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Found 12 results

  1. 5 TRL albums for $25 plus shipping. (Not sure if that includes double albums.) https://temporaryresidence.bandcamp.com/album/trl-2017
  2. Post-rock/screamo/post-hardcore fans! This one is for you guys! You can listen to the tracks at the link below: http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/03/03/exclusive-spin-arrowheadforever-losing-sleep-split/ Ambient noise can either be a counterpoint to monstrosity, or a complement. In the case of Boston’s Arrowhead and New Jersey’s Forever Losing Sleep, the midpoint lies in an overarching appreciation for melodic, far-reaching post-rock. On this 12″ vinyl split, Arrowhead uses the cinematic sprawl of their opening guitars, negating them minutes later on their contribution “Thousand Palms, Sung and Reposed” with scorching post-hardcore intensity. On the flip side, Forever Losing Sleep’s “Woken By the Sun” takes a lighter approach to genre fusion, where vocals float over instruments that peak and plummet alongside a frenetic emotional barometer. There’s a lot to unpack here — two songs total over 16 minutes — and plenty to return for, which is a testament’s to each band’s brand of grandiose, embattled songwriting. Pre-orders found here: http://lifeisafunnything.bigcartel.com/product/arrowhead-forever-losing-sleep-split-12-funnything36 lifeisafunnything is more than proud to present you this breathtaking split record! Two bands, two songs and a running time of 17 minutes full of intense emotions, desperate outbursts and fulgent melodies! ARROWHEAD from Boston and FOREVER LOSING SLEEP from New Jersey, both deliver their best effort so far by leaving musical borders behind and creating a 17 minute long trip through darkness and light on this onesided record! If you really need comparisons: If ever The Saddest Landscape decides to team up with Envy, then this might come close to how ARROWHEAD sounds. And well, FOREVER LOSING SLEEP, how to describe them? Dredg comes to mind, Explosions in the Sky too, a lot of early 2k emo/screamo-bands, without sounding really like one of them. It is jus great music! And the biggest surprise is, how this dark, deep song by ARROWHEAD and this bright and epic track by FOREVER LOSING SLEEP together form such a coherent and beautiful piece of art! 200 onesided records are made. Each copy comes with a downloadcode and a lyricsheet. Pressing info: 100 clear yellow w/ black smoke 100 clear turqoise w/ white smoke
  3. Shipping is $3, even for multiple items. All of these are in NM or Mint condition. Envy On The Coast - EP - black reissue /500 - $25 (has a small tear on the edge of the label on side 1) Posture & The Grizzly - Busch Hymns - white /250 - $15 Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe - half brown half white /250 - $15 Foals - Holy Fire - Ltd RSD Edition with gold 7" - $20 Coldplay - X&Y - $20 Deftones - B Sides & Rarities - RSD release w/ DVD - $20 Sigur Rós - Inni - 3xLP clear /3000 - $40 Britney Spears - ... Baby One More Time 12" single - $666
  4. Archivist is a six-piece atmospheric/post-metal band out of Europe, whose self-titled album was released digitally at the beginning of June. Alerta Antifascista Records is currently taking pre-orders for the CD version, with a double LP upcoming, set for a November release. They are currently looking for a US distributor (will add more details as they are released). From the label: "Archivist is an atmospheric metal band, incorporating shoegaze, blast beats, and post-rock into a mass of turbulent percussion and soaring melodies set against a tale of ecological disaster and the last recorded thoughts of the sole survivor. It is a story of human hubris, the end of the world, and the willingness of a child to accept the weight of our legacy." For the full concept of the album, as well as free streaming and free downloads, go here. Track Listing: 1. Ascension 2. Escape Velocity 3. Dreaming Under 4. Leaving Day 5. Hades 6. Tying Up Loose Ends in the Cold Void of Space 7. Eureka 8. 4,500 UPDATE 9/1: Now up for pre-order at the Alerta Antifascista webstore. Pressing Info: Clear /120 Black /380
