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Found 14 results

  1. New KEPI GHOULIE LP out today!! Kepi, frontman of the legendary GROOVIE GHOULIES, draws influence from the entire spectrum of his long career for his new solo LP - from upbeat pop punk ragers to mellow introspections of catchy folk / americana. This is Kepi at his very best, and we are so proud to release this record! For sale RIGHT NOW at https://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com And that's not all!!! Also new to the Eccentric Pop store - a Europe-only split 7" from Kepi and Herve Peawee, featuring both artists' acoustic interpretations of classic cuts from THE CLASH! And there's even more!!! Our good friends at Mooster Records have reissued the EPIC 90s POP PUNK CLASSIC self titled LP from THE AUTOMATICS! 90s snot punk at its finest, presssed on beautiful splatter vinyl, and limited to just 300 copies! This is the first time this record has ever been available on vinyl - the original Mutant Pop release was CD only! Fun tip - you can get ALL THREE NEW RECORDS for just $35!!
  2. Hi there! Also this I've released releasing Kepi's Valentine's Day 7"! The record came out on the 25th of this month, it contains two brand new guitars & vocals tracks, "The Anchor Songs" on side A and "It's A Wonderful Life" on side B. 1st press is limited to 300 copies including 200 on sea blue wax and 100 on lime green wax (only a very few left of this one). The record is available @ http://surfinkirecords.bigcartel.com/ . Shipping costs to the US, Canada, Europe and Japan is 7€, no matter how big the order is! On the webstore I'm also offering 10 discounted bundles containing all four Valentine's Day records (three 7"s and one CD) that I've released for Kepi including the very last copies of the 2014 7" on clear red wax!
  3. Groovie Ghoulies “Appetite for Adrenochrome” LP / CD – First released in 1989 on Crimson Corpse Records, and later re-released by the legendary Lookout! Records, this iconic debut LP from GROOVIE GHOULIES has been out of print for years. Eccentric Pop is BEYOND STOKED to finally bring this album back into print – fully remastered, with 3 bonus tracks, and all new art from Tom Neely (Green Day, Henry and Glenn Forever, The Humans). Pressed on super-hot pink vinyl with 2 sided poster insert and mp3 download codes Kepi Ghoulie / Accelerators “Fun in the Dark” LP / CD – Holland’s ACCELERATORS (Shield Recording / Stardumb Records) perfected the classic tracks from “Fun In the Dark” while supporting Kepi Ghoulie on a mammoth 2013 European tour. After the last show, Kepi and the band hit the studio and recorded an EPIC re-interpretation of the entire album. This really is a mind-blowing record, and people are going to freak out when they hear it! (The original version will also be remastered and re-released at some point in the future – we’re going in chronological order on the reissues!) http://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com/
  4. Also this year I'm releasing the Valentine 7" for Mr. Kepi Ghoulie! The record contains brand new acoustic versions of "That's how strong my love is" feat Kevin Preston ( Prima Donna, Foxboro Hot Tubs) and "Cupid is real" feat Ian Fowles ( The Aquabats! , Death By Stereo) recorded in December 2014. 1st run is limitred to 300 copies including 200 on blue wax and 100 on black wax! People from North/South America and Australia can preorder it trough the Machine Shop @ http://www.themachineshoprocks.com/K..._7_p/kvd15.htm All the others can preorder it from my webstore http://surfinkirecords.bigcartel.com/ (I'm offering very cheap flat rate shipping rates to almost every country so please take a look, I'm also selling the very last copies of the 2014 Valentine 7"!)
