BAGARRE GÉNÉRALE | Split [12"] NESSERIA | Fractures [CD] CORTEZ | Phoebus [CD/TAPE] NO OMEGA | Occupants [CD] BOAR | Veneficae [12"] NIGHTSLUG | Loathe [12"] HEXIS/THIS GIFT IS A CURSE | Split [7"] SAÅAD | Delayed Summer [12"] DARK CIRCLES | MMXIV [12"] SED NON SATIATA | Mappo [TAPE] SED NON SATIATA/CARRION SPRING | Split [TAPE] HIEROPHANT | Peste [TAPE] CHAMBERS | La Guerra Dei Trent'Anni [12"] GERDA | Your Sister [12"] RISE ABOVE DEAD | Heavy Gravity [12"] BREAG NAOFA/CHILDREN OF GOD | Split [7"] AGE OF COLLAPSE | Deteriorate [7"] THE HI-LITES | Self-Titled [12"] DAÏTRO | Des Cendres, Je Me Consume [10"] SED NON SATIATA | Mappo [12"]
  10. Hey everyone. I was out of comission for awhile. Sorry if this belongs strictly in the Sales thread. I opened a distro mid last year called Wax Deli Distro, below is the full product list as of today. Anyone who has bought / traded with me on here in the past knows I'm a solid seller and I'll send out your purchased items the next day with tracking. Thanks in advance for looking and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Here's the store link: Wax Deli Distro Product List: American Nightmare - "Ice Age Demo" 7" Anasazi - "Static Noise" 7" Aphex Twin -"Selected Ambient Works Volume II" 3xLP Ash Borer - "Demo" LP (LAST COPY!) At The Drive In - "Vaya" 10" EP Birds In Row - "Collected" LP (LAST COPY!) Broken Prayer - "S/t" LP Circle Of Ouroborus - "Armon Keitaalla" LP Citizen's Arrest - "Soaked In Another's Blood" 7" Converge / Dropdead - Split 7" Creem - "S/T" LP Dawn of Humans - "Blurst of the Birdfish" 7" Death Grips - "Ex Military" Cassette (LAST COPY!) Deep Wound - "Deep Wound" LP Dissent / Turbokrieg - "Bayou City Blasters" LP (LAST COPY!) Double Negative - "Hardcore Confusion III & IV" 7" Dreamdecay - "Fern" LP Eagle Twin / Pombagira - Split LP Eyehategod - "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" 7" EP Gas Chamber - "S/t" LP Gasmask Terror - "Daggers" EP 7" Ghostlimb - "Confluence" LP (LAST COPY!) Graf Orlock - "LA" 7" Hatred Surge - "Purgatory" EP Herpes - "st" 7" Hoax - "3rd" 7" (LAST COPY!) Hoax - "Caged / Sick Punk" 7" Hoax - "Collected" LP (LAST COPY!) Icon Gallery - "Valiance" 7" Ill Omen - "Divinity Through Un-Creation" LP (LAST COPY!) Integrity / Gehenna - Split 7" Isis - The Red Sea LP EP 12" Källarbarnen - Untitled LP Kim Phuc - "Copsucker" LP (LAST COPY!) Knut - "Terraformer" LP (Clear Blue) Kristian Olsson - "Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag" LP Ludicra - "ST" LP Nails - "Unsilent Death" LP Narrows - "Painted" LP (LAST COPY!) Negative Approach - "Tied Down" LP (LAST COPY!) Nemesis - Dou-Koku" 7" EP (Blue) Nine Covens - "...On The Coming Of Darkness" 2xLP (LAST COPY!) NO - "S/t" LP No Power - "No Peace" LP PHTV - "Vacuum Redux" 7" EP Poison Idea - "Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years" LP (LAST COPY!) Poison Idea - "Feel The Darkness" LP Reggie And The Full Effect - "Greatest Hits '84 - '87" LP