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Found 5 results

  1. All Forge Again Records and Cold Slither Tapes releases are 40% off for the rest of the year using discount code KAIJU at http://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com And our stuff is all already dirt cheap. 2xLPs are $15, single LPs as low as $5. Tapes and CDs even cheaper! Please help us get rid of stuff to make room for new releases in 2017.
  2. In honor of Fordirelifesake deciding to "reunite" at this year's Black Christmas celebration at the Majestic Theater complex in Detroit (see: https://www.facebook.com/events/388221721333951/?ref=22for details), they are not only releasing 3 BRAND NEW SONGS they just recorded, but we're also going to repress both their most recent (2004) full length Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend and their discography A Daydream Disaster. We're hoping the records will be done in time for the show, but worst case they'll be shipping shortly after the 1st of the year. Both records will be limited to 100 copies and will once again feature beautiful silk-screened jackets and colored vinyl. We tweaked the color scheme a bit for both. Check em out below. If you want to order one of these fine items, please visit http://forgeagainrecords.com/fdls2015.phpto order one or both. Shipping is included in these prices. And did we mention that if you order either or both records you'll get a FREE download of those 3 new tracks as soon as they're available? Methinks this is a no-brainer. For those unfamiliar with Fordirelifesake, simply click the links below to stream these records. They called it quits in the mid-00s but have popped up again here and there for a few reunions and are apparently even recording some new stuff. Members went on to play in bands like Boys Night Out, The Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, Isles and Glaciers, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Rebel Spies, and the A-Gang. And they played in Mycomplex, Bottomed Out, Rescue, etc. etc. Stream it: https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dance-pretend-forget-defend Stream it: https://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-daydream-disaster
  3. Hey folks. Good news! We finally got around to making covers for the 270 or so spare copies of Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses we had laying around. Standard weight black vinyl. New color scheme and updated info for the covers (including the correct recording info for the last song...). This will likely be all she wrote on this record. Get at em while they last. We're finally including a download (including the bonus track that isn't available on iTunes) as well when you order it. Starts shipping this week. Anyhow, go here to stream it and hopefully order it: http://forgeagainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/broken-bones-and-bloody-kisses
  4. Massive clear out, shipped from london.,UK. shipping is $7 for 1 or 2 7" and $11 for 1 or 2 lp pictures of the records/merch: http://deadformat.ne...adelist/xtokeex (4 sale/trade section) quick response: [email protected] shipping is not included. feel free to offer also.more you buy better deals you get.sorry i was lazy to exchange everything in from GBP to USD but 1.00 gbp is about $1.50 Updated list with prices, shipping is not included.feel free to offer also.more you buy better deals you get. TAPE: john carpenter & alan howard: halloween II tape deathwaltz edition john carpenter: assault on precinct 13 tape deathwaltz edition RECORDS: A life once lost:the fourth plague flies 7" orange/400 £3 AFI: miss murder picture disc 7" £8 Alarmed:s/t 7" purple £3 alcatraz/final player split 7" £5 allegiance:out of my blood 7" £3 Allegiance:s/t san francisco straight edge 7" gold vinyl £5 ambrose:the grace of breaking…. LP £5 Anger regiment : Aces and Eights 7" red vinyl/700 £3 Antoni maviovvi: yellow short film original music 12" death waltz rsd 2013 yelow/blood splatter beastie boys: get it together/sabotage 10" £20 black cross:roll up your sleeves 7" red vinyl /1000 £5 Blue Monday:what's done is done 7" £3 Boysetsfire:consider 7" initial press black £3 boysetsfire:suckerpunchtraining blue 7" £5 Brace war:juggernaut LP white vinyl/252 £12 Brothers Keeper :Shadowcast 7" £5 Brothers keeper:shadowcast 7" limited blue cover 130/500,red vinyl 2nd press £8 Brother`s keeper: shadowcast 7" 2nd press black vinyl #398/500 £5 Caliban shadow hearts LP orange/ish vinyl £20 Cast aside: overcome 7" TEST PRESS/15 offer Cast aside:overcome 7" £3 Cast aside:overcome 7" clear vinyl £5 Cast aside:overcome 7" grey marble ,summer tour 2004 223/250 £10 cast aside:overcome grey marble 7" £5 Clear:s/t 7" clear blue/600 £8 committed:the pride we share 7" £3 congress/deformity split clear 7" £8 Crumbsuckers:life of dreams lp uk og press 1986 Deathbed/douglas split 7" orange vinyl £3 Distance,the :s/t 7" purple £5 Dinosaur (jr.);same lp 1st press £25 Ensign/Death by stereo split 7" clear brown vinyl £8 explosion,the:steal this 7" £3 For the living:bridges burned lp yellow £10 homefront:sacrifice blue LP tour edition #162/525 £15 House of low culture: poisoned soil 2x 12"/400 black £10 House of low culture:live from the house of low temperature! 