  5. The fine folks over at Eccentric Pop have a package deal for the next three Kepi/Groovie Ghoulies LPs. http://eccentricpoprecords.storenvy.com/products/9897601-ghoulie-club-lp-subscription-incl-postage 100 packages available, guaranteed first pressing, $50 ppd. From Eccentric Pop: When Green Door Records and Eccentric Pop released "Flying Saucer Rock N Roll" in the summer of 2014, the first pressing sold out in just two days. A lot of fans missed out on the first pressing, and they were bummed! We don't want you to be bummed! So we are launching the Ghoulie Vinyl Club! The entire Groovie Ghoulies catalog will be reissued in the coming years, and Kepi has no plans to slow down with amazing new releases. Want to make sure you get them all? I recommend joining the club! Here's what your subscription/membership gets you: -A guaranteed first pressing of the next 3 Kepi/Groovie Ghoulie releases -A special, discounted price that will not be available once the membership deal closes. -Shipping paid for all 3 releases Because of our distributor's inventory requirements, we can only accept 100 subscriptions for each 3 LP cycle, and membership will only be open for 4-6 weeks ahead of each new 3 LP cycle! This Membership cycle will be open until November 17th, 2014!!! All the kids on Pogo Pogo are doing it! And you should too!! Join the Ghoulie Club today, and be the first kid on your block to proudly call yourself a Misfitt with two T's!!!
  6. Minimum order is $20 please. Shipping and fees will be added, but very minimal. 7” Amy Linton (The Aislers Set) + Stewart Anderson (Boyracer) $3 (slr) Aislers Set – Been Hiding | cardboard sleeve $8 (slr) Aislers Set / Fairways - split | $8 Aislers Set – Attraction Reaction Action | some fading on top of sleeve $5 Aislers Set / #Poundsign# (Rocketship) split | Japan tour only (slr) Aislers Set – Christmas single | red vinyl, very limited (slr) American Steel - Fat Club | small chip on top of sleeve $13 Bad Brains –Live At Iguanas | purple vinyl, scratched $1 Beatnik Termites – Ultra Low Fidelity | $4 Beatnik Termites – Circles | clear vinyl, $20 Beatnik Termites – You’re All Talk | green $10 Beatnik Termites – You’re All Talk | gold $10 Beatnik Termites - Lineage | $10 Buck – Jerry Hall | black for $4 or red for $15 Cause Co-Motion – I Lie Awake |$2.50 (slr) Crabapples – For Change | blue vinyl, $2.50 (slr) Dan Vapid & The Cheats/Jetty Boys - split | green vinyl w/black smoke $make offer Earthmen | white vinyl $3 (slr) English Singles | 1st release on Slumberland $2.50 (slr) Evans the Death – Telling Lies | white vinyl $3 (slr) Evans The Death – Catch Your Cold | white vinyl $3 (slr) Green Day - Sweet Children | Reprise remaster (official pressing) $12 Groovie Ghoulies - Child of the Moon Groovie Ghoulies – Lost Generation | purple vinyl Groovie Ghoulies – Island of Pogo Pogo | $8 Groovie Ghoulies – Running With Big Foot | red vinyl Groovie Ghoulies – Magic 8-Ball | red labels, $22 Groovie Ghoulies – Graveyard Girlfriend | orange $15 Groovie Ghoulies – Vampire Girl | pic disc $22 Gregory Webster – Promised Land | $2.50 (slr) Hangee V/Angry Breed - Sounds of Fuzz split | red (pinkish) vinyl $10 Invalids/Tough - split | pink vinyl Invalids - Wiseguys | green logo Jane Pow – Warm Room | test press, coke bottle clear $25 (slr) June Brides – moon / cloud | +bonus CD $3 (slr) Kepi Ghoulie/Flav Giorgini - split | $6 Kepi Ghoulie – Sleepy Hollow | orange vinyl, pumpkin sleeve $16 Kepi Ghoulie/Dr. Frank – split | purple