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Found 9 results

  1. The 2nd pressing of Spurv's monumental full-length album "Skarntyde" is now available, and with new cover artwork! This pressing is /500 and on black. If you haven't somehow become familiar with this band or album by this point, and are in any moderate way a post-rock fan, you need this in your collection. One of my top albums of the genre, for sure. Beautiful symphonic accompaniment to powerful and beautiful guitar work. Utterly fantastic stuff. FFO: Mono, Silent Whale Becomes a Dream, The Seven Mile Journey https://spurv.bandcamp.com/album/skarntyde
  2. FINALLY! The new Paint the Sky Red album is available on 180g black vinyl (/300) and the album is available for listening now. I will be doing a small group buy for this as it will help us save significantly on shipping (1 record starts at $25 and increases only $5 for each one after that. I'd like 2-3 more people to join up) FFO: This Patch of Sky, Of the Vine, Immanu El So far, my favorite track is "Amber", track 2. It's got their signature super-happy and upbeat sense of melody coupled with some cool loops and really energetic drums. I like it a lot! From Bandcamp: This is the very first time we are releasing an album on 12" vinyl. Limited quantities are available and we have no intention to restock. Each piece will be hand-packed and numbered by us with lots of love and gratitude. In a world of digital piracy which heavily affects independent bands like us, it speaks volumes if you choose to purchase our music in the best manner. Show your support; own a physical copy of our hard work. Thank you. - Nurazman, Hakim, Yasser & Fahmi - https://painttheskyred.bandcamp.com/album/there-is-a-tomorrow-you-dont-know
  3. This Patch of Sky - These Small Spaces is now available for pre-order! It has been up for a little bit now but I wanted to make a thread about it to clear it up. These Small Spaces from This Patch of Sky is currently available for pre-order as a double LP with a gatefold jacket and will be released on 9/22/17. All orders will receive a digital download on the day of release. Pressing Information: Clear w/ Black & Purple Splatter - 250 Clear w/ White & Cyan Blue Splatter - 250 Both pressings available from Science of Silence Records here: http://scienceofsilence.limitedrun.com/products/597170-this-patch-of-sky-these-small-spaces-2xlp The White/Blue splatter and all other merch is available from Merch Now here: http://thispatchofsky.merchnow.com/ CD is being released through Equal Vision Records, available from Merch Now. BOTH pressings will be available from the band on their up-coming East Coast tour and at the DunkUSA festival.
  4. I was going to put this in the poetry thread, but I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to have a separate thread. I teach 3rd grade in a high poverty urban area. In my classroom I teach the kids the craft of poetry, even though it is not a part of our curriculum. I feel it’s an important avenue for them to express their views and to realize how powerful they can be with their words. This allows even the lowest achieving students to realize success because the focus is on expression rather than mechanics or correct grammar. One of the experiments I started doing was to play them music by Explosions In The Sky while they were writing. I’d give them the title and let them use the music to influence their writing. Through the years I have collected some good ones and decided to make an anthology of these titles to give to the band. This is the email I got from them: Hey there, This is Chris, the drummer from Explosions in the Sky. Sorry it's taken so long to send you a message, but we just got back from tour recently and there are always a million things to catch up on once we're home. Anyway, I just wanted to thank for giving us the copy of The Season of the Waterfall. We all read the poems and were deeply moved. Not even sure what to say other than that i'm glad that there are people like you helping out and doing things like this. Reading them was not easy. They were beautiful but also incredibly heartbreaking. If there is some way for us to help out, please let me know. Even if its something dumb like sending you a bunch of CDs or something to give to your class. I'm not really sure 3rd and 4th graders would have any interest in meandering, long winded instrumental rock music, but I can't really think of anything else. A lot of people have given us stuff over the years but nothing has compared to this collection of poems. Not even close. Thank you. Sincerely, Chris explosions in the sky Here are some of the poems. Please keep in mind that I teach them the craft, give them the tools, but this is 100% their writing. I wish I could take credit for what they write, even sometimes