  5. I know this will probably upset some people- but this is simply a feeler. To many including myself this vinyl set is mythological, and unobtainable. For those who may be confused I'm referring to the 3 LP collection released by Photo Finish Records consisting of: Lucy Gray (Blue) , LOWCOUNTRY (White), Envy on the Coast (Green) To be clear-I do not work for Photo Finish and am not part of the band. That being said: I want to get an idea if people would actually preorder a re release of this vinyl set at $75-$100 a set. I am currently working on making any move I can to get this rerelease to happen and I thought this may be the next step; any and all support is appreciated. This came about because I'm tired of people exploiting the rarity of these vinyl for ridiculous money on eBay etc. I don't want to wait for a special record day rerelease where 250 people got up and camped out first to buy stuff they're just gonna resell for stupid amounts, just to leave those of us who have been searching it out still empty handed. SO I understand that EOTC is not opposed to a rerelease, but the label is the determining factor as to when that could or would happen. Before I reach out to the label (again), I would like to have an idea of how much interest there is and how much money they could realistically rake in for a rerelease. If you honestly would preorder a set of these or know people who would show them this post. Comment with something as simple as: "Would preorder X amount" at $75/set I would personally order two just to have one mint and one to play regularly but maybe that's just me. If we get enough attention maybe PhotoFinish will see this and consider it sooner. Here's hoping
  6. With their "reincarnated" band (Ryan & Brian with some other dudes) touring, they apparently will have vinyl reissues available at their shows, and online after the tour, according to their recent Reddit AMA. Is anyone planning to go to one of the shows? If so can you be my hero and pick up an extra copy of whatever vinyl is for sale for me? I'd pay cost plus a bit extra for the trouble. I'm worried the vinyl will all sell out at their shows...
  7. William Fitzsimmons: gold in the shadow 12"(sealed) Circa Survive: Violent Waves pre oder eddition 12"(sealed) La Dispute: rooms of the house 12" Blue edition(sealed) Caravels: self titled 7" (first pressing) The blood brothers:burn piano island burn 12"(original pressing is opened and has some dents and dings) thursday: No Devolucion 12"(double white sealed) Thursday/Envy: 12" split(opened and has some dings and dents Astronautalis/chuck ragan: 7" split (sealed bruce springsteen covers) touche Amore: 12" Parting the sea between brightness and me(sealed original pre order) counterparts tragedy will find us limited edition with Simpson print 4/100 envy atheist cornea pre sale vinyl. Non vinyl fs if interested 2 size small united nations shirts( black on black logo/black with white funeral scene) Touche amore limited edition full size print from parting the sea between brightness and me(signed and numbered) Jacob bannon limted edition grey on black skull and roses print(signed and numbered) esao andrews: .hope pigeon .hope calling .the gypsies stand off Murder by death: limited edition skate board deck Boys night out live dvd: dude you need to stop dancing
  8. So, I'd really like to buy that Envy box from TRL, but I have pretty much all of the individual releases... Envy - Abyssal $10 Envy - A Dead Sinking Story $20 Envy - Compiled Fragments $10 Envy - Insomniac Doze $20 Envy - Recitation (clear w/ grey swirl) $20 Envy - Split w/ Jesu (blue) $10 Some jackets have normal surface scuffs/signs of ringwear. Vinyl is all in great shape. Add $4 for shipping/paypal fees Will make deals if you buy several Will sell them all for $80 shipped Thanks for looking!
  9. Alcest - Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde 1 Brown $24 Burning Empires - Burning Empires 1 Green $4 Circa Survive - Violent Waves 2 Black $18 Counterparts -The Current Will Carry Us 1 Orange $14 (has small bend in right hand corner of sleeve) Dance Gavin Dance - Downtown Battle Mountain 1 Blue Marble $15 SOLD Envy - Insomniac Doze 2 Black $23 SOLD Incubus - Morning View 2 Black $17 SOLD Rivera, Brendan - No Ocean In Ireland 1 Black $2 Saosin - Saosin 1 Clear Black Smoke $15 Say Anything - Is A Real Boy/Was A Real Boy 2 Olive Green $85 SOLD Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only 2 Black $16 Here is a more detailed look at some of the records: http://www.ebay.com/sch/philsignals/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Add $4 shipping to all prices.
