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Found 2 results

  1. 3 records all up in the store today to PRE-ORDER (Should ship around the 9th September) Dark Thoughts - ST LP With 10 of 12 tracks coming in under two minutes and the band making minimal use of chords, you could easily be misled into thinking you've heard this album thousands of times before. But actually, you haven't. Dark Thoughts finds some separation from the pack that’s linked above by virtue of being effectively straightforward in a genre that tends to grow stagnant whenever anyone’s foolish enough to attempt the feat. So many bands have tried and failed miserably at songs that are frequently (and unfairly) categorized as Ramones-core and while Dark Thoughts certainly embraces an archetype, it does so with an infallible mixture of venom and pure feeling. Every song on Dark Thoughts would be a worthy single but the record functions its own standalone entity as well; Dark Thoughts is a sublime piece of insanely well-informed genre work that skews as close to Fix My Brain as it does Rocket to Russia First 100 on Red Vinyl, comes with instant download. Listen HERE Next up, the second solo record from Sadie Switchblade (G.L.O.S.S.) Dyke Drama - Up Against The Bricks LP Dyke Drama seems to be Switchblade’s outlet for songs of the stirring and heartsick variety, and she navigates through punk anthemics, Replacements-core pointedness, and countryfied storytelling with ease. The album opens with “Rolling Tears”, starting with an acoustic guitar and changing pace suddenly, setting the mood for the record. She opens up about her relationship struggles in “Crying In A Bathroom Stall,” showing uninhibited emotion as she sings about coping with heartbreak: “I dunno how I’m gonna live, how I’m gonna live through this” and shares her feelings towards cis women and their lack of understanding in “Cis Girls”, saying “You say I’m second to none, like I ain’t second best.” The album ends with “Some Days I Load My Gun”, a harrowing acoustic track about contemplating suicide First 100 on Blue Vinyl, comes with instant download Listen HERE Tough Tits - Hairless 7" EP Shouty, synthy punk band from Newcastle upon Tyne. CO-RELEASE WITH FRUX TAPES Originally released on Frux Tapes, we are proud to team up with Frux to bring the songs to vinyl. Title track Hairless is the best introduction to this band, a bass-led track with a low down and dirty guitar riff underpinning the shouty vocals. There is a vitality to all of these tracks, an urgency in the playing that rubs against the frustration of the words; a sort of weariness with the state of things that broods into anger and action. Assertive and feminist; raucous, rough-around-the-edges garage punk. Check out the songs and an interview on Noisey HERE 300 on black vinyl, comes with instant download. We have loads of stuff in the works, next up is LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP, Color TV - Demo 7", The Cowboys - ST LP, Adult Magic 7" EP. New stuff in the distro all the time from Lumpy, Dirt Cult, Dead Broke, Total Punk, Red Lounge, Secret Identity, Sabotage etc etc www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk
  2. If you missed out on the earlier presses, the third and final press of the G.L.O.S.S. demo tape is up. get on it. http://notnormaltapes.storenvy.com/products/12244479-g-l-o-s-s-girls-living-outside-societys-shit-tape