Rorschach / 1.6 Band - Split 7" Secret Prostitutes / The Real Energy - Split 7" Shoppers / Panzram - Split 7" Siege - "Drop Dead" LP Snack Truck - "Spacial Findings" 7" (Coke Bottle Clear) Straightjacket Nation - "Nationalism" 7" Stressors - "ST" 7" Sutekh Hexen - "Behind The Throne" LP Sutekh Hexen - "Empyräisch" LP (LAST COPY!) Sutekh Hexen - "Larvae" Cassette Sutekh Hexen - "Shadows" 7" Sutekh Hexen - "Luciform" LP (LAST COPY!) The Faith / Void - Split LP Total Control - "Scene From a Marriage" 7" Twitching Tongues - "Preacher Man" 7" Ultra Fuck - "Sex At The Moly Trostenets" LP Vaccine - "Dead Inside" 7" Various - Svenska Dokument 3xCS Various - The Copper Roof Houses LP Vordr - "St" 7" EP Weekend Nachos / Lack of Interest Split 7" (LAST COPY!) White Guilt - "S/t" 7" White Walls - "Full Flavor" 7" Wiccans - "Field II" LP
  11. Making some room and getting some cash for some upcoming releases. Besides the package deals, all 7" are $2-$4, and all LP's are $5-$8. Hit me up with any questions: [email protected] Visit the store here: www.tourvanrecords.storenvy.com Thanks pals!!
  12. We recently just released new albums by Museum Mouth, Late Bloomer, Alright and Viewfinder, which you should check out, but that isn't the point of this update... https://selfawarerecords.bandcamp.com/ The point of this post is to let you know about all of the distro items we recently added to the webstore. We have a really big store, with lots of different genres of DIY punk/indie/hardcore/etc., so I bet we have something for everyone. We recently received copies of... http://selfawarerecords.storenvy.com/collections/13827-all-products LPs Joyce Manor "Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired" 12" LP (Asian Man)- $11.99 Unfun "Shores of Lake Eerie" 12" EP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Failure's Union "Tethering" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Muscle & Bone "Peace & Light" 12" LP (Black Numbers)- $10.99 This Routine is Hell "Howl" 12" LP (Bitter Melody)- $12.99 Young and in the Way "When Life Comes to Death" 12" LP (Deathwish)- $12.99 Brain F "Empty Set" 12" LP (Sorry State)- $11.99 Bastard "Wind of Pain" 12" LP (Feral Ward)- $15.99 Seven Sisters of Sleep//Children of God "split" 12" LP- $10.99 Integrity "Suicide Black Snake" 12" LP (A389)- $15.99 Plow United "Goodnight Sellout" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $11.99 Iron Chic "Not Like This" 12" LP (Dead Broke)- $10.99 Hoax "S/T" 12" LP (Self Released)- $14.99 7"s Beach Slang "Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?" 