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Found 3 results

  1. Available Now for Free Download: 86'd Records 2013 Sampler! For immediate download click: http://www.86drec.com/sampler http://www.86drec.com/sampler http://www.86drec.com/sampler You can also get it on bandcamp at: http://86drec.bandcamp.com/album/twe...wnload-sampler Tracks from: Dead Uncles, Slatwall, Utter Failure, Rations, Rubrics, Tight Bros, Dead Uncles, Thanks, Celebrity Internment Camp. Thanks for checking it out!?
  2. first and foremost, happy new year! i hope all of you had an incredible evening to cap off 2012, and start 2013 off with a bang. today is the big release date for the covers compilation i've been putting together for the past month or so. because i'm a numbers weirdo who loves michael jordan, there's 23 tracks on this bad boy. lots of bands from chicago who i've had the pleasure of becoming friends with over the past year, but also lots of bands from all over the country, and even one from Canada (that's right, baby, AIR is going international in 2013!). to actually download this bad boy, go to www.artisticintegrityrecords.com, click on the tab labeled "Downloads." it will be the very first thing available for download on the page, so just click the "Download Album" button, enter your e-mail address, and you should have a link waiting for you in your inbox faster than you can say "blueberry pie." maybe not that fast. but pretty fast, okay? if it's not in your inbox, check your spam folder. the e-mail will have a link to download a zip folder. once that downloads, you'll have 23 new tracks to sing along with, as well as a digital CD booklet detailing which bands are covering which songs. this comp is absolutely, positively FREE to download. hopefully there are a few bands on here that you're already familiar with, but i hope even more to expose you to a bunch of new bands you've never heard before. my favorite thing about music is going to shows and seeing a new band and having them blow me away. i know sometimes it's hard for a band's energy and charisma to translate into a recording, but i honestly feel like all of these tracks do the bands who performed them justice. please feel free to share the link with your friends or anybody else you think may enjoy this. here's the tracklisting for AIR-004, "We've Got You Covered, Vol. 1": 1. Mike Felumlee – Hang On (originally by Teenage Fanclub) 2. Devon Kay & The Solutions– Ours (originally by Taylor Swift) 3. Invasion – Warsaw (originally by Joy Division) 4. Dead End Days – Do You Still Hate Me? (originally by Jawbreaker) 5. Swim Lessons – Untitled 01 (originally by Brand New) 6. Das Kapital – It’s Not Funny Anymore (originally by Hüsker Dü) 7. Wide Angles – This Year (originally by the Mountain Goats) 8. DethWarrant– Heartbreaker (originally by Pat Benatar) 9. This Obsession – Armageddon (originally by Alkaline Trio) 10. John Perrin – Not Your Pet (originally by Tuesday) 11. Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! – Kittens (originally by Dogjaw) 12. The Ambulance Review – Ugly Fat Troll (originally by Atomic Raygun Attack) 13. Sweatertooth – My Drug Buddy (originally by The Lemonheads) 14. Costanza – J.A.R. (originally by Green Day) 15. Jason Swearingen – ******* [And the trumpets pounded in my ears] (originally by Jets To Brazil) 16. Big Deal & The Who Cares? - God Deciding (originally by Hot Water Music) 17. The Big Picture – Oh My Sweet Carolina (originally by Ryan Adams) 18. Matt Pless and the Cotterpins – The Gambler (originally by Kenny Rogers) 19. Jaclyn Falk - I Am Disappeared (originally by Frank Turner) 20. Brick Mower – Ride The Darker Wave (originally by Sebadoh) 21. The Bogarts – Living Room (originally by Tegan and Sara) 22. GTI – Commando (originally by The Ramones) 23. Kind Of Like Spitting – Blues Run The Game (originally by Jackson C. Frank) thank you guys, as always, for your support. i've made some incredible friends through music in the past year. i don't expect that to change in 2013. enjoy!
  3. The Expanders are offering a free download of their newest album! Check it out: http://www.theexpanders.net/download/index2.html