vinyl, limited to 60 $35 Linda Smith – Till Another Time | blue vinyl $11 (slr) Lorelei - Asleep | red vinyl $11 (slr) Manatee – Indecision | ice blue vinyl $2.50 (slr) Manatee – Single Payer Class War | flexi $2.50 (slr) McRackins – We Like To Make Records | white vinyl, $4 Mr. T Experience – So Long Sucker | $15 (LK) Mr. T Experience – Strum Und Bang | $15 Mr. T Experience/Goober Patrol - split | $7 Mr. T Experience – Alternative Is Here To Stay | $7 Mr. T Experience – King Dork (split w/Gigantor) | orange vinyl $14 Nord Express – Sharky | $2.50 (slr) NOFX – Liza and Louise | gold vinyl from box set NOFX - Suffer | black, NOFX – Regaining Unconsiousness | grey with white smoke $7.50 NOFX – Fat Club | gold vinyl from box set $14 NOFX – I’ve Become A Cliche | gold vinyl from box set $4.50 Noise By Numbers - 1st 7" | $15 Noise By Numbers/Magnificent - split | purple vinyl, $6.50 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Everything With You | blue vinyl, $40 (paid $100 for this one) Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Fiction | red vinyl, $15 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Come Saturday | green vinyl, $10 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong 7" | pink vinyl make offer Parasites - Burnt Toast $5 Parasites - En Homage aux Beatles | clear vinyl, #0007 of 1966 $12 Parasites - Letdown | clear purple vinyl $15 Parasites – VMLive 1994 Phil Wilson – Industrial Strength | 2x7” $4 (slr) Queers/Atom Age - split Queers/Hi-Fives/Ten-Four/Scared of Chaka - Dishwasher | $7 Small Factory | white vinyl $12 (slr) Small Factory – Lose Your Way | $8 (slr) Stereolab – John Cage Bubblegum | pink vinyl $52 (paid $80, slr) Surrogate Brains – Surrogate Serenades | $4 (lookout records #6?) Teen Idols/Mulligan Stu - split | yellow vinyl Teen Idols – Let’s Make Noise | blue vinyl Tender Trap – Do You Want A Boyfriend? | white vinyl, $3 (slr) Tiger Trap/Henry’s Dress - split | blue vinyl Violens – Totally True | clear vinyl, $4 (slr) Wynona Riders – Some Enchanted Evening | $5 Zoinks - Soap Factory | black vinyl, $4.50 Zoinks – Sapsucker Sluggo | black vinyl, $4.50 (v/a) Searching For The Now 1 – Roy Moller/Hermit Crabs | | white vinyl w/green splatter $2.50 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 2 – Bye!/The Happy Couple | white vinyl w/blue splatter $2.50 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 3 – A Sunny Day In Glasgow/The Sunny Street | white vinyl, $8 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 4 – Pains Of Being Pure At Heart/Summer Cats | grey vinyl, $21 (slr) (v/a)Searching For The Now 6 – The School/George Washington Brown | mixed vinyl, $2.50 (slr) (v/a)All Kinds Girls vol 2- Cub/Mini Skirt Mob/Lemon Babies/Pink Kross | 2x7” $9 (v/a) For Paper Airplane Pilots – Cub/Raggedy Ann/Tully Craft/Weakling | $5.50 (v/a) World In Shreds vol. 4 - Undead, Parasites | clear vinyl $12 10” Groovie Ghoulies – Berry’d Alive | orange vinyl Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry The Banner $20 12” Aislers Set – Terrible Things Happen | $43 (slr) Aislers Set – The Last Match | rare blue vinyl, $48 Aislers Set – Mission Bells | $8 American Steel – Destroy Their Future | white vinyl, $48 American Steel – Dear Friends | red vinyl, VG+ condition, $22 Bad Religion – True North | red vinyl, no skips + CD, $25 Balzac - Zennou x2 LP | red vinyl $15 Balzac - Out Of The Light | pic disc $8 Balzac - Terrifying: Art of Dying/Last Men On Earth II red/green vinyl $10 Beatnik Termites – Pleasant