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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys ! I'm located in Brazil and if somebody is looking for some VINYL LP, 12", 7", EP pressed in Brazil please let me know the artists you need. Almost genres: rock, pop, hard, metal, progressive rock, psychedelic, Brazilian music, etc.. I ship to USA, Canada, Europe,Japan
  2. Just a heads up that 'Venting' by Five Bolt Main is finally getting the vinyl treatment! It's in "funding" mode right now and at least 100 need to be reserved for it to get pressed, but for a title like this I doubt that's going to be a problem. It just went up a couple days ago. Available here
  3. Official announcement from Collective Wave Records: "Collective Wave Records is proud to announce the signing of Seattle's rock/metal band Arisen From Nothing. This powerful five piece is set to release a new studio album under the Collective Wave label in the first quarter of 2017. A vinyl pre-order will be announced shortly." Source: http://www.collectivewave.ca
  4. DIRT TUSK - MUSK EP IS NOW AVAILABLE TO STREAM/DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AT DIRTTUSK.COM Two piece rock group Eric and Brian formed in the south Chicago suburbs one year ago and today they release their debut EP MUSK. Featuring four new songs that were self recorded and engineered by the band, this EP has a huge sound and is a promising start to a new entry into the Chicago local rock scene. Their next show is November 9th at the Underground Lounge with Red Stone Souls from Detroit, MI. Lets party!
  5. Hailing from Valleyfield, QC. Gottweist is a Heavy Metal band with a trash and riff-heavy influence combined with a Post-Hardcore, more Hard Rock sound. With a mixture of more clean vocals than screaming. FFO: Killswitch Engage, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Trivium Gottweist - Future Is in Our Hands available now: Bandcamp: http://gottweist.bandcamp.com/releases iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/gottweist/id1107133591 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2XuG1G1fIz7SfG0HwyXLr4 CD AVAILABLE HERE: http://collectivewave.ca/store
  6. It's here! Our first single off of our debut MUSK EP! Listen to BLACK MOSS here: https://dirttusk.bandcamp.com/releases Hello everyone! We are just getting finished with our debut E.P. "MUSK" and we've created a little teaser for the first single called "Black Moss"! Take a big whiff of what we've been working on and get excited for some stanky sounds! Our single drops on Friday the 13th of November! http://youtu.be/rqlWt_FcDfA A new heavy rock band formed in Chicago by my buddy Eric and I (formerly of Red Like Radio Flyer), DIRT TUSK brings a full, hard-hitting punch to the music scene. We've debuted a live demo out of our practice space (a.k.a. garage) of our song "Leeches" which you can view below. Please give us a listen if you're into Queens of the Stone Age, Every Time I Die, Nirvana, Death From Above 1979, or just some good old fashioned hard rock. We're quickly trying to get our debut album done as soon as we can! Give us a like/follow/high five/@reply/hug on any of our social media handles. Hope to see you all soon! ;D Let's thrash, y'all! We now also have a live recording from our show at Quencher's! Check out "The King of Rats" below!!! DIRT TUSK - THE KING OF RATS (LIVE @ QUENCHER'S CHICAGO) If you went to RIOT FEST 2015 in Chicago this year, hopefully you saw or grabbed one of our flyers! If you did, it was a pleasure meeting you! And to all the new people, welcome! We're more than delighted to rock for you soon! FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTA Thanks for checking us out! Or not, LOL! -Brian
  7. *NOTE* Prices are in Canadian, so you American's get a bit of a break with our loonie being a bit down Shipping is as follows (in Canadian $): Within Canada - $12 for 1-2 records, $15 for 3-5. USA : $20 for 1-2 records, $25 for 3-5. International : 30 for 1-2 records, $40 for 3-5 Nazareth - Self titled debut SP-69879 $24 Venom - Canadian Assault - BAM 1002 $30 Children of Bodom - Are you dead yet? - Picture Disc - FONINT2786 - $20 Dark Tranquillity - Construct - Grey vinyl w/ bonus 7" - LC06975 - $30 Dokken - Back for the Attack - 96 07351 - $8 Dokken - Tooth and Nail - 96 03761 - $9 Black Sabbth - Born Again - 92 39781 - $15 Ozzy Osbourne - Diary of a Madman - FZ 37492 - $10 Dio - Last in Line - 92 51001 - $12 The Krewmen - Curse of the Graveyard Demon - EVIL-27 - $34 Styx - Kilroy Was Here - SP-3734 - $7 Black Sabbath - Mob Rule - XBS 3605 - $12 Def Leppard - Pyromania - VOG-1-3319 - $8 Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash - Gold w/ black vinyl - 2509-1 - $34 Any questions please ask or PM me Thank You.