steal some of the lines for my own lyrics. I’ve had mothers and fathers in tears as they read their child’s poems. It amazes me every time I read a new one. These are all using titles from EITS songs. The Birth and Death of the Day Death is in the sky and Light is in the ground. When people say be gone death death stays. It never went and now it disappeared like fallen warriors. Light has come back to the sky. -Jorge Our Last Days As Children We used to go to the park together then it was time to grow up. You are a fashion designer and I am a doctor. We get off work at 3:00 and see each other at the buffet and eat and talk about when we were little and remember times like when we ate chocolate mint ice cream on Saturdays, when we played with each other, when we were friends forever when we played Bratz and you used to be Sasha and I would be Cloe, when we went to each other’s houses and watched Disney movies, When we used to talk about ourselves and what colors we liked. You liked red and I liked pink. When we played dodgeball and we would be on the same team and we would run or jump so we wouldn’t get out, but we would catch the ball and get other people out, when we painted each other’s nails, when we colored each other’s drawings. when we played soccer and we would win, during recess we would play four square and you would be in the A square and I would be in B. After we talk we start to cry. I miss those things. -Lilibeth The Only Moment We Were Alone I feel dead dead like nothing People just pass by like Nothing Ghosts being nothing Laying down being a jerk Biting ghosts one at a time Water from God biting water forever. -Juan
  5. Hey guys! So, I have an extra copy of this record that I need to sell. I bought them from their drummer via Facebook, and I decided to get a 2nd copy because it brought the overall unit price down and I figured I could pass the savings on to someone else. I'd rather it to go to someone here rather than Discogs where it could be flipped.... I'm just looking to recoup my cost is all! The 2 records cost me $55 USD total, so I'm asking $30ppd (media mail). They're in great fucking shape, the corners are perfect.... and I'll pack it like a tank to make sure it arrives to you just the same. I have orchestrated a couple group-buys here and I am also on Discogs as Gumbo72203 so you can check my feedback references. Liam has told me these are the last 2 copies he had, so as of now the record is officially sold out. This would make a great holiday gift for yourself!
  6. Hey everyone, PO is now LIVE!!!!!! So, this dude I talk to all the time from Switzerland has a label, and it's called Elusive Sound. They are just about to drop their first release, which is 2 variants of Glasir's "Unborn" EP. Glasir is a post-rock band from the USA. You can read more below. They label guys are going all out in the variants and packaging, and it looks to be an impressive release. 180g, 45RPM, 350g covers, screen printed extras, records shipped in poly-lined inner sleeves.... the works. Pre-orders go up Friday. http://elusive-sound.com/2016/06/21/glasir-unborn-ep-vinyl-pre-order/ EDIT: Pictures are up! These things look freaking incredible!!!!!!!!! You can listen to the entire EP here: From their website: Berne, Switzerland, June 21, 2016: Elusive Sound is very proud to announce the release of Glasir “Unborn” EP on vinyl for the very first time. Pre-orders start June 25, 20:00 Zurich Time. Official release date July 8, 2016 Included in Post-Rock Essentials Best Releases of 2015, “Unborn” is the first EP by Texas based sonic seekers Glasir and the first Elusive Sound release. Working with perfectionist producer and audio engineer Sam Hunt out in McKinney, Texas, Glasir is a project that consists of longtime collaborators Nate Ferguson on bass, Conner McKibbin on guitar and Austin Vanbebber on drums. Together they have crafted a heavy siege cannon, one that draws in post-rock, ambient doom and psychedelic rock and is masterfully loaded with enough black blasting powder to fire relentlessly at all levels. It took only a few minutes to realize that we were listening to greatness. Glasir’s music is as resplendent as the gleaming tree from which they have taken their name. It is as loud as a thunderous grey cloud and as clear as a heavenly stream. It’s a masterful aural descent into darkness, the fury of the mind and the unwavering firmness of will to obstinately cling to life. There are moments when one resigns to the fatality of life, the grief that takes over after great loss, the impotency felt after withering in the dust of failed pretensions, when dreams have burned down to cinders, when vision once clear and formidable is left blurred and short-sighted and the body too frail to sustain a mortal blow. Unborn conjures a bleak and lonely existence, when