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  1. ISO these records! If there’s 2 variants of the same album I’ll take either or! Also have trades here: https://www.discogs.com/user/ChrisBigLobesMartone daughters: Hell Songs - tour cover 180g Born Of Osiris - the discovery - lilac purple 2’ O Clock Girlfriend - A Tale of Two Cities: /70 geoburst OR /30 labelburst Rowsdower: The Michael Jordan of Suicide - /50 nebula OR /50 geoburst The Sawtooth Grin: Cuddlemonster - /50 orange opaque center burst Duck Duck Goose: Noise Noise and More Noise - /30 tri melt The Great Redneck Hope: Behold The Thunderfu
  2. 4-Way split LP from ANTHESIS / BOTFLY / CELL PRESS / GREBER featuring segues by Clouds Become Oceans. FFO: Fuck The Facts, KEN MODE, Yautja, Alexisonfire Vinyl from Ancient Temple Recording (Clear /100, Blue /200) Cassette from No Funeral Records (/100) Digital Streaming
  3. **LIMITED RELEASE. CD - 50 AVAILABLE, CS - 50 AVAILABLE. COMES WITH EXCLUSIVE STICKER. ALL ORDERS SHIP IMMEDIATELY.** FEDSMOKER - "HAOLE MOM" ORDER HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM FEDSMOKER is a 3-piece Northwest outfit featuring legacy members of the Northwest music scene. Spanning over a decade among the grindcore, punk, hardcore, and noise scenes of the tri-state region, the band is the result of months-long pandemic cabin fever. Right off the heels of their debut self-titled demo released earlier in 2020, the band has returned with "Haole Mom", their first proper EP release
  4. Here's A Completed Updated List of The Records I'm selling. All prices are negotiable, paypal. Also, if it's not listed => I don't have it. I have the following LP's For Sale... - Phobocosm "Deprived" *black vinyl* [canadian death metal on dark descent] ($12) - Phobocosm "Bringer of Drought" [canadian death metal on dark descent] *black vinyl* ($13) - Death Courier "Necrogasm (ep)/Deny Your Destiny (demo)/4 Live Songs" [old school thrash death metal on nwnprod] *nwnprod reissue 2017 on black vinyl* ($16) - Devouring St
  5. We're putting two LPs on sale this week for only $8 each! Grab a Dialysis "Pretty Men" or Godstopper, "Who Tries Anymore" on the cheap over in the webstore. http://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/product/dialysis-pretty-men-lp http://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/product/godstopper-who-tries-anymore-12 Beat that Winter boredom into submission with some wild music.
  6. The Drip "The Wasteland" Redux (7 bonus tracks). Deluxe one-time limited reissue via Blackhouse Records. CD ltd. to 300 (100 left). CS ltd. to 60 (2 left). 7 Bonus tracks are the bands very first long out of print self-titled EP. BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM
  7. Syracuse, NY's DIALYSIS offer their first full length- a blazing ripper of grind, punk, thrash, and noisecore in 20 tracks. Having already released two seven inch records, as well as a split with hometown labelmates Bleak, DIALYSIS show a range of diversity on "Pretty Men", their first LP. Blazing fast grind mashes up with slower noisecore dirges, oddball samples, and a touch of saxophone too. Featuring truly insane cover art from Ryan Besch/Your Cinema FFO (in the band's collective mind): Spazz, Iron Lung, Turmoil, George Carlin, Police Academy TITLE TRACK UP HERE: ht
  8. **This is a preorder. All pre-orders will ship the week of June 17th, 2017. More details below.** PRISON RELIGION - "CAGE WITH MIRRORED BARS" LP/CD/SHIRTORDER HERE:BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM Preview here: https://soundcloud.com/prisonreligion/sets/cage-w-mirrored-bars VINYL: Limited to 400 copies total (includes download code)- 100 - Black vinyl with yellow splatter 150 - Ultra Clear vinyl with blood red splatter (mailorder-only edition!!) 150 - Ultra Clear vinyl with red and yellow splatter. CD: Limited to 300 copies total. T-Shirt: Available with Clear w/Blood Red
  9. THE DRIP "The Wasteland" (15 tracks) CD/CS at BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM CD limited to 300 copies (100 left). CS limited to 60 (6 left).