Dreams | white vinyl, $45 Bricolage | $4.50 (slr) Brilliant Colors – Again and Again | blue & pink swirled vinyl, $18 (slr) Cause Co-Motion | hand painted jacket, $4.50 (slr) Crimpshrine – Duct Tape Soup | original pressing $25 Dan Vapid & Cheats - Two | sparkled vinyl, $75 Flim-Flams (Vindictives) - green vinyl $30 Frankie Rose & The Outs | $11 (slr) Frankie Rose – Interstellar | black vinyl, $11 (slr) Get Up Kids – Simple Science | blue vinyl, $15 Gold Bears – Are You Falling In Love? | black, $4.50 (slr) Green Day – Nimrod | German pressing, no insert Green Day – International Superhits | Asian pink vinyl, $65 Groovie Ghoulies – World Contact Day | purple vinyl, $30 Groovie Ghoulies – Re-Animation Festival | orange vinyl $40 Groovie Ghoulies – Fun in the Dark | $40 Groovie Ghoulies – Travels With My Amp | gold vinyl $38 Groovie Ghoulies - Go! Stories | white vinyl with doodles from band from record release party $70 Groovie Ghoulies - Flying Saucer Rock N Roll | green vinyl Hunx and His Punx- Gay Singles | EU pressing, $13 Hunx – Hairdresser Blue | black, $7.50 Lodger – Grown Ups | $7.50 (slr) Lodger – Life Is Sweet | $4.50 (slr) Lodger – Flashbacks | $5.50 (slr) Lookouts – One Planet, One People | NM condition, $70 Lorelei - Everything Must Touch The Stove (slr) $20 Meatload - Dead Ringer $10 Mr. T Experience – Everybody’s Entitled To Their Own Opinion | $22 (LK) Mr. T Experience - Road To Ruin | white vinyl $75 Mr. T Experience – Alcatraz | $15 Manges – R Good Enough | original pressing Manges – Good Enough | blue vinyl, $25 Misfits - Descending Angel |white vinyl w/black splatter, limited to 300 $23 Noise By Numbers - Yeah, Whatever | white $22 Nord Express – s/t | $4.50 (slr) Nord Express – Central | $4.50 (slr) NOFX – Liberal Animation | yellow vinyl, $27 NOFX – Liberal Animation | remastered, black vinyl, unplayed $7.50 Pinhead Gunpowder - Goodby Ellston Avenue | 1st press $20 Pinhead Gunpowder - Shoot The Moon | 1st press $20 Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Acid Reflex | purple vinyl $12 Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry The Banner Queers – Shout Out | limited to 666, but w/super rare bonus 7”, $60 Queers – Grow Up | gold vinyl, limited 100 $make offer Queers - Day Late, Dollar Short | gold vinyl, limited 100 $make offer Sleater-Kinney - Call The Doctor $35 Softies - Holiday In Rhode Island $35 Teen Idols – Pucker Up | Veronica Falls – s/t | blue vinyl, $80 (slr) Veronica Falls – Waiting For Something To Happen| white vinyl, $43 (slr) Veterans (Manges) | red vinyl, $28 Young Fresh Fellows – Electric Bird Digest | $4 (v/a) Built On Blood - rare Sludgeworth (Dan Vapid) track $22 (v/a) The Thing That Ate Floyd | purple 2xLP, $45 (v/a) Kill Rock Stars/Lookout Records - A Slice Of Lemon | 2xLP, $18 (v/a) Joe Queer Presents More Bounce To The Ounce | 2xLP, $18 (v/a) Teenage Kicks | $14 (v/a) Julep – Another Yoyo Studio Compilaton | purple vinyl, $35 (v/a) Periscope – Another Yoyo Compilation | purple NM vinyl purchased new, but right audio channel has noise | $25 (v/a) Boyracer's Jen + Steve wedding comp (Softies) $25 (v/a) Nadwuar Human Serviette - Teenage Zit Rock Angst $10
