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Found 14 results

  1. Looking to buy or trade for these Title Fight records!!! Please hit my line!!!! Shed - record release cover Hyperview - record release cover Shed - record release cover Kingston - record release cover - winter tour cover - mint green swirl /19 The Last Thing You Forget - sound and fury cover
  2. Will buy (or even trade towards/for) Title Fight record release covers annnnd Basement’s I wish I could stay here record release cover! Hit my line!
  3. So I've seen this pressing in random collection photos and I'm just curious if anyone on here has any info about what this press is? To my knowledge it's a test pressing of Kingston. I've seen it called the "weekend" pressing. Clearly the cover is referencing Bernie from Weekend at Bernies. I'm just curious how many there are and if anyone on here would be willing to sell/trade for one? This has been a mysterious creature to me for years and is my white whale of Title Fight collecting.
  4. Selling my: Title Fight- Floral Green (Black) $15 Shipped Fireworks- All i Have To Offer (Black first and only press) $30 Shipped Balance and Composure- Separation (Purple/Green haze) $12 Shipped Balance and Composure- Acoustic (Clear first pressing) $10 shipped Eminem- Curtain Call (Black) $15 Shipped Eminem- MMLP2 (Black) $15 Shipped Message me with any questions!
  5. Looking to trade Floral color of Floral Green for Shed on Blue. My favorite album and my favorite color which i was unable to obtain back in the day. Willing to ship fast! Thanks,
  6. I love Title Fight, but I'm not feeling the sound on vinyl, plus I just bought an Omnichord for 3 bones so the checking account is running low. Anyways for sale is: Title Fight - Shed (Red) Tour Exclusive /300 Title Fight - Floral Green (Floral Color) /500 PM me an offer, plus if anyone has got Nouns - Still Bummed or Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures I would be super willing to drop the price, thanks!
  7. Set Sale Armalite - Armalite - Gatefold/1st/Opaque Yellow /500 $12 Crime In Stereo - Troubled Stateside - 1st/White /1300 $12 Energy - Invasions Of The Mind - Gatefold/1st/Orange /900 $8 prices include shipping
  8. I'm looking to trade my floral pressing of Title Fights "Floral Green" for any of the second pressings of Mae's "Destination:beautiful". I don't really know how this works but if anyone is interested I'd be very very happy to work something out.
  9. Just thought I'd post this over here. COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: Death to Vinyl Flippers (An Under the Gun Review Editorial)
  10. Trying to make some money for groceries or whatever, you know how it is. Some other people are definitely more into these records than I am so I gotta let them go. Most of them are ending within a day so get on this! Title Fight - Floral Green - Floral /500 Basement - Colourmeinkindness - Delux Package Blue #92/100 Seahaven - Winter Forever - White /400 I also just put up a couple more things, so check those out too. http://www.ebay.com/sch/the_record_fiend/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  11. Mainly searching for a Blue Swirl copy of American Radass by Dads or a Shit Twins 7". Make me an offer (cash, trade) Thanks! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/deathclassic
  12. As the title says, I'm selling a copy of Floral Green by Title Fight. It's the floral colourway, limited to 500. It's in great condition, still sealed. Just thought I'd give the board a try before eBay. I will be shipping from the UK, so shipping will be $13. Drop me an e-mail on [email protected] with any offers/interest. Cheers
  13. Everything is on the table now, if the offer is right. I'm based in the UK, but will ship anywhere as long as the buyer covers the shipping. Here's an example of what it'd cost to ship. 7" - $7 and $3 each additional 12" - $13 and $6 each additional http://howsyouredge....y.php?page=3062 Small/medium merch included too. Hit me up on [email protected] with any offers.
  14. I really couldn't get into this, I enjoyed Shed, I enjoy them live, but not sure why I just can't get into this. Never opened any of this. Just listened to the digital download. So yeah, selling this stuff, would rather have some cash for the James Bond 22 blu-ray box set coming out next week. Throw me some offers. I've got 100% feedback on here. Will ship international if willing to pay Floral Green (Floral SEALED w/ Poster) http://imageshack.us.../img02601v.jpg/ Floral Green Cassette http://imageshack.us.../img02581g.jpg/ Floral Green Flexi Disc http://imageshack.us.../img02591n.jpg/ Floral Green CD SEALED http://imageshack.us...7/img02571.jpg/ For trades, stuff I am looking for: (Some of these are pipe dreams) The Saddest Landscape - After the Lights TOUR PRESS La Dispute - Vancouver Blood Brothers - Young Machetes TEST PRESS Brand New - Deja Entendu

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