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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for the Flexi Disc they sold on the Discovering The Waterfront 10th Anniversary Tour if anyone has it. Its the last thing I need to complete my Silverstein discography so if you have it and don't collect or you are willing to part with it please let me know.
  2. OK So I'm trying to get a flexi disc to work on my turntable. The turntable is an Ion profile pro(cheaper USB style). Anyways I'm trying to play my Streetdogs GOP flexidisc and the needle won't make contact with the grooves when I lower the arm. It keeps returning everytime. I guess it has something to do with the weight of the arm. Will the "penny trick'' work? any tricks or advise appreciated, thanks!
  3. I really couldn't get into this, I enjoyed Shed, I enjoy them live, but not sure why I just can't get into this. Never opened any of this. Just listened to the digital download. So yeah, selling this stuff, would rather have some cash for the James Bond 22 blu-ray box set coming out next week. Throw me some offers. I've got 100% feedback on here. Will ship international if willing to pay Floral Green (Floral SEALED w/ Poster) http://imageshack.us.../img02601v.jpg/ Floral Green Cassette http://imageshack.us.../img02581g.jpg/ Floral Green Flexi Disc http://imageshack.us.../img02591n.jpg/ Floral Green CD SEALED http://imageshack.us...7/img02571.jpg/ For trades, stuff I am looking for: (Some of these are pipe dreams) The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights TOUR PRESS La Dispute - Vancouver Blood Brothers - Young Machetes TEST PRESS Brand New - Deja Entendu