  7. Groovie Ghoulies' masterpiece "Freaks On Parade" is finally gonna get the treatment it deserves and will be re-released for the very first time as a 12" by Surfin' Ki Records! Every copy will also include a free cd edition offered by Stefan of Stardumb Records who originally released this awesome mini album in 2001! The release date is the 25 of January. The record will be released in 300 copies including a special edition on coloured wax limited to the number of preorders we'll get (the deadline is January 18)! As usual there is a free testpress copy of the record for one of the customers who'll preorder it! Preorder from the US / Canada: http://www.themachineshoprocks.com/G...e_p/ggfplp.htm (if you want your order to be mailed using media mall or any other service please write [email protected] ) Preorder from Europe / rest of the world: http://surfinkirecords.bigcartel.com/
  8. ***RELEASE DATE: February 14th (hopefully we'll be able to start to mail them earlier!) Kepi Ghoulie's Valentine 2014, this year on coloured wax! Feauturing brand new acoustic versions of the Groovie Ghoulie's "I Wanna Have Fun" and Kepi's "Fortune Teller", re-recorded for this occasion together with members of Dog Party! The records will be limited to 300 copies including 200 on solid red wax and 100 on white wax. Preorder it now and get the chance to win a testpress copy of the record! People from the US, Canada and South America can order the record from the Machine Shop @ http://www.themachineshoprocks.com/Kepi_Ghoulie_s/1817.htm People from any other coutry can buy it from http://surfinkirecords.bigcartel.com/ The picture is just a preview, the final artwork will be posted soon! Also available: very last 10 copies of the Groovie Ghoulies "Freaks On parade" LP reissue on coloured wax!
  9. The long wait is over! Up for pre-order RIGHT NOW! The Old Wives and The Blendours Split 12" LP! Purple vinyl is limited to 150 copies, and comes with some rad Old Wives buttons and an Eccentric Pop magnet, and maybe some other fun stuff as well! I am so, so incredibly stoked on this LP – best new pop punk record yet in 2013, hands down! There are some preview tracks on the pre-order page!! PLUS... each pre-order is in the drawing for one of three test presses! PLUS... I just stocked the store with TONS of rad pop punk records from Mooster Records, Jolly Ronnie Records, Kid Tested Records, and Dead Broke Rekerds, including several color variants that are either out of print or damn near out of print (I only have one copy of most of these!) Buy all you can - I've gotta pay for the new Jetty Boys LP coming out in a few months! AND... a new super mega bundle has been put up as well, featuring all the Eccentric Pop Records releases, two Kurt Baker records, and a FREE, OUT OF PRINT GROOVIE GHOULIES 7"!! holy smokes! Don't miss out on this pre-order! The split LP is expected to ship on June 13th, and the only way to get your hands on one of those test pressings is through our store! Eccentric Pop 2013!!! Wooo!!!! How many exclamation points can one label possible employ!! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/
  10. Hey VC folks, I am down to 14 copies of the marbled variant of the Parasites "non stop power pop vol. I" LP (150 pressed). If you'd like one, get it here! http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/ Thanks!
  11. Hello VC! I just put up the pre-order for my label's first release! The legendary Parasites most recent full-length, Non Stop Power Pop Vol. I! www.eccentricpop.com This is one of my favorite records they have ever done! Pressing is limited to 150 on the swirled colors, 350 on blue... Thanks! Travis / Eccentric Pop
  12. Guess what just showed up at Eccentric Pop headquarters??!?!? Both variations for sale RIGHT NOW at http://eccentricpoprecords.bigcartel.com/ !!!