  8. So... I need money to move and eBay is just... horrible. I'm selling all of this. Payment only accepted through Paypal. NOTE: I would PREFER to sell in either bulk orders, or sell the entire lot. However, if you can make me good offers for individual sales, that is now being accepted as well. All of these are still available for sale, I edit the list as I receive orders. I would LOVE you for fucking life if someone would buy the entire lot I am located in the United States and obviously shipping prices are a factor (keep this in mind). I'm new to this forum, but have sold plenty in others. Ulver - Trolsk Sortmetall box set (black, played only ONCE) $140 *can't discount this, it's rare* Merciless - The Awakening (Temple Of Darkness Records) - $18 Saint Vitus - Born Too Late - $12 Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath (first press) - $21 Alcest - BBC Live Session - $17 Nekrofilth - Worship Destruction (die-hard edition with REAL blood-filled syringe attached) - $28 Myling - Sotpuke - $14 Jess And The Ancient Ones - Jess And The Ancient Ones (first press rare purple) - $52.00 The Hidden Hand - The Resurrection Of Whiskey Foote - $15 Witchcraft - S/T - $28 Witch - S/T - $16 Witch - Paralyzed - $19 Orchid - The Mouths Of Madness (rare pink) - $30 Alcest - Écailles De Lune - $20 Putrefaction - Blood Cult - $13 Torture Chain - Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy Of Blood (white) - $15 Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings (neo folk compilation) - $ 75 Bastard Priest - Ghouls Of The Endless Night (Blue/Turquoise Splatter) - $25 Nocturnal - Arrival Of The Carnivore (first press) - $35 Venenum - S/T - $16 Sempiternal Deathreign - The Spooky Gloom (first press) - $23 Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose Of Death... - $14 Slaughter - Strappado (signed) - $19 Nocturnal Breed - Fields Of Rot - $14 Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations (first press) - $40 Negative Plane - Et In Saecula Saeculorum - $24 Morbus Chron - Sleepers In The Rift (first press black) - $20 Midnight - Satanic Royalty (blue) - $23 Ghast - May The Curse Bind - $24 Blodsrit - Helveteshymner - $14 Black Sabbath - Paranoid - $10 Gehenna ‎– Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell) - $16 Magic Circle - S/T - $18 Nhor - Within the Darkness Between the Starlight - $27 A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms - $25 Sodb - Demo on grey vinyl - $20 Sentenced - Shadows of the Past - $20 Sorgsvart ‎– Vikingtid Og Anarki - $18 Vàli ‎– Forlatt - $25 Vàli ‎– Skogslandskap - $25 Apostle of Solitude - Sincerest Misery - $16 Chelsea Wolfe ‎– The Grime And The Glow - $16 High on Fire - The Vermis... - $16 Head of the Demon - S/T - $17 Lantlos - Melting Sun - $19 Les Discrets - Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées - $23 Les Discrets ‎– Ariettes Oubliées... (white) - $23 Lamented Souls - The Origins of Misery - $25 OBEY - Romance of Misanthropy - $15 Timeghoul - Demo compilation - $20 Ulvdalir - Cold Breath of Apocalypse - $14 Nattefrost ‎– Terrorist - Nekronaut Pt. 1 (pic disc) $12 Taake - Dra Til Helvete (split with another band) 10" - $14 Darkthrone - The Cult is Alive grey vinyl first press - $30 Cultes Des Ghoules ‎– Henbane first press (green and grey) - $26 Black Magic - Wizard's Spell Halloween orange vinyl first press - $30 Bathory ‎– Under The Sign Of The Black Mark, first press $40 Carach Angren ‎– Where The Corpses Sink Forever - $14 Blind Melon, reissue, 180 gram - $20 Abhoth ‎– The Tide + Demos compilation DLP (white) - $20 Feel free to negotiate with me, but keep the amounts reasonable, please. We can talk about shipping prices within the USA, international shipment, you'll have to pay the full price.

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