  10. Thaaaaaaaat's right! Starting tonight at MIDNIGHT (pst), you will be able to get up to 50% off almost everything in the BH Webstore! Vinyl, CD's, shirts, you name it!That's not all!We have a couple very special items we have been hanging onto for a bit that will be up for grabs! These two specific items are very limited so get it while the getting is good! What are they? Guess you will have to find out at Midnight. GO HERE: BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM **ALL SALE PRICES WILL BE LISTED PER ITEM. **EXCLUDES CURRENT PREORDERS ON VINYL. CD VERSION WILL BE ON SALE THOUGH. **FREE EXTRA SU
  11. The debut album from VERMIN WOMB will be out October 28th - head over to Cvlt Nation for a track premiere. This LP comes on limited bone white or black vinyl and is housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket. CD comes in a six-panels digipack. Digital version is available for preorder via Bandcamp. North American customers : this is a co-release with our friends at Translation Loss, please pre-order from them. Pre-order now : Europe/World — North America "Formed from the ashes of Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire by vocalist/guitarist Ethan McCarthy (also of Primitive Man and Wither
  12. BACK TO SCHOOL Sale - Ends Friday, 9/9 (end of day). Gear up for the season with a stack of discounted bundle packs from the BH! Select the dropdown to pick from 1 of 4 packages! BLACKHOUSEINC.STORENVY.COM **ALL PRICES INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. PACKAGES ARE LISTED IN ORDER PER IMAGE. ALL PACKAGES COME WITH A FREE SURPRISE ITEM AND A PAIR OF BLACKHOUSE SUNGLASSES.** BUNDLE 1 – THE CS COLLECTOR THROWBACK PACK! – 4 ltd. Ed. CSs ($15ppd) Cold Blooded “This Place is Death” CS (includes bonus track) The Colourflies “Been There, Seen It, Lived It, Licensed It
  13. Both bands play chaotic metal influenced mathy/grindy hardcore. Euth is from Wyoming. Closet Witch is from Iowa. Cassette will is available to purchase starting August 8th via Sassbologna Records (http://sassbologna.org).Free download / Stream:https://closetwitch.bandcamp.com/album/euth-closet-witch-splitMusic video for Closet Witch's 'Funeral Regrets':https://youtu.be/dn4ocQdmY2EMusic video for Closet Witch's 'Civil Necessity':https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWwJ8sCDFAgTape release in Moline, IL on August 18th.7" release TBA via Middle Man Records.Thanks in advance for any possible interest.
  14. Limited to 100. Features the first 2 EPs plus tracks from upcoming split floppy disk with National Hero (not yet released). Sounds/free downloads here [closetwitch.bandcamp.com] » available to purchase at sassbologna.org [sassbologna.org] » recent interview here [www.toiletovhell.com] »
  15. I have too much junk. Help me get rid of some junk. Shipping not included. Shipping will be like $3-$5 depending on how much you buy. A lot of this is really cheap so buy at least $5 worth of stuff to make it worth a trip to the post office. I used to be really slow. Not anymore. I have a car now. All adult and shit. I sold on here a couple times a few years (was surprised my account still existed) and I used to sell/buy on Dead Format constantly. Any questions on anything message me. 5" My Own Lies / Wilbur Cobb - split (black) $2 Waifle / The Anasazi - split (orange) $2 7" A Life On
  16. most of this i know isn't board-acceptible, but maybe a few of the lurkers are fans. Prices are as follows: 7" (unless marked or TEST PRESS) - $5 10" (unless marked) - $8 12" (unless marked or TEST PRESS) - $10 tests are offers, but will probably just go on the machine. $10 min order please to make it worth using up mailers, etc. shipping is $4 for the states and exact for everywhere else. Warning: these records are used, have been played, so they aren't brand new/from a store/sealed/etc. There might be corner dings, small bends, etc. The records are clean and they have been taken care