7" EP (Dead Broke)- $4.99 Big Eyes/Post Teens "split" 7" (No Idea)- $4.99 Wild Moth "Mourning Glow" 7" (Asian Man)- $4.99 Milky White "S/T" 7" (Bitter Melody)- $4.99 Dikembe/The Jazz June "split" 7" (Topshelf/Tiny Engines)- $4.99 Young and in the Way//Withdrawal "split" 7" (A389)- $5.50 Nona/Crowbait "split" 7" (Dead Broke)- $4.99 tapes Common Market "Demo" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99 (features members of No Power) Nö Pöwer//Chaos Destroy "split" CS (Vile Audio)- $3.99 Caves "Betterment" CS (Dead Broke)- $3.99 Mineral Girls "Something Forever" CS (Self-Released)- $4.99 Ivadell "The Young Design" CS (Bitter Melody)- $4.99 (features members of Discourse) Sundale "S/T" CS (Bitter Melody)- $3.99 New SA releases Late Bloomer "Things Change" 12" LP- $11.99 Museum Mouth "Alex I Am Nothing" 12" LP- $11.99 Alright "Sleep Study" CS- $3.99 Viewfinder "Do You Even Want Anything?" CS- $4.50 Old Flings "Spite" 12" LP- $10.99 (3RD PRESSING!!!) If you have any questions about shipping or any other general inquiries please feel free to email us at [email protected] http://www.selfawarerecords.com http://www.selfawarerecords.com http://www.selfawarerecords.com
  13. Joined this forum a couple years ago, but apparently barely ever posted. This is my label. Don't know if any of you will have heard about it before. It's been around since the first quarter of 2012. All my releases so far have been in the punk/emo/hardcore/metal ilk, but that's not through any conscious decision. Should have some really cool records coming out in the next like...6 months. http://blacklakerecords.net http://blacklakerecords.bigcartel.com http://blacklakerecords.bandcamp.com http://twitter.com/blaacklaake http://instagram.com/blaacklaake (also if any other of you labelheads wanna trade/wholesale, here's a brief tradelist for you: BL019: THIN PRIVILEGE - S/T 12" (noise rock/three one g freak punk from glasgow) [orange & clear // dark blue] BL018: LÉON - S/T 12" (chaotic screamo from oslo, norway. ex-kaospilot) [white] BL017: PLAIDS/XAXAXA - SPLIT 10" (90s emo, Drive Like Jehu/Husker Du worship) [red with black splatter 'poppy'] BL016: ALWAYS WANTED WAR - C.R.E.A.M. 10" (screamo/punk from hamburg) [black/black w/ magenta splatter] BL014: THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE - CONSEQUENCES 12" (french dark hardcore/mathcore) [white w/ black splatter] BL013: GACYS THREADS / COLLOSUS FALL - SPLIT 7" (irish/swiss blackened hardcore) [clear yellow] BL012: BRIGHTER ARROWS - DREAMLINER (midwest US emo/screamo) [clear green UK colour only] BL011: SLOTHS - KNIVES 12" (one sided record from psych-screamo oregonians) [black] BL010: DIRTDRINKER - s/t 12" (noise rock/punk from Aberdeen, Scotland) [piss yellow] BL009: CLEARER THE SKY - 'SCOTLAND' 7" (melodic hardcore/post rock from Aberdeen, Scotland) [black] BL007: ABSOLUTIST/ABEST - SPLIT 7" (irish/scottish sludge crust meets german doomy crust) [black vinyl] BL006: LOCKTENDER/OAKEN/WOUNDED KNEE/COMA REGALIA - SPLIT 12" (4 US emo/screamo bands play lengthy melodic tracks) [clear orange/lavender/deep purple available] BL005: FOR WANT OF - S/T CASSETTE (austin, texas old school screamo, repress of 7" on tape) [black tape w/ pad print] BL004: CORRUPT HUMANITY/CHEMICAL TOMB - SPLIT 7" (blisteringly fast grindcore from edinburgh/portsmouth, 16 tracks!)
