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Found 2 results

  1. I listen to all kinds of music (rock, metal, alt, jazz, world, r&b, classical, hip-hop, etc., etc.) on vinyl through headphones. Here is my current and modest set up. Sony STR-D790 Receiver/Amp Technics SL-Q2 Turntable w/ AT92E cartirdge Yamaha NS-6490 Speakers Pioneer SE-205 Vintage Headphones I also listen to Spotify on these mobile devices iPhone 4S iPad 2 Lenovo Thinkpad T60 Last year I bought a pair of Monoprice 8323s, and I liked the sound a lot. Although they got a little uncomfortable after an hour or so. I ended up giving those to my oldest daughter - she is starting to get into her own music. I also bought a pair of Monoprice 9397s - IEMs. I liked them as well, but they didn't fit my ears, so I gave them to my youngest daughter. All I have now is an old pair of Pioneer SE-205s (inherited from my father-in-law), but the left channel is in and out. They also tend to crush my head after about 20 minutes. So I need new headphones pretty bad. IEMs don't work for me as I have weird ear holes. I'm looking for entry- to mid-level, portable over-ear headphones that well represent a wide variety of genres. I'm pretty wide open to suggestion. Well maybe not wide open. I can't spend all that much. I'm worried about the comfort of on-ear. Also sound leakage. Not a big deal for home use, but I travel a lot and I'd want to keep my silly music to myself. I'm not opposed to the idea of open back, I just probably wouldn't be able to travel with them. I'd want to keep my budget under $100. Any help would be great appreciated. Please and thank you.
  2. Brand new member to these boards, and I cannot believe I have never joined here before! So I have been into vinyl since college (about 10 years) and I have always just put most of my money into buying new records, so I have a pretty sweet collection at this point of ~200-300 both used and new. A combination of not having the money, and blowing money on records has always prevented me from building a nice stereo setup. Over the years I have gotten a few vintage pieces together to make my current setup for cheap (~$250): Marantz 6100 turntable - with pickering XV-15 cartridge (original 625E stylus) Sansui G5700 receiver Infinity RSa speakers All of these pieces are in good working order and have done a decent enough job for me for several years as a poor college/grad student, but I am now able to finally upgrade to something better. I never really paid any attention to what components would/should work together since I just bought what I could find at local shops. I am now looking for which component upgrade would give me the most benefit initially, and if any of these components are actually pretty decent and not worth upgrading. I am not really in any rush to upgrade everything all at once (it's been long enough with the current setup that I can take my time) so I would say I have about $750-$1000 budget per component stretched out over the entire upgrade process. I would ideally like to buy new and upgrade to a system that will last for a long while, and not need/want to be changed anytime soon. I listen mainly to rock from all eras and I also have a good amount of classical/jazz records that I was given. I like music to sound clean and straight forward with not too much added color to it. I like hearing what the artist intended without the stereo adding what it thinks it should sound like. Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated with all of this.....time to put on another track now! -Z

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