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Found 5 results

  1. • Naðra is four Misþyrming members plus the unhinged demon that is vocalist Ö • Recorded at Roadburn Festival 2017 • Mastered by James Plotkin • 300 copies worldwide, 100 on white vinyl, 200 on black Naðra returned to reap more souls at Roadburn 2017 In 2016, we introduced our faithful Roadburners to the obscure might of the Icelandic black metal underground. By having Misþyrming as our artist in residence, we were able to feature a series of other bands connected to them on our bill, and all of them made abundantly clear with their devastating performances why we are so impressed with this particular scene. Naðra, which features four Misþyrming members plus the unhinged demon that is vocalist Ö, gave us one of the most enduring experiences of them all when they damn nearly brought down the Extase venue. Sometimes, however, once is not enough. When, a couple of months after Roadburn 2016, we witnessed Naðra laying waste to a petrified audience during the amazing Eistnaflug festival in Neskaupstaður, Iceland, that tiny voice in our head that kept nagging us turned into a roar: Naðra need more attention from us, from you, from everyone. This black magic is too powerful to be confined to small spaces. After that staggering show in Iceland, the decision was pretty much already made in our minds – Naðra needed to return to Roadburn. Therefore, in 2017, we are breaking them free, free from the confines of a smaller venue, or of an artist in residence programme. Like opening a Pandora’s box, all those tortured, twisting hymns of sickness that made Allir Vegir Til Glötunar one of the most harrowing records of 2016 will now resonate inside the Het Patronaat as if they were hissing, soul-consuming demons flying free and zoning in on you, beloved Roadburners. This time there will be many more than 300 souls to consume… but their appetite is voracious and never satisfied. Buy here: https://www.burningworldrecords.com/products/nadra-live-at-roadburn-2017-lp-white-black-cd First track: https://roadburn.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-roadburn-2017-2 TRACKLIST 1. Fjallið (live) 2. Falið (live) 3. Forn (live) 4. Hold (live) 5. Sál (live) 6. Brennið Kirkjur (live) (Forgarður helvítis cover) 7. Sár (live)
  2. https://www.erasedtapes.com/release/eratp101-olafur-arnalds-eulogy-for-evolution-2017 10-year clear vinyl edition, 2,000 copies worldwide, remastered by Nils Frahm(!!!!). Around $43 after shipping to the US but since this is a beautiful record both inside and out plus I didn't already own it, I bite Hopefully there will be copies available at other US webstores and I'll be able to cancel the erased tapes order. But for now, I'm not missing out on this.
  3. Up for preorder, many variants, grabbed the deluxe wooden boxset and the clear+Neal Williams gorgeous art print version. US: https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/band/solstafir EU/World: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/band/solstafir
  4. So, Low Roar, which is quite a somber, introspective ambient/indie-folk project is holding a pre-order for the to-be-released second album on Pledgemusic. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/lowroar You can listen to the self-titled debut album in full here. There is a bunch of options to get the album either on CD or LP, lots of exclusive variants. The prices on Pledgemusic are quite high but as for the debut album - the only one I've seen goes on Discogs for 200€ so the ones that are available on Pledgemusic as a bundle with the upcoming second album are indeed a bargain. I think the double album bundle might indeed be the most cost-efficient. It's only the last two days to get in before it's done so, if interested, give it a listen
  5. Erased Tapes is reissuing all 4 of Ólafur Arnalds' 10" albums/EPs on vinyl. These are all fantastic, so you really don't want to miss out. They will also be available on tour. Dyad 1909 http://www.erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP019 Found Songs http://www.erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP017 Living Room Songs http://www.erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP037 Variations of Static http://www.erasedtapes.com/store/index/ERATP008

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