  10. bought these a bit ago, didn't play them after awhile. lent them to a buddy and he just returned them. he returned them unsatisfactory in my eyes. conditions are as follows: slight ring wear on these...decent ring wear on 'a dead sinking story'. if youre a perfectionist on jackets, these arent for you. see pics. all the footprints...surface could use a cleaning. lets just say he 'tried' to clean it. i dont even know what to do with these. i dont want them but they still play fine. so f'n pissed. --------- a dead sinking ship - 2xLP - black abyssal - black all the footprints you've ever left and the fear expecting ahead - black
  11. i bought an old acquaintance's entire collection last week and here is the remainder of what is for sale. email terryprime AT hotmail DOT com to order. list prices are entirely NEGOTIABLE but do NOT include postage. everything is in at least very good condition. some items are clearly just distro stock which was never bought and are mint/unplayed. everything shipping from UK. i ship worldwide and i ship promptly. i do not sell regularly on this particular forum, however i have sold and traded for many years on several other well-known boards. you are more than welcome to order from me on discogs if you prefer (http://www.discogs.c...r/dontcarewhere) but you can buy with absolute confidence. recipients of outgoing parcels are listed upon dispatch here: http://www.collectiv...ted-271012.html the list is completely up to date as of 27th october. thanks for looking. 1.6 BAND Pimpin' Ain't Easy 7" (wardance) - £4 1.6 BAND Tongue Family Style 7" (sunspot) - £3 A DAYS REFRAIN CD (alone) - £2 A FLOWER KOLLAPSED Brown Recluse 10" (multi) - £4 AGHAST Consumer CD (multi) - £5 AGNA MORAINE'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY Chapter Two 7" (anima) - £4 AMALTHEA 7" (ape must not kill ape) - £3 AMALTHEA Decisions Should Be A Desert, Bright And Clear CD (ape must not kill ape) - £3 AMALTHEA / ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ACHING Split 7" (ape must not kill ape) - £3 AMBASSADOR 990 LP (voice of the sky) green vinyl - £30 ANTILLES 12" (allergic to fun) 1-sided - £4 ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS Life Is Cheap CD (superfi) - £3 BABY HARP SEAL LP (subjugation) - £7 BAIL / KIDS RETURN Split LP (s/r) - £6 BAILER Sing It Like A Victim LP (ash from sweat) - £4 BANNER PILOT Pass The Poison CD (arsenic) - £3 BANNER PILOT Pass The Poison LP (kiss of death) green vinyl - £8 BANNER PILOT / MONIKERS Split 7" (kiss of death) gold vinyl - £5 BIRD CALLS / HUMAN HANDS Split 7" (multi) - £3 BLAKE LP (blue skies turn black / mintaka conspiracy) - £8 BLOTTO / RINGERS Split 7" (snuffy smile) - £3 BOILERMAKER 7" (wrenched) 1-sided - £8 BOYS LIFE LP (crank!) - £20 BRIDGE AND TUNNEL CD (s/r) - £2 BRIGHT CALM BLUE / TO DREAM OF AUTUMN Split 7" (magic bullet) purple vinyl /200 - £4 BRUME RETINA / HIRO Split 10" (multi) - £3 CAR VS. DRIVER Out Of A Silent Sky LP (lunchbox) - £6 