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Found 2 results

  1. REJOICE $22 a piece (plus $10 for each 7") Now Available from Glacial Pace: LCW and Long Drive (also there is a 7" of Long Drive and LCW era songs at respective links) Now Available from Fat Possum : LCW and Long Drive Now available for preorder from ShopRadioCast: LCW and Long Drive Hastings Exclusive LCW: http://www.gohasting...6956&quantity=1 OP:Here I am at a Modest Mouse show talking to a merch lady (super nice and awesome). "Are either of these (Lonesome Crowded West and This is a long drive...) ever gonna be pressed on vinyl again?" "Soon actually. This one (Lonesome Crowded West) will be first." Holy fucking shitballs. Good news for Modest Mouse vinyl fans! No more $200 records. Share and keep your eyes on Glacial Pace's website. "Edit": 2 things have been brought to my attention: 1) There is already a thread on this. For this, I apologize. I was at the show on my (shitty) cellphone so it was all I could do to post this. 2) Apparently this has been a thing. If it pans out soon, I'm going to be pumped. If it doesn't I am now in the same boat as you all.
  2. http://store.glacialpace.com/products/modest-mouse-life-of-arctic-sounds-7-inch-vinyl It is what it says it is. There was a period in the '90s when you could argue that 7"s were more important to underground upstarts than full-length albums. Seven inches were cheap, and young bands stood a better chance of unloading a small run of EPs than pricier LPs. Consequently, they became the preferred format for putting your best foot forward, and as a result many indie stalwarts' finest moments were initially packaged as 7"s. Case in point: Modest Mouse first stormed onto the scene with a series of now classic EPs and singles. Among those early masterpieces was "A Life of Arctic Sounds" b/w "Medication", which perfectly captured the celebratory chaos, melodic introspection, and pensive piss-and-vinegar of these indie icons. Pressed on White vinyl. Did research. It is a reissue from Suicide Squeeze. One cent cheaper there: http://suicidesqueeze.scdstore.net/

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