  14. At the moment we have the following stuff available at http://shop.coffeebreathandheartache.com/ AFTER THE FALL - ERADICATION (Shield Recordings) european pressing - 8€ BANQUETS - s/t (CAH013) limited european pressing. screenprinted (double) covers with cutouts! available on black/white mixed vinyl and on black/purple/clear mixed (touredition) vinyl - 12€ GREAT LAKES USA - LIVE FAST, DIE WHENEVER (CAH012) limited european pressing. Screened wooden covers! available on clear (touredition), green and purple vinyl - last copies - 13,5€ THE LANGOLIERS - A MILLION WAYS / WHATEVER THEY SAY (Angry Chuck) one-sided 7" with screened b-side, pink vinyl. screened and stamped cover - last copy - 5€ OLD FLINGS - SPITE (CAH014) limited european pressing. orange/black mixed vinyl with handscreened and handcut cover (sand with black print) - 13€ ON BODIES - THE LONG CON (CAH009) one-sided 12" with handscreened b-side and cover. available on black/silver and black 180gr vinyl - 12€ PENTIMENTO - s/t (CAH011) limited european pressing. solid silver vinyl with handscreened cover (white with black print) - 12€ PENTIMENTO - Inside The Sea (CAH015) limited european pressing. one-sided 10" with screened b-side. black/white mixed vinyl with handscreened cover - 12€ PJ BOND - TEN DEGREES AND THE FLOOR (Shield Recordings) 7", solid purple vinyl - 5€ THIS ROUTINE IS HELL - HOWL (Shield Recordings) black vinyl - 12€ THIS ROUTINE IS HELL - REPENT. REPEAT (Shield Recordings) 10", black vinyl - 8€ YOUR FAVORITE TRAINWRECK - THE BRILLIANCE (CAH006) one-sided 10" with handscreened b-side, black vinyl - 8 € -- COFFEEBREATH AND HEARTACHE - SLIPMAT available in red, dark red and black - 6€ -
  15. I've got a lot of label stuff going on lately, so I figured I'd make a catch-all thread here for it. First off, THE COLTRANES "Never Sleep Again/Man With The Hat" LP is out. That's what it looks like. You can hear it/download it at http://hipkidrecords.bandcamp.com I'll be doing mailorder for the new BOILERMAN LP, "Loss Leaders," and it should be shipping on Wednesday. There are still some limited versions with special OBI strips available, though probably not for much longer. Listen to the album at http://boilerman.bandcamp.com The HEDLOK "Year of the Wolf" CS is nearing sold out. Check that out if you like thrash metal done right. The DEAD UNCLES "Stock Characters" LP will be out on October 1st. It comes with a download of the band's entire discography! I also have been consistently updating the distro. I put these jammers in there today: M Blanket/Slinky - split 7" Billy Raygun/Lipstick Homicide - split CS Deep Pockets - Demo CS Porkeria - La Mierda De Siempre LP Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP Sucked Dry - Dog Children LP V/A - Welcome to 2013 comp LP Curmudgeon - Amygdala LP Sickoids - No Home LP Everything Went Black/Rattletooth - split 7" (red/clear) Better Days - Good Luck Tonight 7" (purple) Crybaby/Adult Braces - split 7" (pink) A//Political - Propaganda by Deed 7" The Honor System - Rise and Run LP Dan Padilla - As the Ox Plows LP Buy anything in the thread at http://hipkidrecords.storenvy.com Thanks for the support.
  16. With postage from the US increasing I'm looking to find more European distros and online stores. I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread like this before but I can't find it. Anyway, please list your favorite online places to buy vinyl in Europe. New and used. (or hit me up with a link to another thread). I've recently bought from Throatruiner in France: http://store.throatruinerrecords.com And I always enjoy Different Kitchen in the UK: http://differentkitchen.bigcartel.com
  17. Happy 4th of July everyone! Have some updates with the I Am Shark distro store: http:www.iamshark.net First off, we just put up SHRK Hoodie pre-orders, tested them out a few weeks ago and they look great, in the vein of the American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost, Bane style hardcore hoodies. (mock up photo below) If anyone purchases one of these during the pre-order stage, I will send you a free copy of our next vinyl release, I can't legally say what it is yet. But it's gonna be a movie score/soundtrack. ALSO, added a few new releases as well including: Hot Water Music - Exister LP (preorder version) The Wonder Years / Stay Ahead Of The Weather split - Punk Is Dead. Get A Job (OOP) Red Hands - In The End EP CD (ex A Voice Like Rhetoric) Deadhead - S/T 10" (members of Touche Amore) Calculator 7" Tidemouth 7" Canyons/Tigon/Foreign Theaters - 3 way split pick em up before they're all gone http://www.iamshark.net