CARS GET CRUSHED 7" (belmondo) - £3 CARSON WELLS CD (art for blind) - £2 CELESTE Nihiliste(s) CD (denovali / sons of vesta) - £5 CHOPPER / BLEW Split 7" (crackle!) - £3 COFFIN DANCER / KIDCRASH Split 10" (denovali) clear/green splatter vinyl /250 - £25 CONSTATINE SANKATHI Baby Unicorn 7" (spearfinger) - £7 CONTRA Boys Club Anthems LP (maloka / traffic violation) - £5 CRASH AND BRITANY Kids Luv You LP (monopoly) - £10 CURRENT Could I 7" (council) - £7 CURRENT / CHINO HORDE Split 7" (council / file 13) - £7 DAMEZUMARI Hope Inscribed On Handbills 7" (multi) - £3 DAMEZUMARI / FIRE TEAM CHARLIE Split LP (multi) - £5 DAMEZUMARI / SOMEPLACE TO HIDE / STEEPLES Split CD (little mafia) - £4 THE DEADWOOD DIVINE Tom LoMacchio LP (simeon) - £10 DESALVO / TAKE A WORM FOR A WALK WEEK Split 7" (dizzy storm / midmarch) - £3 DISPENSING OF FALSE HALOS 7" (init) #332/500 - £3 DROWNING WITH OUR ANCHORS You Can Never Go Home Again LP (adagio830) - £5 EMPIRE! EMPIRE! (I WAS A LONELY ESTATE) / FOOTBALL ETC Split 7" (count your lucky stars / sncl) green vinyl - £4 END THE AGONY From The Lungs 7" (multi) - £3 ENGINE DOWN Demure LP (lovitt) - £20 ENVY Angel's Curse Whispered In The Edge Of Despair LP (hg fact) - £20 ENVY The Eyes Of Single Eared Prophet CD (hg fact) - £5 FALL TIME Coma 2xLP (fire walk with me) - £6 FIVE O 7" (file 13) - £3 FLOODGATE Troubles A' Brewin LP (ebullition / youth strike chord) - £3 FORMER MEMBERS OF ALFONSIN / PROJECT HATE Split LP (phyte) - £4 FORMER MEMBERS OF ALFONSIN / SAWPIT Split 7" (dim mak) - £3 FORSTELLA FORD Well Versed In Deception LP (scene police / one day savior) orange vinyl /321 - £5 FOUR HUNDRED YEARS Transmit Failure CD (lovitt) - £4 FRAIL 7" (yuletide) - £6 FRAIL New Harmony 7" (bloodlink) - £5 FRANKLIN Go Kid Go LP (workshop) - £9 FREE REPUBLIC (OF SOUL) Live @ Delancey CS (fuck it tapes) - £5 FUNERAL DINER Doors Open 12" (vendetta / adagio830) 1-sided, etched B - £12 FUNERAL DINER The Swept Under 10" (lilacsky / audio is a war) - £20 FUNERAL DINER / DEAD CITY Split LP (old glory / so much to give) - £6 FUNERAL DINER / EVYLOCK Split 10" (somberlain) - £20 FUNERAL DINER / NEXUS 6 Split LP (old glory) - £6 GENERATION OF VIPERS LP (landmark) - £10 GREEN FUSE Demo Tape CS (ash from sweat) #34/100 - £3 GREEN FUSE The Power Of Crisis Compels You 10" + CD (ash from sweat) #38/333 - £4 GREEN FUSE / JEANNE LUSTIGE Split Tour CS (on the side) /50 - £4 GRINDING HALT Sprookjeshof LP (react with protest / de graanrepubliek) - £5 GRINDING HALT / VUUR Split LP (multi) /520 - £4 GUILT Bardstown Ugly Box LP (victory) - £4 THE HAL AL SHEDAD LP (troubleman / buddy system) - £5 THE HAL AL SHEDAD Running And Falling 7" (troubleman / buddy system) - £2 THE HAL AL SHEDAD Textures Of Tomorrow LP (troubleman) - £5 THE HAL AL SHEDAD The Dichotomy Of Yesterday 7" (simba) - £2 HALO FAUNA Durak LP (dead broke / salinas) - £4 HEROIN 7" (gravity) - £3 HUMAN HANDS 7" (multi) - £3 HUMAN HANDS / YOUR NEIGHBOUR THE LIAR Split 7" (multi) - £3 INDIAN