one loses his heart and falls prey to the recklessness of despair, peers deep into the darkness and dares to dream dreams that no mortal should ever dream. The end however, has not yet come. From the all-consuming sadness there is a glimmer of hope. This Dallas trio reveals the everlasting light that transforms all it touches into riches of life and gives us the ability to soar the skies. Glasir have become the glorified tree. Unborn is magnificent and snuffs out all that we have heard this year in a heartbeat. The EP features stunning full artwork by Alex CF and will be released on two high quality coloured heavyweight vinyl variants, the Giallarbru limited to 133 copies and theGleaming Grove limited to 100 copies. Both variants will be sold exclusively via our official label website shop at elusive-sound.com and feature 180g vinyl cut at 45rpm, a high quality 350gsm innersleeve, artwork printed on reverse board and a two-sided band inlay. Additionally Gleaming Grove contains a special Swiss Made screenprinted Thank You note and a screenprinted hand-numbered 12″ artprint also desgined by Alex CF. Full Press Release and Pressbook available on pdf at http://elusive-sound.com/artist/glasir/ These are NOT mock-ups, these ARE the records: You can see another picture of the actual cover and inserts and the /100 variant here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CljrZfWXIAAfkXZ.jpg:large The guys who run the label are massive post-rock fans, I talk to them just about every day on Facebook. Sold one of the dudes my black/clear ITTCT "Red Forest" a while back. They've got more coming from Au Revoir, Show Me A Dinosaur, and more. I keep bugging them to join the discussions over here, because they're massive music fans just like us. Please support them!
  7. Saw on my social media feeds earlier that Explosions in the Sky started a bandcamp page if anyone is looking for .flac etc. copies of their albums. In addition, there are summaries on each page about the creation of each album if anyone is interested. https://explosionsinthesky.bandcamp.com/
  8. For Sale/Trade: http://boards.vinylcollective.com/index.php?showuser=18038&tab=collection&type=sale For sale: a signed blue copy of the debut album of Explosions in the Sky, which, I think, is their best. The vinyl has never been played, so it's in absolute mint condition. The copy is limited to a total of 300. This one is number 79 and was bought on November 15th, in Paradiso, Amsterdam. After the concert I spoke to the band and asked them to sign the copy, which they did. They originally released blue, red, white, grey and black sleeves. The blue and black ones contain a special, handmade insert. http://boards.vinylcollective.com/user/18038-kristian8888/?tab=collection&do=view&r=22961
  9. Just kind of threw numbers on these without much thought. Prices are not ppd. The more you buy, the better the deal. Send me a PM if you don't like a price and we can toss some ideas around. I'm open to trades as well, I just want to freshen things up around here! $10 minimum! 7" Alkaline Trio - This Addiction - Heart & Skull Records - Black $3 Braid - Niagara - Clear Blue w/ Large Hole $5 Braid - Please Drive Faster - Polyvinyl - White $5 Cave In - Anchor - Magic Bullet Records - Black $3 Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home - Equal Vision - Black w/ Large Hole (beat up Jacket) $3 Hostage Calm - Demo - Headcount Records - Black $5 Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Diggin - Suburban Home - Clear $2 Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Diggin - Suburban Home - Clear Green $2 New Found Glory - All Downhill From Here - Drive Thru Records - Pic Disc $4 New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends - Bridge 9 - Blue $3 New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends - Bridge 9 - Clear $3 New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends - Bridge 9 - Red $3 New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends - Bridge 9 - White $3 New Found Glory - My Friends Over You - Drive Thru Records - Pic Disc $5 New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - Bridge 9 - Black $5 New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - Bridge 9 - Pic Disc $7 New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - Bridge 9 - Red w/ Black Splatter $10 New Found Glory - Tip Of The Iceberg - Bridge 9 - White w/ Red and Blue Splatter $10 New Found Glory / Shai Hulud - Not Without A Heart Once Nourished.... - Bridge 9 - Blue OFFER NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness - Fat Wreck Chords - Grey $2 Piebald - Just A Simple Plan - Big Wheel Records - Green Swirl $10 Portugal. The Man - My Mind - Defiance Records - Black $25 Set Your Goals - Reset - Panic Records - Platinum /600 $10 The Distance - Anything