  13. Prices not ppd. Will charge exact shipping + the additional cost of mailer if I do not have any to use. Conditions listed below are Media/Sleeve. Records are black Vinyl unless otherwise stated and I provided the pressing amount for many of them. I am also entertaining trade lists. ====================================================================== BARGAIN BIN ($1 & $2 Items) TERMS: If you purchase from the two dollar bin PLEASE pay as a gift or cover Paypal fees (if you don't trust me). in addition to shipping costs ($1.98 for one item. I charge ACTUAL COST. No inflated rates. If I need to use a bubble mailer for 1 CD or Tape then you agree to pay an extra $0.35. Shipping materials aren't free.). You can buy as little or as much as you'd like but please pay within 24 hours. In addition if you want to pick them up from Philly and pay no shipping costs/fees I'm fine with that too. 7" === CIV - Social Climber (NM/VG+) $1 Loafass / Peelander-Z - Loafass Vs. Peelander-Z (NM/EX) $2 New Pornographers - Moves(NEW, RSD 2011 /500) $2 Wilco - I Might / I Love My Label (NEW, crease across sleeve) $2 CDs === Boysetsfire - The Day the Sun Went Out (NEW, SEALED) $2 Breathe In - From This Day On (NEW) $2 Built to Spill - Center of the Universe Single (NM/NM) $1 CIV - Set Your Goals (NEW, SEALED) $2 The Fiery Furnaces - Rehearsing My Choir (NEW, SEALED, has 2 cracks on jewel case) $1 Finch - Falling Into Place (NEW, SEALED) $2 The Flaming Lips - Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (NM/NM) $2 Idlewild - The Remote Part (VG+/NM) $1 Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Pig Lib (NM/EX, 2 Disc Set) $1 Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening (NEW, SEALED has a promo cut into the right side) $1 Various Artists - Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute (NM/NM) $1 Tapes === The Clash - Cut the Crap(NM/NM) $1 Down By Law - S/T (VG+/NM) $1 Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire (EX/EX) $2 ====================================================================== SET SALE (PRICES LOWERED 11/02) 7" === AC4 (Dennis and David from Refused) / Surprise Sex Attack - Split (NM/NM, Australian Import 120/300) $20 Anywhere- Pyramid Mirrors(NEW, #315/500) & Infrared Moses (NEW, #487/500) SOLD AS LOT $28 Coliseum / Young Widows - Split (VG+/NM, Red/Black Vinyl /450) $15 H2O - New York City (NEW, Gray Vinyl /300) $7 No Trigger - Be Honest (NM/NM, White Vinyl /400) $3 The Old Firm Casuals / Insane Dogs - Them Against Us (NM/EX /1000) $5 The Queers - Everything's O.K. (NM/EX) $6 Snapcase - Comatose (EX/VG+, Black Vinyl / Yellow Lettering Sleeve) $5 Various Artists - Anchorless Records Split Vol. 2 Feat. Dead to Me, The Holy Mess, In the Red and More (NEW) $4 Velocity Girl / Chisel (Ted Leo) - Split (EX/EX) $3 12" === !!! - Myth Takes (NM/NM, Played once) $25 The Atom Age - The Hottest Thing That's Cool (NEW) $5 Groovie Ghoulies - World Contact Day (NM/VG+, Purple Vinyl) $17 Hold Tight! - Can't Take This Away (NEW, /100) $8 No Trigger - Tycoon (NEW SEALED, Sub. Series Press on White /200) $13 Rudiments / Suicide Machines - Skank for Brains (NEW, Screened Cover, Fest X Press /100) $20 The Strokes - Angles (NM/NM in Shrink) $11 TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light (NEW, Bar Code Slashed Out) $11 Various Artists - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Reinterpreting Black Flag (NM/NM IN SHRINK) $3 Tapes === The Shit (Ryan Adams) -Slef Prortrait (NEW, Hand Numbered 633/1000) $8 ====================================================================== BEST OFFER 12" === Ben Folds Five - The Sound of The Life of the Mind (NEW, Signed by the Entire Band) OFFER Sigur Ros - Hvarf - Heim (NM/NM, /1250) OFFER Strung Out - Another Day in Paradise (NM/EX, Translucent Orange /570) OFFER
  14. http://www.ebay.com/sch/mirrotuna2/m.html?item=160900105187&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Sealed '88 Walk Among Us '86 s/t American Psycho 180 g A Walk Among Us 1st press Live Night of the Living Dead Walk Among Us on blue (unplayed) Sealed Groovie Ghoulies!

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