SUMMER Science 1994 CD (future) box version #1168/2000 - £20 INKWELL / THE HAL AL SHEDAD Split 7" (lunchbox) - £3 JETS VS SHARKS / THE DAUNTLESS ELITE Split 7" (bombed out) red/black split vinyl - £3 JOHN HENRY WEST Door Bolted Shut LP + CD (ebullition) purple vinyl - £10 JOSHUA FIT FOR BATTLE Bring Out Your Dead: 1998-1999 CD (electric human project) - £3 JOSHUA FIT FOR BATTLE / FLASHBULB MEMORY Split LP (revolutionary audio) - £7 JUNE OF 44 Anahata LP (quarterstick) clear vinyl - £10 JUPITER LANDER 7" (multi) - £3 JUVENESCENT BEAT One Day We're Gonna Fall Through This Roof LP (ghidorah) - £5 KADDISH LP (multi) - £7 KAOSPILOT / VAN JOHNSON Split 7" (level plane) - £3 KIDS EXPLODE / SOLEMN LEAGUE Split 7" (asymmetrie) - £2 THE LAST FORTY SECONDS / A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE Split 7" (pretty in pink) - £7 LE PRE OU JE SUIS MORT LP + CD (multi) - £8 LIGHT THE FUSE AND RUN / TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR Split LP (level plane) - £3 LOSER LIFE I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts LP (multi) - £5 MEANDGOLIATH 10" (multi) - £4 MEANDGOLIATH / GRAVE, SHOVEL... LET'S GO Split 7" (multi) white vinyl - £3 MESA VERDE Amor Fati CD (art for blind) - £4 MESA VERDE The Old Road LP (art for blind) - £5 MIHAI EDRISCH L'Un Sans L'Autre LP (denovali) clear/red splatter vinyl /250 - £20 MOCK / WE FADE TO GREY Split 7" (asymmetrie) clear vinyl - £3 MONTCALM / DEADSERAPHIM Split LP (pretty in pink / glory hole) red vinyl - £8 MOSS ICON Lyburnum Wit's End Liberation Fly LP (vermiform) - £20 OFF WITH THEIR HEADS From The Bottom LP (no idea) white vinyl - £8 OFF WITH THEIR HEADS / DUKES OF HILLSBOROUGH 7" (a.d.d.) green vinyl /200 - £5 OK PILOT Nerves 10" (yo-yo) - £4 ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES The Making Of A Conversation CD (rok lok / eugenics) expanded reissue - £4 ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES Where You Are And Where You Want To Be CD (rok lok / eugenics) expanded reissue - £4 OX SCAPULA Hands Out LP (multi) - £6 PERFECT FUTURE / REACHING AWAY Split 7" + CDR (sncl / live together die alone) - £3 PORTRAIT All My Chances 7" (stickfigure) - £3 REACH OUT 7" (great american steak religion) - £10 REACHING AWAY Push Away The Moon LP (mcmurtrey) - £5 THE RED SCARE / TRUE NORTH Split 7" (sound virus) - £3 REHASHER High Speed Access To My Brain CD (moathouse) - £4 RENDER USELESS The Relationship Between A 1/4 Note And A 1/8 Note 7" (mountain collective) - £3 REPUBLIC OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS / THIRD WORLD PLANET Split 8.5" Flexi (diminutive / break even) - £8 RICKY FITTS Wizard Lisp LP (exotic fever) - £4 RINGERS Detention Halls LP (yo-yo) /500 - £5 THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross CD (alone) - £5 THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE Lift Your Burdens High For This Is Where We Cross LP (alone) clear vinyl /100 - £25 THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE The Sound Of The Spectacle LP (narshardaa) first pressing - £15 SAETIA A Retrospective CD (level plane) - £10 SATURDAY'S KIDS 7" (art for blind) - £3 SATURDAY'S KIDS 10" (multi) - £5 SATURDAY'S KIDS CD (s/r) #179/200 - £2 SED NON SATIATA LP (multi) blue vinyl /500 - £8 THE SETUP / SCHEMATIC OF A WAKING LIFE Split LP (electric human project) - £3 THE SETUP / WOW, OWLS 7" (perpetual motion machine / life in a box) red vinyl - £3 THE SHIVERING & Brand The Ground With Storm And Song CD (alone) - £5 SHROOMUNION 7" (inchworm) - £5 SHROOMUNION ADV-M9 Loves ADV M-10 10" (monopoly) - £10 SHROOMUNION Fairytales And Dreams 7" (repercussion) - £5 SINCE BY MAN / SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA Split LP (harmless) - £4 SINGLE STATE OF MAN LP (multi) - £5 SINGLE STATE OF MAN / MEN AS TREES Split 7" (multi) - £3 SPIRIT OF VERSAILLES In Line For Halos 7" (s/r) - £8 STAATHAAT LP (opiate) - £5 STILL LIFE From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes 2xLP (ebullition) - £7 STILL LIFE Madness And The Gackle LP (sunflower tribe) - £7 STRANGERS DIE EVERY DAY / JOSEPH CHILDRESS Split 7" (ash from sweat) - £2 SUIS LA LUNE Quiet Pull The Strings! LP (multi) white vinyl /600 - £40 TAINT Secrets And Lies 2xLP (superfi) - £9 THE THIRD MEMORY LP (multi) - £5 TORU OKADA Tour 2005 CDR + Zine (s/r) #44/50 - £10 TWISTED Stockholm 7" (art for blind) - £2 VANILLA LP (genet) - £5 V/A Amnesia LP (ebullition) CAR VS DRIVER, ORDINATION OF AARON, THUMBNAIL, IN/HUMANITY etc - £5 V/A Autonomie Vol. 1 7" (stonehenge) IVICH, ALCATRAZ, HEADWAY & COCHE BOMBA - £3 V/A Autonomy 7" (subjugation) BOB TILTON, TRIBUTE, FINGERPRINT & DEAD WRONG - £6 V/A Between A Rock & A Hard Place 7" (witching hour) CAVE-IN, REVERSAL OF MAN etc - £7 V/A Education (mountain collective) POLICY OF 3, DEVOID OF FAITH, FLOODGATE, BENCHMARK etc - £3 V/A Food Not Bombs: Benefit LP (anima) ANOMIE, PALATKA, CONSTATINE SANKATHI, DRIFT etc - £5 V/A How To Destroy Yourself 10" (monocore) #88/300 SINALOA, AMPERE, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE etc - £25 V/A I Can't Live Without It LP (moutain collective) BOTCH, IN/HUMANITY, AMBER INN, BREAKWATER etc - £4 V/A Southeast Hardcore Fuck Yeah! 7" (multi) PALATKA, IN/HUMANITY, ASSHOLEPARADE, EURICH etc - £3 V/A State Of The Union: DC Benefit Compilation LP (dischord) FUGAZI, RAIN, SHUDDER TO THINK, SOULSIDE etc - £5 V/A The 26th 7" (council) BEV CLONE, CONSTATINE SANKATHI, NEMA, WALLSIDE & MAINSPRING - £3 V/A This Is Your Life 2xLP (ape must not kill ape) #355/600 DAITRO, RAEIN, LA QUIETE, THE PINE etc - £20 WE FADE TO GREY The Sound Of Trees Talking CS (time as a color) #83/100 - £5 WHAT PRICE WONDERLAND It Is True It Is Shakey LP (multi) - £5 WISHES ON A PLANE This Faint Line 10" (time as a color / sncl) - £4 YES SENSEI 3 Songs 7" (rok lok / russian folk stories) - £2 YOSSARIAN IS DROWNING 7" (forever escaping boredom) grey marble vinyl - £2

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