  18. Mountain Man Records Mountain Man Records store / distro I've been trying to keep our distro up-to-date with some titles people are looking for at fair prices. Here's the current list: ********** 12" *********** Algernon Cadwallader "Some Kind of Cadwallader" LP | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY Algernon Cadwallader "Parrot Flies" | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" LP | Asian Man | translucent green LISTEN | BUY Dogjaw "Slow to Build" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY French Quarter "Desert Wasn't Welcome" LP | Offtempo LISTEN | BUY Flechette "S/T" LP | Sound Era LISTEN | BUY Hop Along "Gets Disowned" LP | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY Joyce Manor "Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired" LP | Asian Man | translucent blue LISTEN | BUY Key Losers "California Lite" LP | P.W. Elverum & Sun LISTEN | BUY Low Places "Spiritual Treatment" LP | A389 | grey vinyl LISTEN | BUY Ridgemont "Colder Days" LP | Mindless / Kiss of Death LISTEN | BUY Royal Headache "S/T" LP | What's Your Rupture? LISTEN | BUY RVIVR "S/T" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY RVIVR "the Joester Sessions" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY Summer Vacation "Condition" LP | Recess / Razorcake | blue LISTEN | BUY Young and in the Way "V. Eternall Depression" LP | Antitheic | 2nd press, clear w/white haze LISTEN | BUY ********** 10" *********** Twin Steps "Serial Parade" | Cola Bruin | opaque green LISTEN | BUY Wild Moth "S/T" | Suitors Club LISTEN | BUY ********** 7" *********** Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation "Split" | Muy Autentico / Lauren LISTEN | BUY Pangea "Killer Dreams" EP | Lauren / Ghostbot LISTEN | BUY Stephen Steinbrink "Rennet" | Funkytonk BUY ********** CD *********** Merry Christmas "Her Exceptional Kindness" EP | Lauren Records LISTEN | BUY Underground Cities "the Dalliance Album" LISTEN | BUY ********** Cassette *********** Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" | Lauren Records LISTEN | BUY Jason Clackley / So Adult "Split" | So Exquisite BUY Jason Clackley "and the Exquisites" | Great Plains Records BUY So Adult "Rookie" CS LISTEN | BUY Stephen Steinbrink "Condensed Nothing" | Holy Page LISTEN | BUY Stephen Steinbrink "Rennet" BUY Thou "Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For" | Robotic Empire LISTEN | BUY ******Mountain Man Releases ******** MMR002 - the Littlest Viking "Labor & Lust" LP | green vinyl LISTEN | BUY MMR003 - Jason Clackley "to the Few and Far Between" LP LISTEN | BUY MMR004 - Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" CS | 2nd press LISTEN | BUY MMR006 - French Quarter "Live at the Sandlot" DVDr LISTEN | BUY MMR007 - Lazy Mary "Crazy Hairy" 7"EP LISTEN | BUY MMR008 - Koalacaust "Smiles Shine Like Broken Glass" 7"EP | clear vinyl, purple vinyl LISTEN | BUY MMR010 - Wild Pack of Canaries "the Coroner Can Wait" CD LISTEN | BUY MMR011 - Koalacaust / Big Kids "Split" 7" | yellow vinyl LISTEN | BUY MMR013 - Big Kids "Don't Be a Baby +2" CS LISTEN | BUY MMR014 - Big Kids "Phone Home" CS LISTEN | BUY MMR015 - Tiny Lungs "the Devil Who Painted the Wagon Red b/w Made Up War Stories" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY MMR016 - Brown and Blue "You Only Wanted Strength b/w Dirty Feed" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY MMR017 - Wild Pack of Canaries "Rain Brain b/w In Case of Hornets" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY MMR018 - V/A - "Friends and Family" Digital Compilation LISTEN | BUY COMING SOON MMR019 - Colossal Rex "Every Place is Sacred" 12" EP | coke bottle clear LISTEN MMR020 - the Littlest Viking "S/T" 12" LP | clear vinyl

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