  17. Been going through my stuff and picking out what doesn't get played much these days. I am more than willing to take offers on anything. Possibly trades. Get in touch for questions, condition, offers, etc. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in Rochester, NY. My email is [email protected] 3-20-15 7" ETAE-(Japanese title) (Straight Up Records/Cries of Pain) (Songs: Rotten to the Core, Patience, Carve the End, Again) $3 Forca Macabra-s/t (Crust Records) $2 The Skuds-millions of dead (not on label) $2 V/A-Hibachi Omnibus Vol. 1 : Far East Meets Midwest (Hibachi/No Sens
  18. VERMIN WOMB «Permanence» is now up for pre-order, full streaming and free download. Head over to Metalsucks for an exclusive full stream of the record : http://www.metalsucks.net/2014/07/03/full-album-debut-vermin-wombs-permanence/ Pre-orders (Europe/world) : http://bit.ly/vwombEU Pre-orders (USA/Canada) : http://bit.ly/vwombUSA Free download - http://bit.ly/vwombDL The vinyl comes on milky clear 12" and is housed in a glossy heavy jacket with printed innersleeve - all orders will ship around September 1st. An high-quality download (with complete artwork) is also available from our Bandcamp
  19. Not sure how many people here are interested, but PO's are up for the new Anaal Nathrakh album. Right now the vinyl option is only in the EU store. Two variants, 180g black and an unannounced color. http://www.omerch.eu/shop/metalblade/products.php?cat=3985
  20. Hey guys, trying to cover some incoming expenses so I'm parting with both my clear variants of Terrifyer and Phantom Limb. PM with an offer if you're interested. Both records are in absolute mint condition (unplayed). I could part with the pair for $220 shipped and insured. I also have the following I wouldn't mind parting with as well. All are unplayed. Within Canada shipping is 15$ and to the US is 15-20$ Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends (RSD clear) - 30$ Botch - American Nervoso (RSD) - 25$ Converge/Napalm Death split (vinyl bong smokey clear with haze) - 18$ Brutal Truth - Endt
  21. Here's the direct link to the list: http://www.goodwillrecords.net/new%20offer/newoffer.html
  22. We've just run an inventory and decided to cut prices on over 100 different LPs for the next 3 days. Each LP on the list below is only 5 euros a piece. The number AFTER the album is the number of copies we have. If you need more info on the album, feel free to check it out at www.goodwillrecords.net The offer lasts until midnight on 24/04/2014 and is valid for orders of 50 euros or more (minimum10 LPs, different or same, your choice). On the 25th of April the prices return the same as before. Send your orders to [email protected] So here's the list: 3801 CINECYDE - Let's Talk - LP 5 3805 DR
  23. co-cop distro between Absurd Exposition and Black Banana Records here's what's new: AFTERNOON PENIS / ESKIMO KING 12" BLACK EVEREST 7" BONEBLACK LP CETASCEAN 7" DAMAGES - Indignation LP DAMAGES - Scars 7" DAMAGES - Unrequited 7" DAMAGES / BOOK OF CAVERNS 7" DEAD RADICAL / REPUBLICORPSE 7" DEADSURE - Extra Large Youth LP END OF ALL - Places 7" THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE / PIG HEART TRANSPLANT 7" GAS CHAMBER - Modern Vision of the Erect Nightmare 7" HONDURAN 7" MAHRIA / TODOS CAERAN 10" MOHORAM ATTA / THOU - Degradation of Human Life 12" MOUSE EAR 7" NEGATIVE STANDARDS CS POWERCUP
  24. Out January 15th on Hardware Records (tests have been approved, pre-order up soon), available on limited green coloured wax and standard black. Anyone else stoked for this? All the EPs & splits this band have released are killer, and the s/t 7" still stands out as one of my favourite releases of all time. Stream the first 5 tracks here: http://hardwarerecords.bandcamp.com/album/jackals-no-solution-12
  25. pretty simple and to the point. False Light released this EP digitally last year and on a small run of tapes, the band, Headfirst! (US), and Dead Chemists (UK) have teamed up to give it a proper vinyl release. /300 on "murky water" colored vinyl, foldout covers, with screenprinted obi strips with 100 being available from each label as well as 100 directly through the band. stream it here: http://thefalselight.bandcamp.com/ download it free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?9dwbezwgx1748xm pre-orders from: Headfirst! Records (US - http://headfirstrecords.limitedrun.com/) Dead Chemists

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