Anything - Armor Music - Yellow Posi Numbers 04 $5 The Distance - Your Closest Enemies - Bridge 9 - Clear $5 The Distance - Your Closest Enemies - Bridge 9 - Clear Red $5 The Distance / Outbreak / Some Kind of Hate - 3 Way Split - Bridge 9 - Clear Yellow (blank labels, Red stamps) $5 The Distance / Outbreak / Some Kind of Hate - 3 Way Split - Bridge 9 - Solid Yellow $5 The Distance / With Honor - Split - Rise & Fall Records - White $7 The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound/Even Cowgirls Get The Blues - Side One Dummy - Black $3 The Wonder Years - Won't Be Pathetic Forever - No Sleep Records - Black OFFER This Is Hell - Warbirds - Think Fast Records - Red w/ White splatter $3 Underoath - In Regards To Myself - Solid State Records - Black $3 XO Skeletons - Asthmagasm -Malfunction Records - Pink/White Swirl $10 12" Alkaline Trio - Alkaline Trio - Asian Man Records - Grey /500 $10 Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit - Asian Man Records - Black (180 Gram) $10 Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit - Asian Man Records - White/Red Marble /1000 $10 Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire - Asian Man Records - Transparent Red/Black Swirl /1000 $10 American Nightmare - Background Music - Equal Vision Records - Black /1000 1st Press OFFER As Tall As Lions - Into The Flood - Triple Crown - White OFFER As Tall As Lions - You Can't Take It With You - Triple Crown OFFER Cage - Depart From Me - Definitive Jux - Black 2x12" $15 Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles - Last Gang Records - Black 2x12" OFFER Cursive - The Ugly Organ - Saddle Creek Records - Black $35 Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon - Vinyl Collective - White W/ Hot Pink Splatter /700 OFFER Explosions In The Sky - All Of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone - Temporary Residence Limited - Black $20 Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave - Fueled By Ramen - Blue /2500 OFFER Finch - What It Is To Burn - Drive-Thru Records $20 Green Day - Warning - Adeline Records - Transparent Green $10 Hostage Calm - Lens - Redscroll Records - Blue/Gold /100 $20 Midown - Save The World, Lose The Girl - Drive-Thru Records - /1500 Clear W/ Blue & Yellow Splatter $20 Minus The Bear - They Make Beer Commercials Like This - Suicide Squeeze - Rainbow Transparent $35 New Found Glory - New Found Glory - Drive Thru Records - Picture Disc (Joystick) /1000 $25 New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight - Bridge 9 - Camo /3000 $12 New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight - Bridge 9 - Green /1500 $12 New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight - Bridge 9 - Grey /1200 $12 New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight - Bridge 9 - Orange /750 $15 New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight - Bridge 9 -Red /500 $15 New Found Glory - Nothing Gold Can Stay -Drive Thru Records - Yellow /1000 First Press OFFER Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg - Bridge Nine - Clear Gold $15 Portugal. The Man - Church Mouth - Vinyl Collective - Blue w/ A Drop Of Cream /250 OFFER Radiohead - OK Computer - Capital Records - Black 2x12" OFFER Reggie And The Full Effect - Greatest Hits - Second Nature - Yellow /305 2nd Pressing $15 Say Anything - In Defense of the Genre - ShopRadioCast - /1500 Purple $20 Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us - Epitaph Records - White /250 $25 Such Gold - Misadventures - Rasor & Tie - /500 Teal Marble $20 Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary - Sub Pop Records - Clear Red 2x12" $20 Talib Kweli - Liberation - Blacksmith Music Group - Black $25 The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile - Doghouse Records - Clear $35 The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile - Doghouse Records - Opaque Blue /1000 $25 The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About - Doghouse Records - Opaque Pink $35 The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name - Malfunction Records - Black/Gold Inside-out /500 $20 The Postal Service - Give Up - Sub Pop Records - Black 2x12" $25 The Postal Service - We Will All Become Silhouettes - Sub Pop Records - Black $10 The Starting Line - Direction - Virgin Records / ShopRadioCast - Clear $25 The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed - Vice Records - Black $25 This Is Hell - Misfortunes - Trustkill Records - Orange /442 $15 This Is Hell - Sundowning - Trustkill Records - White /330 $15 Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Seperation - Solid State Records - Black $30 Verse - Aggression - Rivalry Records - Clear Red /1030 $10 XO Skeletons - Bored By Heaven - Heartworm - Black /100 OFFER

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