12" clear vinyl with purple ink /20 only!! £25 I rise /soul control split 7" with summer tour 2007 pizzamman green cover 002/150 £5 I rise/soul control split red 7" £5 I rise:down red/greyish 7" £5 I rise:for redemption green LP £10 Ink & dagger:sensation e.p. 7" black £5 Ink & dagger:the experiments...7" black simba recors £5 Integrity:systems overload lp red vinyl organized crime records press,gatefold still in shrink £12 internal affairs/allegiance split 7" £3 interpol:evil 7" £5 Interpol:the heinrich maneuver 7" £5 Into another:s/t lp rsd 2012 green vinyl £10 isis:absence of truth 2xlp LP £20 jay-z:the black album LP £15 Keep it up/proven split 7" baby blue marble £3 Leaving trains ,the: fuck lp test press, SST records £20 Leaving trains, the:well down blue highway lp og press, enigma records £15 Living hell:pavor nocturnis 7" black vinyl Mathematics: the problem 2xlp £10 metroschifter encapsulated 2x LP with elliott,get up kids,ink & dagger,promise ring,refused,etc black vinyl £20 morrissey: first of the gang to die single 7" £5 Morrissey: Irish Blood, English Heart single 7" £5 Morrissey: You Have Killed Me single 7" £5 My chemical romance: helena 7" picture disc £15 My chemical romance: i don`t love you 7" picture disc £5 NERD: seeing sounds 2x LP offer nerd:fly or die LP offer nerd:in search of…. LP offer over my dead body/swindle split 7" £3 Over the line: the weight 7" blue vinyl £3 Overcast :s/t 7" clean purple £5 Pennywise: tomorrow 7" £10 Pharrell: frontin` feat jay-z 12" £5 PIECE BY PIECE WE`VE LOST OUR MINDS BLACK 7" £3 Point blank we won`t be silenced 7" red vinyl £8 radar mercury:thank you,good night 7" £3 Samiam:s/t lp purple vinyl og press £20 Samiam:billy lp green vinyl og press £20 Saves the day: under the boards LP blue with black streaks,rare shit ,from 1st press offer Sheer terror:love songs for the unloved LP black vinyl Shelter:perfection of desire lp 1st press,black £20 Slugfest:live 7" white £8 some kind of hate: s/t 7" £3 Some kind of hate:s/t 7" red/700 £5 Spirit of youth/One king down slit LP clear vinyl £10 STAR WARS og soundtrack 2x lp, by john williams 1977 strife :grey 7" red vinyl £10 strife:one thruth LP £15 Suicidal tendencies: s/t LP uk og press virgin records 1987 Suicidal tendencies:send me your money 12" epic 1990 terror/ringworm split white 7" £10 The Smiths: the world won`t listen LP rough trade press £15 throwdown/good clean fun split green 7" £8 throwdown:haymaker red white LP £10 throwdown:s/t red 7" £10 throwdown:s/t white 7" £10 Thursday/thrice split clear 7" £10 time in malta/breathe in split LP £5 Time in malta:identify.persist.transcend. 7" white £5 Tragedy:can we call this life? 7" black £20 Trapped under ice:demo 2007 7" black £10 Trapped under ice:secrets of the wolrd LP 2nd press clear with black splatter vinyl £15 Trapped under ice:stay cold 7" white/2nd press £10 V/A :Anti matter :shades apart/ressurection split 7" £5 V/A: all system go! LP (bane, tyf,ensign,etc) hald brown marble/half clear blue vinyl £10 V/A: messageboard mayhem comp 7" blue (the distance,time to pay,24 hrs to live,etc) £3 V/A: the california takeover...live picture disc LP (earth crisis,strife,snapcase) £10 V/A:28th of january 2006:live at reflections fest 2xLP+DVD feat terror,rise and fall,blacklisted £15 V/A:3-way split 7":The distance,some kind of hate ,outbreak clear vinyl/700 £5 v/a:as we look to the future(bane,etc) 7" £5 V/A:california hardcore lp (afi,ignite,hoods,powerhouse,etc) £10 V/A:Let it ride fest comp LP(rise and fall,BF29,true colors,ritual,NTB,DING,anchor,etc)lim.to 300 offer V/A:nyc takeover vol 2. lp (buried alive,skarhead,river city rebels) £10 V/A:seven one seven hardcore comp (brothers keeper,etc) black vinyl £5 v/a:together as one 7" black (hatebreed, brothers keeper,holdstrong,etc.) £8 wake up call:demo 05` 7" £5 wake up call:one eye open 7" £5 Worlds collide: all hope abandon LP black £10 Worlds collide:get ross! live 3/20/92 LP black £10 Wu-tang clan:8 diagrams 2x lp £10 Shirts: Bishop:red logo with lyrics on the front,M £5 Cast aside:logo on the front and dragon desing on the side,beige L £5 Disembodied:I god only know on the front with yellow,and ferret logop on back,burgundy ,XL sleeveless £10 Disembodied:medusa head black ,M £10 Equalvision records:small logo on chest black XL £8 Martyr a.d.:minnesota north stars rip off logo,green M £15 Martyr a.d.:pirates design,beige,L £10 Mouthpiece:red XXX design on grey shirt,red revelation logo on the back, XL £15 Set your goals:shark design,navy,M £5 Turmoil:3d design with cut in half dude,black L £8 Until the end:proud to be drug free ,evr design navy M £15
  5. Hey dudes, a bunch of Forge Again Records test presses up on the 'bay. http://www.ebay.com/sch/justinwexler/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686 From the really old (ST Monroe/The Like Young split 7") to the newest (Tight Phantomz - Silk Prison 2xLP). I don't press these things to sell them, so there aren't more than 7 or 8 of any of them in existence. Get em while you can.

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